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Verizon Roadmap: Galaxy Nexus Appears Headed for Release Just After Black Friday (Updated)

We just received word from multiple sources that Verizon is targeting the week of or just after Black Friday for the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In the screenshot you will see below, the initial marketing push from Big Red will be for the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound leading up to that weekend, with the launch of the G-Nex coming in just days after.

There is a chance that the device could be out for Black Friday, but the chart below shows it as happening just after in “Samsung’s Holiday Porfolio.” Looks like we have a couple of extra weeks to go before we get our hands on Ice Cream Sandwich here in the states.  

Update:  We had a handful of people ask a couple of great questions and thought we should clarify something. The schedule below is indeed an advertising schedule of sorts which is why we mentioned that the G-Nex could launch on or around Black Friday. If you look at the schedules for both the Rezound and Razr, they begin just after each phone is expected to hit stores. The Razr went on pre-order back on October 27, which is reflected below. The Rezound is expected to be out anywhere from the 10th-14th which is also reflected below. So could the Nexus drop just before Black Friday? It most definitely could, which is why you should try not to freak out too much yet. 🙂

Talk about a holiday spectacular for Verizon. Of course, the device that the majority of you are asking for is going to be the last one out. Ahh, got to love marketing strategies.

Cheers ___!

  • droseum20

    i know this is old now, but i think this is actually the best we have seen and most accurate. 

  • Morespeed360

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  • Joelseph

    Run pe4.2 and wipe datacache every week to keep it snappy. That’s what is keeping me sane while I wait. Luckily no hardware issues with my og…

  • Anonymous
  • This was reported yesterday in multiple places. 

  • Dave

    I’m still thinking November 17th will be the day with an official announcement one or two days prior. No preorder. Just online and telesales along with a nation wide store release.

    Just my prediction.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Marketing dates folks, not release dates. Chill. even so – who cares. Just wait for the damn thing. Anticipation makes it better.

  • JD

    Probably retaliation toward Google. First, they weren’t able to call it the Droid Nexus. Then they had to pull the “Verizon Exclusive” off their ad. 

    In return Verizon is saying to Google, “screw you, now we won’t launch the Nexus until after the biggest shopping day of the year so the RAZR and Rezound have a better chance of success among the masses.”

  • Kade

    wha about galaxy note? anyone know when it coming to the us.

  • Realfuzzy78

    By the time this phone is finally released on VZW it will already be outdated, and a better edition of the phone will be released on another carrier. For a top gun carrier their phone releases are getting worse and you get stuck paying top dollar for a phone that should have been released months ago!

    • Months ago?  If for example Verizon releases this phone…..lets say the Thursday after black Friday.  That would be December first.  Google and Samsung announced the phone on October 18th for a release of early November (which ended up being November 18th) which puts Verizon 13 days past the UK release…..I’m confused how this translated into a phone that should have been released “months ago”

      tldr…… Verizon is only launching this 13 days after its UK release….not “Months” after

  • Mutation9

    Has anyone actually held an LTE G-NEX? The fact that we haven’t even handled one yet might mean it’s not due out till later in the month, or who knows when. Remember the size specs on the G-NEX, specifically thickness, is specific to the HSPA+ model. Any issues? Who knows… My phone is dead need a new one now.

  • James Peterson

    iPhone?  released 11/14??  What day is it today??  hasn’t it already been released?  This has got to be and old and fake roadmap..

    • It’s a marketing roadmap not a device release roadmap.  It just indicates that Verizon is going to begin a marketing/advertising campaign for the iPhone on that date.

  • Anonymous

    “Everyone clearly wants this new Nexus phone… so we should make sure we don’t release it until we sell out of every other inferior phone first” 

  • Anonymous

    Verizon traditionally releases sign ups & phones on Thursdays… Well, Nov. 24th is out – Thanksgiving.
    That leaves Nov. 17 and Dec. 01 — take your pick 🙂

  • This looks like an advertising game plan, rather than a roadmap.

  • Jake

    I swear, if Apple ran Adobe Flash (for porn, of course), I’d already have the 4S in one hand (and something else in the other). I really hope the GN comes out before the Black Friday. I’ll be out of town then, and I hoped to have a few weeks to get totally familiar with the phone and play with it before vacation.

  • The MAP list i just checked in store still has the tenth down for the beginning of advertising. The MAP says the 27th for the RAZR, and the actual release date is 14 days from that date on the 10th. the bionic, however, went on sale the same day as the indicated date on the MAP. SO.. It could either be out on the tenth, which i doubt will happen because the advertising campaign hasn’t really started yet. but i think it’s safe to say it won’t come any later than the 24th. based on how verizon has been releasing their flagship phones. I reaaaaally hope it’s the 10th or the 17th though…

  • Anonymous


    Please tell your bosses that Verizon customers feel Verizon SUCKS when it comes to announcements and launches…and that they could learn a thing or two from Apple.

  • Not to mention the odd Nov 14th date for the iPhone 4s.  WTF?  Not sure I believe this.  BUT, the simple fact that Verizon is utterly silent about their Nexus release date leaves me worried.  It likely means a delay.  

    Man, if Google could release a phone with 1/10th the ease the iPhone is announced/released, it’d be very popular indeed.

  • It’s Verizon, believe when I see it. Verizon is so crap with phones despite their official “we are getting it” it wouldn’t surprise me if this never arrives.

  • this means absolutely nothing. the iphone has been out for weeks and they are gonna start a marketing campaign on the 14th.  i still say the ngex comes out on the 17th. why would they drop it after the biggest shopping day of the year?

  • Anonymous

    Now that seems to be exactly what is going on out there. Makes sense.

  • typo

    DROID 4 may be in the Motorola Portfolio after Black Friday…Hope so, it will make a tough Christmas decision for an OG replacement…

  • As noted, since this is their advertising schedule, technically their advert for the Samsung line might show the GNex with a ‘Coming soon’ too. 😉 *evil chuckle* sorry to destroy any more hopes. (For the record, I’m also waiting on the Nex.. not freaking out 😉

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know will we will get hotspot ?:)

  • Nathan Hosford

    My og droid stoped holding a charge past 4 hrs today after seeing this post i ordered a slim extended battery
    by Sedio on amazon for 8 bucks 1500mah http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0047BIANW/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&qid=1320202225&sr=8-11&condition=used 

  • Arcnsparks

    I love how in the text above the chart they mention the Razr the Rezound and the Stratosphere!? but no mention anywhere of the GNex! Just goes to show that unless Verizon is able to get their grubby hands into an OS with all of their bloat, they really couldn’t care less about releasing it, let alone in a timely manner… 

  • Nathan Hosford

    Even if it is legit the person who made this should be fired.

