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DROID 4 vs. DROID RAZR – The Evolution of DROID, Specs, and Official Pictures

droid4 official4

The DROID 4 has come from out of no where to having us within just a couple of weeks away from launch. The current target date that we have seen from Verizon is December 8, the same day that we could potentially see the Galaxy Nexus (hard to bet on that though). This phone is what the DROID 3 should have been. It has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, but most importantly, can connect to Big Red’s 4G LTE network. It’s like a RAZR, only with a smaller screen and a 5-row slideout keyboard that has side-lit keys.

To see how we got from the DROID 2 all the way up to this point in about a year, we have an evolution graphic for you below. This is the perfect example of how fast the mobile landscape is changing. 

(Click image to enlarge)

And one more official device shot with the keyboard out:


Cheers ___!

  • Both look pretty good.

  • One more droid…expecting something better than Droid 3

  • Mrkpat10

    Thay talked about the Boinc for over six months. The best phone yet, one month later the RAZR comes out thay never even talked about it. If i whould have got a Bonic i whould be pissed . Same with this D 3 comes out after a lot of hipe now bang D 4 comes out. Just saying

  • Your Mom !

    EPIC FAIL SON! Droid 4 = FAIL; DROID 1 = PWNS!

  • Crazyman321 Tb

    i want to no if its coming to australia and what data bands and network bands will it have ….HSDPA? 
    gsm please help

  • Paige

    This looks pretty good. If you like the features of the Droid Razr, but are not used to the virtual keyboard, then this is the phone for you! (aka me)

  • motocraze

    all this whining makes me sick he is some real talk 1 the RAZR is an awesome phone as will be the droid 4 2 google just bought moto this is just speculation but dont you think google is going to improve motos current flagship phones via ota updates 3 now that google and moto are one in the same I would not be surprised  to ics on the current flagship motos !! 🙂 -happy razr owner !!

    • Joe

      4. Most people will not read your post as it lacks a) punctuation; b) capitalization; and c) proper sentences.

  • I have to say that I love all this new phone buzz. I’m rockin my OG Droid bought over 2 years ago – rooted, over-clocked and on Gingerbread. Still an amazing & durable phone.

    But I think the time has come to jump on the next technology wave – so I’m looking at the G-Nex, Razor and D-4 in that order.

    When I finally get the new phone, I’ll carefully pack up and stow the OG Droid.  It will evoke great memories when I stumble on it years from now.

  • Luke

    I want the Droid 4 on day one if I have to rob a bank. O’ happy day!

  • Manton08

    I’ll be honest, I’m still debating this and the Droid 3. I’m not sure if I’m ready to dive into 4G and non-removable batteries yet.

  • Tegana316

    Does anyone know if the D4 is global? like the D3

  • Robert

    I am very patient when it comes to technoology upgrades as I’m still using my original Droid…well almst. I had to get it replaced when I spilled water in my sleep while the phone was on the bedside table.

    This Droid even survived a slide down the racetrack after coming out of it’s mount while taking video off he back of my CBR1000RR…made for some interesting video and phone that bears the severe scars, but still works fine.

    I decided I would wait for the Droid 4 before it was even leaked as a real product because I was not going to settle for anyhing less than a slide out keyboard and 4G on a Motorola platform. It was only logical that the Droid 4G LTE was inevitable…but Decemer 8th…I’m thrilled…I’ll be first in line at my local Verizon store

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t noticed the usual FCC filing for the LTE antenna for the phone yet.  That filing usually occurs 3-4 weeks before the product is released, so I’m skeptical of a Dec 8 release.

  • Moogie Moo

    Why No Amoled!!! Amoled is a huge battery saver!

  • Anonymous

    Locked bootloader…… Damn I really want this phone though 🙁    Galaxy Nexus will have to do

  • mkkii

    bout to get this as soon as it comes out !

