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DROID RAZR Rooted. (Updated)

The 1-click root tool for the current crop of Motorola devices that many of you have used, seems to work just fine on the DROID RAZR too. How can we tell from the picture above? From that sneaky little # symbol after our source typed in “su” in terminal emulator. Check it off the pre-launch phone checklist.

Update:  This method does not appear to work on the recently released retail version. Another one is in the works, we will hopefully be able to post it shortly.

Update 2:  New root method released! Get it here.

Cheers anony!

  • Any suggestions how to unroot?

  • Larry

    What exactly do you get with a rooted razor

  • nexsun

    …..mother of god

  • lappy3000

    Can somebody explain what this means

  • Daman

    It’s NOT working with Motorola RAZR XT910 Optus Australia version just released. Anyone got it working pls share. Cheers

  • hatethanet

    Am I the only one that thinks China’s version of the RAZR looks better than ours?

  • Bionic

    This is good news.  Especially for Bionic owners because it shows that motorola isnt concentrating on trying to “patch” that hole that allows root.  Meaning when the OTA update comes it probably wont mess up the one click root method.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Already!? Gawd damn that was fast!!!  🙂

  • Donnydon

    Ok great your now rooted….um i thought android was open and didnt need to be rooted or hacked, Guess its not open. But ok. Umm custom roms…. I think not , bootloader is still locked. So custom roms a limited to BLUR roms!

    • Anonymous

      You can still load ROMs. Do some research before posting.

  • I really don’t care about custom ROMs and locked bootloaders, I just want to be able to root to remove bloatware

  • PJ

    What’s the point. Wireless tether probably won’t work because it didn’t work on the Droid 2 or Bionic with the latest gingerbread update .

    • Jmj3783

      wrong. Mine works every day. for free!

  • Anonymous


  • El Cuñado

    y’all seem to knock Motorola all the time but their last 2 phones have been rooted before release.

  • Whett Phartz

    That’s the BSOH (Blue Screen of Happiness)!

  • Regrub

    Newbie here… Can someone please explain to me now that the RAZR has been rooted what would be the advantage of buying the Nexus Prime versus the RAZR?

    From the specs I’ve seen they are practically the same hardware-wise (at least where it matters to me).
    Software (ICS) is going to be addressed by downloading a custom ROM at some point.

    For what its worth, the only reason I need/want root access is in order to use wireless tethering without paying for an extra service change.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Here’s my list.

      1. Unlocked bootloader
      2. Ships with Android 4.0
      3. No bloatware
      4. Will get updates directly from Google and sooner than any other device
      5. The OS and Hardware were optimized for eachother
      6. G-Nex has a better processor (OMAP 4460 vs the 4430 in the Razr)
      7. Has a higher resolution (HD 1280 x 720), Razr is 960 x 540)
      8. Camera (will be) faster – but may be software related too. Time will tell.
      9. G-Nex wi-fi radio has dual bands (I don’t THINK the Razr’s does)
      10. Removable Battery

      Now, before the Moto trolls attack, here’s my list of Advantages the Razr has over the G-Nex

      1. Insanely sturdy and durable form factor
      2. MicroSD card
      3. Bigger battery (I think)
      4. HDMI port (although an adapter wil make the G-Nex work)
      5. Gorilla Glass (although the G-Nex has a fortified glass of some sort)

      As an owner of an OG Droid, I’m still a fan of Motorola. I just don’t like their UI, even though it has improved. I think it comes down to preference. I think the G-Nex is for the uber Android geeks and the Razr for the hardware enthusiast. Moto also appeals to corporate customers and I appreciate what Motorola has done with their enterprise offerings.

      • Regrub

        Excellent Response! Thanks you!

        A couple of more questions…

        1) What is the difference between unlocked bootloader and having root access?  Bottom line for me is being able to tether without paying an extra $20/month. Will I be able to do that?

        2) I foresee using either one of these phones for watching many hours of videos while connecting the phone via HDMI (or adapter) to my TV.  In order to preserve the battery, I figured I will be taking it out while having the phone plugged in. I understand that this is not an option with the Razr, but will it be an option with the G-Nex? (using the HDMI adapter AND plugging the phone simultaneously)

      • Anonymous

        Have to admit, good post.

