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Even as a Nexus Device, Verizon Still Manages to Sneak in Two Bloatware Apps on the Galaxy Nexus


They couldn’t let us have just one phone, could they? As many of you noted from the massive video release from this morning, the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will indeed have two bloatware apps. Both My Verizon Mobile and Backup Assistant will come preloaded. It is a minimal amount, and you can argue that these two apps are useful to many unlike the other VCAST software that has plagued every other VZW phone, but we were still hoping for a purely clean slate.

With that said, this will give us a great opportunity to utilize the new built-in bloatware removal tool that the Android team put in Android 4.0. And of course, the majority of us will be fastboot oem unlock-ing the minute we get it home, followed by a custom recovery and root, and will then rid the device of these permanently ourselves.  

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Cheers Mike and Cole!

  • Dr Sauch

    No, these are good apps.  My Verizon in particular is excellent. 

  • I don’t know why you need Back-up Assistant when Google already sync your contacts to the clouds 

    • John Pisano

      because if your contacts were transferred to your current phone via a cellbrite machine which the majority of people’s contacts have, then they are not actually being backed up by google. I see it everyday, I’m sure the majority of the readers of droid-life have their contacts on Google, it’d be foolish not to, but the majority of consumers don’t have a clue, and this application is there for them. If you are coming from a basic phone, or you have a VZW rep transfer your contacts Backup Assistant will back them up not google.

      If you don’t need the app good for you, freeze/hide it then move on, or would you guys rather have Blockbuster/Need for Speed/Amazon MP3 etc.

      I’d rather have these 2 apps then the bloatcity that is the Motorola DROID lineup.

      DROID 3, DROID Bionic, and DROID RAZR have the worst bloat apps I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the majority of people will use Citrix Receiver /s

      Plus I don’t think Backup Assistant can be downloaded on the market, just checked, couldn’t find it.

  • Look, guys, Verizon is doing us a favor here. Without their bloatwares, how can we take advantage of the new bloatware removal tool? We should all thank Verizon for being so considerate. Now, we don’t know if those two apps will truly be there until the phone is released. But if they do, let’s all tweet about it and let Verizon know how much we owe them for installing the two apps so that we can use ICS to remove them!

  • Anonymous

    What’s the problem? Those are two of the most commonly used apps Verizon customers use. Cuts down on having to go through the browser and logging in and all that shit to view your bill or usage (MyVerizon) and imports your contacts if you don’t use Gmail, Gmail never backed up your contacts or are upgrading from a feature phone (Backup Assistant). Look, I’m all for a truly pure Google experience, but Jesus on ice skates some of you take that way too far. Besides, that bloatware on a pure Google phone sentiment quickly gets thrown out the minute anyone installs Battery Saver 2011, Task Killer Extraordianire or Best Anti-Virus Software Evar!!1!11 on their phone so how about a post on how to avoid shit like that as opposed to complaining about two included very useful apps?

  • You think they screwed up and actually left Larry Page’s phone number be correct on that video? (650) 555-7243 ? 650 is San Mateo County.

    • Anonymous

      You think 555 is a real number?  Ever watched a TV show or movie EVER?

      • Yes … I have a friend with a 555 number. I also had a 222 cell number years ago

        • Anonymous

          Didn’t realize they started doing that. I’ll remove foot from mouth now.

          • No worries. Im sure your right and its fake…. but the area code and last 4 seem legit, thats the only reason I thought it might be real.

  • Mwahahaha. Bloatware on your precious pure vanilla experience. Ha.

    • Jamdev12

      Wow look who we have here. The troll from a previous post. You iBitch lover you. I was waiting for ya. Now oil up, no as a matter of fact I know how you like it.

    • Guest


  • Keith

    I don’t care as long as it doesn’t mess with updates too much.  I just want timely updates on a stock android device that works well, and I don’t have to root/rom (I know i’m in the minority here).  Apology’s to my OG which lags to no end these days.  If two apps are it I’ll take it, as that’s about as close as it is going to get on Verizon.

  • Mr. English

    I’ll take the hit on two POS VZW bloats over the standard plethora of indignation offered by their unmitigated maelstrom of marketing vomit.