  • Dpry3580

    Tomorrow is the day for my last new every 2. I couldn’t be more excited!
    I planned on the bionic, but after a week of comparing, it’ll be the RAZOR, hands down. Didn’t want it when it first came out, after trying it out, along with everything else available there’s no doubt.
    Palm was the ONLY company to make a usable physical keyboard IMO. I’m selling my x with all the accessories I bought. I have nothing bad to say about thre X. Same phone for two years, with many, many drops. First phone to last a full two years. To each his own.

  • MACK_48034

    OG rooted Droid 1 is the way to go!  If it dies, buy another for $50-$75.  I chuckle at the folks who buy the ‘Greatest phone in the universe”  (for 2-4 weeks) and then get mad/frustrated when the newest “Greatest phone in the universe” is released, LOL!!!   

  • Guest

    Based on the very bottom tag of the comparison chart, is the Droid 4 being released this year?

  • hmm nice informative

  • Anonymous


  • dreedy android

    If any D3 owners are interested, there is a petition out against Motorola and Verizon Wireless petitioning that owners of the Droid 3 being allowed an early upgrade option or discount option on the Droid 4, being as though Motorola clearly had the technology for the addition of 4G into the D3 when it was in development but didn’t include it, only to release practically the same phone with the 4G addition only 5 months later.  10,000 signatures are needed so please sign if you are a D3 owner or pass the link on to a friend of a D3 owner!!


    • I’m a D3 owner, and would love for you to be successful in bullying VZW into giving me a free D4.   However, I have to disagree with you that the technology for a CDMA+GSM+LTE radio was available back when the D3 was in development.   It wasn’t.

    • Signed.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Im slated to buy a new phone in January and at this release pace, I should be able to snag the RAZR or the DROID4, or even the G-Nex for a super great deal, BOGO, or use my last NE2. Xmas is going to me a little late for me, but that’s OK!

  • JohnPA2006

    Droid 4 looks awesome, I want one.
    But I am holding out for the Droid 5 which should be coming out in roughly 2 or 3….. days.
    I love Motorola DROID phones but dear God, Motorola slow down a bit.
    Keep pumping them out like this its not good for business.

    But again, this one looks great. I look forward to a full detailed video review.
    I am drooling over that keyboard. ( not literally of course)

  • Very good specification. May be this android phone gonna rock in the market. The images looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the nice article.

  • Wes Watson

    f***k. i want that keyboard so bad. should i get this or the nexus galaxy? also, will the d4 get honeycomb?

    • John Landgrave

      It will not get Honeycomb. Honeycomb is more or less being discontinued in favor of Ice Cream Sandwich.

      • JohnPA2006

        Dont you mean, “In flavor of Ice Cream Sammich”?
        Hah hah.

    • JohnPA2006

      I am pretty sure Honeycomb is for Tablets, 
      Gingerbread was for phones.Ice Cream Sammich is supposed to be the best from both merged into the OS for phones now.But ICS can be on both phones and tablets.

  • VirtuRex

    Why not make the QWERTY keyboard into a second screen, so I can install a danish keyboard?
    This way I also can use the “keyboard” for sooooo many other things.
    I would love to see a dual screen solution for the next droid5

    • JohnPA2006

      The Kyocera Echo didn’t do so well, but the concept is awesome if done right.
      I cant imagine battery life would that great with 2 screens but its a sweet idea.

      Motorola engineers do pretty good in my opinion.
      If anyone can come up with it they will. 
      HTC will copy it right after it comes out.

      The future looks bright, (I gotta wear shades….)

