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Verizon to Run “Double Data” Promo During November? 4GB of Data For Just $30?

A couple of reports this morning are suggesting that on November 8, Verizon will start a new “double data” promo. What exactly does that mean? That if you sign up as a new customer or add a new line, that you will be given 4GB of data for just $30 rather than the 2GB that current tiers are offering. Or if you go for the 5GB plan for $50, you will actually end up with 10GB of data. Not bad, right? These reports also claim that current customers on tiered plans should be able to upgrade to one of these “double” plans as well, but may need to call in to customer service or check to see if you can change to a double plan right through your online account.

As you can see in the screenshot from above that a friend sent us, there is most definitely some sort of “Double Data” plan going down on Black Friday, but so you know, November 8 is tomorrow.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • I am a current customer and just changed from 2GB to 4GB online through my account. FYI for anyone interested. 🙂 (YAY!)

  • Anonymous

    Wow What-A-Deal!!!!!  Wait…it use to be free unlimited.   That tricky Verizon, trying to sell us our own ars to poop with!

    Sigh…  I’ll keep my unlimited till I can’t anymore, then I go back to dumb phones.

  • Eric Esparza

    I am grandfathered in to the unlimited plan and only have one line. If I add a 2nd line, do I lose my unlimited plan and get 2 tiered lines or do I get to keep my unlimited first line and get a tiered 2nd line?

  • i have unlimited but having a 4 gb for 4 $30 isnt bad

  • Verizon Rep

    I can confirm that this is starting Novemeber 8th, we got an email about it just minutes after I checked this page.  All current users will be able to upgrade from 2 gigs to 4, 5 to 10, or 10 to 20 for the same price they’re already paying, they’ll just have to come into a store or call customer service.

    • Verizon Customer

      Now, if you could verify whether or not family data sharing is coming. That would be great.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the NEXUS is being planned for the Cyber Monday sales event,  I think were finally going to see an end to the traditional Thursdays only releases, of course this could most likely be just for Q4 as its the biggest shopping season of the year.

  • Anonymous

    How much is double of infinity?  I want to make sure I know how much I’ll get when I call in to double my data.

  • Anyone else notice that the samsung part falls to the 27th or 28th?  if that block is the 26-28th and the nexus is in the middle of it anyways.

  • Ray

    more importantly that says the nexus wont be out until the 28th wtf i cant wait that long

    • joejoe509

      Much like we’ve seen before, that could just be the marketing schedule for the Nexus. It’s likely to come out a little earlier.

  • What happens if you have a non-4G phone with Verizon right now (Droid X) with ‘unlimited’ data (i.e. 5GB/month…), and are upgrading to a 4G phone after November 8th, as I will be doing? What happens with the data plan??

    • If you currently have a unlimited plan with Verizon and have an upgrade available, you will be allowed to keep the unlimited data with the upgrade. Even if you are upgrading from a 3G phone to a 4G phone.

      Be excited!

  • ntrddragn

    i have unlimited data but could this be a that VZW is trying to get not have ppl go to Republic Wireless since they will announce their $19 unlimited everything tomorrow also? I hope Republic come through with some awesome phone and service.  I might sign up to try it and keep vzw at the same time to see before I totally dump my unlimited plan at vzw that cost $80.

  • Bionic

    I have unlimited

    • joejoe509

      TOOOOOOO Infinity and BEYOND!! Haha. Sorry I’ve had too much coffee.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Now that is a pretty damn good deal considering the current climate of tiered data plans from the Big Two. I’m on grandfathered unlimited, but I always somehow manage to stay under 3 gigs. So $30 for 4 gigs would suffice my needs if I wasn’t grandfathered into unlimited.  🙂

  • Rob

    Honestly, with the ability to just up and say, “hey let’s offer twice the data amount for the same price,” kinda makes me think what a load of crap they were spewing when unlimited data plans went out the door. Apparently they aren’t losing much (if at all) if they are able to offer twice the product for the same price. Aren’t they worried about additional network strain and congestion? My guess would be no, because the unlimited plan wasn’t really screwing Verizon over, except out of more money from its customers (not just Verizon but AT&T too). If less than 2% of users truly were the abusers of unlimited data, why not just throttle severely after 10 GB? That seems reasonable to me.

    • Alexander Garcia

      LOL. Verizon is an American Corporation that only cares about the bottom line. What else did you expect from Big Red?

