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Tuesday Poll: Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

I feel like it has been ages since we last asked everyone what their current launcher of choice was. Is everyone still using one of the old standards like ADW and LauncherPro or have you gravitated towards some of the more frequently updated replacements like GO Launcher? Is there a chance that some of you have adopted the current crop of stock launchers that Moto, Sammie and HTC are tossing out? I feel like there is some sort of new home replacement that is dying to be found that we just haven’t heard of yet. If you answer “Other”, please let us know in the comments which launcher you are using.

Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

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  • Bs_thinker

    Zeam for it’s simplicity and configurability.

  • MIUI is my favorite but since that isnt available on the Rezound yet my second choice is GO. 360 launcher is a nice replacement for MIUI but it isnt featured enough for a daily driver and some of it is still in Mandarin/Cantonese.

  • Shay Wasserman

    LP+ is still better than all the rest even without an update in the last year. When the update finally hits it will be amazing

  • LP feels like its dead. No updates or features added for a looooong time. But it still got my vote.

    • It is dead. Dev abandoned it¬†

      • Anonymous

        he had one of the best apps on the market, and he just abandons it, and leaves all his paid users for dead. who does that?

        • unfortunate to say the least.

          not to be racist but who can trust a guy named fede carnales. just kidding ūüôā

          But he started a new project, ubermusic, which he last updated july 29th… sooo

      • Alan Paone

        No its not! 

    • i know.. i really wanna buy pro but im afraid of paying for abandoned software.¬†

  • used to have: LP+ for smoothness
    now have: ADW cause of its themes and features
    want: QQLauncher if it wasn’t so buggy

  • i used to have launcher pro plus on my droid x, but it got to the point where it was doing a redraw of the screens every time i left an application. I have since gone with go launcher ex, which is working great. I might go back if¬†LPP were updated. i was looking forward to the full rewrite.

    • I had the same exact problem described in a comment somewhere. Glad to know I’m not crazy.

      • Matthew Arthurs

        ^This  I couldnt stand that crap, DX

    • i have the same issue. but its so snappy everywhere else. just doesnt feel to weigh down my old ass OG as much as the other launchers i’ve tried.

  • LauncherPro, period

    • Bionic

      its abandoned, period

      • Droidinmind

        Still use it, Period!!!! On my new Razr!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Who cares, it’s still the best.

  • Nyreyn

    I’m using the OMFGB seven screen launcher that acts like the stock 3d launcher and supports scrollable widgets and four slots to dock apps with Slayher’s CM7 for thunderbolt.¬†

  • GOP

    Luancher Pro for the phone and ADW EX for the Tab.


    LP+ on a non-rooted Droid2 (company-provided phone). Tried ADW EX but it was laggy as hell.

    Combined with the new version of widget locker I’m trying to get my ICS fix taken care of until I get a Transformer with ICS.

  • IS LP that much better?

    • Anonymous

      the dev hasnt updated it in 6 months, so not anymore.

    • Bionic

      no, its abandoned by its retard dev

    • Droidinmind

      No update in months, but I’m assuming Fede has a full time job. Hopefully he will spend some time on updates. I love LPP!!!!! Tried all others and keep coming back!! Bought two keys in support!!!!! Come on Fede find the time I know you can do so much better than the rest!!!

  • Go Launcher EX. Tried all but this one works better for my needs.

  • Anonymous

    Launcher Pro Plus with signal23 honeycomb themes for widgets. Looks amazing!!!

  • Anonymous


  • toasty


  • Anonymous

    I flashed ICS on my nexus s 4g and still felt naked without launcher pro. (felt even more naked without¬† cyanogen but that’s another rant for another day).

  • Anonymous

    ¬†I just bought an extra battery for my Bionic for 5.99 and a wall charger for the spare battery for 4.99 at¬†http://www.cellphoneshop.net/x…¬† There having a thanksgiving sale right now.

  • ZEAM
    CM 7.2

    • CM 7.2 for OG Droid? You sure about that? Or are you running a nightly?