  • Anonymous

    Naturally, I am speaking on my own behalf, but I am sure others feel the same. I am using a rooted Droid X with the stock rom. I use a launcher and have some handly little (require root) apps, but other than that, I never cared that much about the bootloader because there really wasn’t anything that I wanted beyond what I had. Keep in mind, I started this comment with ” I am speaking for myself.” For others that may be in the same boat as me, you have to compare the phones on other levels. ICS is a non issue as both phones will have it. This is a 2 yr purchase so, it will come eventually, not gonna make a rash decision based on an update. Most people will like the GNex on screen buttons, but I like my hard buttons. I always turn my phone on by touching the home button. (again, just me.) The GNex will definately have a better camera, this is hands down. No Micro SD card support, shame on Samsung. No removeable battery, shame on Motorola. HDMI support, ironically, they both will support it. (Gnex uses an adapter.) Then it comes down to buold quality. Do I need to spell this out, Motorola knocked this one out of the park. The Gnex is nice, but I think I remember all the “cheap plastic” comments when the Facinate, Charge, and other Samsung phones launched. Those comments were from the users and writers in these very blogs. What used to be ” a cheap plasticy feel,” has now become, “very lightweight.” hmm… are we blinded by smoke and mirrors. I am not an HTC guy so I won’t go there. I do remember my roots though, as a “DROID” lifer and will see my third Moto device in my hands in my droid-life.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      +1 for your comment and view, I am strongly leaning towards the G Nex, but will paly with both devices and make my decision based on what I want. There are a lot of people that will say what the massses are saying.

      I myself am a ‘OGDroid” lifer so far and to be honest the RAZR and the G Nex are impressive devices 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I am with you. I am really leaning towards the RAZR yet waiting for that “bomb” item to pull me to the Gnex. I have always been intrigued with the Nexus series devices but after all the devices I have owned, the Moto phones have been the most reliable I have ever had. I work in an airport and live in a burb, in both locations, only my Moto phones have had radios strong enough to give me great voice and data connectivity.

        • Anonymous

          Well, everyone has the right to express their opinion here no matter how dumb, funny or stupid lol You will find some great perspectives from alot of the community just filter through and you’ll see what I am talking about. 🙂

    • Keith Sumner

      Well said…

    • Brian Wenger

      The only thing I would disagree with is the “cheap plastic” part. If designed well, plastic can give just as much if not more strength than aluminum. I think there is just the perception that it is “cheap” since it’s plastic and has historically been cheap in the past.

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree, I was just noting how people turn on tunnel vision and become hipocrytes when they feel the need to make excuses for things. I would love to see a carbon fiber or polymer based phone offering the strength of metal yet the weight of plastics.  

    • TheWorld

      The main thing about bootloaders is it lets you make the device future proof. Thats one reason I see more people going with a Nexus than a Razr is that it should be future proof till the next version. NFC and quick system updates, where as with the Razr your stuck to there timeline for updates which isn’t bad they do a great job at updating there phones just when I look at my CM OGDroid compared to my sisters Stock Virgin OGDroid it’s like a totally different device. Also with my Incredible the ability to change between different versions of Sense to whatever I’m feeling like or go AOSP I love, basically freedom.

      • Anonymous

        I tend to agree with you but I think moving forward, Google is going to be more proactive in these updates. Google’s mission statement for ice cream sandwich is “One OS for All.” I do not think fragmentation will be an issue moving forward and I believe that timely updates will become standard amongst all devices. However, the “developer” status means nothing to me because the carrier and manufactorer can still screw things up between the two of them. Just look at the Xoom, a developer device, yet tooks months to get the same SD card support that the Asus Transformer shipped with. Google may have the best intentions but they are still at the mercy of the carrier(s). This is why the Gnex is even being delayed. It is coming out late due to VZW demands. Last note, I did like the ability to change themes on the fly with Sense. ( like a mullet, business up front, all party in the back.. lol) 

        • Anonymous

          True 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Fragmentation will always be an issue until the OEM’s get rid of their skins and google handles all updates.

          • Mr. Orange 645

            But that’s the conundrum, isn’t it? Open source means the manufacturers are free to do what they want with the software. If Google takes control and limits the manufacturer from skinning the OS then its no longer “open source,” its proprietary, a la Apple.

  • Anonymous

    FYI, if you’re like me, and have a TON of Southwest Rapid Rewards flyer miles, you can now purchase Best Buy gift cards with your Rapid Rewards miles/points…..
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    I’m just sayin!

  • That was easy!

  • Kevin Parlee

    I find it hard to follow these threads actively the way theyre posted. maybe reduce the size of boxes so i can see more text at once?

  • Sp4rxx

    Guaranteed the majority of you all who are complaining about locked bootloaders wouldn’t even know the difference between a locked BL vs unlocked if I handed you a RAZR in each hand claiming one is and one isn’t….

