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HTC Rezound Available Today From Verizon for $299

The HTC Rezound is available today from Verizon for $299 on contract. Sporting a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE, a 4.3″ 720p HD screen, and Beats audio, this is one of the more beautiful and polished phones you will see on the market today. The jury is still out on whether or not it can last you through a day with its 1620mAh battery, but we have done our best through 4 days to give you an idea of how it’s going. The big question here is, “Can the Rezound take down the iconic naming of the DROID RAZR along with Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus?” It’s going to be a tough battle for all three – what a great time to be a potential new smartphone owner. Our full review of the device should be up within the next couple of days. 


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  • Flynn

    I’m really interested in this phone; it has the things that I really care about. I like what I’m hearing about the camera, and the screen. I’m also excited about the music options. The 4g isn’t really important to me, and the battery size does worry me. I’m planning on waiting a while until the Nexus comes out to compare the two and for the Rezound’s price to drop.

  • Megagoo

    went to verizon tonight to check out the rezound. the pixel density is much better than the razr and the bionic.

  • Josh Neal

    Just to weigh in…after long debating between Rezound and RAZR, I just picked up my Rezound.

    -removeable battery
    -better camera
    -size (coming from OG Droid, the RAZR felt freakishly large)
    -gut sense “feeling” that I felt toward the Rezound

    Honestly, it was close (thus the “long debating”). I do like the build/materials of the RAZR, and would have like the smart actions, the the scales tipped toward HTC.

  • Josh Neal

    Just to weigh in…after long debating between Rezound and RAZR, I just picked up my Rezound.

    -removeable battery
    -better camera
    -size (coming from OG Droid, the RAZR felt freakishly large)
    -gut sense “feeling” that I felt toward the Rezound

    Honestly, it was close (thus the “long debating”). I do like the build/materials of the RAZR, and would have like the smart actions, the the scales tipped toward HTC.

  • Richard Durand

    I think im going to pick this phone up today.  It has great specs, wireless charging battery cover from the factory, and gets 10+hours of moderate use.  If you look at htc’s history on updating phones most of them got 2 updates in android.  They have already said it will get 4.0 ics and will most likely get jelly bean as well.  And if i dont reall like it, i will just return it and get the galaxy nexus when it comes out

  • Sporty

    Right now, I’m using a Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile. Was impatient waiting for the new phones coming out so using this till they are out and I can choose one. This GS2 is fantastic. I’d love to keep the thing but not on T-Mobile. But it’s gonna be HARD to return it,lol…very hard. I checked out the Razr and it is a nice phone for sure. Haven’t seen the Rezound yet. With how much I like the GS2, I may end up with the GNex. But man,what choices are out there!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I got the Rezound today, along with the extended battery. 

  • theraskell

    Amazon is already sold out of these. Must be selling that good!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenyatta.mitchell1 Kenyatta Mitchell

    I just got back from Verizon. This is the nicest android phone that I have played with so far.I didn’t get to play with it long but it seems to be butter smooth with no lag(That I noticed). The screen was very nice, the phone  felt really good in my hand and didn’t feel cheap.THe 4.3” 720p screen is the perfect form factor.I’m a OG Droid owner and really thought that would hate sense but its no where near as bad as some say. THis will be my next phone of the GN doesn’t blow me away.

  • Grais

    I’d pay $175 for the Rezound. A little bit more for the other two.

    • Tom

      Anyone know how long it usually takes for phone prices to drop on Verizon?

      • Boom Boom Room

        Noticed it really jus depends on how the sales go. But I’d say about 3 or 6mo. before a price drop. It’s def. not gonna hold at $299 for long. Best is to wait for the sales, This will easily be down to $200 in no time.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that everyone is buying the “Samsung” GNex because you people can finally see where us previous “Samsung” owners are coming from when we say that we will never buy another Samsung again. You people have obviously never owned a “Samsung” before.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T3NRV5OOEQS5Y52QG6WG6SMTEU ML

      I think the biggest complaint about Samsung was that the OS updates were either non-existent or delayed a long time.  I don’t think you’re going to have those problems with this device because it’s a Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Yea that is a huge issue with non Nexus Samsung phones and still will be with non-nexus samsungs, but…the biggest problem is that the GPS and Radio hardware in about 80% of their phones are faulty. This includes the Fascinate, Captivate, Charge and more. 

