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Official DROID 4 Specs, It’s Definitely a Big RAZR With a Keyboard and 4G LTE

The DROID 4 is upon us whether we are ready for it or not. The first pictures of it popped up a few weeks ago followed by signs pointing to it arriving on December 8. We also got confirmation that training has started for some Verizon shops, along with this set of official specs. Who knew we would see it so soon?

The D4 will have a 4″ screen (LCD or AMOLED?), 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, DROID RAZR styling, 5-row slideout keyboard, 4G LTE, front camera for video chatting and an 8MP rear camera. This could be the DROID that many of you have been waiting for. The Stratosphere had LTE and a keyboard, but this phone has top of the line specs to go with them.

On a related note, thoughts on the tool needed to remove the back cover? It doesn’t have a removable battery, but the cover can be removed using that circular tool pictured above, so that you can insert a SIM and SD card. 


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  • Thanks for posting the picture of the box showing all cellular networks CDMA, GSM, & HSDPA. Apparently, with Android 4.04 update, this phone is now Global Ready. Woo-hoo!

  • Army Murray

    Just got my 3rd Motorola Droid 4G, first 2 had too many glitches! Calls dropped, unable to assign ring tones to callers, turning off at any given time! There seems to be a problem with the firmware, new firmware is out there somewhere, not available to me yet!!! Hope nothing else happens, invested in 5 different covers, screan protectors, limited selection though (iPhone 4/s has the largest selections on accessories, wounder why).

  • stitch666

    ya that is the only thing i dont like about the battery taht its non removable but then im still deciding on which phone to get because i have the HTC evo 4g w/ a extended battery 2000 something miliamps battery from seidio.com and a case that makes the phone weigh a metric TON, ok not really but its heavy and now ive had this phone for a long time running in throgh different roms and stuff and just am going to see how verizon is instead of sprint.

  • Aric

    hi all, the spec sheet appears to say that the phone supports GSM Cellular, anyone has any idea if the phone will work in asia? Thanks

  • Eric Scott

    No removable battery.  That’s a deal-breaker for me.  I would like to be able to use my phone for extended periods of time without relying on having access to an outlet.  It’s too bad because this is everything I’ve been looking for in a phone except for that.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow done.  I don’t touch ANY phone where you can’t remove a battey.  I’ve been eyeing V now for the past few days and just found out about the Droid 4.  No replaceable battery = they can get bent on the concept of getting a sale out of me.  WTF are they thinking?!?!

  • Bob

    Oh, god please let this have GSM. I really want to use this on AT&T.

  • Charliepoo00

    why can’t u take out the battery what if u hit a snag and need a hard reset? there’s always a catch. these devices come with such inadequate power sources. Irregardless its gonna be better than the droid 2 and 3 because of the 4g

  • motorola better get on the ICS device train.. quick

  • Definitely getting the Droid 4. OG droid has been really struggling. This is the first confirmation that I’ve seen saying the Droid 4 would be Quad band GSM for roaming which definitely makes the Droid 4 my next phone 

  • RuiHitoshi

    It likes it in the back

  • Well its Dec 8th no DROID 4

    • q`Tzal

      Not on Verizon Wireless’s website,
      calling in was just as fruitless

  • hurrhurr

    Is it possible to get this phone in 3G?

  • No removable battery?? Deal breaker.

  • JMK

    yeah i am so down! moto droid 4 > nexus

  • Anonymous
  • jay

    Why ask whether it’s LCD or AMOLED if it even states that it’s a TFT (ie LCD) screen…

  • Dang! No removable battery? I was waiting on this as a serious contender to the Galaxy Nexus, which also has a few flaws (no SD card, no keyboard). But a non-replaceable battery is an absolute deal-killer. I have five batteries for my O. G. Droid (they’re cheap) and have actually used them all on a long weekend with no AC power. Looks like the Sammy is the winner. Shame, too, I was very happy with the O. G. Droid for most of the last two years. I was Motorola’s customer to lose…. 

