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Google’s Eric Schmidt: “Android Effort Started Before iPhone Effort”

A lot of things came out in Steve Jobs’ biography that was published after his passing last month. One of the things that was more prominent than others was that he really, really wanted Android to do poorly:

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman, has claimed that even with this competition he and Jobs held a friendly relationship. And he recently pointed out that the Android project was started before the iPhone. Android Inc. was founded in 2003 and then acquired by Google in 2005 where work started under Andy Rubin. Granted, the first Android phone did not come out until after the original iPhone, so each side of this argument can say what they will. At this point it is just mincing words, but Schmidt – who has remained tight-lipped on most topics concerning Jobs since his death – felt enough that he needed to comment on the subject.

Should give Android addicts some added firepower when they meet up with their friendly Apple connections. Or does it even matter anymore? Are we beyond the Apple vs. Android stuff these days?

Via: CNet

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  • Anonymous

    I currently do not own an iPhone or an Android phone. I was hoping to own an Android device by now but the Galaxy Nexus and VZW are taking their sweet ass time. 

    Anyway this article is funny. Each time this man speaks and defends Android I laugh, not because I believe iOS is better or because I love apple so much (please read above where I said I am buying the first ICS phone). I laugh because dude has an iPhone hahaha. It’s just too funny! 

  • Granted

    You ask if we are past this Android versus Apple stuff…..as the mere subject of your post gladly pours more fuel on the fire. So retarded……..

  • Ruel Smith

    What he doesn’t tell you is that Android was quite a bit different before the iPhone and it did an about face when when Google took it over. It was originally designed to look like Blackberry until Schmidt stole Apple’s IP and changed the course of Android develoment. Apple’s iPhone was unveiled in Jan. 2007 and Jobs said it took 2-1/2 years to develop. That means, development started in 2004. That’s hardware and software development that took a full 2-1/2 years. Google acquired Android in Aug. 2005 and Schmidt joined Apples board in 2006. Google, then, altered the direction it was taking and Android 1.0 was released in Sept. 2008, a full 2 years after Schmidt joined the board.  Let’s not try to rewrite history, shall we? It’s clear that Schmidt saw the light and changed Android development for the better.

  • It doesn’t matter who was first, someone is always first. What matters is who is better and thats Andriod.

  • theraskell

    I get it all day from my icrap toting coworkers. I have to point out daily that there is really nothing their phone can do that an Andriod cant do just the same if not better. When will they get off their high horses?

  • Anonymous

    you guys are all right about apple and its walled garden…to pass up time i think i shall take a peek at the source code for honeycomb…….wait? its NOT open source?..but android is open?…..you google fanboys are ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      Go back to steve jobs and michael jackson, you can enjoy your threesome

      • Ruel Smith

        Wow… Such an intelligent reply… IS that the best you’ve got?

  • Anonymous

    this guy was on apple’s board of directors back in the day so i can see  why steve jobs says google stole from iOS..the truth is that nobody will ever know 

  • Nathan Hosford

    The iphone 1 was cutting edge it was amazing at release and now the ipad has the same amazing appeal.But thats where they stop they make a product and recycle the same old tech year after year.Apple will ad a new color bam 500 bucks then the next year they will add voice command bam 500 bucks.My point is Android is growing you have options from insanely powerful super phones to entry level phones.People like choices thats why Android is starting to dominate and soon Apple will be dust in the wind.

  • Anonymous


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  • Spc Hicks09

    I have a little rhyme I would like to share:

    Fanboy, fanboy, fly away home.
    No one cares about your featureless phone.
    You claim it’s the best, yet you flock to our sites.
    To defend your crappy, non-4G device.
    Go back to your forums, where you sit and wallow.
    The word “innovation” is hard for you to swallow
    You claim patents, on things that aren’t yours (slide to lock)
    You sound like whiny, crying little whores
    So don’t talk crap to us, because of your inferior device
    Why are you here anyway………this is DROID Life.

    • A Regular Visitor

      I have a little rhyme I would like to share as well:

      Google fanboy, fly away home.
      No one cares about your featureless post.
      Your claim yours are better, and this is your site.
      But not everybody is a fanboy on this site.
      Stop posting useless comment, it’s crowding my screen.
      The word “innovation” is not yours alone.
      You don’t even have patents to claim as yours
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      Why can’t I posting anyway…. this is a public site.

  • Jonathan Hunt

    Is it more ridiculous to think that between Nintendo, Sony and XBox competition has never gotten this dirty?  Or did I completely miss a string of lawsuits and slander campaign?  Why is it that these lawsuits are at the forefront of technology news?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • psh android vs. apple, who cares? We all know PC came out the victor XD