  • Jeff

    Apple would never allow this. Even if they are useful apps, it’s the principle here. I wish Google would get tougher on these issues. After all, basically EVERY good phone Verizon has is running Android. They would be crippled without Android. They’d have the iPhone and a bunch of shitty blackberry phones. Flex those muscles Google, it’s time!

    • Anonymous

      I, for one, do not want Google to be like Apple. Let Android be as free as can be. If manufacturers and carriers insist on adding their own “touch” to the devices, that’s fine. Let the consumer be the judge, not some megalomaniac CEO. 
      These are just Verizon apps, easily removable if, in fact, they do come with the end product.

      • Anonymous

        Manufacturers are totally justified in mucking it up. It is open source. Carriers are another matter altogether. They should be dumb pipes. They should be out of the device supply chain altogether.

  • I can deal with the bloatware.  Just give me the damn phone.  It is nothing to uninstall the garbage.  

  • Jason King

    I use those two apps, so no worries here…better than the alternative.

  • so it still has Bing though, right?

  • Keith Sumner

    Heh, I called it.

  • Anonymous

    Too answer Kellex’s last comment from his post and to sound like our Presidents campaign Motto

     ” And of course, the majority of us will be fastboot oem unlock-ing
    the minute we get it home, followed by a custom recovery and root, and
    will then rid the device of these permanently ourselves.”

    YES WE CAN, AND YES WE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nobody

    Do we really know for sure that they are installed by default. I see nothing in that video that would suggest one way or another. They may have just happened to have been downloaded onto the phone from the market before the video was made. If it had been an “unboxing and first power on” video, then I might see people getting upset. Chill out folks!

  • babadush

    Verizon can ruin a wet dream

    • No, your boyfriend can though.

      • Jamdev12

        Just repeat that to yourself over and over again, while you take it.

        • Guest

          while he’s taking it in the azz from his lover angelface.

  • Anonymous

    Should be exceedingly easy to fix. I’m not phased.

  • The problem that the majority of us Android-nerds have is not necessarily that the apps are on the device (although this is an area of concern due to its being a Nexus), but BECAUSE the apps are on the device, the software must be approved by Verizon first.  ie – first updates from Google have to go thru Verizon.  Not good.  I hope this is not the case, but it looks that way.

    • Not sure why you’d jump to that conclusion.  They’re just apps that run on the OS, they’re not integral to the OS itself, so an OS update should not have to seek approval from apps that run on it.

  • Tim

    Hey Kellex, you should probably update this because one of the features of ICS is to hide/disable (http://www.theverge.com/2011/10/20/2502299/bloatware-kill-switch-in-ice-cream-sandwich) bloatware don’t forget.  Just click disable, and you have the pure Google experience! (sort of lol)

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of surprised. Did any of the other Nexus phones come with carrier bloatware? I’m pretty sure the Nexus One didn’t, and I’m pretty sure the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G didn’t either. Not a good precedent…

    • Anonymous

      verizon is to blame

  • Djlowproz

    Not cool Verizon. I do use the My Verizon app tho.

  • El El Kool J

    this is a small thing.. hide app or “ROOT=pure google experience” 😛 

  • Jaime Ramirez

    remember you can delete them!!! on 4.0

  • This is the reason for the delay..  just so we have their stupid bloat

  • Richhowe

    I still don’t see how VZW will allow Samsung to have an unlocked Nexus but force Moto, etc. to lock their phones knowing that it will defintely impact sales?  Am I missing something???  Thoughts?  Does anyone know for sure that it can be unlocked in the U.S.?

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s VZW…. wow

  • Anonymous

    You never know 🙂 ICS is awesome, but this device is made by Samsung, which we all know they suck.

    • Anonymous

      i didn’t know everyone here has the same opinion as yours about samsung, is it just me or are you the only one who seems to think this? awkward.

      • Anonymous


        They like the nexus because it is unlock, but Samsung makes cheap devices with weak radios and gps. I still have them second as over htc. Samsung and htc has good cameras, but the droid razor has a good camera and a great display as well. The qualities of Moto’s devices are way better than htc and Samsung. You can try them when the nexus comes out and you will notice the call quality, build quality and radios in the razor compare to the nexus and the rezound

        • Anonymous

          the nexus has a great display and a great camera, and is unlocked and shipping with vanilla ICS. sounds like a good deal to me. its not as thin as the razr but is not thick like the rezound is. seems like the only thing wrong with it is the radio and gps, which i don’t see that as much of a problem.