    • Anonymous

      Check this out. You can buy three of these and your problems with a non-removable battery will be solved. 🙂  http://www.cellphoneshop.net/microusbackup.html  a wireless charger. That plugs into your micro usb of your phone.

  • Hey, GSM!

  • I want the chart comparing this to the Galaxy Nexus, please.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • wait so gorilla glass? kevlar? and nano technology? I sure hope its not insanely huge like the RAZR that thing is big! its thin but idk how it can fit in a pocket

  • Anonymous


  • Ebm333

    If it’s running BURB, I mean BLUR forget it. My Droid X has been a nightmare since the GingerBURB (Gingerbread with Blur) upgrade. All through this Moto has been deaf about complaints.

  • Sjcent

    I keep hearing the D4 is basically a 4″ Razr with a slider….Does anyone know if it will have Gorilla glass, splash proofing, and Kevlar like the Razr too?

    • MM

      It does have Gorilla Glass and splash proofing.  Not sure if it Kevlar or not tho. 

      • Sjcent

        Thanks MM!…..Would you mind sharing where you got that info? I am always looking for fresh sites and forums.

  • Sjcent

    I keep hearing the D4 is pretty much a Razr with a slider and a 4″ screen. So, does anyone know if it has Gorilla glass, Kevlar, and/or splash proofing?

  • I just bought an Ipod at Target. It cme with a $40 Target gift certificate and I needed a vacuum cleaner. This Droid looks interesting. Right now I have a dumb phone with 250 minutes and for anotuer $5 250 more. Nobody ever calls ma or anything.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dude step off.  I can lag not doing ANY multitasking.  And ironically, the lag at times is worse than my D1 which I did the same stuff on and had HALF THE MEMORY AND LESS THAN HALF THE PROCESSING POWER.  You obviously have not had an OG Droid.  Your arguments are worthless and don’t even make sense to the topic.  Your bugonic has shortcomings too but you don’t care….GOOD FOR YOU!  You are a perfect consumer for Motorola….willing to accept a non-fully baked product.  ENJOY!

    • Anonymous

      Too funny dude, too funny.  I don’t have to prove shit to you so believe whatever it is you want.  My Bionic doesn’t lag AT ALL and has only minor issues that I’m sure you overzealous types would go ape shit over.

      • Anonymous

        You have a totally different phone so how is any of your blathering relevant?  FYI, we were told by Moto that they’d fix the issues.  The update didn’t fix it and that puts the phone out of the tiny 14 day return policy.  So yes, I’ve got a right to bitch about it and put out a buyer beware.  Since you are living in a peach orchard, you have no clue.

        • Dominick DeVito

          Forget it dude – he (and many others on this site) are brainwashed. They act like Moto is the second coming. 

          I bought a Bionic and it had the radio issue. VZW exchanged it with another new one and it too had the issue. They told me “early November” for the fix – still not out yet! Insane! And people still love their products. And all I hear about from these fanboys is how superior Moto’s radios are. A freakin absolute joke.

      • Guest

        bionic = MAJOR FAIL!!!  cumsucker!!!

        • Anonymous

          You = fail at life!!!  End it all.

      • Anonymous

        I could not have said that better myself. And just for the record, the people I know including myself are extremely happy with their Bionics. Have a Great weekend McClane….

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, you as well.

  • Unhappy

    Really wish I had waited. I have the Samsung Charge. Hands down it is the worst phone I’ve ever owned. Loved ny Droid X but I had to have 4G and Motorola hadn’t come out with 4G yet!

  • GLONASS GPS support is pretty interesting – adds the Russian GPS satellites to the US ones for position determination. In principle, this could lead to better position determination, especially in urban areas with limited sky visibility. I wonder, though, whether it supports WAAS as well for even better position accuracy; the spec sheet doesn’t say.