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Retro Boulder Dash Is Back From The Dead – Now Available For Android For $0.99


Calling all classic video game lovers, OpenFeint have just re-released Boulder Dash -the classic 1984 game made for 8-bit Atari computers.  Here we are almost twenty years later and it’s back for some more 8-bit action.  Game’s objective?  Explore cave systems hunting for diamonds.  Was this the 1980’s Minecraft? Possibly.  OpenFeint has brought all the original music, sounds, and graphics ‘back to the future’ for everyone to enjoy.  The game is sold as a collection, so you are getting 5 games for just 1 dollar.  As an added bonus, the next 5,000 copies sold in the Android Market will only cost you a buck, instead of the intended $3.99.  Go have some old school fun! 

Market Link ($0.99)

  • Freeandroidapk

    thanks for the link…. but anybody has mirror link  http;//androidg8.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous
  • This is great time to read all the infornation ..i always like to read some good and informative blogs and this blog is also so good and helpful.thanks for taking time to discus this topic..

  • ol1bit

    Hot Damn!  I forgot all about that game!  I need to pull out my Atari 800XL and Percom Floppy disk and play it!

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  • dkbetts

    Wow.  My wife might actually let go of her CrapBerry and get a Droid phone for this game.  

  • Anonymous

    Boulder Dash is Poppy Kosh… Here is a very scientific comparison video comparison between the iphone 4s, Samsung sgII and the Galaxy Nexus….

    I really like this video….   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ25k6FopfE&feature=related

    • jason6g

      lmao “and if you are android fan i was serious”

  • Anonymous

    I wish it were only 20 years since 1984… I wouldn’t be old and decrepit 🙂

    • Anonymous

      btw, for $0.99 you only get the 2005 caves version. The other four (including the 1984 original) are $0.99 in-game purchases–kinda disappointing

      • Anonymous

        This was going to be my first paid game too… If it’s not at least as good (and bad) as Boulder Dash I want nothing of it.

        Whens lemmings coming out again?