    I’m not looking for statistics, but my point is, those who *think* they care about it are the ones that customize their phones based on OTHER people’s hard work of coding for you, not because you code for yourself.  That, and you can never be satisfied.  And of “those who care so much” who are going to the Gnex – guaranteed someone will find something wrong with it and will find ANOTHER reason to complain.

    I know there are many devs out there as well and to you, I am upset for you that the BL is locked because that slows you down to performing your best skills in customization.  It does suck that VZW has to be a pain (or Moto, whatever the case is), but just think (and I’ve said it before) – locks have keys; when you don’t have the key, you get the locksmith to fabricate a key and you get to be the locksmith on your own lock. 

    I don’t claim to be a programmer or dev b/c I can’t wrap my head around it, but those who can, I applaud you.  To those that complain about BL who don’t code or program, well, sorry, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    • Anonymous


    • Excellent point. I don’t do any dev stuff so all I care is that it can be rooted to uninstall all the crapware that it is bound to come with.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story, bro.

    • Anonymous

      So to summarize your post…

      “If you care about locked boot loaders and you don’t code you are a douche. I care about locked boot loaders and I don’t code”

      I don’t think we need to bring in Philosoraptor on this one…

      • Bionic

        does an unlocked bootloader allow you to install vanilla android on any phone?  

        • Droid

          no…you can do it with a locked bootloader

          • Anonymous

            Only once it’s been exploited. It was a very long time before Motorolas encrypted phones were able to load custom ROMs. A lot of developers completely gave up on trying to crack it. The Droid X was such a great phone that a few kept at it and eventually found work-arounds that led to it being used on the rest of the Motorola devices.

            I don’t want to say it was luck, because that would take away from the hard work the developers put into it. It just wont be so easy once Motorola figures out how to block the exploits. It also doesn’t allow you to run custom kernals. The kernals that Motorola develops aren’t always bug-free.

    •  Please just shut up.

    • Anonymous

      I applaud your comment and as one that can tell the difference between a locked bootloader and non locked bootloader, as well as one of the commentors on DL that has complained about Moto (Now Verizon) that has locked thier bootloaders,

      I would say this, No device is the end all perfect device and you’re right people will always look for the next bigger and better device. and some will complain because of the hype surrounding the device.  Some are homers for a specific OEM, and some will bash the Carriers now for locking down their devices.

      Find a device or two if you can afford it and have fun with it no matter what anyone else says.  be your own judge and research your purchase like you would go car shopping for the best deal with all of the features that you like. 🙂

    • No one’s bitching at the people who make custom ROMs – they’re pissed at VZW for locking the bootloader. And yes, people will be able to tell the difference when there won’t be a great custom ROM on this phone BECAUSE of the locked bootloader.

      You didn’t get to a point, but I hope you feel better now

      • Sp4rxx

        “And yes, people will be able to tell the difference when there won’t be a great custom ROM on this phone”

        You just contradicted yourself – no you wouldn’t be able to tell.  Especially if I handed you 2 stock phones, one locked and the other unlocked.  And your “won’t” comment is a certifiable fact, eh?  Again, it can be unlocked (just look at the international version of the phone) – someone just has to make a key.

        • What difference does it make if you handed me two phones and one was unlocked? Yes, if both phones were running stock then no most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

          It’s not about what it DOES if it’s unlocked, it’s what you CAN’T DO TO IT afterwards. 

          • Sp4rxx

            So you must be a dev or programmer?

          • I don’t get involved in custom ROMs, but yes, an app developer for my company. But that has nothing to do with my point. 

            I take nothing away from ROM developers, their hard work is what makes Android and open source in general a worthwhile experience.

            dev or programmer? What’s the diff? lol

        • Chris Kochinsky

          the key that no dev has got yet for the encrypted bootloader.  Please don’t act like you know so much since to this day the bootloader  hasn’t been cracked.

          • Sp4rxx

            Considering it hasn’t been widely released, I agree.

            If software programming groups can crack software, the DVD and BluRay encryption for burning movies, then someone somewhere will do it eventually. 

          • KevinC

            point to any motorola android phone that has had their bootloader cracked, please.  it hasn’t happened, and won’t.

          • Anonymous

            +1 that is one thing moto is good at: encrypting their bootloaders so people cannot crack them.

          • Anonymous

            I just sat here and read a whole bunch of stupid comments.  I mean some of them were REALLY STUPID.

            So in the spirit of being stupid I thought I would write one too.

    • Anonymous

      ” those who *think* they care about it are the ones that customize their phones based on OTHER people’s hard work of coding for you ”

      A lot of devs code and create ROMs for fun and to make a better user experience for everyone in the community. They enjoy when others use and like their creations.

