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Paypal Payments Finally Coming To The Android Market?

Yesterday the new Android Market (3.3.11) hit the web with some new features, the most interesting being hidden deep inside the APK – Paypal integration. An AndroidGuys reader by the name of Victor looked into the APK file and stumbled across numerous references to Paypal.

The rumor of Paypal integration has come up time after time again, however it has never gone live. Users have waited for the day that they could finally buy apps using Paypal. Are we close, or could this be yet another let down?

Via: AndroidGuys

  • where can i buy a android laptop i bought coby kyros but i cant get android market?

  • I hope there is alternative payment other than credit card or paypal.

  • Anonymous

    I am not a fan of PayPal and do not plan to use them again. A few years ago I thought it was almost necessary to have a PayPal account but later realized that I could live without one. 

  • I’ve been using PayPal to pay for all of my apps in the Android Market since my OG Droid 2 years ago… what’s the big deal?  I just put my PayPal debit card as my primary payment source in the Market…  it pulls the money from PayPal.  Nobody else does this?

  • Why does everyone complain about Pay Pal? I’ve used it for 6 years with no issues. In fact, its much much better than setting up accounts.

    • Anonymous

      Sellers get shafted a lot of times, even more now than lately.
      For example, I sold a PHOTON through eBay a month ago. I now have a hold on my account. If I earned any money on it, there would be a hold on it for 21 days. They claim it is to protect against refunds and such.

      Now, imagine if I was selling for a LIVING and this occurred. Paypal wouldn’t give a crap what your situation was like, the hold would stay there. I’d have bills come up that would go unpaid.
      And the only way paypal gets away with this is they’re the market leader and no one’s upstaged them yet and no one big enough has called them out.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Where to start…. well, for one, per their Terms of Service, you waive your rights to credit card consumer protection laws.  So, if there’s any unauthorized use, you are not allowed to issue a chargeback to Paypal… you’re stuck paying for fraudulent activity, they transfer all liability to you the account holder – whether you use it several times a day, or once a year.  Secondly, their customer service sucks.  Say you have fraud on your account, you go so far as to file a police report and file it with Paypal.  They’ll conveniently lose it EVERY time, and send your account to collections repeatedly.  Third, PayPal can close your account at any time, of their own volition, and hold your funds for, bare minimum, 180 days without explanation.  For sellers, if somebody uses a stolen credit card to pay you, *you* get punished for being involved in criminal activity… not the buyer.

      PayPal is not a bank, nor a credit card company… it is not governed by banking laws and regulations or consumer credit protections.  Why people trust it like a bank or credit card, or assume they’re insured and safe is beyond all comprehension.

  • Repilce

    I’m in the boat of the PayPal “haters”. I despise using them. From a developers standpoint though it’s great. There are probably a number of people that use paypal and feel secure (for whatever reason), and own android devices (for obvious reasons), that have not bought anything from market feeling uneasy about putting there direct CC/Debit info into market/google.. For that reason.. I say yay.. more $ for developers.

  • Guest

    i DESPISE paypal with a passion.  BUT….if you want to sell and buy on ebay you almost have to use it.  i have been screwed by them twice and avoid using them at all cost but most people doing online transactions especially thru ebay really don’t have a choice, they ARE the monopoly!!! 🙁

  • Ray

    what would be nice is the ability to purchase apps and have them billed to my verizon account 

  • Ray

    not sure what the point of supplying another company with your credit card number is?

  • Anonymous

    really, no other comments on this post?! And what happened to the site design from this morning?

  • Killershade

    Due to PayPal’s shady business practices when it comes to overdrafting, I think I will stick clear of them like usual. Still…nice that they add the optoin.

    • Carlito Pr787

      So maybe you shouldn’t go passed your “limit”…

  • If it does, all I can say is…. HALLELUJAH!

  • Davidbudd1978

    I for sure hope that this never happens. I can’t stand the crooks. Paypal is shady and it’s a shame if google partners up with them

    • Anonymous

      Paypal is literally the worst company ever to do online payments with.  Shady doesn’t even begin to describe their practices.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    *vomit*…. I guess this is good news for people that like payment methods like they like their women…. Insecure.

    Shadiest. Company. Ever.

  • Yeah just got 1200 likes, like a boss

    But back to the article I am glad to see that we could be getting this feature, it is another reason to use the android market over others.

    • You glad bro?

      • Nope, just because my comments are now broken and I can not see any comments, also because of the fact that you are using the meme wrong.

        • Anonymous

          you mad, bro?

          • Guest

            it’s a shame someone in every article has to post this. so childish!

  • whats so good about paypal? dont you have to pay to pay?

    • It is free to make payments or purchases with Paypal. check my other comment for why it is so good

  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain to me (nicely please) the big deal about Paypal if you aren’t buying/selling on eBay or trying to solicit donations?  Trying to figure out if I’m missing out on something…

    • Paypal has easy to get gift cards is the biggest thing, this means under 18 could buy more stuff and people could give them as presents.

    • You can use a bank account to fund a payment which is helpful for
      people that don’t have credit/debit cards.You keep your credit card
      information private. You can set up
      multiple bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to fund your PayPal
      account. It makes it easier when you get a new credit card, you only have to
      update your Paypal account with the new # & expiration date. I
      use eBay daily, so it is a great choice for me. I have a Paypal credit, so
      I get more rewards for using Paypal to pay for stuff and I get zero liability
      on unauthorized purchases. It is free to make payments or purchases with Paypal

  • I’ve been waiting on this to happen. I use Paypal daily and this would be a great and easier option for me.

  • Anonymous

    If this is true…this is great, great, great news for those of us(me) who likes paying for everything via PayPal…the  friendliest, easiest, and securest way of paying!

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit. What does this mean for Google Wallet?

  • Anonymous

    it’s about time!!!

  • Anonymous


    • John

      no, the nexus coming out today would be “Amazing”. this is just ‘cool’

      • Anonymous

        The Nexus coming out today would be a miracle.

        And a trip to the nearest Verizon store!