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Newer DROID Charge Gingerbread Build EP4P Leaked

Another unofficial Gingerbread build has leaked for the Samsung DROID Charge and after 4 days of testing, @P3Droid says there seems to be no issues with it. Win. For all you brave souls who own a DROID Charge and want to taste some Gingerbread, follow the link down below and give it a go. There is a chance that this is the final build, but we won’t know for sure until Verizon makes it official. Don’t forget to make backups and read all the directions.

Via: MyDroidWorld

  • Dmzman

    I’ll believe it when I see Verizon makes it available to install on my Droid Charge, and not a moment before.  Call Verizon or Samsung to find out WTF is going on with this update and you’ll get both companies pointing the finger at each other saying it’s up to the ‘other’ company. 

    All I can say is they’d better release this soon before I ditch this otherwise great phone and its beyond pathetic battery life for something else.  Gingerbread is already out for the 4G LTE models that came out before AND after this one, SO WHAT’S THE HOLDUP?!?!?

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  • Jacob Bowen

    Does it allow for use of FFC and GTALK?

    • Spc Hicks09

      Ever since the first leak of Gingerbread like 4 months ago.

    • No Gtalk with video

  • sog805

    I wish they would hurry up and get the official release done!  This phone has so much potential with GB.

  • Love these leaks! It’s keeping my satisfied until I can use my sisters upgrade in late December. And as a charge owner (choose this phone to get unlimited data) I;m pretty happy with it. The screen is great, and the camera is one of the best (same as gs2). Only downfall is the horrible battery life.

  • Rrbferrari

    Another Charge owner. I updated my screen and apps, and actions, to look like ICE CREAM SANDWICH. IT RUNS FASTER, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT, MY “QUADRANT ” SCORE WENT UP TO 945. AFTER G.B.,IT SHOULD BE, 1,450.

    • Anonymous

      depends if you’re running a voodoo rom, or if you keep with that horrendous file system sammy loves.  That stuff killed my quad scores on the fassy

    • lonndoggie

      I’ve installed this leak.  Just ran Quadrant, got a 1435, about the same as when I was running voodoo lagfix.  Samsung has changed the file system, no doubt about it.

    • Anonymous

      Quadrant relies heavily on filesystem IO, since it appears as though Samsung finally got rid of that archaic RFS and replaced it with ext4 in this GB update it will no doubt get much higher scores.  You’ll also see far less lag launching apps and multitasking.

      • It is definitely much zippier than with Froyo. I dare say it navigates as quickly as the Bionic did.

  • gregba

    Does this build upgrade the phone to Touchwiz 4.0, the same on the GS2?

  • Anonymous

    I think Google picked Samsung for the Nexus in efforts to repair Samsungs image, as to help the ecosystem and Android as a whole. When it comes down to it, Samsung is the worst when it comes to updates. Don’t buy their phones period.

    • Mark Christian

      I’ve said it before and I’m happy to say it again and again… Samsung should sell their screens to companies that can make real phones and stick to making their own brand of TV’s.  They’re not cut out for the cell phone game and Google should have dropped them like a bucket of dung.

      They just acquired Motorola, I guess it was too late in the game to develop ICS on a Moto device?  As much as I dislike Apple’s business model, Google has the opportunity to do the same and make some serious problems for Apple.  Build Motorola and Android together as the only company that makes the premium/supported/flagship devices.  The issue Apple has had is getting in on the cheap device ring, but Android has that covered with brands like HTC, LG and Samsung.  They could be a good device, but they wont receive the attention of the Moto/Android platform.

      • Google has not acquired them yet and as such must be careful over partnering with them, the idea with android is anyone can make a good phone with it just look at verizon’s next big phones that are coming out. Hopefully though they can use moto to set a new standard when it comes to android 

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah, ’cause the Galaxy S II was such a bad phone. LOL

        Are you kidding me? Samsung took over the Android world by storm globally this year. 

        • Dmzman

          I’m still wondering why Verizon is the only 1 of the big 4 carriers to not carry the Galaxy S II. 

  • Downloading now. I flashed the build prior to this one, and it is amazing. I can’t wait to test out this newer build!

    • I am experiencing some data drops with this new leak. It is dropping data like my Bionic did, until I rebooted it. So far it’s been fairly stable, but will keep an eye out. Otherwise, I might roll back to the previous leak. 

