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Google I/O Adds 3rd Day of Fun, Moves to June 27-29

Get your calendars out – Google I/O 2012 is no longer happening in April. The folks that plan I/O each year received an “unexpected opportunity” to include a 3rd day of fun and have decided to move it to June. The must-attend Android event of the year will now run June 27-29 at Moscone West in San Fran.

They are advising against making travel plans at this time.

Registration will happen in February.

Via:  Google Code

  • Josh Flowers

    I need.

  • June 29 is my birthday..would be a nice present.

  • Yay..it will be in America, so I can watch it on Youtube Live with good quality.

  • Jeremy Edwards

    I hope that I’ll be able to go next year, regardless of any time. It’s hard for a developer to get in and I’d still go even if I didn’t get free stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Harry Potter Christ! This has totally messed up my “I Don’t Give A $h!t Calendar”

    Just Joking…. Google, that’s cool. Can we hope for all Gingers to get some Ice Cream by then?

  • Eric Richardson

    I’m so glad they’re making coding challenges part of the entrance application. Last year was horrible with people just going to get free stuff. 

    Developer conference… not “I want free stuff” conference. So glad they made the change. 

  • Anonymous

    Things to bring to I/O..

    1) Android phone… check
    2) Android tablet… check
    3) Android accessories… check
    4) COWBOY HAT and LEATHER VEST… ahh, check?

  • Anonymous

    I really want to go to this! Can anyone go or do you have to be a developer?

  • I guess they needed the third day for the announcement of a launch date for the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Hello JellyBean?? On paper at least? 

    I mean come on, ICS is soooo 2011. /s

  • Dominick DeVito

    Nice to see this event expanding, the Google developer community seems to be growing!!

  • Anonymous

    I have to give you kudos on the variety of topics today, Kellex.  Good job.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. This probably means a delay in the release of [desert that starts in a J]

    • Anonymous

      Jellybean, eh?