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Verizon Roadmap Shows Galaxy Nexus Available Online Only 11/21, New XOOM 2 on 11/30?

verizon roadmap

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching via “web only” on November 21? According to the roadmap we just received and word from a source, that appears to be the case. Dates in the past have suggested that it may launch as earlier as November 17 to match the global release, but if you ask us, it’s pretty obvious that not even Big Red can decide when to put this phone out. And is there a chance they only allow you to order this online? The original Nexus One went live in a similar way, however, the Nexus S was at least available through Best Buy. I’d say that may still be up in the air as well.

Launching on November 21 does sort of make sense though. That’s the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so at least the phone would be available to those wishing to pick one up during the biggest shopping time of the year.

Oh, and what about the ‘Moto 8″ Tablet’ and ‘Moto 10″ Tablet’ listed there? Those would be the two variations of the new Motorola XOOM 2 that were announced to the UK just last week. The 30th is a Wednesday and seems odd, but Verizon may be ditching that standard Thursday launch schedule that they have been on for the last few years. The Rezound is launching on a Monday after all.

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  • see but will verizon do it? What about the 30 day return policy? RAZR just hit, less than 30 days from Nexus? i’ll believe it when i see it.

    this is still the policy right? 30 days no questions?

  • Dgomo003

    are we sure that w/o means web only? i’ve seen other suggest that it actually stands for week of…

    • KG

      Agreed.  w/o is a pretty standard abbr. in retail for “week of”, with Monday being the date used to identify the week (and not the Sunday for whatever reason).  My bet is that it will be betweeen the 21st and the 23rd in order to get it in before BF.

  • Wmsco51

    Web only could be a ploy so if you have a problem you have to ship it in for repair. Why Verizon does not like anything they can’t control like Rooting and the problems it brings.

  • Anonymous

    So..  can’t “w/ o” mean “Week of”, as in “Week of 11/21”?

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy nexus January 2012. You will wait a while sheep.

  • Ulnek75

    how do you know that the w/o means “web only” instead of “week of”?  the 21st is a monday.

  • Anonymous


  • Ded Bob

    W/O probably doesn’t mean “Web Only”. It’s a pretty common abbreviation in business meaning “Week Of”.

    Which is not to say I believe that this or any other leak is anywhere near valid. Even if this came from Verizon, and wasn’t intentionally leaked to build even more hype, there’s no official word. Which means that while no one LIKES the idea that no one knows….NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS!

    If people really want an end to all this circus of “insider” leaks and “secret” memos…then stop writing about the date. Stop tweeting about it! Stop blogging and rehashing the tiniest bits of info repeatedly. Stop whining on message boards because it’s taking to long for you!

    Stop writing about it altogether and stop reading articles teasing you with some *allegedly* TOP SECRET insider info that you just HAVE to hear about (That also invariably begins with the disclaimer that it could all change or be rumor because it’s not technically official).

    You want Verizon to step up and give you the straight up truth? Then stop generating all the free publicity, hype, and guerilla marketing they could possibly want! They love the fact that these exact kind of “leaks” do exactly what they spend thousand of marketing dollars to do. They get us HOOKED!

    What if Verizon suddenly noticed a 350% decrease in the amount of articles and forum posts related to this phone…and started realizing that bloggers and tech pundits aren’t writing about the one tiny detail that somehow requires hashing out all the specs, over, and over again.

    They’d really hear us all saying “We’ve heard all that and we don’t care anymore. Come bother me when you make a real, official, no-bullsh*t  announcement!”

    Two days later, there would be confirmed date and price, and the pre-order website would be up.

    The hype and delay and uncertainty will end the second the “pushers” realized we’re not hooked anymore.

    Sorry to rant, but if we’re all so tired of the speculation…let’s all stop doing it.
    Make a vow not to look at, or comment on, or blog about leaks. We’ll spend our last few days focusing on what we will miss from our current phones…imagine taking our first panorama photo…and by the time we take a few deep breaths and a couple days away from all the rumours…guess what?

    It will be on sale.    🙂

    I’m going to make a soothing cup of tea now…and play a few more times with my OG Droid before saying goodbye.

    And when Nexus comes, it comes.

    • Anonymous

      That was inspiring – and beautifully stated.  I’m in for this experiment.  *Closing browser window.*

    • Anonymous

      Well said, sir. Everyone has just been waiting so long for this thing that they need some tangible piece of information to hold onto to make the wait bearable. I’m going to try and limit my google reader views to honor your challenge. Quitting cold turkey would be too hard…and I feel like I may miss some important info between now and launch.