  • Nathan Hosford

    This chart is so vague it makes no since at all how do you read this thing?

  • Sheesh Man

    the problem for me is that this phone like the bionic has been buzzing since almost the beginning of the year. the phone was announced two weeks ago on the same day as the Razr. VZW passed on the GS2 for this, but we’re months out from the GS2 being released on every other network.

    why wait so long to start marketing on this phone and why relegate it behind these other phones? i’ve seen some comments saying its for marketing, but marketing usually dictates that you push a product when its hot not when it has lost some luster such as what they did with the bionic.

    it’s just ridiculous that this phone has been announced and it will be a month+ before they even start marketing the phone. except for the first Motorola Droid, VZW always finds a way to kill the mobile experience for its customers. the company could sky rocket promoting both the mobile device and network as the ultimate experience for customers, but the narrow vision of putting the network over the combination f**** the whole thing up every time.

    • Agreed, their new marketing campaign for their 4G network with the skydivers throwing lightning orb’s to stores and devices is so stupid.  Relate that to an experience that might benefit the customer and it’ll work as a marketing strategy.  Nobody cares that HALO jumpers can throw lightning orbs to my phone (unless you’re a LARPER, in which case it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen)

  • Sdg1

    anyone else notice how it has apple iphone under 11/14? considering the 4S was released a couple weeks ago advertising doesn’t line up with releases….so i guess the galaxy nexus can be announced anytime, 

  • Dominick DeVito

    Whatever – still getting this phone no matter what

  • Anonymous
  • Bigdaddyellison

    The problem for those of us barely hanging on with our OG, the new versions of most apps are made for phones with more than 256 MB of RAM.  I have to run a sinful process killer in order to keep enough memory free to keep it useable.  It got to the point I had to remove angry birds so I could keep my email apps going.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly hope that if it isn’t Nov. 17 that it ISN’T on Black Friday.  I wanna be able to walk in with my T-bolt and walk out with my G-Nex.  Black Friday sucks.  I am annoyed beyond reason by waiting in line to go into a store.

  • Youngthinka1421

    Ahhh this process :/

  • Watch, if it comes out on black friday, everybody’s going to stop b*tching about the high prices on Verizon.

  • This is BS… I am just going to wait for the next big thing.

  • joejoe509

    Thank you. Okay, after reading the Update: this makes more sense now. I mean the IP4S is already out and this has a date of 11/14. So they will have a special promotion for the IP4S starting 11/14. They will have a special promotion for the Galaxy Nexus (among other Samsung devices) starting 11/28, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be released on that date. Hmmm… so if the SGN is released on 11/10 or 11/17, but the promotion starts on 11/28 I might wait until the 28th if it’s a good enough deal. Chances are that the temptation will be too great and I’ll purchase the SGN as soon as it’s available. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nothing on the Droid 4, aww so no advertising should come out a month after razr

  • Anonymous

    I propose a new “rule”: When a phone gets announced, so does its release date

  • Tyler Krason

    I’ll continue to wait. But I wont guarantee it’ll be patiently. I cannot fault a company for pulling this crap. They have their reasons and we are all just speculating. Still sucks something ridiculous though.

  • Anonymous

    One trial after another. I refuse to let verizon sucker me into buying one of their bloatware beasts. Gnexers hold strong!

  • Anonymous

    Now that I’ve calmed down a bit and given a second look to the picture I think we may be getting ahead of ourselves. 

    As pointed out this is an advertising schedule, not a product launch timeline. Verizon would not begin selling the Nexus on a Friday or over the weekend. With any product launch, no matter how small, you want to build up interest over the week to drive sales up over the weekend. It would make absolutely no sense to launch a premium product during “bargain basement weekend” unless they have some new radical marketing strategy. I predict the GNEX will be out out before the 28th, barring any unforeseen delays. 

  • joejoe509

    My Thanksgiving vacation starts Nov 19th. I’d sure love to have a phone to play with on my time off!

  • Anonymous

    Why _would_ they want to push the Nexus during the holiday sales?  It’s going to be pure Android without all of their bloatware.  They want phones out there with as much of their bloatware as possible so they can make more money.

  • joejoe509

    Droid Life: I wouldn’t have a reason to freak out if we just had an official release date. For now let’s just hope and pray it comes out sooner than later. I’d love to show off my Galaxy Nexus over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Good freaking grief.  SELL ME A PHONE VERIZON!!!!!

    • Jacob

      And not just any phone i want a UNLOCKED phone so i can do with it what i please!!!!

  • I can’t wait… I’m getting some thexxay GNex love for Christmas!!

  • Cam

    I’ve been re-thinking this, I’m not nearly as mad. There is the chance this could be a sweet Black Friday deal from VZW!

  • Droiiid

    I bet the following post can get more likes that the “If You hate Verizon post”


  • Anonymous

    Verizon’s own road map has been accurate so far. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/10/22/new-verizon-map-shows-droid-razr-galaxy-nexus-still-at-november-10/

    So there is still no reason to think the nexus will not be released on the 10th.


  • Anonymous

    ” It most definitely could, which is why you should try not to freak out
    too much yet. ”

    You started it.. check your own article 😛

  • Anonymous

    I might have to re-root in order to get through this month. My OG Droid could use some overclocking.

  • Anonymous

    the iphone has been out weeks and it is just getting advertised then.

  • Jerry Ostrove

    Although this may actually mean that we don’t see the GN until after BF, notice the bizarre date range for the iPhone.  It began weeks before 11/14 and will likely keep selling after 12/5.  The same with the Rezound… only a two week lifespan?  Perhaps this is more of just an advertising schedule push versus and actual calendar of releases?

    • Anonymous

       I think so too.

    • joejoe509

      That means the SGN will start on 11/28. Ouch.

