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Verizon Adjusts Return Policy For the Holidays, Will Give You Til January 9 to Return Phones Purchased on or After November 15

Verizon has been operating on a 14-day return policy for most of the year. Since this went live, we have seen a variety of devices get spaced out by 14 days to help decrease the number of returned devices. With new top tier Android smartphones coming out almost weekly these days, this move – while unpopular for the most part – makes sense. We have some good news though thanks to some eagle-eyed readers who noticed that Verizon had made a slight tweak to this policy.

Starting tomorrow (November 15), you can purchase a smartphone and have until January 9, 2012 to return it for something else. With the RAZR, Rezound and Galaxy Nexus all becoming available over the next few weeks, this is incredible news. If you are dying to have a new smartphone, but can’t wait for the G-Nex to finally arrive, then you may want to check out a RAZR or Rezound knowing now that you have until the first week of January to swap it out if you decide stock Android is indeed your cup of tea. You will have to pay a $35 restocking fee if you do bring your phone back. I guess that’s the price you pay to test drive.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Greg and Nick!

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  • Anonymous

    There has been some mention of this holiday return policy regarding the actual dates. I have read that even though you have until Jan 15th to return your device (if purchased on or after Nov 15th, it’s the actual activation date that applies and you have 14 days from then to return your device. The actual 2 month return window is only if you buy before the holiday, give it as a gift and don’t acvtivate until after the christmas holiday. 

    Does anyone know anything about that?

  • Manuel Olague

    I should rent a Rezound and maybe try to keep the headphones when I get my Nexus

  • Bridgette Mueller

    They have changed it to the January 15th now

  • Sammyxp

    Does this apply to Verizon phones purchased through Amazon?

  • Anonymous

    I just went to Verizon to check out the Razr and rezound to decide if I wanted to buy one then return it for the Nexus. The rezound was much better than the razr in every way, but especially the screen. The rezound’s screen was beautiful. Then I asked about the return policy and was told it was only 14 days. He seemed like he didn’t know about this new return policy and then said it was online purchases only. This isn’t online only is it?

    • Sporttster

      I’d like to know this,too. I’ve been to THREE different places,a Verizon store,HHGregg and one other,it’s late can’t remember. All of them when asked about the return policy said it was 14 days. So what’s up? Is it or isn’t it till January? Doesn’t appear to be from the three I’ve questioned about it….

  • Anonymous

    From the amount of delays there has been just in this past year, I will definitely not take a chance at this..I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if “something” happened and the G-Nex was delayed past January 9th..My hopes are high for a November release date but I have been given no reason to ever trust Verizon. I will be (not so) patiently waiting for this beast.

  • C-Law

    Well I was near a Verizon store today and decided to stop in to see if I might actually want to pick up the RAZR or Rezound tomorrow to hold me over until the Nexus comes out, and I gotta say I was disappointed in both. I wont have a problem holding off for the Nexus with my OG Droid now. I tried the Rezound first. Not sure if it had been used and abused or what but I had a hard time turning the screen on and off. The power button was even with the phone and I really had to push hard to get it on and off. Also, the screen wasn’t that great. It reminded me of my OG Droid, just bigger. It didn’t impress me at all like the super amoled plus. Also, swapping homescreens occasionally caused some jitter. I was hoping this would be resolved by now.
    Then I tried the RAZR. It felt BIG. I know it’s thin and I didn’t pull out my OG to compare but the hump part looked huge, almost as if it was thicker than my OG. Also, there was a lot of black real estate on all sides of the screen. It just seemed a whole lot bigger than my gf’s Galaxy S2 on sprint. It seemed to run really smooth though. I’m holding off for the Nexus for sure now

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t seen the Rezound yet – but I checked out a RAZR this weekend and I was also unimpressed.  The kevlar back looks so much more interesting in photos. . . .  In person, it lacked the texture I thought it would have.  The camera felt good – but pinch to zoom in the gallery was horribly jerky.  I tried an HTC phone for comparison, and the same action was pretty smooth.  Even my rooted OG Droid (which I WILL carry across the Nexus finish-line) didn’t stutter like the RAZR in the gallery.  I was kind of shocked.  