  • LP+ is best for older phones. ¬†It’s the smoothest. ¬†After I get the Nexus, I will stick with stock.

    • EC8CH

      I wish the ICS stock launcher would allow you to use custom dock icons.

  • After paying for a couple different launchers, I always end up back with GO.¬† I love that they update and offer more then the rest.

  • John

    is LP still even in development?

    • nope its dead.

    • Alan Paone

      Yes, He’s workign on it!¬†

      • John

        which the launcher or just the UBERMUSIC¬† (still can’t get use dto that name)

  • Jonathan Levin


    • Bionic

      raelly?  i mean really?

      • Jonathan Levin


  • not gonna lie, i like espier because of the folders. once ics is out i will most likely use stock until ADW gets their folders ūüėÄ

  • Matt Hein

    QQ of all of em…shame on you DL for not having it listed.

  • Matt Hein

    QQ over all of em…shame on you DL for not having it listed

    • dodger55fan

      Yeah love QQ, and the only reason I even discovered QQ is because DL posted it, tsk tsk

  • Peter Kelly

    Did LPP for a LONG time, but lack of updates (and the gawd-awful redraws which were CM avoidable on the OG, it turns out), I moved on to ADW EX. ¬†Just works in GB. ¬†I figured I’d make another decision when the XOOM and new phone can combine the ICS experience.

    • its not avoidable in OG D1… I have no redraws with CM7.1. Lock homescreen into memory.

  • YourFriend

    Launcher Pro needs to be updated to make room for the new ICS features. I really like Launcher Pro and can never find any other launchers to replace it, but the ICS launcher is amazing but I would like to customize it (such as a vertical scrolling app tray).

    • EC8CH

      you would think we would see major rewrites of all the major home replacement apps once ICS become more wide spread.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone is using Adw Ex and is missing the fact that there are no Friends, Calender Widget, etc….try Android Pro Widgets. There is a free and paid version. Works a lot better than Pure¬†Messenger¬†Widgets on¬†the¬†devices that I have owned.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually kind of digging QQ Launcher

  • gadgetryan

    I’ve been using Launcher pro +. but last night I was introduced to Launcher 7, which i guess is like the Windows phone. Its pretty cool. I have it on my work phone, evo3d. I will probably keep the regular launcher when I pick up the G-nex!!

    • Bionic

      ewwww, really?  I think windows 7 type stuff is made out to look like android for old people.  huge tiles and all.

      • gadgetryan

        Thats true. but for my work i only need a couple of apps..plus Launcher 7 for me is different. Give me a week and I will probably switch back to Launcher pro!

  • LP+ or ADW EX

  • I usually use Launcher Pro but something really weird has been happening to me on my Droid X. Call me crazy, but around this time last year, my Launcher Pro slowed down like crazy. The entire thing would have to redraw every time I went to my home screen and my phone lagged like crazy. I noticed the same thing begin happening this year, so I switched to ADW EX and everything is fine. I’m not certain what it is but I really think it might have to do with the dates and may be specific to the Droid X. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

    • Nick S

      u crazy bro?

    • aj

      My X seems to be lagging at my homescreen much more than usual. Probably for the past month or so. Might not be related but thought I’d throw it out there.

      • Mine started about a month ago as well and brought back memories of this time period last year when it got so bad I had to switch to ADW. It’s really weird that all of us on a DX are experiencing the same slowness.

    • Woahfred

      I have been using Launcher Pro+ on my DROID X for nearly a year now. ¬†It has slowed to a crawl. ¬†Everything lags and often times the wallpaper doesn’t “fit to screen” properly. ¬†It’s also been Force Closing on my a lot. ¬†I tried GO Launcher, but didn’t care for it. ¬†Might give ADW a try now.

  • rocking adw ex with the cm7 ice cream theme. smooth like my jumpshot

    • moved from LP+ to ADW for its themes, mainly ICS

  • Well, since Go! doesn’t bug out or crash on me. ¬†Go it is!

