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Google Reader and Docs Apps Receive ICS-inspired Makeovers


Both Google Reader and Google Docs have updates available in the market as of the last hour. Each received an Ice Cream Sandwich makeover of sorts that includes swiping between stories or document categories, the same sharing options as you will see on new web versions, and prettier widgets. To be honest, the Reader update doesn’t look all that different, but the new Docs version most definitely resembles the look of G+ which was also recently updated.

Market Links:  Google Reader | Docs

Cheers Manny!

  • James

    google should off made chrome os for phones would off being the faster way

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  • good thing!)

  • So the reader app cant “Plus 1” to Google+?

  • Anonymous

    The Google Reader update, frankly, wasn’t anything worth talking about. This comes from someone who loves the program and wishes that it would get more love.

  • Best part of Google Reader, being able to look at DL and ESPN at work without them showing up in my browser history

  • Definitely glad to see swiping added to Reader but, I would still like to see more uniform ICS styling across the apps.

  • they need to make these look more uniform, similar to the web apps. even these two are very different.

    and let’s not even talk about that reader widget EW

  • Chaser457

    Flashes of Droid-Life 2.0 were cool! Timing is everything!

  • I’m surprised there’s no +1 button in Reader.

    • Leonardo Benveniste

      I’m assuming that when you share, the +1 is automatic, but yeah, inconsistency all over.

      I’m a huge android and google fan, but this is just wrong…they’re claiming new designs and then they pull this? unless every app get’s a makeover when ICS hits the market, I’m gonna be pissed

  • Leonardo Benveniste

    neither app look like the new google design! the blue background on docs is horrible, why not use the same light gray as everything else, and the top bar from reader? sucks! neither top bar has the usability of the g+ ap or the new market, using the top logo as back button, they also have shadows which the new google doesn’t use….the blue on reader is also old. the new style looks great, look at the g+ app, or the style of every webapp from google, this two apps look nothing like that…
    pleaseeee, update them to look new, nice and consistent/rant

  • Anonymous

    now bring on the new gmail!

  • Eww Motoblur!

    • Anonymous

      That’s it? Just seeing the notification bar makes you cringe? Have you actually used Blur since the CLIQ? It’s actually nice now.

      • yep droid X and bionic, hated it both times. I like it stock!

        • Anonymous

          I can’t stand stock honestly. I’d MUCH rather have Blur.

  • Warden Chinbach

    Just updated both. The widgets and the Docs app look exactly the same as before, and it looks nothing like the Google+ app. The only ICS-like update was swiping left and right to change stories in Reader. Other than that they’re the exact same apps. The “makeover” was only if you were running ICS already, not if you have anything else.

  • qoute:

    black_man_x The Panda King
    “By the way… Update your google+ please.. Closer to launch all key apps will update to support new ui elements and such”

    ~~ Oct. 31

  • John

    nice updates. use these two apps A LOT

  • didn’t Black Man X say when the ICS app updates came out we could also expect to see the galaxy nexus?