  • Anonymous

    First, I’m okay with this. I probably wasn’t going to get mine until after the Thanksgiving holiday anyway (my birthday is the Saturday after). Second, something tells me that this phone is being pushed back so they can market the hell out of the Razr and Rezound first. I just don’t see Verizon having a huge marketing campaign for a phone that’s bloat-free, unlocked, and pure vanilla Google. I figure this is why it’s coming out after the other two.

    On a different note, where can I find the wallpaper in the above shot? I asked this same question when this same shot appeared a couple days ago. It wasn’t a part of the inital ICS wallpaper leak. I’d very much like to see that wallpaper on my phone right now. If you know where I can find it, I’d appreciate you telling me.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a live wallpaper, and I haven’t seen it leaked anywhere yet. I’d love to have it too though.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon loves to crush peoples dreams and release Moto crap all the time instead of giving attention to all there portfolio of devices….

    GALAXY NEXUS is going to be worth the wait in my opinion, but this also gives me a chance to try the Rezound too.

    This could very well be a Monday release like the rumor suggested,  we’ll see though, I look for an announcement the week of Black Friday giving the date it goes on sale then Nov 28 or Dec 1st (whichever they choose, will be a BIG day for Verizon with all tech geeks that want this beauty so badly.  I anticipate the website crashing like it did for the Incredible and ThunderBolt

  • Anonymous

    Verizon dragging their feet again, color me surprised. If all the rest of the cell carriers didn’t suck just as much I’d dump them.

    • Anonymous

      Thats kinda why there taking advantage of that, if you ask me, there getting cocky

  • Cjphil01

    i’m fine with the date.  my contracts not up til the beginning of january, so that’ll be time for any issues that the device might have, to come to light and be fixed.  i don’t mind waiting, especially for a nexus device on vzw.

  • Anonymous

    This looks more like a marketing plan than a launch plan. Obviously the iphone 4s is not gonna be launched on November 14th!

    In that case, the November 10th date is probably still good.

  • Fuckers….

  • KnightCrusader

    I have one last annual upgrade left on my family plan that is available early December… I might give my Thunderbolt to my dad and pick up the Galaxy Nexus just to see what Android 4.0 is all about. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Really getting sick of Verizon pushing the good phones back and making us wait.   Almost everyday when I come to this site there is a new date. Just release the damn phone.

  • Anonymous

    When I upgrade to this phone, I don’t need to get 4G right? I can keep my unlimited 3G? If I get 4G, I am giving up my unlimited 3G?
    OG Droid 4 life (or till the end of the month)

    • Androider4life

      To my understanding we will move to 4g and remain unlimited

    • joejoe509

      The data plans don’t change if you get a 4G phone. You might end up using more data than you’re used to just because 4G is so much more fun. 🙂

    • Androider4life

      Verified with a third party vzw rep that i have in the family and they said we will get 4g speeds unlimited. Waiting for my friend who is a corp vzw rep to confirm. But i would guess no worries. Atleast vzw did that for us.

  • Androider4life

    I don’t know if my Droid X will make it that long. Every week my screen gets lines on it then it forms into a black filled in circle. I need the galaxy nexus desperately

  • Anonymous

    Someone on the Engadget page brought up a good point – It shows the iphone 4s on 11.14, maybe this chart is for promotions, not launch dates.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I like this date, I’ve been waiting so long it’s become a hobby…waiting that is, don’t you all just love waiting?

    • Anonymous


    • joejoe509

      Sarcasm. Gotta love it.

      It’s like being paddled by a dominatrix. You learn to love the pain. “Thank you ma’am! May I have another?” lol

  • Anonymous

    Great going Verizon and Google!.. not that people needed another reason to buy the iphone 4s instead for the holidays!. Thank you soooo much for proving the kind of of retards you guys are. I’m seriously considering the GS2 on sprint now.

    • Anonymous

      that isn’t spiting google you are buying another android so thus making google more money.

  • Anonymous

    Better not be black friday. I have other shopping to do.

  • Pardes33

    I AM mad bro 🙁

  • Binglut9

    Just release the stupid phone its ready so release the damn thing

  • J Dub

    It seems like in the past the source code has also been pushed to the AOSP at around the same time as the release of the Nexus. I think the Nexus S was available 12/16/10 with 2.3 source code on 12/17/10. So all you other non-GNex people should also look forward to this phones release date as ICS will be ready for devs. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Waiting for the official. Have one more update and this bitch is mine.

  • Nsbjj

    I am just waiting for the reviews on the RAZR’s camera.  If it’s good I am not waiting for the Nexus. 

  • tjmonkey15

    What a pisser.

  • I tweeted, it’s you guys’ turn. If we want to see the GN asap, we need to take action.

  • Anonymous

    ALL: Please flood Verizon’s twitter expressing displeasure and desire to wanting this phone ASAP.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I’m gonna end up killing myself because of this… Sooooo much waiting.

  • I don’t really give a crap when they release it at this point….  Just give us a date so I can plan damnit…

    and no, I’m not mad bro…

  • Let’s tweet and let Verizon know that this IS the phone we want to have, ASAP.

  • Jay

    Google & Samsung are a bunch of pussies for not getting Verizon to give the Nexus the attention it deserves, especially after VZW passed on the GS2. Apple gets its shit done. I want to stick with Android, but only if I can get a updates from Google; no delays due to custom UIs. Apple already does this and Nexus are the only phones that do this in the Android world. If the Nexus doesn’t come out in the next few weeks I may be getting an 4S.

  • Guest

    Ugh. Black Friday suuuuuucks. If it costs $50 on Black Friday, then sure it’ll be worth the wait. But it will cost $299 on the one day a year I hate going outside.

    • If it’s released on black friday, then forget that crap, not going out in the crowds for it, will have to get it online.  

    • tjmonkey15

      Order online?

  • rjskalet

    this sucks so bad, i was hoping for it to come out sooner. i guess mw3 will have to keep my mind off of it for a couple weeks.


  • i wish i had an upgrade earlier but i cant wait to see the phones that will come out in march(:

  • UltraDroid

    This article is largely irrelevant. When will the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM models of the Nexus be released?

    • Anonymous

      Unless you happen to live in one of the areas where AT&T is complete garbage, which is most of them.