        • Mark

          Let’s hope you’re wrong. Otherwise, it would be a big blow to all of Android and not just to Samsung.

          • Anonymous

            I hope I am wrong too. I think Google went with Samsung for the last 2 Nexus because Google is trying to improve their image and help the ecosystem. But I do not place much faith in Samsung. I am anxiously waiting for the reviews and confirmation that GPS and Connectivity aren’t an issue on the GNex. I still think the Rezound is the best though because I prefer HTCs software, even over vanilla….it looks great and runs great (on most HTC phones that is)

          • http://twitter.com/jcardea CEO Of Monster I N C

            They’ve had more than one dud phone…sir…

        • http://twitter.com/strifejester Justin Ellenbecker

          My Nexus S4G is great beats the hell out of my company blackberry. It’s not as good as a Motorola but its still a pretty decent piece of hardware.

    • KC

      My wife owns the Charge.  Other than we are still waiting for Gingerbread (2.3.4) update, the phone seriously kicks major a$$.  Great camera, great resolution.  I don’t think a Nexus phone with ICS will have update problems.  So, really, it’s a no-brainer.

  • TJ Egan

    Can I go buy this, and then return it when the Nexus comes out? I don’t know how Verizon policies work… my OG is pretty much DEAD

  • Anonymous

    HTC Rezound should should come with 2 10×12’s Boise speakers, Sub woofers, Monster cabling, Eq, and a radio that can synch to your Android device via bluetooth and play crystall clear music from your car.

  • EC8CH

    You do realize what this means…

    we’re one step closer to the G-NEX!

  • Charles Blackmon

    G NEX all day

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.plantz Sean Plantz

    So far, reviews ive seen say the battery life is pretty bad, Cnet mentioned it a couple times, that it was pretty suspect. I’ll hold out and see how the Nexus fairs, but if thats got bad battery life, RAZR it is!

    • http://twitter.com/funnyent2020 jammie robin

      post  the links please

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=25001493 Hank Godwin


  • Djsquid10

    249 at sears.  

  • Daniel Archibald33

    I got the droid razor friday, charged it to 100% and as of this morning Im at 25%. I didnt plug it in all weekend. the battery life and smart settings are a godsend!!

    • Anonymous

      Daniel – How many times did you use it?

      • Lmrojas

        Never. I hate all these fan bois who claim 26+ hours of battery life with heavy usage. Not even my droid x….

        • Anonymous

          Oh yeah?

      • http://twitter.com/LiveInTheDream litd

        He forgot it and left it home all weekend.

    • GNex

      I hope you’re telling the truth, but this is unbelievable to me.

      • Lmrojas

        hes not.

        • Anonymous

          My Bionic gets 46 hours on a charge….so why would he lie about the RAZR?

      • Daniel Archibald33

        I am telling the truth. Its freaking amazing. I used it pretty good all weekend. Im however not in a 4G location so that could be partly why. I am not going to root it either. It defenitely does last for awhile especially with the smart settings in play

    • Guttatae22

      Its the truth my razr battery life is great

  • Flatlinin OG Droid

    2nd phones out, now only one more to go…….come oooooonnnn nexus!

  • nexus on the brain

    ho hum…

  • Dominick DeVito

    A true gluttony of technology. This is the best smartphone ever created that no one will buy.

    • Anonymous

      I agree and I would replace my Thunderbolt with this if it were not for another new phone yet to be released. The Beats earbuds are a nice addition!

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah the Beats buds are hard to match, heck, even the iPhone earbuds are a disaster. HTC should really market these things better

      • einstein2001

        Beats earbuds are not that great. They’re overpriced and all you are buying is the brand name. Mine only lasted a couple of weeks before the wire broke around the strain relief. However the G-Nex has the headphone jack on the bottom which would relieve some of the stress on the wire when the phone is in your pocket.