      • Rob

        I don’t expect anything else, I’m just stating the obvious, really. More like stating my frustration at the end of unlimited data (this coming from someone who is grandfathered in, it just annoys me that much).

        • Alexander Garcia

          We’re on the same boat of frustration here. I’ve just grown callous to it all and have accepted the fact that this is pretty much a glimpse of our grim future with the mobile industry.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    will you get this for the year ?

  • Brian Wenger

    They should offer the same amount of data for half the price. That seems like it would attract way more customers…..like me.

    • joejoe509

      Not likely. It’s like when you find a bag of chips that is now “Value Bag! 33% More Free!!”. Riiiiiight… you’ve been selling smaller bags for months now at the same price. And now it’s “More Free?”. Uh huh…

  • Avery Ma

    So perhaps Galaxy Nexus “web only” on the 21st and store release cyber Monday?

  • babadush

    Hey let’s get the customers hopes up then smash their dreams after a month. Yay! I have unlimited data so whatever.

  • Guest

    hmmmm….may secretly switch out my wife’s trash ENV3 for a Razor now.  Think 4GB is enough for a casual

    • Alexander Garcia

      I think you ought to my friend. I’m quite a mobile tech junkie and I’ve never gone over 3 gigs in a month with my DX2.  🙂

    • joejoe509

      Definitely. I’m on Wifi quite a bit (even at work), but 2GB seems to be plenty. So 4GB would be super stellar! I don’t currently use Navigation much, but I might now…

  • Anonymous

    Could you grandfathered unlimited plan people please stop rubbing our noses in it.  It does absolutely no good other than giving you a sense of superiority.

    If it isn’t a plan we can all take advantage of, please keep it to yourself!

    • Mack

      Heh heh…you salty. 

    • But what else are we supposed to do with our unlimited superiority if we can’t flaunt it?

  • Anonymous

    Well they have officially completed their scheme to make people like the author think this is even a “decent” deal. Start with WAY over priced rates, wait a few months for those prices to sink in with consumers, then offer a “cheap” but still WAY over priced plan (not to mention limited time offer) so consumers think they are getting some type of excellent deal, watch the sheeple run into the 4G pasture while raking in loads of cash hand over fist. Seems the strategy has worked.

  • El Cundao

    Grandfathered AllTel Plan FTW

  • Mike McCrary

    Samsung “Nexxus” huh?

    Yeahh…not buying that this chart is legit. 

    • joejoe509

      lol. It’s the Nexus’s pornstar stage name. Sexxy Nexxus!

  • Anonymous

    Now if this would be quickly followed by family/account data sharing it would be interesting.  I would jump on 10g/$50 if I could share it between my five family phones.

    • joejoe509

      Ooooo. That does sound good. I would jump on this as well.

  •  Great interesting news!Thanks for it!

  • rikster

    I think this is what the tiered data plan should’ve looked like from the begining, 2gb for 30.00 was a rip-off….oh well my wife and I have unlimited

  • El El Kool J

    Thank you grandfather..I love my unlimited data you’re the best.. 😛

  • Sailor

    Kellex, where is your Razr review, most of the other Android blogs have theirs up already.

    • joejoe509

      He’s a dedicated Nexus guy. No other phone matters right now.

      Just kidding Kellex 😉

  • Nick

    I, unfortunately, don’t have unlimited data (still have a “feature” phone, been sitting on an upgrade since august). Do you guys think that this will still be going on when the GNex comes out? If it isn’t I’m probably going to pick up a Razr with the 5GB plan (doubled to 10GB) as late as possible into this promotion and hope that the GNex comes out within 15 days of that. Verizon, please stop squeezing your customers dry.

  • Anonymous

    I have unlimited data. I’m going to call Verizon to try and upgrade to double unlimited data.

    • PLEASE record the call, that would be priceless…you would probably get someone trying to actually assist you to do this.

  • illcom

    If you get a new 4G phonen you have to update to a new plan and move away from unlimited data right?

    • That is not my understanding.  If you’ve had unlimited data, you keep unlimited data.

      • Anonymous

        * for as long as Verizon allows “grandfathering”, so when your next contract is up you may have to go tiered, but that’s a long ways off to worry about

      • Anonymous

        This is correct.  If that wasn’t the case they would announce it to warn everyone.