      Also, I think I’d miss being amongst like-minded android lovers that nest here on droid-life. Love getting to a comment that I was thinking about posting before getting the opportunity to. Almost as much as I hate the flaming that goes on here. Can’t we all just get along? We’re all snowflakes and we should celebrate the fact that we have so many phones to choose from. RAZR, Rezound, G-nex…whatever. Otherwise we’d all just be talking about how our most recent purchase is the same phone with a better camera and iOS 5.

    • Evil Verizon Dude


  • Anonymous

    Disclaimer: Rant below..

    everything is still unofficial.. but Europe has a solid release date of Nov.17th.. and we stupid Americans are left to decipher every little rumor that comes out of Verizon etc.. to determine when we will be graced by His Holiness!
    PATHETIC to say the least!

    As far as I am concerned.. Verizon has ALREADY screwed us over. First by trying to push Moto and HTC phones down our throat OVER the nexus.. and secondly by NOT listening to it’s customers who have been bombarding Verizon over the past week or so to at least release a launch date!

    What is more pathetic is the way Google has handed over all control over it’s flagship device to a phucking carrier that is in the business of.. not manufacturing phones… not manufacturing software.. but simply to rent it’s airwaves by tailoring ridiculous data and voice plans!


    About a decade ago, after being shabbily treated by ATT I so wanted the company to fail.. Today ATT is prowling the bottom rung of customer service ladder and losing customers to others…

    I sooo want Verizon to be thrown off the high condescending horse that it is riding right now.. Verizon should be made to pay for it’s arrogance and light handedness … while in the same stroke they are contriving different ways to squeeze more money out of us. 

    I soo want Google to pay for acting so STUPIDLY and for not wanting even a semblance of control over the launch of it’s flagship devices. 

    I swear if there was a 4G iphone out right now.. I would have said goodbye to Android already. 
    How dare you (Google) allow for your flagship device to be launched first in all other places other than the US!!… 

    PHUCK you Verizon! and double  PHUCK YOU Google.

  • joejoe509

    The rumor mill is in full swing and I love the daily news, but good Lord… it would be nice if there was a shred of consistency to hope for. But there’s NONE! We have seen at least 3 different Verizon roadmaps that each point to a different day. When we started this game, Panda indicated that it would be Nov. 3rd. Obviously that’s not the case so something must have happened to delay the phone. Let’s just hope it’s worth it.

     At this point all we have is what Verizon has already told us: “Sometime before the end of the year.” Sheesh. All this misinformation and hype is getting rediculous. We better have some sort of official notice or seriously credible rumor sometime this week or I’ll start getting really pissed. I feel like I’m being duped. I feel like Verizon is just screwing with us…

    • Anonymous

      The thing is – if Verizon IS screwing with us, then the goal is to get us to buy something other than the Nexus.  (Because it lacks their branding and bloat, likely.)  We, as informed consumers, are caught in an unfortunate struggle for dominance – but losing patience and buying another VZW device is just a win for Verizon.

      I feel ridiculous getting all conspiratorial – but it IS frustrating that we don’t have a release date yet.  Regardless, I’m staying the course for that Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Bryguy

    I was set on the Razr, but seeing how much Verizon is delaying the Nexus gets me all the more interested in it. Just how good is this phone that Verizon has to delay it?

    • joejoe509

      Lol. For those South Park fans, it’s the CartmanLand marketting model. haha.

  • Ken

    w/o stands for ‘week of’ not ‘web only’

    • joejoe509

      Agreed. This makes more sense.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex how about your “source” at least remove the red lines under the misspelled words. smh

  • Anonymous

    Argh, if I wait until December 16th I’ll get my full two-year discount (I’m guessing $100). If I buy it at release, assuming this date is accurate, I’ll get $50 off. What to do…my OG is slow, has serious start-up issues that prevent me from ever wanting to turn it off unless absolutely necessary, has no space, is literally losing keys on the physical keyboard as they become separated from each other and start falling off, is very difficult to charge after it recently fell off my desk while charging and pulled a couple pins out (it has to sit in the exact right position now or it won’t charge), and has recently taken to not giving me text/email notifications about 15-20% of the time…don’t know if I want to wait a whole extra month…

    • Jim Ortmeier

      I think the most they offer for discount is $50, depending on your plan. I believe it’s $30 and $50 for NE2. I was also told by Verizon that once we use it, if we take the phone back and don’t go to another right away, we lose the discount. Shoulda figured they’d find a way to nullify any perks.