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Want Access to the New Google Music Store on Your Android Device Early? Just Enter Through the Google+ App


Since Google Music and its Google+ sharing feature went live, I took to my page to start spamming off full tracks for many of you to listen to. But then I got to wondering if all of this new music goodness was available in the actual G+ Android app. Turns out that it is. You can stream tracks from inside the app and see the notification of it happening in your pull-down bar. It works really well.

What’s even better though, is that you can access the full music store on your Android device in the market before you have been activated by Google. It appears as if the current 3.3.11 market is set up for the new music store, but we all need to be given the go by Google in order to see it. If you don’t feel like waiting, find one of my shares on G+, click the “Buy” link and cruise into the music store that way. From there, you can preview tracks, purchase them, and even share them into the G+ app.

The only problem is, that if you click the “Back” button for the market, you will be stuck without music access. So what you need to do is navigate down at the bottom of each listing by Albums, Similar Artists, etc.

It’s a minor work-around that should get you feeling out the music section of the Android market ahead of time.

Have fun!


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  • Anonymous


    iTunes charges 25 bucks for the same service WE get for free 🙂

  •  Thanks.. I’m at the first time on your blog! And I like it! Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work.

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  • OG with Froyo

    Does this work with Froyo or is it still only Gingerbread or higher?

  • Aborrelli

    I has the new market on my zoom and thunderbolt couple hours ago…needed no tricks…am I just lucky

  • Just when I thought I was going to bed early, I’m playing with google + more than ever. thanks for the heads up SON!

  • Anonymous

    I got the music added to the market this afternoon, by force stoping the market, clearing cache, and the clearing data.  When you reopen the market I accepted the terms and music was available. 

  • Greatness

    Running MIUI, keep getting an error…on the X…weird.

  • Anonymous


  • eze4

    Lol I see my post, I’m famous now. Thanks kellex b lol

  • Ray

    u can access it from your mobile browser to and it will take u to the market link

  • Mine was updated because I clicked a link on my droid to take me to the music market online and it gave me an option to see it in the market so i did and now it has it on the home screen for ever!

  • Anonymous

    uploading my 5,000 songs is gonna take all night

    • Act of God

      I’ve been adding 2,500 songs since about 7:30 p.m. last night, 12 hours and counting and still not done.  Wow. 

      • Anonymous

        my freakin comp went to sleep when i went to bed….uuuuugh

        at 3100 of 4800 now …  love that i’ll never have to do this again

  • Ringo

    I can’t figure out how to +1 individual tracks, just entire albums.   Otherwise seems like a good start.  No Beatles, but plenty of deep Beatle solo tracks.  

  • Sardonick007

    It’ll be great when you can filter the fraudulent purchases that show legit artists but are fake. Worse than iTunes so far, at least there you don’t see actual album art. This system is full of scams and fakes. Total bullshit.

  • Just search for the artist name and it pops up in the bottom….

  • Anonymous

    The new market just showed up complete with access to the new music store on my Thunderbolt.  And I have to say, I am impressed.  The new music store is just as good as any out there, including iTunes or Amazon.  I just purchased a song using the new service, and it was a very smooth process…  However, unless I am missing something, the song file was added to my phone but could only be played through the Google Music app.  I have Ubermusic installed, which is a far better music app than Google Music, but the song didn’t show up…  So I did some digging by plugging my phone to my computer using mass storage mode, and apparently, the song was saved to my phone.  However, it was not easy to find (The path is:   \Androiddatacom.google.android.musiccachemusic”song I purchased”).  On top of all that, the song file bit rate  was only 128kbps, which is not top quality.  Honestly, this is not cool.  Maybe I’m missing something, and I hope I am, but when I purchase a song, I want the file and I want it to be usable for all mp3 player apps on my device.  And most importantly, I want the file bit rate to be 320kbps.  I can get all of this from Amazon mp3, why not Google? Please say I’m missing something here…

  • Anonymous

    My market pushed out a new version w/ Music section and the app.  It’s nice.

