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Tuesday Poll: Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

I feel like it has been ages since we last asked everyone what their current launcher of choice was. Is everyone still using one of the old standards like ADW and LauncherPro or have you gravitated towards some of the more frequently updated replacements like GO Launcher? Is there a chance that some of you have adopted the current crop of stock launchers that Moto, Sammie and HTC are tossing out? I feel like there is some sort of new home replacement that is dying to be found that we just haven’t heard of yet. If you answer “Other”, please let us know in the comments which launcher you are using.

Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

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  • monkey082506

    Nova Launcher!

  • Mario Charles

    Nova Launcher

  • Argonaut

    I was a loyal LPP user until recently…it seems to have been abandoned by the developer, but if he ever were to resume updating it, I would definitely go back. For now though, GoLauncher is it…

  • Sean Rector

    LauncherPro Plus for me.

  • GJ

    fede has been rewriting the code for LauncherPro for over a year now, so I expect that when he finally releases an update it will allow me to launch apps that havent even been written.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using QQ launcher. Love it.

  • ADW EX has never done me wrong. LPP always force closes on me, and when it doesn’t, it freezes for a few seconds when I exit to the home screen. GO Launcher has a lot of nice features, but runs very sluggish. I have a DX running CM7-GB OC’d to 1.2ghz.

  • Kinnerful


  • Anonymous

    I was rocking LP+ for a long time, but now I’m running CM7 with ADW and it’s working pretty smooth. I might try GO Launcher again some day.

  • Triplej84

    MIUI launcher

  • Mike

    I used to run LP (even bought LP+), but since LP seems too be abandoned and I also have the slowness and stability problems many have reported with the Droid X2, I have switched to Zeam. Zeam is fast and stable. It lacks the scrollable widgets (not a huge deal for me) and the additional widgets that came with LP (LP even lost one of these a while back).