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Download: New Android Market Version 3.3.12

If you saw our Tweet last night about having the new Android Market version 3.3.12, then please accept my apologies for not getting this to you until this morning. Our buddy @PeterAlfonso sent the latest version over, but we were no where near a computer until now, really. So here it is!

Pretty tough to tell if anything is new with such a slight version number increase. When the Google Music announcement was made last week, our buddy @0mie suggested that this next version would be built specifically for T-Mobile phones since  they are expected to get a special songs section. Other than that, we’ll have to let you help us figure out if anything changed.

Download:  Phonesky.apk

Install as you would any other non-market app. It should install right over top of your current market. No root required.

Cheers again Pete!

  • dave

    Hi, if someone could help. I have a samsung galaxy s2 I am trying to download the new android market and I can’t, I don’t know why. Please help, thanks much.

  • nilz

    my phone galaxy 5 but i cant download it

  • jjeffreypgh

    Just got my Droid 3 and seem to be having problems with Market.  Despite my unlimited Data Plan, it keeps stopping downloads and telling me I need to be in WiFi.  Any thoughts on how I can fix this?  None of my settings seem to be the culprit on this.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    SnakeDoc, SBF back to stock Froyo .340 and use Z4root. Then get the 2 zip files for GB .602. Bootstrap into recovery and download the new Liberty X3. Along the way you will get the new market and Liberty absolutely SCREAMS.
    The new market jacked up my DX with Liberty v 0.9, GB .596. After installing it I was getting forcecloses on ALL versions no matter what I deleted.
    Get the new version. DroidmodderX has all the downloads.

  • running Liberty 2.0.1 on DX..it will not install… can any one help???

  • Kahouston92

    Please fix the scrolling. It’s a little slow. I want the scrolling to be smooth!

  • DeAnna Sowder

    Does anyone know-Is there no way to download the music from Google Music to your device?  I know when you download a song it shows up in the Google Music app but I want to be able to listen to it on other music apps.  The only thing I can seem to find is to make it “available offline” on just the stock Google Music app.  I hope this isn’t the case 🙁 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i wish they would stop changing the market every other week, i never liked the new “windows phone” looking market.

  • Anonymous

    Nowhere near a computer!?! Really?! None of you??? Hard to believe.. were you all out camping?

  • Anonymous


  • Works on the Touchpad… yea i said it TOUCHPAD.. lol 

  • MansterRock

    Music Section shows up for my OG Droid with this ver 3.3.12

    I still have an OG Droid and love it.I am waiting for Galaxy Nexus to debut to upgrade

  • Droid-Life you should check your inbox more often….I sent you that as a tip like at least a week ago.
    Same goes for some other news

  • Seems to be like this version loads a bit faster than the prev one for some reason.

  • I8tr0ubles

    I have the Galaxy S 4G,btw

  • I8tr0ubles

    IF i havent recieved any notifications to Update my Market to, would i still be able to do so if i dload that Phonesky thing?

  • Tomas Arroyo

    The major change that I’m seeing is all the apps I have installed show up under ‘my apps’

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I was running Liberty 3 and am now running Liquid 3.1, and on both of them I have the Music selection on the homepage of my Market, but when I try to update my Music App, it always says: Error: Package file was not signed correctly. What’s that about???

    • Anonymous

      Uninstall the Music app and the download it from the market. That should do the trick.

      • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is


        • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

          Well shoot. Can’t uninstall, it comes stock on the Rom. I cleared data, but it still won’t.

          • Go into root explorer (or any other file manager that can access system files), go to system and then app and delete the music apk (remember to have it set to read/write). After that restart your phone and then you should be able to install the new music.

  • Jake

    I own the Droid Bionic and its an amazing phone. Will the Market be better or just wait for the real Market?

  • jay

    I can see the free Tmobile song section and i’m still in 3.3.11.

  • Loadiesinc

    Must be on a bionic, nice white 4g logo.

    • i see what you tried to do there.. but uh.. nope.