  • Mark Christian

    I’m in the process of getting everything setup… AGAIN.  I’m hoping this ROM finally fixes the problems Verizon/Samsung have failed to address in 6 months.  TBH has released quite a few leaked versions, but they’ve all had some big quirks/issues.  Among them, the biggest problem many have faced is the LOUD screetching/squeal/scratch from the earpiece while on a call.  The leaks have addressed data connection issues and the horrid lag that the phone had, but when you go deaf from the squealing earpiece it’s not worth it :S

  • New Poll: who owns a DROID Charge? I completely forgot it got released

    • Keith

      my wife, fortunately for her she could care less about updates.

    • Anonymous

      So did Verizon…

    • The only reason I got one, was it was the only phone available at the time of my Bionic exchange. I must say, after rooting and flashing the GB build…I really love the Charge; the Bionic was pure garbage

      • BJ P.

        u probably won’t be able to say bionic is garbage when bionic gets ics and charge don’t  

        • No, still will. That screen is horrendous. And it’s nothing root and flashing an ICS ROM on the Charge can’t fix

          • Anonymous

            What ROM are you running on the Charge? The screen on the Charge is fantastic.

          • I’m only running the latest GB leaks right now. I’ve heard Humble, and GummyCharged are good; I’ve never used them myself yet, though.

          • Ccav913

            Are there any roms that allow for 4g use?

          • John Pisano

            they all do

          • Anonymous

            It’s very rare for a rom to not have bugs, sometimes many, so enjoy.  At least you’ll be comforted by the fact that your outdated phone isn’t pure garbage while you’re waiting on redraws right?

          • And your Bionic isn’t outdated already? Take a seat troll, grown-ups are talking.

          • Anonymous

            Awww, the truth hurts?  Go stare at your screen numbnuts, you’ll be doing a lot of that waiting for the thing to respond.

        • Anonymous

          He has first hand exp. w/both devices, i think his opinion is more than backed up…..smh, clown

          • Anonymous

            Just because his OCD ass can’t get past staring at the screen looking for pixels and the screen door effect doesn’t mean the whole phone is garbage.  I’m sure he won’t be praising the Charge so much 6 months or a year from now with that old single core processor and 512 MB ram along with being completely abandoned by Samsung after this GB update finally rolls out.  Meanwhile the Bionic will have it’s dual core processor, 1 GB ram, superior Moto build quality, hardware, radios, call quality and support running ICS.  Yeah sure, “pure garbage”.


          • Spc Hicks09

            Lol shut the hell up. Bionic is not faster than the Charge at all. I’ve owned them both so yes I do know that for a fact.

          • Dexterslab0329

            I’ve owned both the Charge and now the Bionic.  The Bionic is WAY FASTER than the Charge, even when I put a custom ROM on the Charge and had all that VZW bloatware removed, the Charge was still slower.  I had to continually stop programs because whenever I tried to access a program it would take 30 seconds just to open the App Drawer and click on it.  Also, loading the Home Screen would take over 2 minutes to load my icons and widgets.  McClane is right, if the screen is all that matters to you, then the Charge is better.

          • *droidz*

            How about photos?

            I talk, text, web browse and take tons of pics. My canon point and shoot recently broke and I’ve been doing just fine for simple pics with the Charge. When needed, the DSLR is packed along. Bionic I demoed was faster but the camera blew in comparison. Truth be told, so did the screen. I just wish the Nexus/GSII was out when they were closing out unlimited data. Either way, give me FFC and I’ll live till I pick up a Nexus or quad core…

          • *droidz*

            Edit: FFC support in GTalk is what I was referring to when I accidentally typed just FFC

          • Anonymous

            Oh please.  Yeah, it has a better camera but the difference in quality can hardly be called big, the Charge’s camera is still nowhere near as good as a DSLR.  The Bionic’s camera app has a focus BUG that is fixed in the update.

          • *droidz*

            Searching for an article that supports what I am saying? Sammy’s camera is > Moto?
            Thanks for the link, definitely will continue to look at HTC and Sammy for future phones based on camera capabilities (a big deal for me.)Also, please read carefully. I said I carry a DSLR for shots that matter. Point and shoot can’t compare to a solid DSLR, let alone a phone… haha Trust me, go hiking or backpacking with a DSLR you will appreciate more and more, leaving one more camera and set of batteries behind. 

            You are searching. Bionic wins in CPU and Ram. Not screen or camera. Ok, pick what you want and move on.

          • Anonymous

            Never said it did, in fact I did say the Charge’s screen is better.  I also said the Charge’s camera isn’t much better than the Bionic’s as is shown in the link I provided.