          • Anonymous

            Radios and good call quality are the most important features in a device. Cameras and display are secondary. If the nexus fix the gps and radios in the future, I may consider buying maybe the gs3 and another moto device, since I have 2 lines for myself. Let’s wait and see 🙂

    • Guest


  • Anonymous

    I thought we wanted a stock so as to not be rooting fiends again? I am tired of this whole root to get the crap to work! Why not get a razr or rezound and root and call it a day? Whats the point of this phone?

  • Richard Yoo

    Shame to say but I for one can’t live without Backup Assistant

  • Anonymous

    So much for the pure google experience lol 🙂 They added a nice battery though, maybe the nexus can compete with the rezound, since it does not stand a chance with the razor 🙂

    • Guest


    • r8r

      It still is a pure google experience troll. You must not even know what pure google experience means huh? No skin whatsoever, vanilla ice cream sandwich, thus making it a pure google experience. Get your facts straight troll, wrong as always, what a surprise coming from you, not!

      • Anonymous

        you make me laugh. The nexus will be like the droid unlock but it will have bloatware. You stupid geeks always complain about other devices in Verizon because they have bloats. Guess what, the nexus will have some bloat as well. Google experience on the nexus s is mad boring. Lets see what ics has to offer . You do not know anything about technology.

    • Guest

      it BLOWS the razor away loser!!  NOW GO FUK YOURSELF!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Keep crying scary bitch

        • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Dear VZW,

    I’m ok with this… NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.


  • Mr. Snrub

    On the day when Verizon finally announces it is abandoning its VCast application and content there will be one common question – Why now and not 10 years ago?

  • NotRelevant

    I frankly couldn’t care less about these two apps. I just want the damn thing already. 😛

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why they would think we may want backup assistant! My Verizon is useful, but backups assistant is pointless as you google account backs up your contacts anyway! It kills the battery on my wife’s non-rooted incredible. I even set it to run at night, and it still keeps running during the day. WTF VZW! Can we at least get an option to disable it?

    VZW doesn’t like giving us the freedom to choose, that’s why I TAKE IT, by rooting and romming my devices!

  • hmmm… what are the chances that these apps don’t actually come with the phone, but VZW wanted them on the phone for this walk through video for a phone exclusive to THEIR network?  I mean without those two apps showing on the phone, any cell phone carrier could potentially use what Verizon created to help their customers.  This would definitely prevent any other carrier from referring to these videos since its plastered with VZW software.   At least thats what I’m hoping.

  • Anonymous

    What in the Sh*t is this Sh*t?  Is this why the phone is taking so long?   They had to write their Verizon bloatware for ICS.  Or does Verizon just hate us?

  • Anonymous

    i would have d/led these apps anyway — PLEASE ANNOUNCE A RELEASE DATE TODAY, VZN!!!!!!!!!

  • Miguel Alvarez

    I wouldn’t call those bloatware… they are required even on the iPhone. 

    • Tim

      WRONG! you have to download them from the App store if you want them.  My dad got an iPhone and I had to set it up for him, which required downloading from iTunes App store.

    • Andrizzy

      You are wrong. My girlfriend has an iPhone and only Apple apps come on it. Thats it. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    who handles the updates now?!!! also you cant remove the bloat, you can just hide it

    • Dan

      Once you have root you can really do anything

      • Anonymous

        yes you are right. but that applies to any android. this is the one phone you do not expect it

    • Jaime Ramirez

      wrong you CAN delete on 4.0

    • Anonymous

      google handles updates on nexus devices

  • Anonymous

    Release the hounds!!!!

  • Okay… I can sort of understand the “My Verizon” app… sort of. However their contacts backup shit can go right to hell. Google account synchs its own contacts back and forth, that is how it works. YOU DON’T NEED TO BACK UP YOUR CONTACTS.

    • Nex

      I never understood the point of contacts backup on an android phone.