    • Dan

      I don’t believe so!

  • GCurry


    Cap data, reduce data.   Then charge customer for what they used to get for free.

    Ditto speed.

    • joejoe509

      Yup! Genius, really. They’ve just created artificial value out of thin air. People will be literally THANKING their Reps for the extra data when it’s the same thing they were paying for a year ago. And whenever Verizon pleases, they just cancel the special deal and continue overcharging until the next “Special”.

  • Anonymous

    Anything to make a dollar huh Verizon 😛

  • Nvitone23


  • Anonymous

    Anyone else see where it says Galaxy Nexus 11/28-12/25?  Add another date to the rumor mill.

    • John

      was already speculated the other day

    • Yeah, this is the same as the “after or around black friday” date.  I personally have stopped paying attention to “release date” rumors.  I want the Nexus so bad, but I’m sick of being teased.

    • joejoe509

      Damn near every day in November has been a rumored release date at some point in time. Eventually Verizon will throw a dart at a calendar and whammo… we have a date.

  • Anonymous

    Unlimited FTW!

  • Monkeydroid

    Damnit man. Why does that show the G-Nex on 11/28 now?

    • monkeydroid

      Nevermind. Looking at it wrong.

  • co

    for just 30 bucks? i pay 23 for unlimited data

    • Anonymous

      Same here, does you company get a discount?

  • if you have unlimited 3g, can you still upgrade to unlimited 4g if you get a 4g device? or is that gone now?

  • with all these new phones coming capable of video chat, coupled with services like Netflix and others that stream video, and now LTE speeds, I think Verizon and the other carriers are going to soon find out that their new tiered plans are going to be woefully insufficient for even casual smartphone users.  If Sprint truly plans to stay with unlimited data, they may find themselves getting market share from VZ and ATT like never before, especially with them now having the iPhail and continuing to get some very good new devices.

    • Anonymous

      “woefully insufficient” = better for their bottom line

      Verizon and others are doing this to get smartphone users to pay for more data. 

      • that’s exactly my point.  With this current economy, if Sprint continues to promote unlimited data and a strong lineup of devices, and rolling out their own LTE network, I think many Verizon and AT&T customers will jump ship.

        • Didn’t sprint announce it was ending that?  IIRC

        • Anonymous

          Think you’re right. Even with the unlimited data plan we’ve got,we’re still stuck with 250messages limit and there are other plans out there with 5g,unlimited messaging and 100mins talk,which I don’t use much anyway around $30/month. That’s HALF what I’m currently paying and lemme tell ya,it’s very tempted. $70/month is just alot to pay for any phone….

        • Derp

          Expect that unlimited data is a steal.  Sprint will lose money if they keep it up with the rate people are using data on 4G these days. 

  • If I can’t keep my unlimited LTE with the GNex, this would be the next best thing.

    • Anonymous

      Why wouldnt you be able keep your unlimited data (4G or 3G) when upgrading? As far as i know you’re still grandfathered in.

      • i hope so

      • I’m not sure. Back in July they were saying you wouldn’t get to keep it past your current phone.

        • Anonymous

          I mean the best way to know is to call but in the last two months i have upgraded 2 lines and nothing changed but the phone.

  • Galaxy Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Data caps suck, but 4gb is a bit less unreasonable than 2gb, especially if you have a 4g phone. Hopefully this becomes the new standard price after a while.

  • jimbob

    *has unlimited data*
    *laughs at the thought of 4GB being thought of as good*

    • Same here.

    • Anonymous

      Love having my Unlimited 4G data 🙂

      • Do you guys use more than 4BG/month, though?
        I mean yeah, I have unlimited too, but this isn’t a bad thing. I usually use 2.5-3GB/month.

        • Anonymous

          I would go through about 30gb a month if i had unlimited. 

        • Silly Chicken

          I would have to try very hard to get my usage under 30GB a month. How can you possibly keep it under 3GB for a whole month w/ LTE.

          • Anonymous

            What do you do that uses so much data?

          • Mobiletech

            That is a crazy amount of data.  I download as much as the next guy, and the most I’ve seen was less than 10G, and thats streaming netflix all day.  I average a little over 3G.  If you have wifi available you should use it cause your going to bog down the system.  This is the reason for tiered pricing in the first place.   

          • Mikedeamicis

            wifi sucks for me. not sure why but3g is way faster, half the time i never finish the larger updates if it is over wifi.

