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Tuesday Poll: Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

I feel like it has been ages since we last asked everyone what their current launcher of choice was. Is everyone still using one of the old standards like ADW and LauncherPro or have you gravitated towards some of the more frequently updated replacements like GO Launcher? Is there a chance that some of you have adopted the current crop of stock launchers that Moto, Sammie and HTC are tossing out? I feel like there is some sort of new home replacement that is dying to be found that we just haven’t heard of yet. If you answer “Other”, please let us know in the comments which launcher you are using.

Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

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  • Always used Launcher Pro, but Go Launcher has won in my mind. especially with the clee 2 skin.

  • I move around depending on what I feel like between adw ex, launcher pro plus, launcher 7 and miui. looking forward to trying ics launcher though

  • Gregory

    qq launcher is my choice

  • Go Launcher. One of the main reasons? Because I can select multiple apps from the drawer to put onto the desktop. I don’t have to choose one app, drag it, open the drawer, choose another app, drag it, open the drawer, choose the third app, drag it, etc.

    Another reason is the ability to theme.

    Oh and it’s free.

  • Emily

    I use Helix launcher

  • Wmsco51

    Live home ice cream theme

  • Thumps up for “sweeter Home”!

  • People actually use Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher Ex?

    Fede simply sucks. Releases apps, then forgets to update them.

    GoLauncher Ex FTW!


    syndicate apps has had a icecream launcher months  & months ago! it was so much like it they got the boot from the market.

    now you can just go to the, syndicate app page and download it, kinda old news but maybe someone didn’t know. 

  • Tex

    I use LP+, but I believe the Regina launcher has the biggest potential upside.

  • Alan Paone

    Right now I”m rocking the stock ICS launcher, but I’m a diehard LauncherPro fan. I miss being able to turn up the fling speed and zip around my homescreens. The new ICS widgets are really rad!

  • Jon

    Zeam launcher is the lightest, most trouble free of them all. That being said, I just got ICS on my fascinate and I’ll be sticking with stock from here on out. That is, until someone comes up with a custom launcher more ICS style. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous




  • jay


  • Anonymous

    Like many others here, I was “hooked” on Launcher Pro, but feel that it’s been left to stagnate and die, and am now using GO Launcher EX which has many of the same/similar features plus more, and is under active development to keep up with changes re: new devices and updates to the OS.

  • I try out other home screens but until someone else adds scrollable docks and swipe actions to the dock like LP nothing is going to be able to steal me away.

  • I’m using ADW, between the Thunderbolt’s lackluster battery, and Laucher pro’s ability to drain battery, i said to hell with it and went back to ADW.

    Well went back to is not the right term, i guess i should say i went back to “Stock” because ADW Launcher is Stock on Cyanogenmod 7

  • DP

    Re-tried all of them, Zeam, hands down, for me was the fastest and most configurable.

  • Nick

    MIUI launcher.  

  • sparty569

    I have been using QQ Launcher since it has almost the same options as the rest, but is so light weight.

    • dodger55fan

      Running QQ on stock moto droid flawlessly

  • Anonymous

    MIUI launcher. Do miss widget resizing and overlapping from ADW EX though.

  • jack

    I used launcher pro for a long time, but got frustrated with the redraws. I switched to go launcher but have recently discovered it phoning home with statistics and update checks (found via dumpsys alarm). I’m looking for a replacement.

  • I’m extremely surprised by the amount of people that are still on launcher pro. It’s great and all but its just simply behind other launchers now. Fede gave up hard :/

  • Rashon Gordon

    SPB Shell 3D.  I like the 3D effects.

  • Alexander Garcia

    GO Launcher!!! FTW!!!

  • Christopher Olekas

    I really liked Zeam but had to stop using it due to space on my HTC Magic lol

  • Anonymous

    Launcher Pro is at the top…!!! WTF!!! ADW EX runs all over Launcher Pro.!!I will have to give Go Launcher a try but Launcher Pro lol.

  • Lakerzz

    I would actually…(I can’t believe im saying this) prefer Motos stock launcher on my Bionic, but I love scrollable widgets…of course I don’t have the stock launcher anymore thanks to root…

  • Jerry

    Regina launcher. It’s pretty sweat. Love the secret work space option.

  • Bionic

    isnt Launcher Pro pretty much abandoned at this point?  I use Go Launcher ex.  Its very stable and fast on my bionic, love it.  So much better than the blur UI  

  • Anonymous

    Using Go, but once I get my Nexus it’ll be back to stock for me!