  • Anonymous

    whats next? “Verizon to get only 16GB models for $299 sometime in December.” 

    • tjmonkey15

      If that’s the case, no Nexus for me.  I need 32!!

  • Verizon needs to move these iPhone 4S units

  • exiOS

    So they gave up on the GS2 to have a phone that launches 2 months later? That is eons in cell tech years.

  • Mark Steinmetz

    This is very disappointing. I was thinking it was going to be an early November release. I hope that this late November (possible first 3 days of December) release is the real release date and it is not delayed any further.

  • This really doesn’t prove that the G nex isn’t going to be released after thanksgiving.  It could be that they themselves have not yet decided when to release it, so put a later date on the material.  That being said, F you anyway VZW.

  • Nolan

    it’s probably only 16GB too…

    • Anonymous

       if it’s 16GB.. then I’ll definitely not buy it.

  • Anonymous

    OK.  Umm, Verizon….
    Are you freaking kidding me?
    “Hmmm.  Rather than offer three good phones simultaneously and offer many choices to draw people from other carriers, I think we should spread them out, let people/sheep go see the Iphone 4S, Galaxy SII phones, HTC phones, etc. elsewhere.  Yeah.  That’s a good idea.  We’d much rather delay the releases and have people go elsewhere….

  • Djlowproz

    Sweet, Dumb Question can I upgrade and charge this to my bill?

    • Keith Sumner

      Yes you can, as long as your bill is not past due.

  • Does Verizon currently sell the Iphone 4s? Because if i’m making the leaps you are making the article, I would say they don’t and its releasing on 11/14

    • Alex Perez

      my thought exactly, this looks like a marketing roadmap not a product release schedule

    • Anonymous

      Shhhh, you weren’t supposed to see that

  • tyson184

    let me guess, quad core to be released Jan 1, 2012? 

    G-Nex will be old news by the time of release – just like the bionic (RIP)

  • Matt Gilmore

    Nooooo!  Three weeks of waiting?  Hope my OG Droid lasts that long.

  • rocketdaddy

    Preorder NOW pls.

  • This really Sucks I was going to go get new phones the weekend after the 7th which is when I can renew.  I have like 4 lines that are up for renewal that day.  I wasn’t even thinking of black friday I might just wait since I think I am getting 2 RAZRs and 2 GNex.  My sister and wife will probably get the RAZR and I will get a GNex for myself and one for my mom.  Maybe I will wait for black friday weekend now and see if I can get all of them pretty cheap.

  • BK

    I can understand the delay from Verizon’s perspective. What I can’t understand, however, is how Google hasn’t managed to handle this release better. The iPhone 4s was available for order (or pre-order anyway) immediately following Apple’s launch presentation, allowing it to capitalize on implusive buyers, maximize excitement, and quickly build huge pre-sale numbers. I’m not saying the Nexus won’t be a huge hit, but one has to wonder how the time in between launch and availability might affect sales, or at least perceptions of the device. Yes, I’m going to buy it, and yes, I wish it would be out earlier. But beyond my personal preferences it just seems like some poor choices to me.

    • Anonymous

       google is too busy sucking European a$$. They could learn a thing or two from apple.

  • Danny

    They had to push the Galaxy Nexus back at least 14 days after the launch of the Razr cause they don’t want all of the returns.

    • Cam

      I doubt it was that contrived, but you have to admit, there is a glut of new hardware all coming at once. Not that I mind, but I’m just a bit impatient, personally. Even when it does come out, I doubt I will buy before there are a few reviews from people that have had the phone for a week or more. Here’s hoping DL gets an early preview unit to play with.

  • I wish that bar JUST said “Galaxy Nexus” with Samsung Holiday Portfolio who knows where it could land in there! I sure hope it doesn’t come ON black friday though, that’d be a MAD house.

    • Sp4rxx

      not if you order online!

  • Anonymous

    This really sucks

  • Anonymous

    Looking at how Verizon is blatantly underplaying it’s FIRST Nexus device.. and prioritizing all other devices before this.. I have a feeling this device is gonna be a HUGE flop because of numerous bugs and what not.

    Is that why you don’t love it Verizon? For crying out loud, there isn’t even a mention on Verizon’s website about this device.

    • It won’t have bugs, Google is in control of software, and Samsung is in control of hardware.  It’ll be an awesome phone, you just have to accept the fact that it will be a flop as far as sales go.  Fortunately, Google doesn’t care about sales.  I just hope Verizon continues to carry Nexus phones even if they don’t sell well.  Verizon will not push or advertise it, thought Samsung might.  It will be shoved in a dark corner in their stores and no one will know about it except us nerds, get used to it.

      • Anonymous

        i hear ya Adam. but we may be surprised with the sales of this on VZ.  I’ve never seen “want” like this before.     I think even the regular people will want this once they play with ICS. it’s so nice……

        • Sorry, most people make their decisions based on ads and salesman recommendations and which phones are “featured” in the stores.  The Nexus will be a dark corner in all stores and never once get a TV ad.  No one will know about it, and the super thin RAZR will sell like hotcakes. I am not bothered by this as long as Verizon keeps carrying Nexus phones from now on.

  • Jackblack

    Now I’ll have two things to be thankful for:

    the destruction and genocide of a native people and culture…and
    the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Imstr81

    HTC THUNDERBOLT $150…..The proceeds will go towards the Google nexus!

  • Anonymous

    you’re killing me Verizon. Screw those other two phones. give us some Gnex now.

    why why why

  • Bear0013

    This does not look like a positive for the galaxy nexus….it seem more like verizons red headed step child and they don’t want to many people buying it…imo

    • Of course they don’t want people buying it, it isn’t loaded down with their crapware and locked bootloaders that Moto is only too happy to provide.

  • Urugami

    The screen on my wife’s Eris is going out, and now we have to wait until (practically) December to replace it?  c’mon, Verizon…..

  • QQMore

    Motherfrackers!!!  Ugh.

  • Firelight

    I. WANT. IT. NOW. – Veruca Salt

  • Cam

    For all the meme drones, feel free to direct them at me; yes, I mad…bro.