    • Yeah, but what if your prior phone WASN’T A SMARTPHONE?  You’re not the only one who can use all caps, friend.

      • I can see that as a possible scenario, but most of their feature phones still don’t have their Verizon Backup, and often when it does, it costs a significant extra fee. Sadly most of their feature phones are also still locked down to standard computer synchronization as well from what I have seen and experienced. So while your point is valid, it is separate from my point that you don’t need to back up your contacts on an Android device. 

        That, and I’m not your friend, buddy.

        • Backup Assistant is free, and has been for a few years.  

          • Funny, last time I talked to a VZW rep they were charging for contacts transfer, I think it was at least US$9. Yes, the android VZW contacts service has been free up to now, also PIM software and connection cables were sold at an additional cost if it was offered at all for most feature phones, so it would cost you $20-$50 to get off of your phone yourself if you went with their offered method (instead of buying a custom cord online and using BitPIM or similar).

          • John Pisano

            I am a VZW rep, we NEVER charge for contact transfers, and Backup Assistant is available on just about EVERY feature phone made in the past 2-3 years. If you are getting charged for contact transfers maybe time to find a new VZW store.

            If contacts are transferred in store which most people do, they aren’t even backed up by Google in the first place. If it’s transferred using a cellbirte machine then it goes straight to the phone’s memory and bypasses your Google account. Backup Assistant is then able to backup your contacts. BA only backs up what is on the phone, not what is on your Google account, so any new contacts that are added after the initial transfer are put on the Google account provided that was the account that was selected.

          • Well, you may speak for you, and possibly for corporate, but I’m pretty sure of what I personally experienced. Back where I was from, the VZW reps in the large store were not only useless, but on many occasions would flat out lie to people (you can only listen to so much while waiting around for service). These experiences are from about a year ago. They _DID_ tell people they charged for contact transfer,  using one of the machines they had behind the service counter.
            True, the contacts using that method of transfer would go to internal phone memory, but those can be then converted to account bound contacts very easily, and I don’t understand (unless they don’t trust Google) why that wouldn’t be done right then.On the other hand the VZW store where I am now and the reps in there are full of awesome and made of win. So, yeah, it was very likely a case of crappy store with crappy CSRs. The ones where I am now actually say if they don’t know something, but do seem to actually know about the phones, and sometimes the development side of things.

    • I agree my verizon I would have installed anyway so im not really bothered by that… however, for backup assistant, those coming from a dumbphone to a smartphone I can see how the backup assistant would be nice.. that said, they can install it themselves if they want it!!!!

      • John Pisano

        its not on the market.

    • Anonymous

      And the worst part of it is how it totally confuses less geeky users who don’t know that this is redundant functionality that will slow down your phone and conflict with gmail.

  • so who is actually going to buy this off contract? ::raises hand::

  • Scott

    So does the iPhone come with this garbage, or is just Android that keeps getting it?

  • Steve

    I do actually use the MyVerizon app to make my payments and monitor my data usage each month.  I can deal with it.

    • agreed…. this app isnt actually all that bad and I would have installed it anyway.  I love seeing how much data I can burn through each month! haha

    • Tim

      You can now monitor the data usage on your phone without the crappy app though

  • 2 isnt that bad i suppose. i will live. just want to hold it in my hand so i can compare it. It BETTER be freaking awesome !!!!

  • Jack

    Pentile screen = Thumbs way down.  Waiting for the quad core HTC.  Hopefully the buttons on the bottom aren’t part of the final device, and it’s shipped with 4.0

    • Dominick DeVito

      it’s way better than the crap ass Moto qHD pentile screens. You won’t notice the difference

      • Jack

        It’s marketing.  It’s not true 720P.  More like 2/3’s of that.  My SuperAmoLED plus 800×480 is probably just as good

        • Dominick DeVito

          I doubt it, but both are nice screens nonetheless.

        • Anonymous

          It is true 720P. Subpixel count is irrelevant to resolution.

  • Anonymous

    I’m perfectly fine with those two apps.  I mean I guess with the addition of sims, one could argue that Backup Assistant isn’t needed anymore, but it’s not like it takes up any resources unless you use it.

  • Chris Sandoval

    I need that phone now! I need it to show off to my friends and cousins!