  • Baker Frank

    This has to be the dumbest idea ever! Now we are gonna have a store full of returned phones because people love to abuse the system.  Ugh! 

    • Charles Blackmon

      Yup and I’m going to best buy tomorrow to take part in this abuse 🙂

      • C-Law

        Nvm. Delete.

  • @google-3d2b903caf4ae81810b80e520a6b5ac6:disqus   14 days to return and 30 days to exchange..  my roomate’s ex-wife makes $67/hour on the computer. She has been out of work for 9 months but last month her check was $7359 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here http://x.co/b4VI

  • Im happy with my razr, so ill stick with this dog till razr 2.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon has been super nice lately.  Any one else receice a $100 off when going from a 3G to a 4G phone.  Happened to me when I bought the Rezound at a corporate store.  Guess they don’t want me to return it. 

    And don’t forget guys.  Verizon is doing 50% off batteries for 4G phones. $30 for the extended Rezound battery and door. I just wish there was a case that’s made for it. And yes, I know it makes it fatter. 

    • Anonymous

      Wow!  50 off a 2nd RAZR battery.


  • JMac726

    If I buy the RAZR with a new 2 year contract, then return it for the Nexus, will I have to pay full Nexus Retail? Or still 2 year contract price?

    • Anonymous

      Still 2 year contract price. Bought a Blackberry just a month before the OG Droid dropped. As soon as I did I returned the BB and got the Droid. Paid the $50 difference. 

  • Charles Blackmon

    bestbuy has this deal also, 14 days to return and 30 days to exchange 

  • Anonymous

    I won’t even consider doing a stopgap upgrade until Verizon announces a Nexus launch date.

    • Anonymous

      Jan 10th Galaxy Nexus launch date – confirmed!

  • Anonymous

    ..and $35 for activation and $35 more for the phone you activate when you return it.Might still be a deal, but more than $35.

    • Anonymous

      you don’t pay activation for a phone you had already or a new phone. I have never paid activation fee.

  • Anonymous

    Does this work for full retail purchases also?

    • Jonathan Hunt


  • SjB

    looks like i’m buying a rezound tomorrow til the G Nex comes out

  • Jac White

    For what it’s worth…..My .02…..I think the nexus will be out by the end of next week……..By rumoring delays + This change in return policy it makes people think it’s a can’t miss to “rent” a rezound or razr (thinking they will be using it for more than a month.   In reality when the nexus comes out in 3-6 days they will be raking in the restocking fees for phones only used a couple of days.

    • Anonymous


    • Harish K

      But then Verizon will have to sell those phones as refurbished, with some kind of testing to certify them. Can Verizon really make a profit on the $35 restocking fee?

      I think it’s more of a bait, with the hope that it’ll bring in people who’d like the phones, and end up keeping them, or are too lazy to return/exchange and keep it.

      • Anonymous

        they usually sell them for like $50 less on contract so I am sure they are still making a killing.

        • Mike

          Do you even realize what you wrote? They’re getting $35 back and selling the phone for $50 less. They’re still losing $15 on the unit itself, and they need to spend time *testing* the unit to verify that it works correctly.

          They still *LOSE* money on restocks and refurbs.

          • Anonymous

            Did you even read my comment. You act like verizon isn’t overcharging so that they are still making money even when you return the phones. Once again verizon makes money off of plans and all this is built into vzw policies. You must not know how a company works if you think they don’t have this already built in and comes back on the customers.

          • Mike

            That’s irrelevant. That’s like saying “if they dropped the price by $50 they’d make a killing”. In reality, there’s a huge loss associated with returns in the electronic market. I know exactly how a company works…I work for a large software company and have intricate dealings with electronic manufacturers and retailers all the time. They’ll still be losing money on each handset that’s returned.

