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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Features on the Galaxy Nexus – Browser Controls, Movie Studio, and New Voice-to-Text

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Continuing on our quest to bring you all there is to know about the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of Verizon’s launch, we have another quick hitting Android 4.0 features video. In our previous video we touched on the boot up time, screenshots, disabling system apps and more. In this video, we cruise through the browser, editing movies, and the greatly-improved voice-to-text engine. The video is after the break, but don’t forget to check out our hardware and software overview video as well. ¬†

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Anything else you want to see? Camera examples coming tomorrow.

  • Can you say, “backspace” in the voice to text?

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with the “please ignore?”

  • joey

    finally, thx for some useful review

  • Mark

    Is there haptic feedback when you press the 3 buttons on the screen?

  • Anonymous

    : I’m sooo excited to have this phone! The RAZR is definitely holding me over though in the meantime. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Folders. So original. haha. Like I have always said. Our OS rips stuff from IOS and IOS rips stuff from Android. People should just see that and accept it. 

    • Android had folders before the iphone did.¬†

  • Charlienesh505

    How can we put our music and pictures on the phones hard drive? And i use mp3 music downloader for muisc downloads, will it save without a memory card?

  • Anonymous

    Dammit VZW take my money! I want this phone so bad. 

  • Jb

    Any chance zooming into text does an auto Word Wrap? I’ve been renting the rezound and I must say I’m rather fond of that feature no side scrolling when zoomed in. ¬†

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that a stock Android feature? ¬†My OG Droid running Bugless GPA19 does it for sure.

  • Anonymous


    Hopefully your editing techniques will improve now that you have the tools built into the phone! JK ¬†ūüėõ

  • Xzombiex66

    can you do a Macro shot of the screen?

  • now if you turn the phone to landscape view, does it show the tabs you have open on the screen without having to go into the tabs menu?

  • Anonymous

    Ok, my fears about lag/chop and all that are officially allayed by these videos Рthat looks as fast as a GSII to me.  Buying on day one.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see a little deeper dive into the people app to see how useful it actually is.

  • Ninjamaster

    I know that Samsung build quality up until now is a major concern and/or deciding factor for some (not me, but, anyways…), so I’m wondering about the volume rocker and power buttons specifically.¬† I had a Samsung Fascinate for just over a week, and with only moderate use of those buttons, they became loose to the point that they rattled slightly whenever my phone moved in any way (in my pocket while walking, talking on the phone, etc.).¬† I’m wondering if Samsung has improved them in the GNex to a more “rubbery” rocker kind of feel, a la HTC or Apple build quality.¬† Kellex, can you confirm either way please???

  • So curious about that “Bandwidth Management” tab in the browser settings lol

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see the front facing camera and how it works with video chat/gTalk. ¬†So far I’ve been impressed with my Rent-A-Razr but curious to see improvements ūüôā

  • Dominick DeVito

    Kellex – can you please test Google Voice integration in ICS?

    I’ve seen over 100 ICS videos and not one shows google voice. It was mentioned during the event that GV was deeper and better integrated into the new OS.

    Like – is it still a separate app? etc

    Thanks man – great videos!!!!

  • 4:31 Kellen wears glasses? You think you know a guy and then bam!

  • tehshift

    Question.¬† The one mistake it made in the voice-to-text example actually underlined the word “been”.¬† Does it give it you an option to click it for other possible words to be used there?

    • 99% sure it does. Current voice to text does that, (in the app itself, not for text input for some reason) no reason to take it away.

  • Athensjohn

    I would be interested in seeing how well it can search in the native e-mail app (not gmail).

  • waveGuide3e8

    Even though the video says IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE I’m still curious about Light Flow. I didn’t realize there was an app available that would cycle through my notifications or give me that kind of LED customizations. What’s the difference between the Lite and full versions?

  • Anonymous


  • touch been and you can choose the other words it thinks you said

  • Billy Jenkins

    Galaxy Nexus = The first phone with ICS. I posted this comment while I’m downloading ICS onto my HTC Thunderbolt.

