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LG Spectrum 4G Appears in Verizon Systems, is it the Revolution 2?

It has been a while since we last heard anything about the LG Revolution 2. Once rumored to be in the works as a 4.5″ HD screen toting, 4G LTE blazing, unbelievably thin-bodied beast, this phone sounded like the first major player from LG in years. We saw it potentially cruise through the FCC followed by a bunch of overseas picture leaks, but there was no U.S. mention to be found. And then all went silent. Until today that is.  

A new device by the name LG Spectrum has appeared in Verizon system and we found ourselves wondering if this just might end up as the follow-up device to the Revolution. No way to really tell for sure with the little information given in these pictures, but the device is most definitely global, 4G and made by LG. Now, we have seen Big Red release a few lower-end 4G devices over the last couple of months, so with the Galaxy Nexus, RAZR and Rezound on the way, this could very well be something mid-range.

If LG were to release an HD beauty in the states, would you be interested? Or have we written them off completely from the Android game?

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  • I agree with your Blog and I will be back to check it more in the future so please keep up your work. I love your content & the way that you write.

  • You are all haters….I cannot believe the fanboyism going on here for the hate of LG. LG has made some great products and they have had a few issues. BIG DEAL! Motorola was crap just over 2 years ago. How many times did they re-do the razr? And now you are all Moto-Whores because of the Moto Droid Razr….so ironic. 

    And lets be frank: LG has copied Samsung and Samsung has copied LG. Case in point: the lg rumor Q4 ’07 came out for sprint, samsung changed the orientation (same form factor) and called it the Rant Q4 ’08. LG is a company that has taken risks and chances and tries to innovate with first to market features that you all complain about. Sure HTC & Samsung make great products but you all are just a bunch of haters on LG and I would bet my left arm that most of you never even owned and LG.

  • im curious how thin is this phone compare to Droid RAZR

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    well it is already past the 30 so looks like it wont be launching then lol. I am sure verizon will push this phone and push back the nexus more.

  • shdowman

    I used to swear by them for my “dumb phone” purchases with my Dare being the last dumb phone I owned (with one of THE best cameras around). Sadly, they have taken far too long to become a serious player in the android game at the moment.

    That being said, all it takes is one monster phone to get back in the game. I fear they might have a tough time of it though.

    I will also say this, if Samsung is worried at all about losing money due to Apple’s shenanigans, just sue LG. Talk about direct copies..even the UI is practically identical. (I’m really not endorsing any company suing another…just making a point)

    • Justin Kos

      i agree with your ‘dumb phone’ purchases the V and enV were def some of the best phones ive ever owned, and at the time pretty unique 

  • Anonymous

    If it has the new True-HD 720p LCD that LG has developed, it may have the best display on the market, G-Nex and iPhone included.

  • Written Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LG is great at releasing phones they just cant seem to understand that they should work or be supported after release.
    After the G2x and multitude of lies and problem if the choice was LG with jelly bean or an iphone 3 id go with the iphone 3. LG will never see another dime of my money. and if i keep 1 person from spending money on LG i have done my job.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess.. this device would be slated to be sold in America too.. but then it would be announced at a big gala event someplace outside the US.. and the rest of the world will be told when it will be launched.. while pathetic Americans will be left in the dark to eternal speculation.

  • Ericsf8

    Why don’t you go back in that system and find us some Galaxy Nexus news.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, this will come out before the G-Nex, too?

    • Anonymous

      Doubtful, although I wouldn’t mind at least seeing it.  I still think the Galaxy Nexus is the one I’m getting, but my wife’s Revolution is a solid phone.

    • Yea, let’s delay the G-Nex for this too.  Fuc*ing Verizon 

  • if it’s a high-end device that will sell well, they’ll release it Q1 of 2013

  • Julio Duverney

    LG Sucks, this phone will probably have more RIL errors with regards to texting 

  • John

    Aw, LG is still trying..

    • Jason Purp

      It’s so cute. Look at it trying to take its first steps.

      I wonder what its first word will be.

      • Anonymous

        Ice Cream Sandwich, Now 😛

  • Jason Purp

    Why are Droid-Life’s colors black, white, & pink? Shouldn’t it be red?

    • Mctypething

      you would probably prefer purple to match your bunny pic

      • Jason Purp

        Yeah, I’d prefer it. But red still makes more sense.