  • Anonymous

    LP+ used to be my hands down favorite … but GO has got me now-a-days¬†

    • Matthew Arthurs

      Same, I LOVED LP+… but they¬†haven’t¬†kept up with the times with features. ¬†I love the theme’ing ability that GO has and¬†haven’t¬†turned back.

      • BJ P.

        you are right. LP+ needs to be updated!!

        • Alan Paone

          What does it need? It has scrolling widgets, themes and its way faster and smoother than any other launcher!

          • Anonymous

            It needs categories in the app drawer – all, recent, running apps.

          • Anonymous

            Well, these were my thoughts too and they kept me from trying other launchers for the longest time. I recommend you try GO and run for at least 24 hours. Once you start to dig into it you will see that it has everything LP has and some pretty nice extras LP does not. 

          • Travisjshepherd

            I tried GO, but it kept crashing on my OG. I think it has something to do with my antiquated tech.

          • Anonymous

            This may have been valid a year ago, but no both ADW EX and Go Launcher have far surpassed LP+ in terms of features, and more importantly (to me), speed. ¬†LP+’s code hasn’t been significantly updated in ages. ¬†Go Launcher is updated with “optimizations” almost weekly. ¬†‘Nuff said.

    • Msombloski

      did fede died?

  • Alias747

    LauncherPro isn’t the prettiest launcher but there is a certain smoothness about it that I can’t find anywhere else. My vote…

    • Jeremy Bryant

      Ditto…it’s just smoother than anything else I’ve tried. May not have all the newest functionality, but I always end up back at LP.

    • Jon

      You guys haven’t tried Zeam. It ditches all the fluff and thus it runs smooth as butter on day 1 and day 300…etc. I couldn’t say the same about Launcher pro.¬†

      • Robert Sagat

        I loved Zeam when I tried it, but there were a few features it didn’t have that I need with my customizing. The ability to change icons, for example, was a killer for me

  • Anonymous

    Pre-Ice Cream Sandwich, LauncherPro, hands down.

    But with Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s stock all the way. (Stock Android that is, not Senseless, MotoHURRR, or TouchMyWiz.)

  • i tried using SPB shell but the fact that you cant move some of the “widgets” got old really quick

  • Kianjudah

    I like Moto’s GB launcher. Hep.¬†

    • EC8CH

      you are infected…

      I’m sorry but you must leave before you endanger the rest of us ūüėõ

      • Anonymous

        It’s quite nice actually. ¬†The app drawer horizontal paging is what turned me off though. ¬†Same can be said for ICS along with that annoying permanent search bar taking up space.

        • you’re right. as far as¬†manufacturer¬†provided launchers go, its pretty nice.¬†

        • Anonymous

          I have to admit that the horizontal paging made it a non-starter for me, so I never gave it a chance (and also why Go Launcher didn’t survive longer than 2 minutes on my phone).

          • Anonymous

            Go Launcher does have an option for vertical scrolling.

          • umang

            Dude, first of all explore all the functionality of an app.. and then give any negative or positive comment about it..

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Moto’s launcher is nice, and polished. I use both Moto and Launcher Pro Plus.

  • Greg Morgan

    Launcher Pro used to be my Favorite, but Frederico hasn’t updated this thing since May. He’s kinda fallen off the map. Go Launcher is what I use now.

  • Anonymous

    No love for QQ Launcher?  The list-style app drawer has kept me from switching back to any other launcher.  I really wish other launchers would incorporate this feature.  

  • Drake Launcher (just discovered it yesterday!)

  • Anonymous

    big fan of go launcher ex, i WANT to use launcherpro, but the thing hasnt seen an update in over 6 months

  • Brandon Parvin

    GoLauncher or Go home!

  • EC8CH

    I WANT to be using the ICS stock launcher.

  • First!

  • qq launcher try it

    • Anonymous

      It’s nice too but still to buggy

    • Anonymous

      I have, but it’s buggy as all heck and slower than an 80-year-old man driving on the freeway. It has promise, though.

  • Anonymous

    ADW Ex without question

  • MIUI/Tencent

  • EC8CH


    Love the Calender Widget more than I hate the redraws.