    • Good luck with that. The current ICS Thunderbolt ROM doesn’t have working phone or texting functionality.

      • DaveIsAwesome!

        Meh, who uses a phone to make phone calls now a days anyway? =)

  • Pie

    Wallpaper please! :p

  • Ethan Sanchez

    You always have the best video reviews, quick and efficient and with minimal commentary. Thank you for that.

    • Esteban Camacho2000

      Agreed. I need to come to Droid Life more often. This guy has just about the best reviews I have ever seen.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It;s all about ICS.. the actual phone takes a back seat

  • The thing that we knock Apple for a lot is the fact that we have a particular option to do something whether we like them or not…(i.e. widgets) while Apple just will not offer that to their customers. ¬†The comment Kellen made about Siri was that he never wants it. ¬†That’s good…because it doesn’t have anything comparable on it anyway…but what if you did want it? ¬†My wife wanted the Iphone4s and Siri is the one of the only things that I actually like about it. ¬†Maybe people don’t want it…they don’t have to use it…but for those that do, the option is not there. ¬†(None of the other third party apps even come close).

    • Dominick DeVito

      Siri is nice, and don’t get me wrong – I wish Android’s voice recognition was close to it. BUT – there’s one thing about it no one talks about.

      Siri is a separate app within iOS Рonce you activate the app it completely takes you away from what you were doing. I personally prefer all voice recognition related functionality to be transparent to the device and OS. 

      Siri’s the only reason people are buying the 4s, otherwise it was a disappointment.

      • ok. I don’t even care if the app gets baked into the OS or not…I just wouldn’t mind something like it. ¬†Not an iphone fan at all. ¬†OG Droid owner and waiting on GNex Siri type app or no. ¬†My wife is anti-technical…she’s not against it…just clueless. ¬†I told her the iphone was probably her best bet when she was ditching her Blackberry. ¬†She likes it…I keep telling her that its an ipod touch that can make phone calls.

        • Roshan John

          there exists better than Siri…


          imagine if google and IBM team up!

      • Anonymous

        Slightly off-topic, but is there no api for android voice actions? Or do developers just not use it? I mean, I’d love to be able to trigger a “post to facebook” action or a “listen to x band in [mog/spotify/rdio/whatever]. I think that kind of extensibility is what voice actions needs to be more useful than siri. That and some sort of passive listening so you don’t have to touch the device to trigger it, but I’m sure there’s no way to do that without draining the hell out of the battery.

        • I had the same idea today… I’m surprised the dev team hasn’t jumped on that. I¬†guarantee¬†that if they let Devs use the API for commands, it would skyrocket. Clever commands, here we come. It would be so easy to implement too! (Or so it would seem…)

          • Dominick DeVito

            I’m thinking 4.1 “jelly bean” will have better voice integration – I can’t imagine Google’s sitting on their hands not trying to improve this.

            Dont get me wrong – Voice Actions works great – for what it was designed to do. But sometimes it needs a backdoor trick for further functionality. Case in point – I added Google Calendar as a 5-digit contact (48368) stored as “Calendar”.

            So now I initiate Voice and say “send text to Calendar: Doctor appointment Thursday 1pm” – then I get an immediate SMS back (I use Google Voice also) that a new event was added.

            I wish more “stuff” like that was added into the OS’s voice APIs by default.

          • When I got my OG droid, the voice commands was something that I bragged about, and I still use it a lot. Now I am jealous one

          • Roshan John

            sweet move

          • Copied. Thank You

        • Dominick DeVito

          Not really, and I haven’t seen any 3rd party apps utilize it correctly.


  • Anonymous

    My 3.1 Galaxy Tab 10.1 still has Movie Studio, and I don’t ever remember not having it (I’ve also never actually used it).

    • Anonymous

      same with my 3.2 xoom wifi. I’ve only used it once just because tablets are awkward devices to take video with in the first place.