  • Anonymous

    Good things come to those who wait.  Besides, that way I can get in another couple paychecks before it’s released so that I can actually afford to buy it.  =)

  • I like how the text above the calendar doesn’t even mention the G-Nex. It refers to the multi-tasker friendly Sammy Stratosphere. WTF!? Quite possibly the biggest phone launch this year (Bionic was a flop) and all it gets is basically a footnote reference in the line up? A$$HATS!

    • Are you new to Verizon, or the cellular industry in general?  This is how they all do it, especially Verizon.  Just don’t worry about how they market their phones.  Buy the one you want, and be happy.  Actually, this is how the entire Consumer Electronics Industry works.  Stores peddle what they’re told to peddle, not what is actually the best for the consumer.  Ever heard of Monster cables?

    • Sp4rxx

      Do you need your eyes examined?  The big red bar that says SAMSUNG PORTFOLIO WITH GALAXY NEXUS started on 11/28…. It’s RED too, how can you miss it?

    • Keith Sumner

      The Bionic was not a flop.

  • Michael Allis

    I’m getting the feeling my OG Droid is starting to fall apart at the seams a bit… The poor guy is starting to have trouble running Music in the background while surfing twitter or Facebook. I may, MAY, have to jump ship to the RAZR if it bails on me early.

    That’s a scary thing to think about.

    • I’m with ya bro, Nexus is clearly the phone for me but it gets harder and harder to swallow.  I really would love to understand marketing strategy better.  Seems like VZW blew a chance to FINALLY be bleeding edge not just playing catch up.

  • Pardes33

    i will never again buy a bloatware, vacasted phone from verizon again.  Nothing else I will get the iphone 4s.  

    F U Verizon

  • Another long month of waiting just because Verizon loves their bloatware.  Gotta love the marketing…I’ve waited this long, I can wait some more.

  • You know they are just delaying it so that those of us who can’t wait any longer will give in and buy the bloated, v-casted, Razr or Rezound… Their goal is to push as much bloat as possible and sadly this ploy will most likely help achieve that goal.

  • Bigteedo

    VZW is killing me,by the time they finally release the damn galaxy nexus they will already have a better next gen ISC phone with way better spec’s to be released soon after.Somebody just shoot me now please lol

  • All I can say is that I feel sorry for the people on my Christmas list. Nexus for me and something from the dollar store for you.

    • +1

    • left over Halloween candy makes a wonderful gift

      • Joshua

        especially when you lick it and stick it to Verizon store windows.


  • BLARG!

  • Mikehen08

    i feel like someone pissed in my cheerios 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this is just the marketing material schedule and not the actual launch date. I’m trying to hold out hope here…

  • Robbie Gerling

    im going to say this is an ad campaign slide or whatever.  the limited timeframe for the rezound and holiday portfolio make it sound like such.

    Its still rather quite possible that VZW will be selling the gnex prior to the end of the month, but just not actively marketing it…  thoughts anyone?

    • Jeff Tycz

      hopefully you are right but wont hold my breath

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with that ICS in January thing..

  • Nobody

    Well it’s about @#$%ing time!

  • Anonymous

    To Get back at verizon.. here is what I propose.

    EVERYBODY..buy the RAZR and/or the Rezound.. and then RETURN every one of them to buy the GNex.

    I want those dogs running Verizon to say “So much for the strategic launching of the Gnex”.

    • Anonymous

      the $30 restocking fee is the flaw in your plan

      • Anonymous

         I don’t think there is re-stocking fees if you return it within 14 days.

        • ZT

          There is.

          • Anonymous

            technically you’d be exchanging.. and I don’t think there is restocking fees for exchanges (??)

          • There definitely is restocking fee, there wasn’t before but that changed a while back.

        • Anonymous

          They changed that a while back, you get slapped with the $30 fee regardless. You can sweet talk your way out of it if you give them a good sob story, but only if you get lucky with the rep. I was only able to pull it off once.

          • Anonymous

            Or buy from Costco and your problem is solved.

  • I hate this! Bring the phone before the Black Friday sales!

  • Pardes33

    and a day before release (assumingly 11/28)  Rumors for S3 with 1080p screen and quad core with foldable screen will be out with a release date of 12/23 and that will piss the living fark out of me….. 

    Verizon should go to hell for this.

    • Maybe, but you will not hear anything concrete about the S3 until CES of next year anyway.  We already know the S3 will be better than the Nexus as will MANY phones to come in the spring of 2012, so that shouldn’t surprise you.  I’m not getting the Nexus because it’s the best phone and will be the best phone for a long time.  I’m getting it because it’s a Nexus (which we won’t see again until this time next year), and it checks all the boxes for me. I would rather buy a 3 or 4 month old Nexus, than a new anything else. I nearly switched this summer and bought the Nexus S just because there was nothing else I was interested in even though many other phones had way better specs than the Nexus S. But then Nexus on Verizon rumors started circulating so I decided to wait and it’s finally going to pay off.

      • Anonymous

        exactly !!!

  • ZT

    Damn you Verizon!! I’m getting the Razr instead.

  • It stinks to wait, but if 11/28 ends up being the real date, at least I don’t have to keep wondering WHEN anymore…

    • VZW releases phones almost always on a Thursday so it will probably be 12/1 before we see it. The 11/28 date is just the start of their Holiday Portfolio promotion. I’m really starting to hate VZW. To bad the other carriers are worse or i’d switch.

      • Good point…3 more days of waiting then (at least)…ugh

  • They are only doing it so they can sell the phones with all their own bullshit on it… What a load of shit! Seriously annoying!

  • Confused2much

    April Fools?

  • foreWard

    son of a…..

  • Verizon will not lose any customers over this. They will STILL be first to carry Nexus in US, and they will sell a few hundred thousand more RAZRs in the process. The only people who care about the Nexus are the devs. THAT is a VERY small piece of the corporate pie and they know it. MOST folks will really dig the RAZR and the Rezound, the rest of us will wait for the Nexus and be on the bleeding edge AGAIN! BTW… If you LIKE Verizon (I do)… LIKE this comment. Yes, I’m a “like” whore now!

  • Rokenford

    Why did I sign up for the G-Nex newsletter from verizon last week. I haven’t heard anything from it since I signed up.

    • LionStone

      Oh that was just so they can spam you later…you will find out everything you need to know here first!!