      An encrypted bootloader prevents, or at least severely hinders, the possibility of running a custom ROM. I care about that because the manufacturer UIs are very lacking in functionality. The *enhancements* they make sometimes give an unbearable user experience. With a encrypted bootloader, I’ll likely miss out on some of the great creations from developers. That’s why most people care. 

      You don’t have to be a developer to take advantage of an unencrypted bootloader. To think that’s the only people who should have a right to express disappointment is ignorant.

      I’m not quite sure why you got so the most likes in this post. Your comment seems very poorly thought out.

      • Well said

      • Kevin Parlee

        ^ you put into words, what i was too lazy to say. Timoh we can only lead a horse to water..

      • Anonymous

        Hey Timoh, I know you’re one of the most respected members here on DL, I think he was commenting mostly on people following what others are saying about the bootloader and have no idea what they’re talking about and jumping on the bandwagon.  we’ve seen alot of that on here lately 

        • I agree, I think too many people care too much about it that have no clue what it means. As someone who has programmed most of my life it makes a big difference to me, I like to do my tweaking. But I still suggested this phone to several of my friends fully knowing that they have no clue what a bootloader even is and just want a nice phone that will last them two years.

          tl;dr I like an unlocked bootloader, but I am a nerd, to others it does not matter as much.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with that. If that was the case, sorry for negative reply.

          • Anonymous

            No apology needed Timoh 🙂 I miss your posts man, where have you been ?? 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Taking a technology break. Been out in the forest riding my bike!

    • …and another thing…

      I’m sick of people posting comments about how THEY’RE sick of hearing geeks bitch about these phones. We ARE geeks, that’s why we’re here. This is what we (like to) do. 

      This is droid-life not Time Magazine. 

      • jm

        Amen Brother!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh, That’s Much Better 😛

  • This making the Razr look more attractive. Locked bootloader is still an issue, but at least you can now get rid of the bloat ware from VZW. That will make this phone run alot smoother. If the European version is going to be unlocked, I am sure that they will figure out a way for the US version.

    • It will certainly make it easier. 

    •  It won’t make one bit of a difference if the international version is unlocked.  The DX had tons of devs working on the bootloader and they were never able to crack it.  The European OG Droid had people in Europe working on the same thing for years and they couldn’t do anything with it either. 

  • Anyone else feel that Moto isn’t fixing this ‘bug’ on purpose? I mean, they have to know about it, and recent patches haven’t touched it. Maybe they are leaving this vulnerability on purpose, to get around the locked bootloader stance ?

    • Kevin Parlee

      I agree..  Yea, they could be “making it difficult” for the eyes of verizon but in all reality why waste the time. What other incentive would they have. Bootloader is probably enough

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t present a security risk since it has to be done via adb with a computer. The problem with past root methods was that a rogue app could use them to nefarious ends. Not so here.

  • Anonymous

    That’s really sharp of them.

    • Anonymous

      I see what you did there 😉

    • Anonymous

      What you did there, I saw it. 

      • ThatGuy

        You did what i saw there

  • Lolercopter

    is this really a surprise?  almost all new moto phones are rooted the exact same way

  • Put CM7 on that thing and it will magically turn into a good phone.

    • As great as CM7 is, they still haven’t gotten it right on the DX.  Camera doesn’t work without a patch, signal goes in and out constantly, yada yada yada.  With the encrypted bootloader, it seems that they can’t give you the real deal.

  • If rooting’s your game then Galaxy Nexus is the name

    • Actually I think you mean if custom kernels are your game. Motorola phones can still be rooted and have custom ROMs.

      • Yes, but my point is that if rooting (custom ROMs, etc) is what you’re into then perhaps the G-Nex is the way to go.

        And no, (to all the Moto trolls), I’m not saying this is a bad phone. 

        • Jus sayin

          you can put custom roms on anything rooted. its the kernels you cant change

          • Dominick DeVito

            Yes, thanks for the phone dev lesson.

            That wasn’t my point. My point is if YOU ARE going to load a custom ROM then you MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER doing on a phone with an UNLOCKED bootloader.

        • Custom ROMs, themes, removing bloatware, and even overclocking the kernel only require root.  You can do all of those things on the Droid Razr.  If you want to use new kernels created by other devs, then yes, you would want something such as the Galaxy Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          But you sure have a way of setting the bait. Give it a rest.

  • Lmrojas

    Bootloader still locked . Blah

    • Sp4rxx

      who cares – im not a dev so that comment is useless to me

      • Anonymous

        I care. 🙂

      • Okay so you’re not a dev – then do you care about this article at all?

        • Sp4rxx

          Yes – because rooting has nothing to do with the BL.  You can do a lot w/ root w/o having to worry about the BL. 

