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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Features on the Galaxy Nexus – Browser Controls, Movie Studio, and New Voice-to-Text

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Continuing on our quest to bring you all there is to know about the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of Verizon’s launch, we have another quick hitting Android 4.0 features video. In our previous video we touched on the boot up time, screenshots, disabling system apps and more. In this video, we cruise through the browser, editing movies, and the greatly-improved voice-to-text engine. The video is after the break, but don’t forget to check out our hardware and software overview video as well.  

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Anything else you want to see? Camera examples coming tomorrow.

  • whiskey one

    All of these smart phone extras are great on the Nexus, but will this upgrade improve the phone performance??? Of all of the cell phones I have ever had, the Nexus has more phone problems than all of the others combined. The main purpose of this little device is to have a cell phone…and at this point, the Galaxy Nexus is no cell phone. Even in good coverage areas, this phone gets poor reception and drops calls like crazy.

  • Ian

    Why does it say ignore the lightflow app?
    Is the app not worth it??

  • Ifreewiz

    Why did the video say please ignore lightflow?
    Is the app not worth getting?

  • Ok how do i get my google chrome  favorites on to my Nexus..Supposedly they are supposed to connect to each other  right?

  • Steen Kendle

    How is the google navigation on this phone, and can this phone (CDMA version) be used overseas?

  • Steen Kendle

    How is the google navigation on this phone and can this phone (CDMA version) be used over seas?

  • new voice-to-text WANTWANTWANT!  chomping at the bit waiting for this ICS ASOP build on rootzwiki for thunderbolt —should be out in a day or two

  • Anonymous

    Support Bluetooth voice dialing or commands. Least we forget the TRUE HANDS FREE calling…”SAY A COMMAND” I see no mention of that feature..and with the ever changing State laws , – As more state and local areas pass laws mandating hands-free driving, such capability will only grow more important
    Example: You issue a command from your BT but do you hear voice prompts come from the phone speaker or through the BT headset speaker? after the prompt Do you issue commands through your BT headset or to your phones mic?.If your phone is in your office 20 feet away and you want to send a call can you without having to listen to your phone,view it,touch it and can you go back and cancel and follow through command options to make your call.all through your BT Headset
    1 Regular voice dialing through bluetooth is a resolved issue, at least from Google’s perspective, because it is included in Froyo via the separate application “Bluetooth Voice Dialer”2 Voice command is designed for complete hands free. Voice command prompts you for option 1 or option 2 verbally for you to select. It can go back and cancel and follow through command options. through your BT Headset Only.
    what is very important and needs to be noted is that the API functions used for voice recognition over bluetooth are not public APIs. I do not know why Google has yet to add these APIs to the public code, but for now, it is technically impossible to incorporate voice recognition over bluetooth, even with the standard voice search activity.
    Example…I have an old moto razrV3 , Lg voyager ,works with any BT, press button on BT, HEAR “say a command”..no need to touch Phone, I am aware of google”s voice dialer, voice actions and search
    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to mention what I thought were some of the short-comings of HANDS FREE BT… on android os.
     Remember some of the older “Dumb-Phones” where BT was implemented and using a BT Headset ONLY, worked and had options. without having to look, touch or listen to your phone .Compared with todays “smartphones” where we have updates and third party apps to make things work..
    I love my OG and Android Os.,things are getting better but should of started with the OG.

     While the dangers of texting while driving are clear does the Gnex , razr or the D4 support True Hands Free calling over Bluetooth??

  • Jared Kirk

    I know the new ICS launcher allows you to put any apps/shortcuts/folders you want in the 4 slots on either side of the app tray, but does it allow you to use custom icons like Launcher Pro or other 3rd party launchers?  I’m not quite sure that I like the look of the stock icons they use for phone, browser, sms, etc; they are a bit cartoony looking to me.

  • Anonymous

    ICS has so many nice features, it is a shame that it has so many bugs.

  • DougS

    How about a video where you use the phone with only one hand and maybe a beer in the other. Very common situation.

    • Kenneth P.

      All hand jokes aside, I’m actually interested in this. My hands seem to be the same size as Kellex’s and I often use my phone with only one hand while carrying my laptop or documents in the other when going to meetings. Thanks! 

      • btstump

        I use my Galaxy Nexus 4G with one hand all the time, it’s not an issue.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info on flow light. I got it for my droidx2 and can’t wait to use in on my gnex, whenever it arrives. 

  • Tyler

    I would love to see the calculator app, i use it often and would love to see a nice revision to it. I would like to see Google maps navigation too. Also I’m curious how the news and weather widget has changed. I use that app all the time and would love to see how it looks now. Don’t need a video, screenshots will work. But I am sure I’m not alone when i say this but I would love to hear how the speaker on the phone is, my OG Droid has some loud speakers imo and I am hoping that that will be the same way with the Galaxy Nexus too.

  • The gallery app seems very very much faster. In my opinion, that has been one weakness for android from the beginning, the slow gallery. Say you take a pic, wanna see how it looks, took 5 minutes, then a couple minutes to get back to your camera to take another pic. Also, being 5MP, how do those pics look on a big screen? Also, has the messaging app changed? Look any different, any new features? Also, Ive heard from P3 that some apps do not support the new style menus yet, have you found many of these? Also, I would like some more detail on the new Visual voice mail that was shown at the google announcement. Does it use Gvoice? Or is it a separate carrier fee? how does that work?

  • Jeff Weeks

    I’d really like to see if there have been any changes to the Car Home app and if they have added a landscape view of the call screen.

  • ChiefDecker

    It looks like an udate version of honeycomb for a phone.  HAHAHA!!!  Oh wait, it is.

  • ChuckG73

    I think if you tap the word that is wrong you can edit one word at a time.  So if you had tapped “been” you could have chosen to replace it with “then”

  • Anonymous

    I just want to see one thing. Can you show the default music player in the next review and how that functions in ICS?

  • James Friedman

    I find it hilarious that CNet (apple crotch sniffer) chose to highlight the gallery app as being terribly organized and cluttered. Looks beautiful to me and well organized. Definitely not visual noise!

    “The joint photo and video gallery gets a few tweaks, most notably the
    “magazine tile” look we also saw with widgets. This time, the photos are
    even more cluttered, a barrage of thumbnails with little room between
    them to let your eyes take it in. In addition, when you open an image,
    you’ll also see a ticker of other gallery images along the bottom. Being
    able to scroll through them is nice, but the visual noise it creates is

  • Anonymous

    What type of battery life are we suppose to expect based on ure estimation ????

  • Roshan John

    whoa whoa whoa! slow down there  Kellex… what’s going on at 0:26, right before you say “ignore what I’m doing right now. What app are you using for that shortcut! 

    Lemeeee knowwww mannnn