  • bigrob60


  • nexus on the brain


  • Derek Stiles

    Damn.  I was hoping to get one on my birthday which is on Thanksgiving this year……..Double damn.

    • Rp780

      Your birthday switches days every year? 

      • Rokenford

        In America Thanksgiving is not a set date. It is always the 4th thursday in november, and can be any date between Nov 22 and Nov 28.

      • Derek Stiles

        No my birthday switches days of the week every year just like everyone else’s.  Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday therefore every seven years my birthday is on Thanksgiving.

        Unless that pesky leap year comes around to really screw things up…

  • Ericsf8

    this is probably good for droid-life though… as I bet traffic has gone up with everyone checking Nexus posts. I know that whenever droid-life pops up on my RSS feed I press click with my breath held hoping that it’ll be about when I can expect a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising.  I was thinking that releasing three phones on 11/10 or within a week of that would be a bit much.  Also I feel like they want to let the Droid Razr have the spotlight (or share it with the HTC whatever).  They were a part of the Droid Razr launch and it’s an exclusive to Verizon.  It’s very likely that the Galaxy Nexus will end up on a number of US Carriers, even if Verizon gets it first.  They want to push the Razr since it is theirs.

  • Erik

    I just hate that Verizon is pushing the phones that they have a steak in before the Nexus. They are basically promoting phones that within a few days time, will no longer have the best software available on Verizon, robbing customers of the choice. The phone is ready, why not release it with the other two? Oh, because then there is no Verizon bloatware on the phone that people with probably be most awe inspired by and then Verizon loses out. Hey Verizon, how about instead of worrying about getting your pitiful apps into as many hands as possible, you put your customers first by giving them the choice and stop creating deceitful marketing campaigns that make each phone seem like the ‘phone to get’ for the holiday season? I just hope that the sales reps will be honest with customers and let them know that another phone is coming shortly, that is completely different than any Droid and will be the first to receive updates directly from Google. Seriously, if I were Google/Samsung and I knew this is how Verizon was going to be introducing my phone, I would say forget it and tell them they weren’t worthy of it. (I am definitely getting the Nexus though, just pissed about how many people will have new phones that don’t even have the latest software on it, and will have to wait months to finally get it).

  • Wiz
  • Trooper

    Sucks but what can you do?

  • Anonymous

    You knew this was coming.

  • Someone mention this in the IRC channel I’m in that the Nexus part looks photoshop….. I kind of am thinking that too…. I hope this was not from some random scrub that was just trying to troll

  • Anonymous

    those mother effing donkeys who run Verizon have no brains!.. you are delaying a Nexus Device with a brand new game-changing mobile OS because of sh i tty ass rezound and a mediocre razr?

    you guys should be fired because you just lost a bunch of customers who will be buying/getting phones for the thanksgiving holidays.


  • Anonymous

    Long as the Rezound has a deal for black friday, then this is no news to me.

  • Yagermeister

    Looks like a Cyber Monday spectacular!

  • Anonymous

    There is a shock they are going to market their bloated phones to the unknowing public before they even mention a phone without it.

  • Anonymous


  • Interstellarmind

    ah, ok, at least i’ll have time to thoroughly vet the rezound at the store before deciding on the g-nex.

  • Avery Ma

    Figured. They need some holiday goodies to hold on too.

  • Anonymous

    They’d better not wait too long because if any carrier gets this before Verizon I will switch in a heartbeat.  Verizon has done nothing to earn my loyalty.

  • so the Brits are getting ICS before the US? WTF!?

    • Anonymous

      No shit! Damn OS was developed in the states. We should have first access to it. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Kris Brandt

    Sigh.  I waited for a Bionic but when I hard about the RAZR, I waited.  And then the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon news and I made up my mind to get that.  And now we hear that it’ll be pushed back until Black Friday.  With news of the RAZR being rooted already, I might just go ahead and get the RAZR since I know it’ll get ICS.  I was hoping to get a great new phone before my Thanksgiving trip and having an unlocked developer phone was icing on the cake.  Alas, that is not meant to be.  

  • hatethanet

    Yeah, this is pretty much when I thought it would launch. No problem. I’ll just play with the RAZR for a couple weeks before getting the Galaxy Nexus, then.

  • Fortesquieu

    Thunderbolt fiasco all over again. Delay here, “inside sources” tip saying coming next week, then delay again…..

  • Woohaaha


  • Anonymous

    This is effing ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    This is bull sheet.

    Oh well, my upgrade day is the 23rd of November.  This just means that I’ll be able to go get it on release day I suppose.

    • I consider you lucky, I have been sitting on my hands and my upgrade option JUST happened on 10/20…stupid waiting!

  • Holy F. How much longer must we wait? Time to think of other things to numb my brain for another few weeks. 

  • Enfpruiz21

    I really hate you Verizon

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Motorola and HTC are better friends to Verizon than Samsung…

  • Anonymous

    I am imagining Verizon to be an entity and sitting in front of me.

    I am slapping it across the face.. I’m kicking it on it’s nuts.. I’m spitting on it’s face.

    A flagship device of an American company and Americans are treated like stray dogs?

    EFF YOU VERIZON!!! .. Google.. go s u c k the queen of England’s a$$.

    You cheap sell out Bastards!

    • Anonymous

      Dude, all of that anger and hate you need a woman lol It’s not Googles fault 😛

      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        No woman should be around him for fear of her own safety.

  • glad i didnt wait for it 🙂

    • You realize it’s only another month right? Giving in and buying a crappier phone and being stuck with it for 2 years vs waiting another month.  I think I’ll wait the month for an awesome phone.

      • how do you know a phone is crappy that you haven’t even had before, the razr probably be twice a good as the Nexus, who knows, I just know i watched both events and liked the razr better than the Prime. Ok Nexus coming out the end of Novemeber and Razr getting ICS in January. To me, I don’t care about Vanilla Android, I like Moto Blur, and the Nexus phone itself is Quite ugly compared to the Razr, I think I chose wisely

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, just because you dont care for a phone doesn’t mean its crap

  • Jason

    why do you suck soooooo bad verizon,  next we are gonna hear it will be out around xmas

  • Any chance that this is when they plan to market the G-nex and not necessarily when they will begin selling them?  Nexus phones launch with little fanfare, no?