            The whole “built into vzw policies” thing makes it obvious that *you* do not understand how a company works. It sounds like Kramer from Seinfeld talking about a company just writing things off. That’s not how things work.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right, vzw doesn’t have it built into any of their other policies so they just take huge losses everytime someone returns something. /s

          • Mike

            Not a huge loss (per unit), but they *DO* take a loss. If what you meant to say was that they prepare for it, financially, then yes. I’m sure they prepare for a certain number of returns in each quarter…but that doesn’t mean they’re making money off of them. They are *still* losing money off of each return.

            By the way, thinking carriers make a killing off of the hardware sales is hilarious. There’s a reason they subsidize a majority of the price of new phones. If they sell a phone for $600 they most-likely bought it for $500-$550. Carriers make their money off of the plans and accessories.

          • Anonymous

            Yes I meant they prepare for a certain amount of returns. Sorry that was unclear in my posts. Trust me i know verizon makes all their money off of their plans.

          • Mike

            None the less, you still said that Verizon’s going to make a killing…when in fact for every single phone returned they’ll be losing money (not much, per unit, but enough that it will add up if a ton of people are doing this).

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t about restocking profits or giving people like those on this forum a break. It’s strictly about people giving phones for Christmas and having the gift recipient able to do an exchange after the phone has been sitting in a box under the tree for a couple of weeks. The number of people who would “rent” a phone in anticipation of getting some better phone a couple of weeks later is miniscule compared with the general buying public.

  • Anonymous

    Did they take this verbiage down?  I don’t see it listed at the source link.

  • Appleanche

    This is tempting but I’d be a bit worried about any small imperfection or missing part forcing you to keep the phone. Dent on the box? Denied..   Especially if a lot of people abuse this (which I doubt there will be that many). 

  • Foamposite0o1

    If anybody is still buying directly from verizon, youre wasting your money and shortening your chance to try out a phone.
    my company allows for 30 days to exchange a phone directly through verizon (14 to completely return) AND without that ridiculous $35 restocking fee.

  • JCS

    This is a great move on Verizon’s part.  They get people to try out current phones instead of constantly waiting for the “next great”, people test-driving a new phone may end up being pleased enough with it to keep it.

    • Anonymous

      They do this every holiday season.  I remember having the option for the OG.

  • Blix

    question: would this effect my grandfathered unlimited data plan if I by a Razr and take it back later for a Nexus (or whatever)? Even considering that I am going from unlimited 3g to unlimited 4g?

  • I will be renting a Rezound on November 22nd if I do not have a Nexus in my hand.

  • Anonymous

    The fact they will let you do this is a win.  Imagine what greedy people would do if there was no fee.  Just being honest, do your research before you buy something.

    • Jonathan Hunt

      Sometimes research doesn’t reveal that in less than 3 months a more superior version of the phone you just bought will be released.

  • Anonymous

    *Strokes Beard* Interesting… very interesting… my OG is on its last legs, now I might go pick up a Razr for a few days, especially if the GNex is pushed until December … well that is until I return the Razr for a Gnex. 

    • bigrob60

      I was thinking the same thing. My OG is slowly dying. The Razor would be nice to have for a bit.  

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get into comments for shit anymore.

  • Mark M

    What about accessories?  If I buy a Rezound (waiting for the Nexus) I would buy a case and screen protector too because I don’t want the thing to get scratched and be on the hook for the phone.  So that makes it like an $80 dollar decision.  Probably pass even through tempting due to my OG Droid sucking 

  • Anonymous

    ….So the release date of the Galaxy Nexus is 10 Jan?

    • Richard Durand

      Dont even say that, but being verizon i could easily see that happening

    • Anonymous

      This is the right answer…Jan 10 launch date.

  • KNG60FT