  • Daniel

    Better to just go to music.google.com on desktop mode

  • Nick

    So I bought a song from the store and it shows up in my library on the web music application.  but my phone’s music app does not have the song in it.  Any ideas?  (I went into settings/refresh).

    • EC8CH

      you don’t have the latest music app on your phone… that would be might first thought

      check for v4.0.9.509

      • Nick

        Yeah, I downloaded it earlier.  509…

        • EC8CH

          is your google account selected within the music app?

          google account

          • Nick

            Yeah its on there.  So to tie two threads together, I cleared data on my market app like a user above said, then opened market and the Music section was in my market.  Then I went to the album of the song i purchased and the song said “Listen” instead of the price to buy it.  So I clicked Listen, then a screen came up that said Wait while music syncs.  It failed but asked to try again, so I did, then it took a minute and now my new song is in my app. 

  • Want access to the Music page on the Market app? Just do a Clear Data on it, then load it up. Boom.

    • EC8CH

      didn’t do it for me.


      • I’m running CM7 too… I did the trick posted above in Kellex’s post, then went and did a Clear Data on it.  Loaded the Market and hit Accept, then I had the Music section on there.  Screenshot: http://t.co/3aZCoHLi

        • EC8CH

          don’t doubt ya, it’s just not doing the trick for me 🙂

        • DUSoccer10

          I’m running Project Elite 4.2 for the OG Droid and was able to get the music tab to show by clearing out the market data too.

  • Kellex, are those screen shots from the Razr? Also what happened to the Droid-Life app, I can’t find it in the market anymore and it sucks not being able to check the site without going to the browser.

    • EC8CH


      •  I installed pulse, searched for droid-life and its a no go. Android central and all the others show up but not droid-life.

        • EC8CH

          You need to type in the name and search for it.  It isn’t listed as a featured blog like the others are, but I assure you droid-life can be added as a source in Pulse.

  • Joel

    Is Google+ going to be integrated into Android? I ask because I prefer it won’t. I don’t want Facebook nor Google+ bloating up my phone.

    • I imagine it’s basically one of the Gapps like Gmail, Maps, and Market are.  It’ll definitely stay out of the Android source.

    • Ssolnosky

      it’s coming pre-installed on the gnex. Not sure if that means it will be on all ICS phones from here on out, but I think it means Google is going to push it.

  • Anonymous


  • Jamdev12

    How do you have the updated market on your phone? I’m trying to get the new market with the music.

  • ss278

    I can’t be the only one who already has the music section in my market can I?

  • lonndoggie

    Note that “this item is not available” thing.  Seems to be true for all the albums, but you can buy individual songs (or you probably can…I got right up to where it’s ready to charge my credit card, then I backed out).

  • lonndoggie

    Note that you can also search for artists in music once you’re in, so you’re not limited to the albums by/similar to links at the bottom.

    Pretty cool…so enable me already, Google Music/Market!

    • Ahh did not realize that. Nice!

  • James Jun

    Now all Google needs is a Gamecenter-like service for Android. 

    • I agree. They’ve covered pretty much everything else.

  • Scumbag Google: Debuts Music Store, No way to get there from Android device.

    • Anonymous

      You should know Google, gradually releasing things all the time. Better than having your servers overload with a sudden sharp increase in traffic.

      • Haha I know. I love Google and all their great services. Just trying to make a joke, but it didn’t have the success I hoped.

  • EC8CH

    Interesting how Google’s web of services is all tying together nicely.

    Who else in the game has a mobile os, app store with music, books, and movies, social network, email service, map service, and oh yeah… don’t forget search.  All of which are more and more interconnected to each other.

    • Anonymous

      Before you know it, they’ll be in our cars driving for us.  Ahhh, I can’t wait….my Google DD

      • Anonymous
        • jason6g

          “In August 2011, a *humanly* controlled Google driverless car was involved
          in the project’s first crash near Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. [7]”I love how the human factor gets introduced and they manage to crash it… I often did wish to have a tablet in the center console of my car to stay connected in traffic (the standing still kind)

    • u satisfied bro?

      • EC8CH

        now I am… thanks for the thoughtful reply

  • GreenGarden