  • Enigma2u

    I know this is not a thread for the Gnex but omg I feel so betrayed by Verizon Google’s spec page is now only showing the 16 version for the Gnex and took away the 32 this is an outrage first this BS about delaying it because of 4g connection errors and phone getting warm fast then not take away the 32 gig version omg I’m pissed! This phone better be like $459 off contract or something like that 🙁

    • Anonymous

      You’re right – this isn’t a thread about the GNex…

  • Jason Purp

    I still like the Froyo Market better…

    • obligatory umad bro?

      • Jason Purp

        I don’t understand why I’d be mad, but sure.

    • Really? I like the new one much better…

      • Jason Purp

        This one seems slower/clunkier/whatever. I dunno.

        • Which phone you using?

          • Jason Purp

            I’ve used all of the major Market updates on all of the phones I have/had. Which is a lot. Trust me.

        • Tyler

          On my OG Droid, the newer market seems to load stuff a lot faster than previous versions. Personally i dislike the homepage of the new market, but that is the only thing. Main reason i don’t like the homepage of the market is because it shows a lot of irrelevant data to me like books.

    • Pfigurella

      I like the froyo market better too. OG Droid. Non rooted, non rom’d.

  • I have yet to root my Evo 3D.  I rooted my Evo 4G and had a hard time finding a rom that I actually liked.  Too many roms give you a few extra things but then lack on basic (4g or bluetooth) things that the phone was built to do.  I really have not found enough benefit on my Evo 4G to root my Evo 3D.

  • I see nothing new.

  • allen spurr

    I’m really hesitant to install this after what the last market update did to my Google account. After installing the last one I wasn’t able to get to “my apps” in the market, just got an error saying “this is where your apps will be”. I had to reflash my rom to fix it. 

  • I got an update for it maybe 2 days ago and it had the google music in it. I like the goodle music a lot. Way nicer to use than itunes on my ipod 🙂

    • Devator22

      Holy crap, I hadn’t even noticed the music tab was there until I saw this. Thanks, lol.

  • GNex

    There are Droid life followers who aren’t rooted?

    • Anonymous

      Some of us own the Charge…

      • GNex

        The Charge reminds me of my lil niece’s pretend/toy cell phone.

        • Anonymous

          Hahaha… well, compared to a non 4G phone it’s like a Rolls Royce.

          I only bought it because I needed a phone off contract on the cheap and I didn’t want some 3G piece of trash. 3G is basically dialup internet, I constantly want to kill myself if my phone is on 3G.

      • LeDiva

        The Charge is absolutely rootable. I’m using a rooted Charge with GummtCharged 2.1 right now.

    • Blood

      I have an Xperia Play with a locked bootloader so yea…

    • Anonymous

      Motorola RAZR no real reason to root this bad boy… at least until there is a way back.

      • Anonymous

        There is always a way back. Just delete su, superuser.apk, and busybox. You are now unrooted.

        • Legend

          I rooted my Droid X, I understand the SuperUser app, but I don’t know what, or where to find su and busybox if I need to unroot my phone for any reason. Where can I find these to delete them? I did a one-click root. Really simple, I am just not a superuser and am real careful about what I am doing along the way. Researching carefully. I would appreciate a little info. Thanks. 

          • Anonymous

            They are in the market. search superuser, busybox.

        • Craigmagnon1

          just rooted my razr don’t see any difference, no superuser app ,is this normal?

  • Murphy

    Is anyone getting constant FC’s from the new Google Music app when trying to play a song? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail…

    • YES! I’ve not seen anyone else with this error. 

      Really hope we can get this solved…

      • OK, this may work:

        clear data. Uninstall app.
        Reinstall app. Link to Google Music. 

        Report back…seems to have worked for me.

        • Murphy

          Tried your method, nothing. Hooligans method worked, but thanks anyway.

    • Hooligan

      If you have an ad blocker, that can actually mess with Google music if you don’t have the definitions totally up to date. I found that out the hard way when Google music was still in beta and I was running a BAMF ROM that had an ad blocker enabled by default but no way to update definitions. If you think this may be the case on your Rom, go download an adblock program from the market and run the definition update then I believe you can uninstall it

      • Murphy

        Thanks! Downloaded Ad Free and updated the definitions, it worked like a charm. 🙂