      • Bemused Observer

        The most ridiculous thing I saw was two moms at Disneyland trying to video the parade with iPads. Really? You can afford a $600 iPad, but you can’t afford a $150 Flip to take video on? ūüôā

  • Haven Greene

    so i’m pretty sure all these nexus vids just magically appeared on the eve of the pre-order date for no reason at all … ¬†right…?

    maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you show people how easy it is to fix “been” to “then” in the voice to text demonstration?

  • Renlan

    can you show the messaging and email settings, i want to see if font size is available

  • How does it handle calls and text messages while you are streaming music via Google Music?¬† My OG just about explodes from having to process those two things at once.¬† I want to buy this damn phone already.

    • so true
      i also had navigation going at the same time
      phone call —> instant reboot

    • Anonymous

      Your OG is a single core CPU@ 550Mhz, as apposed to the Nexus’ dual core CPU @ 1.2Ghz(nearly 3x the speed and an additional core).

      • Anonymous

        It’s more the 256MB of RAM that kills the OG Droid… I’m so tired of that on mine.

        • Anonymous

          Definitely a combination of both.  The Nexus will multi-task a lot better as well just because ICS is designed with multi-threading in mind and hardware acceleration.

  • Yeah would love to see the Music app up and running with music from the cloud and from the SD card!

    • Anonymous

      Good luck getting music from the SD card

  • Anonymous

    Is the voice to text analyzed locally or do you need to be connected to data (like in pre-ICS)?

    • Anonymous

      I’d seen Matias Duarte say in a video that a data connection is still required for dication, but rather than sending a full audio chunk up to the cloud it streams and decodes it on the go…

  • Hinds2009

    I would like to know how well the gps works with the barometer addition to the phone?

  • js

    Question: Is Facebook banned from this phone?

    • Anonymous

      Facebook and Google are in a constant fight. You can look it up for the Nexus S (which won’t sync Google as well)

  • Great job of walking through everything in ICS. I think your video walkthroughs are some of the best.

  • how does the new font look to you????

  • Anonymous

    Light Flow looks awesome. Can’t wait to set my Barometer to red.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Under pressure…

    • Anonymous

      I have light flow on my og droid. I use it to turn the notifications and stuff off while it charges. Many awesome features, even in the free version. Might have to pay for the full version when I get this phone.

      • Anonymous

        LED has been dead on my OG for months. I’ll add to everyone else’s comment about being on the last leg and that Verizon needs to pump this thing out.

        • Anonymous

          My led still works, some how… volume rocker is dead,¬†constantly¬†deleting apps to keep it from coming to a complete stop.. I too am ready for this thing to come out! I even have the $$ saved!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the browser is nuts.  Those quick controls are awesome. 

  • Anonymous


    In the title of your articles.. could you add the video Number? That way it’s easier to know if it is something new and we can pick and choose which ones to see.

  • That voice to text is impressive!

  • Andrew G

    I heard that Google added music controls to the notification bar for ICS. Any way we can get a shot of that?

  • I know it’s a bad way to judge a phone but how about some shots of benchmarks?

  • Debits and credits

    Looks good! I can’t wait to return my Razr for this!

  • Craig Johnson

    I love Kellex’s videos!

  • I’d like to see a size comparison of this phone to the original Droid please.

    • Anonymous
    • Debits and credits

      Yes please, and next to a Razr too, if possible!

      • Anonymous

        phone-size.com (be sure to adjust the settings at the top so that the size on your computer screen is real size

        • Debits and credits

          Good find, thank you.

        • That’s a good last resort type of thing (and I had actually already seen it), but I still want to see the phones in an average sized human hand. Perspective is the key here. And yes, I will go to the Verizon store and see everything for myself eventually, but in the meantime, Kellen is pretty much here to do what we want.

      • He shows it with a RAZR, Rezound, and Nexus S in the walk-through video from today (a couple of posts down). He skips the Droid though.

        • Anonymous

          The droid a revolutionary device, but it did not have the oww spec like the three new devices in verizon.

    • Or even just a bunch, to see the whole thing would be awesome (As great as phone size is it only gives one angle)