          • Hans

            how the hell do you use 30GB unless you are tethering or like constantly streaming netflix maybe.

            i switched from t-mobile to verizon because my new job was giving 22% off corp discount only on verizon and well t-mobile data coverage sucks in the bay area.  that said i got a tbolt because 4G was new and they still had 1 year deals back then.  i probably use 700mb a month if even but i do have unlimited.  

            in reality all the people uising like 30GB or tethering on their 4G are the ones driving up the cost / causing congestion.  i think 4GB is more than reasonable for $30, and if i was on t-mobile or sprint right  still right now i’d definitely be switching to verizon now.

        • Anonymous

          On average I usually push between 5-8 GB of data a month.  LOVE that I’m on an unlimited plan.

        • Mikedeamicis

          I used to hog data on my droid with it’s low storage and slow hardware/connection. I have not had the time to goof off with my bionic as much as I like, but netflix on 4g and direct music downloads can start to burn some data real fast. game updates that take 30 minutes on my wife’s droid 2 on 3g or local wifi only take 30 seconds on my bionic with 4g. that’s 60 times faster by my simple math and with a reliable connection like that I can enjoy some good movie watching in a pinch like waiting an hour5 and a half at a dr appointment or at the dmv or whatever else. How much data do the radio streaming apps burn? i know a lot of people who listen to the radio over their phones broadband connection.

        • I used 12 GB last month because i tehter my internet to my computer. and guess what that shits freeeee

    • I’ve got my unlimited plan too!  Never gonna give that up until big red realizes that they can give us plans for much cheaper

      • Anonymous

        Me too, Verizon likes to suck every penny from you. Like Vampires sucking the service out of you.

    • Anonymous

      Heck, I am sure glad I got the promo they had on here last year for $10 a month for unlimited for each line.

      I have 5 lines and if I had to pay $30 a month for each just for data it would really suck.  I feel bad for everyone that has to pay $30 a month.

      $10 a month for unlimited data is so much easier to swallow. Back when this promotion was going on I printed it and hooked up one of my employees and a couple friends. 

      Of course the promotion is no longer available….

      Thanks Droid Life!

      • Anonymous

        Same here, except I only have 3 lines with data.  I love only paying $9.99 a month on data.

        • Anonymous

          Yes it helps to be a long time Droid Life reader and not missing anything. While there are plenty of us that got the deal when it was out, I bet there are plenty reading that we get our unlimited data for $9.99 and are thinking “what the heck”… 🙂

          It was a limited test they were trying and we never heard about it again. Actually when you called in about it they didn’t even know about it themselves… lol 

          • BKVic

            yep, I’ve got the $10 data on all 5 of our lines, there is no way I’d pay full price for data on the kids phones.

          • Yeah the sales rep at the corp stores ask what the heck that is every time I upgrade and get jealous cause they didn’t even have access to it themselves.

            I have it even better apparently, my corporate discount takes 8% off each data package and talk plan before other discounts, so my unlimited data plan is $7.59 per line for all 5 lines. 🙂

      • ZT

        Do you have a link to the article on DL?

    • Anonymous

      Was about to comment the same thing. Sucks for anyone who left Verizon for another phone, especially when they had unlimited data. Ouch!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Woopty freekin doo. Lol

    • JustinSaneV2

      Guess the limited-data users got the last laugh.

  • Does anyone know why this would be an “upgrade” for people on the unlimited plan.  Is this a notion that people on an unlimited plan should take advantage of this while we can? 

    • Anonymous

      This isnt an upgrade for you.

  • Small
    • John

      think every blog does now. reviews are all over the board with that phone

    • Anonymous

      Wow….I really liking the smart actions. Thats really cool.

  • I’m grandfathered into unlimited data so this doesn’t mean anything for me. I use 5GB of data on 3g a month on my Droid Eris. I know, a Droid Eris, I’m ashamed to type it myself. Waiting for G-Nex or RAZR.

  • Anonymous

    First! And I hope this is true when is time for me to pick up my NExus!

  • I am so glad that I got my unlimited plan before all this happened. 

  • Anonymous

    Notice the “Nexus 11/28” line as well.

  • Dan

    I still prefer my unlimited for $30…Stupid tiered data.

    • So if we have 3G unlimited we get 4G unlimited, right?