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Even as a Nexus Device, Verizon Still Manages to Sneak in Two Bloatware Apps on the Galaxy Nexus


They couldn’t let us have just one phone, could they? As many of you noted from the massive video release from this morning, the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will indeed have two bloatware apps. Both My Verizon Mobile and Backup Assistant will come preloaded. It is a minimal amount, and you can argue that these two apps are useful to many unlike the other VCAST software that has plagued every other VZW phone, but we were still hoping for a purely clean slate.

With that said, this will give us a great opportunity to utilize the new built-in bloatware removal tool that the Android team put in Android 4.0. And of course, the majority of us will be fastboot oem unlock-ing the minute we get it home, followed by a custom recovery and root, and will then rid the device of these permanently ourselves.  

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Cheers Mike and Cole!

  • i dont consider this to be bloatware. amazon mp3 uninstallable was bloatware, this most likely will be uninstallable (and not just through rooting)….

    god forbid some people want access to their account and bill balance, or back their contacts up (not everybody has a google account). WHINNNEEERSSS

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  • How bout minutes? LOTS of people opt for the 450-minute plan, especially on smartphones.
    And not everyone does Unlimited texting on Verizon Wireless because there’s a 5k text plan that allows free mobile-to-mobile texting.

  • Anonymous

    why don’t they just throw in Bing too?

  • Anonymous

    Backup Assistant is literally useless if you have all your contacts on Google. However for people converting from dumbphones it is very useful to transfer contacts. 

  • Anonymous

    And this is why I never buy phones from carriers. They almost always manage to break something in the process of creating their custom version of the phone software. If nothing else it is guaranteed to delay updates.

  • Anonymous

    : My Verizon, you can stay. Backup Assistant? Never worked for me. On 3 different devices it only did between 4-18 contacts. Out of a couple hundred? Not cool. It can go.

  • Ulnek75

    i actually use the my verizon mobile to pay my bill.  >_<

  • KevinC

    I bet the full retail LTE version won’t have Verizon bloat.

  • Anonymous

    I am new to Verizon since November 11th 2011 left my Evo 3d on sprint for the opportunity to get the Galaxy Nexus and currently rolling with the Lg Revolution. I jumped on the double the data promotion and opened my line with the 10gb of data for 50.00 monthly. That data plan will definately resemble unlimited that I have always been use too on sprint. Boy what a world of difference LTE is to WIMAX there is no comparison what so ever. I am trying to wait it out for the Galaxy Nexus I really think this Friday to preorder or this coming Monday November 21st to preorder. Either way the Galaxy Nexus will be the best android device for the next 6months and yes I like the my verizon app and backup app they are very useful.

  • Tre

    Damn you, Verizon!

  • Wow, we’re picky here at Droid Life…

    My Verizon Mobile, with the lack of unlimited plans, is a must for new phone owners… Verizon would be remiss if it didn’t include it. And I think Backup Assistant is why you don’t have to associate a new Android from Verizon with a Google account the moment you activate it. Because in the interim, it connects up to Verizon.

    Bloatware = not useful things. The above = useful things.

    • KevinC

      ICS already has a data usage indicator and options to turn off data when usage reaches a certain amount.  The phone already backs itself up with Google servers.

      These 2 Verizon apps are not necessary, they are bloatware.  What’s next, VCAST store?

      • Anonymous

        My Verizon Mobile also lets you look at your bill and other usage (texts, minutes) at a glance. So it is pretty useful.
        I would be complaining if they included shit like Blockbuster or CityID but none of that looks like it’s here. So not bad…

        • Agreed. VCAST, Blockbuster, and CityID = bloatware.

          But My Verizon Mobile has something over the ICS data usage indicator. Who’s to say that your carrier’s data meter lines up with your phone’s data meter? Especially if you consider the possibility of someone who swaps SIM cards about. Imagine a three or four megabyte discrepancy between the ICS meter and the Verizon meter cause you to get billed for another gig?

  • yeah except those two “bloatware” apps actually worked very well, and made life a little easier. Sure, you have your gmail backup, but having a spare set of your contacts automatically backed up never hurts-right? and being able to check your minutes and overall usage at a quick glance from anywhere. Yep, those are horrible things that no phone should offer out of the box.


  • Blg Spg

    I Think my OG knows I am hot for the Nexus…it is now slower than ever!!! 

  • Brent Stewart

    I see a lot of Nexus fans making excuses for this. There are NO excuses for this. Not even for ONE little bitty piece of bloatware. Even if ICS lets me disable it. EVEN if I can root and delete it. EVEN if I can just toss a new ROM on it and be done with it. It’s simply NOT the point. It’s a flagship device and shouldn’t have been there to begin with. I’d not buy it on Verizon just to prove a point regardless of the work-arounds. As long as we just sit back and accept it the more they’re gonna keep shoving more crap like this at us. Meanwhile making it more and more difficult to get rid of over time. I’m keeping my money and waiting for the next flagship device and it WON’T be on Verizon’s network.

    • Anonymous

      Wooh, calm down… Doesn’t make the phone any less sexier. I hate bloatware as much as you do but if you aren’t gonna buy this phone because of 2 included apps… then I really don’t know what to say to you. 

  • reading through the comments, we’re looking like i*hone users… some of us cry about everything, some of us are the “i want the en-eff-seez” type, we need to quit doing this… i think the reason we were so unified in the beginning (the DROID beginning… not G1) was because we all had unified tastes, for the most part.. wish there was a phone that could unify us in such a way as that one did..