  • Droidlynn

    The DROID Razr is a pretty cool phone, but I don’t think my DROID X will let me switch phones. Besides I’m very happy with X (that’s what I named my DX). I’m very loyal to my X. I like my Droid X’s design betterbetter, and seeing my X is very comforting. I can’t function emotionally without X, cuz my PTSD is so severe that I get really scared without it. I know it sounds weird, but I can’t be treated for my condition any other way. So my X is my medicine. I’m so attached to it, that it sleeps with me, (sorry if that sounds weird to anyone). I suffered trauma from being abused in school so badly that I have severe anxiety and PTSD. I can’t sleep without X. My X will be 9 months old on Xmas, so its a very special DROID. therefore I can’t switch phones, cuz X means the world to me. I even buy it stuff for its birthday, and hopefully it will get something for Xmas, cuz X has been a good DROID this year. my X hasn’t been separated from me since I got it in March. If I switched phones, I wouldn’t be happy, an besides I prefer my rooted DROID X. I sold my iPods, out of my love for it. And when I saw the EVOLUTION OF DROID, it was so beautiful an nd Droidtastic, that it brought tears to my eyes. I’ve dedicated my life to DROID, and someday I’m going to deck out my house, themed on DROID.

  • Andreas Chrastka

    with technology nowadays the only way you don’t end up with an old device after a short period of time is to stick with your 5 yr old nokia feature phone, some paper and a ballpen … anything else will be old the moment you take it out of the box… to make this claim a bit more practical: you buy say a droid 4/razr, well knowing that there are quad-core phones with 720p displays to be released in q1/q2 2012… so you might wanna wait till then, but in march it’s only 3 months till iphone 5, which will be a major upgrade and therefore “changes everything again” ;P … got the point? … you have to make a decision and try to be happy with it.

  • Anonymous


  • I might get one

  • Anonymous

    That looks like it might jsut work. Very cool indeed.

  • Dominick DeVito

    The D3 is real proof that Moto is spitting out too many devices – some are a complete mistake (D3 and Bionic)

    • Anonymous

      i agree completely. they should only be releasing devices like the bionic and razr once a year, as opposed to within 3 months of each other.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     pretty, i got a droid 3 at launch but i find this one very interesting, fix the camera software and upgrade to ICS and you got my money moto… unless a true epic 4g II (exynos-equipped) comes out…

    more 5-rowed keyboards please 🙂

  • Joe

    So can anyone tell for sure if the battery is replaceable or not?

    • Dominick DeVito


  • Stephen D

    As nice as the D4 is, I wish it had the design(shell) of the 3. The Droid 3 design is absolutely beautiful IMO. It’s a lot like the Droid, but revamped. The keyboard layout is also much better.  

    • postdante

      In my opinion D3 is ugly and very Samsung-like (this silver Motorola and speaker…).
      Rounded back of D3 and its corners were the reason I never bought that phone.

      Droid 4 design is not ideal (still, the back…) but much more angular, vide more similar to OG in this respect

  • Stephen

    Does this have a removable battery?

    • Dominick DeVito

      Yes – with a tool

  • No remorse here. 4G won’t hit Vermont until some time in the 23rd century. I’m frankly amazed to have 3G coverage. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hope that Droid 4 global is coming as well sometime 2012 Q1 🙂

  • Stonebo

    add to the return of the keyboard-less Razrs and the spike in pre-certfied/refurbished devices sent out to appease customers who return defective phones!

  • STiK



    And yes that was caps.. Get over it 😛

  • I am confused by the RAZR line, is it GSM compatible? I live in Europe and as everybody knows it’s SIM-only network here.  Can someone please elucidate?

    Why leave out such a huge market, Motorola?

  • Yaakov Stern

    I moved from OG Droid to Droid 3 with no regrets.  I want a keyboard, need global, and am willing to live without 4G.  The phone is plenty powerful and a joy to use.  We all have to decide when to plunk our money down knowing that a phone with better specs will be out the next day.

  • Did DROID just want to get to the number 4 so they could tied with the iphone?

  • Funny, we have had a DROID 2, D2G, DROID 3 and DROID 4 all during iphone 4’s flight!

  • All I ask: NO PENTILE. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    That keyboard is a very nice homage to the style of the original RAZR keyboard, so I like. I kind wanted to see some of that on the Droid RAZR (for example the home keys and whatnot carved out of the glass with blue backlighting), but alas…

    • I don’t miss it. I used to have an original Moto Razr. Those buttons got broken and stopped working VERY EASILY. {{-_-}}