  • First and sweet
    Phone looking better all the time.

  • Mark

    See. That didn’t take long. Boo to Big Red for insisting on locking this.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t change bootloader still being locked.

      • TJ Egan

        Okay, naive comment, but what is the difference between a root and the locked bootloader? What can this phone NOT do that my OG Droid (Or G-Nex if thats a better comaprison) can do?

        • Anonymous

          No custom kernels, custom roms rely on stock kernel. Custom roms like cyanogen rely on 2nd init which isn’t truly running on the phone.

          • TJ Egan

            aka no Cyanogen on the Razr?

          • Anonymous

            You can get cyanogen but it doesn’t run the same as on a device with unencrypted bootloader. On moto it can only be run with stock moto kernels. Do a Google search that will give you a better understanding.

          • Anonymous

            Here’s a question from a non-dev, what’s cyanogen and why would I want it on my phone?

          • TJ Egan

            Cyanogen is a custom ROM (changes the look of your phone) that is singlehandedly keeping my OG Droid alive.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, but what’s the point of changing the look, is it just a matter of adding personalization?  Does it affect performance any?

          • Kevin Parlee

            Remove alot of bloatware and increase perfomance by haveing availability of resources. also overclock ect.

          • Anonymous

            Ah, interesting….

          • The rom + kernel = performance, battery life, tweaks you normally wouldn’t have. 

          • Anonymous

            Battery life?  Here’s another quesiton, is rooting/roming etc. only something you can do by yourself, or is there someone you can go to have it done?

          • Kris Brandt

            They’re not really explaining this very well.  Custom ROMs often have features built directly into the system, while getting rid of useless apps.  For instance, some custom roms have a CPU Manager built-in so that you don’t need a 3rd party app to overclock your CPU.  Some have easy ways to customize the colors of your screen.  Even still, some keep their Custom ROM as close to Stock Android as possible, but optimized in terms of memory, apps, storage, and features.  For instance, Pete Alfonso released a Gingerbread version of Android specifically for the OG Droid since the OGD wasn’t going to get Gingerbread, officially.

            But the main reason for an unlocked bootloader is so that you can get the ability to flash the latest version of Android whenever possible, instead of relying on the manufacturers.

          • Anonymous

            Ahhhh, gotcha.  I’m a techie, but this stuffs over my head

      • Mark

        Wasn’t suggesting it did. However, at least it gives us SOME flexibility. Majorly bone-headed big brother crap from Vrz to insist on locking this, when EVERYWHERE else it’s unlocked. Still, it might get cracked. Time will tell. All bootloaders are encrypted to some extent, even the old trustworthy D1, but this is just obnoxious.

  • DroidVoid

    You’ve been RAZROOTED

  • Michael Allis

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

    This is the kind of thing that’s making me second guess the Galaxy Nexus… I need a release date ASAP before I do something irrational and jump ship.

    • Guest

      why would a rooted razr make you want to ditch the nexus?  you do know the nexus is rooted too.

      • The Nexus does not come rooted.

        • Guest

          neither is this phone.  what’s your point?

          • My point is the Nexus does not come rooted.  You said “you do know the nexus is rooted too.” implying that it’s already rooted when you buy it, which isn’t true.

          • Anonymous
          • My point still holds true.  The Nexus does not come rooted, but the BL is unlocked, so it can be easily rooted.

          • Anonymous

            I honestly don’t recall anyone saying the Nexus comes rooted, just that it can be rooted. 

          • Kevin Parlee

            Previous article posted that you can root the nexus in a few commands in five minutes

        • Anonymous

          But it can be.

        • True, but it’s completely unlocked. Much easier to deal with. 

  • Anonymous

    Just checked my pre-order status, USPS says they’re delivering this biaatch tomorrow!

    • Keith Sumner

      pics, hands on vids, etc or it didn’t happen.

      • Anonymous

        I envisioned someone saying that….I definetely will once I get it

    • Anonymous

      It shipped USPS??  That’s pretty low-rent.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I used to get my phones via Fedex….but oh well, its a recession

        • Anonymous

          Just called to confirm and it was a fluke -_-

    • Jason Platt

      Funny… my Pre-order status still says:

      Here is the status of your Pre-order:We received your order and it is in process.Expected Ship Date: 11/10/2011

      • Anonymous

        When did you pre-order?

  • Ben Murphy

    Raise the root!

  • Adam Wiggins

    Great, now unlock the bootloader and make everyone happy.

  • Guest

    too bad it won’t help your bootloader situation

    • Anonymous

      Feel better my male sibling?

  • Anonymous