  • Guest

    I guess they want shitty black friday sales since nobody wants those phones.

  • Jikhead

    Dam, I have to wait another 2-3 weeks?

  • They dont announce a phone you guys complain, they announce its coming in Nov, you complain. Really? lol.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a good chance that this stunt will lose Samsung my business.  Sammy, I’ve been waiting and waiting.  Decided to wait for the GS2, then when I found out that Big Red wouldn’t be getting it, decided to wait for the G Nexus.  But this is getting stupid.  Don’t announce a phone so damn far in advance in the future, mmmkay?

    • Anonymous

      why not? they have you waiting don’t they? in the meantime you haven’t used your upgrade. seems like google and samsung made out good. it’s not their fault that verizon is choosing to give the razr and rezound a headstart

    • Anonymous

      Be mad at Verizon. You think Samsung tells Verizon what day the phone comes out?

  • Can you imagine if it came out Black Friday with some Black Friday pricing? Now THAT would be sweet and worth the wait….

    BOGO maybe? (haha one can dream)

  • Ben


  • Dan

    Guys…Reminder, just a phone…..

    • NotJustAPhone

      Shut up Dan!

    • Dan…Reminder, youre just a dooooooosh….

    • Anonymous

      Dan, reminder, who the hell are you.

      just a phone to you. buy the Razor then.  

      stop posting if you think it’s no big deal. go do something that more important than a silly phone (thats worth more than your car).

      Just a phone. Are you nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    F&*K you Verizon

  • Kdkinc

    selling my left lung now!!! Gotta have it .

  • Alexa White

    How do they always know when I will be out of town??  I tend to order online for the discounts (if they even still have them), and have it shipped to my house, where I am normally at 24/7 (work from home).  When I ordered my Incredible, the backorders backed up and my shipment was delayed to the day after I went on vacation.  And AGAIN, here I go on vacation and the dang phone is likely to go on sale.  You’re killing me, Verizon!!

  • I……FING…..HATE….YOU…..VERIZON!!!!!

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      I thought you hated Sense.

      • Anonymous


  • nemov

    America’s biggest and most infuriating network.

  • Anonymous

    Like I said before Verizon is trying to bait people into buying the Rezound and RAZR because they don’t like the idea of an unlocked developer phone.  Everything they have done up to this point shows us that they are against the open developer policy.  In all reality the only reason people stay with Verizon is for the Network, Unlimited Grandfathered Data, and device availability, not for their business practices or attitude towards the community.  I would peg the release the week after Black Friday.  If they were going to hype this device, a Black Friday release would benefit them due to the large amount of consumers in the physical stores that day.  From what we have seen so far besides a banner on a random URL, Verizon has made no effort to hype the device.  They are releasing this device to show gratitude for Google not because they like it or want it. Just my opinion. I will have one regardless of the above but this is typical Verizon behavior.

    • Verizon has made their bed with the Droid brand.  Any phone that doesn’t carry this Brand will hit the bargain bin and never even be mentioned by a salesman or Verizon advertising.  I hate Verizon.

    • I think it’s less the unlocked developer phone and more that VZW, Moto, and HTC have gotten together and put money into these phones. Plus it’s branded Verizon, so I don’t really blame VZW for putting these exclusive phones over a phone they’ll have exclusivity for a couple of months or however long it will be.

      • Anonymous

        I see your point and yes they will promote devices they are financially involved in and we can’t blame them for that but I still think even though the developer community is small in the eyes of a carrier like Verizon they still like to sustain a level of control over the users.  If that ability is back-seating a great device they will do it.

        • Truthfully, I think Moto would have been pissed if VZW didn’t let the RAZR ride the wave of awesome they were touting. Moto and VZW have worked together in the past, and they want to continue the positive relationship.

          Meanwhile, Samsung hasn’t really given any big-profile exclusive devices to VZW, so they’re not as big of a deal.

          Google, meanwhile, couldn’t care less, since they’re all Android, regardless of OS version.

          But I definitely want the Galaxy Nexus. My Droid is struggling and everyday I’m egging it on. The price we pay for the next best device, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      They’re releasing it because they passed on the GS II and had to throw Samsung a bone.

      I would have for sure left VZW for another carrier if they didn’t have the Galaxy Nexus or GSII.

    • UA8

      That makes little to no sense they will sell out of this phone regardless so a huge run on the phone in the physical stores will happen regardless of it being black friday.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    amazing how the bullshit endless gossip and rumors around here always change.. it’s Verizon exclusive, it’s coming the 10th.. blah blah blah just endless hype and rumors that change with the day and the latest “trusted source”…. meh

  • this is a load of horsesh**!!!! just release the damn phone already verizon. sorry for the expletives but this is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Black Friday with the RAZR and Rezound, then on the horizon the clouds will open up and the sun is shining for, Wait, Wait I hear, I hear U2 playing “It’s A Beautiful Day”!!! and the Nexus Prime will be out. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Me: Giiiiimmmeee! Giiimmmeee!
    Verizon: nah nah nah naaaah nah

  • Scott Willenborg

    Looks like I’ll be “releasing” shortly after that!!  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!

  • Anonymous


  • I was so frustrated that I spoke with the VZW rep and referenced the two new LTE phones from AT&T and I might jump networks. She hinted that I should check back at the end of the month. I was hoping she was saying, “check back, I don’t really know.” But now it seems like, “check back, we’ll have news then.”


  • Mctypething

    Great, another month of unfounded rumors and hype over a cheap plastic phone.

  • The Nexus has been a c*ck tease…. and still no pricing info?  The suspense is terrible.

    • My OG Droid is seriously on its last leg. I can barely take a call without anymore and the power button on top sticks terribly. I may cry.

  • the 28th? this is getting absolutely ridiculous. its getting so difficult to wait for this phone. i mean im obviously gonna wait for it, but its killing me. does anyone know when the preorder will be?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You do realize that once we get near Black Friday, another MAP will come out saying that the date is back to mid-December. And then another one will come out. And so on, and so forth.

  • Booboolala2000

    So. I called vzw today and found i have one upgrade left. Now, just need to cancel the auction on my charge for a week and relist. Great for the holidays. Sad cause i wish it were here next week.

