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Galaxy Nexus Car Mount for $39.99, 2-Minute Video of the Android 4.0 Camera Software

This morning, we received photo evidence leading us to believe that the Verizon 4G LTE  version of  Galaxy Nexus will launch with a bigger 1850mAh battery – 100mAh more than the GSM-Euro version. Also included with that photo was a list of accessories that should be on hand for the big day (whenever that may be) such as a desktop dock and car mount. The desktop dock we saw priced at $59.99, but the vehicle mount was still up in the air. It looks now like $39.99 will be the price.

And to add to all of the G-Nex fun that has taken place today, we wanted to share the video below of the ICS camera software put to the test. If you aren’t impressed by this, then go fly a kite. 🙂  

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers Spaniard and Trevor-kai!

  • Honestly I just got it for my birthday, and the one I got sucks man. Its reach isn’t long enough to be put in the window and actually use it often, such as a music player, texting, gps etc… and its not really long enough to be put on the dash unless you have a pretty awkward dash… Not only that the one I saw I thought had a dock like port on the bottom that allowed you to make use of the dock contacts on the side.. but no mine didn’t and yes its a samsung navigation mount.. same thing.. confused, bummed, taking it back.. 

  • Anonymous

    Wish that car mount was more minimalistic, a clip rather than the obtrusive accessory it appears to be.

  • RHPSnoah

    Nice removed video 😛

  • Sera3phim

    Seriously, as someone with an original Motorola Droid on it’s last leg, someone who waited months for the Bionic only to be underwhelmed, someone who is waiting for a release date on the Galaxy Nexus; I’m frustrated. It’s tiresome being in constant anticipation for a phone. Verizon, release the damn device already so I can give you money and go back to not checking electronics blogs as a pseudo-hobby.

    I love my Droid, but it’s been more of a chore than a pleasure to live with recently.

    • [email protected]:disqus  pseudo-hobby

  • Falcon10474

    what is the appeal for the nexus, ASIDE FROM ICS 4.0, which i can put on the razer or the rezound the moment it’s relesed, what else is great about this phone. just wondering if i’m missing something.

    • tjmonkey15

      As soon as Google releases an update for Android, the Nexus will get it.  With other phones, Motorola, HTC, LG, etc have to take that update and add their own software/UI on top of it before releasing it to their phones, and that usually takes many weeks/months close to a year in some cases.

    • Biggest screen of any phone without compromising phone size, zero shutter lag on the camera which is impressive in itself.  NFC, unique design, 1850 stock battery, unlocked, complete google experience just to name a few.

  • Rob Becker

    boo video removed!

  • Kellex plz get this back up I want to see

  • Aw, video removed, should have been faster… 

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  • Anonymous

    Video has been removed.

  • Video was removed by user

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  • Spc Hicks09

    Video removed by user?

  • Interstellarmind

    Here’s what I’m hoping.

    1. No SD Card means google cloud services are right around the corner.

    2. Car mount’s camera cut-out means soon to come augmented reality google navigation.

    3. Image sensor is kickass in order to compensate for a 5mp camera instead of 8mp.

    4. This one’s a stretch- 11/21 online only availability followed by a December in-store release.

    5. This will be my girlfriend’s X-Mas gift to me. (I’d sooner believe an 11/17 release date)

    • Anonymous

      1. google has a great deal of cloud offerings already
      2. not necessarily because the Nexus One’s dock had the same cutout
      3. every pre-review on the camera has been very positive.
      4. all the rumors about dates are making me physically ill and i’ve been trying to ignore them till Verizon says something!
      5. ::insert something about your girlfriend told me she isn’t here::

  • Anonymous

    PSA: Put the Rezound through the paces today.

    Save your money.

    That is all.

  • Dylan Blom

    Is that an opening for the camera so we do time lapses of car rides 

  • Steven Cornea

    If there are any bugs (software or hardware) hopefully it will be fixed by march when I can upgrade.

    perhaps 4.2? (or 4.1 or whatever the next update is)

  • well if there are any bugs with the GN hopefully it will be fixed by march when I can get a upgrade.