          • Did you seriously just try to compare a phone camera with a DSLR? Lol you suck at everything!

          • Anonymous

            Take english 101 and learn reading comprehension.

          • no, the camera sucks. It literally would take up to 5-10 seconds just to shoot a pic….and they almost always came out blurry. I got around this by downloading retro camera app, but the pics still left more to be desired. I do enjoy the camera on the Charge, but my wife’s Inc2 prob takes the best photos from a phone I’ve seen. Examples below.

            Stock Bionic Camera app:

            Stock Charge Camera app:

          • Anonymous

            I can post pictures I took with my Bionic that are clear as day.  The focus issue IS A BUG that happens under certain lighting conditions and has already been fixed in the leaked update.  How many bugs did your Charge have before finally being fixed in this new GB update?  Oh that’s right.

          • again, fanboys will be fanyboys. And I had zero bugs. 😀 As I stated before, it’s all a difference of opinions. Bionic suites you and your needs, where as the Charge suites mine. Now get off the soap box.

          • *droidz*

            Agreed. Somebody is so mad their seeing RED PENTILES! Haha

            If HTC’s only 4G offering at the time wasn’t the T-Bolt… I would’ve looked at that too.

          • lol….red pentiles….that’s awesome. For a none 4G phone, I can say that the Inc2 is an Incredible (pardon the pun) buy. I loved it when I had it, and my wife loves it now that she has it. Curious to see how the Rezound will be when it’s out.

          • Anonymous

            Fanboys have to stick together.

          • J_McClane’s Ex

            I prefer the Bionic over other phone’s because when I look at it, it reminds me of my little JJ. You know what I mean. I have to get really close, squint my eyes and look real hard and then I can see the pentile…

          • *droidz*

            LOL. J_McClane you realize this is a DROID CHARGE thread, right? LOL

          • Anonymous

            I have a stalker? How cute. Stop pretending Guest, reveal yourself so I can throw you off a building.

          • Anonymous

            So if I say some hyperbole like the Charge is a worthless piece of dung, my Bionic is so much better, I’m not a fanboy right?  You might want to think good and hard about that.

          • John Pisano

            what did you do to your charge to make it take 30 seconds to load up the app drawer? I don’t close apps ever, nor do i have a task manager and I have zero speed issues with my Charge, infact running gummy charged the interface does indeed run circles around the bionic. considering I work at Verizon I do have an idea what I’m talking about since I handle them every day. Sure out of the box the Bionic is faster, but rooted and rommed properly the Charge is nothing to sneeze at.

          • True indeed. I have a friend that runs 3 VZW stores, and they all say the same. In fact, he went so far to say that the Bionic is one of the most returned/exchanged phone out there right now. He highly recommended me the Charge for my exchange from Bionic; and now I know why. 😀

          • Marksj
          • Wrong

          • Anonymous

            dual core processor > single core processor
            1 GB ram > 512 MB ram

            Cry in a corner about it why don’t you.

          • Lol someone feel like trolling? As I said, I’ve owned both phones. Does the Bionic have better benchmark scores, yes. Is it actually faster than the Charge, NO. I’m not saying the Charge is faster, but I am saying the Bionic is not faster at all. I’m sure you haven’t owned both devices so please drink a nice warm glass of shut the hell up. I took back a Bionic and got the Charge. You seriously think how many cores and the amount of RAM really matter that much??? Seems like you got some reading to do little man.

          • I too have owned them both, and no….the Charge isn’t faster than the Bionic’s clock speeds. But both phones do run the same apps all the same.

          • I’m glad you enjoy your Bionic, but I didn’t like it. I felt the design was drab and boring, the screen is terrible (you know those amazing criss-crossed blue lines you see even when the phone’s off?), and because of the job I have I couldn’t wait the ‘X’ amount of time it would take for an update that would ‘hopefully’ fix the data drop issue. Dual-cores are great, but right now there is next to nothing in the market that needs or uses more than one core; save for Tegra devices only.

            So, for you and some like you that REALLY love their Bionics…awesome. But for the some like myself who like the Charge instead…also awesome. Just tone the fan-boyism down some.

          • Anonymous

            No no, don’t even start throwing the fanboy card around on me. You know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of real fanboys and trolls calling the Bionic “pure garbage” and other such nonsense every waking hour of the day. Don’t like the Bionic for your own reasons, good for you, now stfu. I simply cannot believe the unending amount of hate and vitriol the Bionic gets from all the various clowns on this site, it dwarfs the hate the iphone gets ffs. Why can’t people just get what they like and shut their pie holes? Nooooooooooooooo, that’s not good enough, they have to spam this site with inane rhetoric and lies to make themselves feel better. It’s not just the Bionic either, pretty much any phone that’s not a Galaxy Nexus gets scoffed at and insulted. People just love to hate the Bionic more than anything else.