  • @beerme828:disqus  Lets root it people!.. 

  • Anonymous

    I actually use the My Verizon app and  I used to use the Backup Asst. app until I found out I didnt need to. not a problem having those TWO apps though.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect this is why they removed their Google logo.

  • Anonymous

    actually the “my Verizon” app is quite nice and useful and helps you keep track of your data usage, you verizon bill etc. 

    IMHO it’s very welcomed.

  • One has to keep in mind that it won’t be JUST us buying the Galaxy Nexus.  There will be people who know nothing about what an unlocked boatloaded is and ROMs.  These apps will still be useful to those people.  I use cyanogen on my DX and use My Verizon all the time.  It’s nice just being able to see how many minutes are left and how much data has been used.  Are these bloatware in my opinion, not so much, if at all.

  • Anonymous

    root and remove

  • Google added them just so we can test out the disable apps function in ICS

  • I’d actually rather have at least the My Verizon app, because I use it to pay my bill. The Backup Assistant though is just redundant. 

  • in all honesty those are the two more useful apps that have anything to do with verizon…unless you like driving across town to pay your bill…i guess back up assistant is a lil redundant since google already backs up your contacts…meh!

  • Mjs1124

    As far as Verizon apps go, these 2 are the only ones that aren’t completely useless. You crazy Nexus people need to get over it. 2 apps shouldn’t get your panties all in a bunch

  • was that actually larry page’s number? we should give him a call and ask him to give us a release date! haha

  • Anonymous

    Oh no 2 apps, they are going to totally ruin the google experience. /s People need to relax, you can disable the apps in ics not to mention easily root and remove if they are so bad.

  • Anonymous

    Those two aren’t even close to bloatware, they’re functional apps for carrier services.

    If they’d loaded that pos Let’s Golf 2 on there’d be a problem, but this is nothing. 

  • RECK

    Bloatware? Really? Since when is my verizon bloatware? And i understand back up assitant being bloatware to us android users but damn i wish it would have came with cyanogen when i switched to it on my dx. Bloatware is an app that cant be removed and has no importance at all or anything that may make it different from an alternative but this just makes things easier for us so how is it bloatware. Call it bloatware when u see a nfl app u cant remove or demosu cant remove when no one really wants a demo. I swear DL needs some new open minded writers asap. These ppl been writing for far to long about android that they actually think inside the box rather then outside.

    • Anonymous

      If for some people these apps add no value, are already available for free one the market and are 3rd party to the OS developer and manufacturer, then they fit my definition of bloat.

      It’s sad to see Google compromise their Nexus brand integrity by adding these apps and carrier specific tethering apps. All three of these functions: tethering, contacts backup, and data usage monitoring are completely duplicative of core OS functionality.

  • Dominick DeVito
  • I am fine with those 2 apps.  Data usage, upgrade, and mins is important.  Also a free backup software.  Also have no problem with the VZ branding on the back.  My phone will have a case and I will never see that logo again.

  • dcyamaha

    i dont consider the My verizon app bloat.  It is actually very useful and easy way to check, minutes and text usage.  I am glad it is on there.

    bu assistant is, since all of that is done by google.  BUT, for people coming from dumb phones, using the Vzw backup assistance is great since all of your contacts are in there.

  • I don’t consider either of these bloatware. Lots of people use these. My whole family uses backup assistant and a couple of them use my verizon too. They are both very helpful.

  • Pete

    Hey guys i got a question. Can we change the phone back cover with international version coz that one says Google only but this says verizon. I dont like verizons name to be anywhere on the phone but status bar.

  • Joe

    I know VZW Reps usually sont know much, But the one in Strongsvill ohio store Said NO Verizon phone will Come with an Unlockable Bootloader. I said ” what about the Nexus, should be easy to do once I get it home right?”.  He said ” No, they are currently working on encrypting it which is what is holding the phone up from releasing”…..So I hope he is not right but bad news for now.

    • Pretty sure all the HTC phones can be unlocked and a few motos.

  • ya know… My Verizon and Backup Assistant are both downloadable apps… could be that verizon just required them to be in the video, but they don’t actually come included with the phone, or they are both removable.

    my verizon is actually a very handy app when it comes to checking data usage and paying your bill

  • Alexander Garcia

    This does not surprise me one bit. Nothing… and I mean NOTHING is immune to Big Red’s Bloat!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Verizon is relentless with their bloat. Its the principal of the thing that stings. Nexus is supposed to be pure stock. No skins, no bloat, open. No that Verizon managed to get some bloat on this one, I wonder what is next? Touchwiz Nexus with Sense capability and added Motoblur(or whatever they call it) features?

    • Anonymous

      Actually, ICS has elements of Blur and TW incorporated into the “features” that they are highlighting as new to ASOP.

      • Anonymous

        Adding some similar features to the AOSP is one thing. I was alluding that they would just slap all 3 skins onto one phone. An exaggeration by any means, but I wanted to get a point across.

        • Anonymous

          Well we will see how bad, or good, 4.0 becomes once the OEMs start messing with it.  But yes, all 3 on the same phone would be an abomination…..

  • Rich

    To add, Android did not add a feature to remove bloatware… this you are wrong… They added a feature that would HIDE it from the app drawer and some other things but more or less still leaves it on your device taking up space…

    Hiding bloatware is not the same as actually removing it… Read be for you judge, do research…