  • Been using QQ Launcher since it was mentioned on here. I really like it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still using LauncherPro – have been since the day it was released on the market back in the spring of 2010. Others do certainly have their appeal, but I’m a creature of habit and I stick with what works. I’ve tried all the others but none of them operate with the smoothness of LauncherPro. I just wish Fede would get back to supporting it or finish the mythical re-write of the launcher he told us about ages ago.

  • Anonymous

    someone explain to me why launcherpro has more votes when it hasn’t even been updated in months, and go launcher has all the features launcherpro has plus much more?

    • Lakerzz

      Because I notice that when all is said and done, it just seems like its the smoothest one out there. Just my opinion of course…for what its worth, I have tried them all. I really like Go Launchers features, but for as many widgets and homescreens I put on my phone, it just seems to “bog” it down. And god forbid I use live wallpaper with Go Launcher.

      That is on my *COUGH* Bionic. 😛

      • Bionic

        Dude i run plenty of widgets and im using go on my bionic.  it does not get bogged down for me.  

        • Lakerzz

          Its weird…I actually used it for about two weeks, and at first it seemed fine then it started lagging on me bigtime. Like I said, I really like the features too. So far, no lag what so ever on LPP. Maybe there was a setting I was missing. Like on LPP, I have to manipulate the memory usage to get it just right.

    • Alan Paone

      Because launcherPro doesn’t steal all your personal information? Because launcherPro is a lot smoother and faster? Because LP+ had all the features last year and other launchers are still catching up?

      • Anonymous

        go launcher doesn’t steal information. i don’t even know where you came up with this. but you sir are an idiot.

        • AlanPaonesmirror

          He just likes Fedes cock. Leave him be, he may choke on it if you disturb him.

      • Anonymous

        Patently false, false, and false.  Troll.

  • Anonymous

    LPP – smoothest on my OG Droid.

  • I love the ICS stock launcher on my Galexy Nexus phone…oh wait, I don’t have one of those yet!

  • Anonymous

    OMFGB launcher 😛

  • Gokusimpson


  • im using spb shell 3d

  • Anonymous

    LP+ is the only laucher that has virtually no bugs or lag, as opposed to ADW or GO…that’s why i use LP

    • Anonymous

      It has many issues with redraws, just like ADW,

  • Anonymous

    Go Launcher!  Used to use Launcher Pro Ex, whatever it is — the pay one, but it was running a bit slow.  Switched to Go Launcher and haven’t looked back!

    Stop trying to change the subject, Kellex, we want the Sexy Nexy!

  • LP+ has something that I like…the widgets that combine twitter and fb feeds and the calendar widget.  I cant find another launcher (or at least didnt…been a while since I checked) that has these features.  I am bummed Fede hasn’t given a decent update in months now but I can’t find one that I like other than LP+.  (I also like the scrolling menus at the bottom.) 

    • Lakerzz

      All the other launchers mentioned on this post (besides some stock ones) have these features, but it just seems to me that LPP’s widgets scroll much smoother…

    • Cmandd

      Android Pro Widgets has this.

  • js

    I had LP+ for a long time on my X. It was good until it just started acting up. Switched to Go Launcher, haven’t looked back. Plus it was free.

  • Launcher Pro is still the most stable and most lightweight. Only launcher that’s smooth on my OG D1 running CM 7.1

  • I’ve been using QQ Launcher on my OG Droid. It works well enough but then again no matter what I’m using, at this point every press of the home screen is a 2-3 minute screen redraw. 

    • Launcher Pro Plus and CM 7.1 with homescreen locked in memory = absolutely no redraws…

    • Anonymous

      If you are like me, locking the home into memory (as the other guy suggested) isn’t effective – you still get the redraws. I ended up stumbling upon this scrip called “Super Charger” and I haven’t had a redraw in months. Works perfectly. Not only does it keep LP from redrawing, but it keeps the OS from constantly killing apps that I’m using.


  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried them all and Launcher Pro is still the best.

  • LP+ is by far the smoothest, and is the only launcher that replicates stock gingerbread without lag. All of the stock gingerbread launchers have laggy scrolling, or a laggy app drawer.

  • Anonymous

    This will change drastically after all the OG owners upgrade. I bet more and more will be going stock.

    • Dominick DeVito


    • Anonymous

      Already stock here 😉

    • Anonymous

      The only problem with that assumption is that every OG Droid owner is going with a Nexus device… otherwise they will still have to escape the likes of Sense and TouchWiz, sending them scurrying for a worthwhile launcher.

  • Boblank84

    stock miui  would that be stock or other?

    • Anonymous

      it would be other