            Btw, no, I don’t see any “criss crossed blue lines”. No idea what you’re talking about. Data drop issues don’t happen very often for me (and the Charge is hardly a poster boy for good data and signal). Dual cores most definitely are useful, you simply have no idea what you’re talking about, that’s why your charge can’t record or playback 1080p video, play flash all that well, support display mirroring or multitask as well. You’re making excuses for your phone because you simply couldn’t handle the screen.

          • eat your words homie. This ‘flame war’ has ended.

          • Anonymous

            It’s called logic buddy.

          • Dmzman

            “Logic Logic, I’m sick to death of Logic”

            –Spock’s human mother yelling at her husband and son in the Star Trek episode where they had to take Spock’s parents on board

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, because we all know woman are so logical.  That’s why they go on rampages breaking things between throwing them at you when they don’t get their way.

          • I’ve never had a data drop on my Charge 🙂

          • I have both phones under the same roof at the same time.  I have the Charge and my wife has the Bionic.  TBH I like my wifes phone better.  It just runs smoother than my Charge.  The dual core feels snappier.  Once we get GB for the Charge, I’m very likely to think the Charge is the better of the two.  Yeah the Charge has a nicer screen but calling the Bionic garbage is well, garbage.  Also I’ve never noticed a data drop with either phone and haven’t noticed the blue lines.  When my wife gets home I’m going to see if I notice the lines now that I’m looking for them.  The worst part is Samsung treating this device like its a third tier phone.  The Droid brand is supposed to be the best of the best Android phones.  The update cycle is simply unacceptable for a device of this caliber.

          • Anonymous

            Really, both phones are good but yeah, Samsung’s support is abysmal and the fact that they chose to use RFS affects the Charge’s performance negatively, once they fix that with this update it will be a good phone with a fantastic screen but it simply doesn’t have the speed of the Bionic.

            Haters gonna hate.  Fanboys will be fanboys.  I’m happy to see someone who’s reasonable and logical though.

      • Marksj

        Are there any step by step instructions on rooting the Charge & upgrade to Gingerbread?

        • Yes there is; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1160580
          Here is a link to the EP4 update, provided by P3Droid: http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-charge-discussions/9951-ep4p-official-gingerbread-build.html

          This is the same update that is rolling out to Charge phones, but this keeps you rooted, and a few more options (deodexed, debloated)

    • Dmzman

      who owns a DROID Charge?  My butcher, my baker, my candlestick maker, my chiropractor, and me, that’s who!

  • Grasshopper239

    This build is great so far. No more data dropping issues and super quick. #PureWin

    One issue, no Gtalk w/ video, WTF! This phone has a FFC for crying out loud!

  • The forgotten Droid with the best screen…

  • ML

    Another reason to just go Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    I think its one of the biggest travesties of Android that this phone hasn’t been updated to GB yet.

    How Samsung can go to sleep at night not having made this phone a priority to update is beyond me.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

    • Because Samsung sucks with updates. Be glad Google handles updates on the Galaxy Nexus and not Samsung.

      • Samsung hasn’t been known for pushing Android updates to their phones, unless there is a crippling bug. The reason is yes, money. Phone makers get nothing for pushing Android updates; but instead pay for the man-hours to create said update for said phone; and some wireless companies might even charge a small fee to have an update pushed. Samsung has since changed their policy on paper after the huge Android community back-lash, but they are slow-goings still. It’s a shame, but honestly, most of the DL users root their phones anyway, so no phone will go without the latest and greatest. Take the OG for example; I just flashed 2.3.7 on the little guy! lol

    • Anonymous

      Meanwhile on the samsung fascinate….D:

    • Anonymous

      Look up how many devices Samsung sold in the past year…….thats how they sleep at night, unfortunately it’s all about the ca$h

  • I can’t believe the Charge was still on Froyo.

    • Anonymous

      IS, not was. No update yet.

    • Ya, that is a major bummer. The only reason I got it anyway, is because there are GB ROMS out there; and since I root EVERY Android device I own, it was no skin off my back to root and flash to GB. Now…it is an amazing device. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Does it come without TouchWiz? What an abomination that is.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s called Galaxy Nexus.