        • Daniel Archibald33

          SkullCandy headphones are so much better in my humble opinion. Beats are to bass oriented and just not very clean

    • Anonymous

      I think a good number of people will buy it. My friend, who is an average consumer and non techy picked this over the Razr and Nex because they like how fluid and optimized the software was on this device, amongst other things. They disliked that the Nex was a Samsung and that it didn’t have a removable sdcard. They disliked the look and the non removable battery in the Razr.

  • MJZ

    wait.. no HDMI out?  am I missing something?

    • Abrego47

      there is hdmi but you have to buy a certain cord that fits the usb port

  • viewthis66

    no thanks. i’m tired of HTC… G-Nex all day!! 

  • gorexinfx

    Can we buy this phone, keep the beats, and return it for the Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      I think XDA has beats for all Sense somewhere…

      • Anonymous

        he is talking about the head phones, not the software

    • Anonymous

      Nope will have to return the beats. You can buy them anyway in stores.

      • Earleepa

        Just give me a good set of Koss headphones any day.

        • Anonymous

          I like my skull candy’s to be honest.

  • Nex

    So does this and the Razr dropping on Friday mean Verizon is done with the Thursday premiers?  if so the G-Nex could drop any day.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T3NRV5OOEQS5Y52QG6WG6SMTEU ML

    No contest: Galaxy Nexus FTW

  • Foamposite0o1

    Whos buying this and exchanging it for the galaxy nexus like me?
    im worried the nexus might come out past the 14 day return policy, so im glad I have access to a 30 day return policy.

    • Keith Sumner

      Why even bother buying this hunk of a phone? Just wait.

    • RollUp

      why would you do that? you will just have to turn around a pay an extra $50 for a restocking fee..

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is a great time to see all three smartphones battling it out.  I am personally waiting for the Galaxy Nexus, Checked out the RAZR though, it’s really polished and Moto blur is actually very good.  Big improvement there.

    Too bad I had to educate the Verizon employee about the RAZR and the upcoming Galaxy Nexus, What are they teaching these guys about smartphones??? I had to tell him Checkout Droid Life :)

    • Anonymous

      Atta boy!

    • Earleepa

      Every Verizon store I’ve ever been in, the sales staff are clueless.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Droid Life for keeping us readers ahead of the GAME :)

      • Josh Neal

        Ya, it’s kinda fun educating the Verizon folks, though disappointing when I have a question and I know they can’t answer it.

  • Wraith0903

    Who cares??????   Where’s the Nexus???????

  • Djlowproz

    Next is the G-Nex the phone we all been waiting for.

  • droidrev71

    Not showing up? ohh well

  • Anonymous

    Really pushing that beats aren’t they.

  • Franzie3


    I would probably say this is the best HTC battery we’ve seen.  Also have to take into account the fact that ypou are on a constant 4G.  How about maybe running it on a 3G for the day to gauge the difference?  Also i know the thunderbotl gets better life when its on wifi as much as possible.  How often are you using Wifi?

  • Anonymous

    To bad even you said kellex, sense slows it down and the razr laps it in performance.

    • Daniel Archibald33

      The razor is a blazing machine. I pulled a 2855 quadrant score today

    • Anonymous

      Laps it might be a stretch.

      You can always run Cyanogenmod with a custom kernel if you don’t want Sense.

      Can you do that with the Razr? (Custom kernel and all)

      But I get it you don’t like HTC and Sense. And your Thunderbolt had problems.

  • Guest

    Any news on the release date for the Galaxy Nexus?

    • John


      • Mps623

        i sure hope it is, but for now….stop busting our balls…. you know its not gonna happen on 18th, maybe 21st… lol

        • John

          oh look Buzz Killington 😉

  • Pete D’Antonio Jr.

    Still need to hold all three phones to make a decision.  

    • Charles Blackmon

      the razar is good, but g nex it is for me

    • Anonymous

      Good boy