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Verizon Roadmap: Galaxy Nexus Appears Headed for Release Just After Black Friday (Updated)


We just received word from multiple sources that Verizon is targeting the week of or just after Black Friday for the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In the screenshot you will see below, the initial marketing push from Big Red will be for the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound leading up to that weekend, with the launch of the G-Nex coming in just days after.

There is a chance that the device could be out for Black Friday, but the chart below shows it as happening just after in “Samsung’s Holiday Porfolio.” Looks like we have a couple of extra weeks to go before we get our hands on Ice Cream Sandwich here in the states.  

Update:  We had a handful of people ask a couple of great questions and thought we should clarify something. The schedule below is indeed an advertising schedule of sorts which is why we mentioned that the G-Nex could launch on or around Black Friday. If you look at the schedules for both the Rezound and Razr, they begin just after each phone is expected to hit stores. The Razr went on pre-order back on October 27, which is reflected below. The Rezound is expected to be out anywhere from the 10th-14th which is also reflected below. So could the Nexus drop just before Black Friday? It most definitely could, which is why you should try not to freak out too much yet. 🙂

Talk about a holiday spectacular for Verizon. Of course, the device that the majority of you are asking for is going to be the last one out. Ahh, got to love marketing strategies.

Cheers ___!

  • droseum20

    i know this is old now, but i think this is actually the best we have seen and most accurate. 

  • Morespeed360

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  • Joelseph

    Run pe4.2 and wipe datacache every week to keep it snappy. That’s what is keeping me sane while I wait. Luckily no hardware issues with my og…

  • Anonymous
  • This was reported yesterday in multiple places. 

  • Dave

    I’m still thinking November 17th will be the day with an official announcement one or two days prior. No preorder. Just online and telesales along with a nation wide store release.

    Just my prediction.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Marketing dates folks, not release dates. Chill. even so – who cares. Just wait for the damn thing. Anticipation makes it better.

  • JD

    Probably retaliation toward Google. First, they weren’t able to call it the Droid Nexus. Then they had to pull the “Verizon Exclusive” off their ad. 

    In return Verizon is saying to Google, “screw you, now we won’t launch the Nexus until after the biggest shopping day of the year so the RAZR and Rezound have a better chance of success among the masses.”

  • Kade

    wha about galaxy note? anyone know when it coming to the us.

  • Realfuzzy78

    By the time this phone is finally released on VZW it will already be outdated, and a better edition of the phone will be released on another carrier. For a top gun carrier their phone releases are getting worse and you get stuck paying top dollar for a phone that should have been released months ago!

    • Months ago?  If for example Verizon releases this phone…..lets say the Thursday after black Friday.  That would be December first.  Google and Samsung announced the phone on October 18th for a release of early November (which ended up being November 18th) which puts Verizon 13 days past the UK release…..I’m confused how this translated into a phone that should have been released “months ago”

      tldr…… Verizon is only launching this 13 days after its UK release….not “Months” after

  • Mutation9

    Has anyone actually held an LTE G-NEX? The fact that we haven’t even handled one yet might mean it’s not due out till later in the month, or who knows when. Remember the size specs on the G-NEX, specifically thickness, is specific to the HSPA+ model. Any issues? Who knows… My phone is dead need a new one now.

  • James Peterson

    iPhone?  released 11/14??  What day is it today??  hasn’t it already been released?  This has got to be and old and fake roadmap..

    • It’s a marketing roadmap not a device release roadmap.  It just indicates that Verizon is going to begin a marketing/advertising campaign for the iPhone on that date.

  • Anonymous

    “Everyone clearly wants this new Nexus phone… so we should make sure we don’t release it until we sell out of every other inferior phone first” 

  • Anonymous

    Verizon traditionally releases sign ups & phones on Thursdays… Well, Nov. 24th is out – Thanksgiving.
    That leaves Nov. 17 and Dec. 01 — take your pick 🙂

  • This looks like an advertising game plan, rather than a roadmap.

  • Jake

    I swear, if Apple ran Adobe Flash (for porn, of course), I’d already have the 4S in one hand (and something else in the other). I really hope the GN comes out before the Black Friday. I’ll be out of town then, and I hoped to have a few weeks to get totally familiar with the phone and play with it before vacation.

  • The MAP list i just checked in store still has the tenth down for the beginning of advertising. The MAP says the 27th for the RAZR, and the actual release date is 14 days from that date on the 10th. the bionic, however, went on sale the same day as the indicated date on the MAP. SO.. It could either be out on the tenth, which i doubt will happen because the advertising campaign hasn’t really started yet. but i think it’s safe to say it won’t come any later than the 24th. based on how verizon has been releasing their flagship phones. I reaaaaally hope it’s the 10th or the 17th though…

  • Anonymous


    Please tell your bosses that Verizon customers feel Verizon SUCKS when it comes to announcements and launches…and that they could learn a thing or two from Apple.

  • Not to mention the odd Nov 14th date for the iPhone 4s.  WTF?  Not sure I believe this.  BUT, the simple fact that Verizon is utterly silent about their Nexus release date leaves me worried.  It likely means a delay.  

    Man, if Google could release a phone with 1/10th the ease the iPhone is announced/released, it’d be very popular indeed.

  • It’s Verizon, believe when I see it. Verizon is so crap with phones despite their official “we are getting it” it wouldn’t surprise me if this never arrives.

  • this means absolutely nothing. the iphone has been out for weeks and they are gonna start a marketing campaign on the 14th.  i still say the ngex comes out on the 17th. why would they drop it after the biggest shopping day of the year?

  • Anonymous

    Now that seems to be exactly what is going on out there. Makes sense.

  • typo

    DROID 4 may be in the Motorola Portfolio after Black Friday…Hope so, it will make a tough Christmas decision for an OG replacement…

  • As noted, since this is their advertising schedule, technically their advert for the Samsung line might show the GNex with a ‘Coming soon’ too. 😉 *evil chuckle* sorry to destroy any more hopes. (For the record, I’m also waiting on the Nex.. not freaking out 😉

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know will we will get hotspot ?:)