  • Atst88

    iPhone time line looks a bit off. Are you sure this info is right??

  • MikeyBotz

    When you have Verizon, who needs enemies…They are like a cruel adult version of Santa.

  • Peter

    So we can expect the source code to drop when?? Because I’m not upgrading hardware for some time.

  • TJ Egan

    Guys, let’s be honest, you HAD to see this coming… They were not going to release the RAZR, Rezound AND Nexus at exactly the same time! 

    • Just because we saw it coming does not mean we have to like it when it gets here.

  • Dave

    Yep, I’m betting on December 1st.  I’m oddly okay with that…again, as long as it’s coming.

  • No.

  • Tom

    Doesn’t matter to me, I need to wait until december to buy it anyway. So this works out for me

    • rikster


  • Anonymous

    So much for the 17th

  • If you HATE Verizon like this post

    • Ron

      Can the MODs change the comment section so I can like this twice?

    • Anonymous

      Like whore.

      • ^ I like this.

      • wow- never knew so many people hate on Verizon 😉

        • Yeah, U mad. lol.

          • “I dont have a family” Nice comment edit
            And I can tell.

          • Guest

            you can’t tell shit!! go huff some more penis!

          • Haha you took this to far.

          • Jason Galkin

            Troll… I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • Well, you arnt being one so what do it matter?

          • David Hayden

            If there was a dislike button, I’d hit it right now. I don’t know about you, but some of us have phones that can’t wait much longer to be replaced.

          • Then activate a backup phone, that I”m sure you have.  If the device was in a condition where it can’t function to its fullest, then you shouldn’t still have it, you should get a device now full retail, or from eBay. Waiting for a phone to come out at a unknown release date, when you device is near inoperable condition is just foolish, since it could not turn on anymore, and you be screwed, lol.

          • k6tcher

            You sir, are an idiot. That is all… carry on.

          • Well, I guess our opinion counts. Carry on.

          • Buy the RAZR, buy the Bionic.  If your phone can’t wait any longer to be replaced then replace it.  Don’t whine at us because your phone isn’t going to last until the end of the month when perfectly good replacements exist.

          • Joe

            Gotta be the dumbest thing I read today.

          • Please explain to me why this is the dumbest thing you’ve read today.  People would complain if their ice cream was too cold.  If you can’t possibly survive with the phone you currently have there are perfectly suitable replacements out there.  It isn’t Verizon’s fault your phone is falling apart.  I have many friends with OG Droids in perfect working condition.  If you can’t wait until they release the Nexus then there are phones out there you can buy TODAY.

          • Christephor

            actually they did they said early november and the 28th is not early

          • Link?

          • Daniel

            Google said early November, Verizon said by the end of the year

          • Christephor

            they said early november when they announced it on october 19th

          • Verizon didn’t!

          • Michaelkwade

            I read many times…”Later this year”
            What sources stated a release date early November?
            Only speculations from Smartphone Afficionados reported early November, not VZW…just saying.

          • Chris

            My problem is that my Droid barely works.  I’ve been waiting since I’ve been eligible for an upgrade in July, with it getting progressively worse, for a phone with stock Android on Verizon.

            Now that they finally announce one, they can’t be bothered to provide a date.  Meanwhile, I’m getting to the point where I’m going to have to activate a dumbphone and lose my unlimited data, because I need a phone and the Droid is on its last legs.

          • See comment below: 

            “Then activate a backup phone, that I”m sure you have.  If the device was in a condition where it can’t function to its fullest, then you shouldn’t still have it, you should get a device now full retail, or from eBay. Waiting for a phone to come out at a unknown release date, when you device is near inoperable condition is just foolish, since it could not turn on anymore, and you be screwed, lol.”

          • Chris

            If I activate my backup phone (an e815), I lose unlimited data and won’t be able to get it back.  What’s the point of an LTE phone without unlimited data? Apps like Netflix and HBO Go will plow through the 2 GB I’d get for the same price that I’m paying now.

          • I never ever said activate a feature phone. Exactly for your reason.

          • Anonymous

            actually that’s  not true.  I went back to an old (non smartphone) and I had them keep me on my unlimited plan so I could be continued to be grandfathered…

          • OK, I thought Ed had said at one point he was having an issue getting them.

          • Emily

            Get a Bionic and return it before the 30 days is up. Then go back to your droid for 3 days so you dont have to pay the 15% restocking fee. then get the Nexus.

          • Daisy

            I got a Bionic for a week, but not for the reason suggested here, and suffered a $35 restock fee. Bashtards.

          • ashy larry

            it’s actually 15 days now. i tried to do it today. i had to pay 100 dollars for a replacement droid 2. it was either that, no phone, or lose my unlimited data by reactivating an old phone

          • Anonymous

            wanna buy my thunderbolt to use in the meantime? :-p

          • Rob Campos Rob

            Ill buy it how much

          • Anonymous

            $300 including case and extended battery. dead serious actually… just put it on craigslist today.

          • Rob Campos Rob

            Under what listing and oh where do you live I’m in california.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t activate a feature phone, go to ebay or cowboom.com and get a low end android phone for ~$50-$70 to use for a couple weeks. Not ideal obviously but it will save you in the long run.

          • Anonymous

            Why? If you don’t change your phone plan what difference does it make?

          • Anonymous

            When you switch to a feature phone they drop your data package. It would be a pain in the ass to fight with CS to get it back, and even then it’s not guaranteed.

          • J Dub

            Are your Droid problems hardware or software related? Both could be pretty easily fixed. 

          • You can get something like another original DROID or a original DROID Incredible very cheap now on Craigslist or something along those lines. I see both of those phones constantly for sale from $50-$100. Or like somebody else has stated you can activate a feature phone and just have them KEEP the data on  that line so you won’t loose it. You will be paying the $30 for absolutely nothing while using that phone but at least you won’t loose the unlimited data when it comes time for you to activate the Nexus in a couple weeks.

          • Deepak Menon

            I’m in a similar boat. My OG Droid, although far from unusable, is annoyingly slow right now. Exiting out from any CPU-intensive app, like Camera, or Maps takes me to a blank desktop with no icons and I have to wait upwards of 20 seconds before I can do anything else, including picking up a phone call. I’ve had lot of missed calls due to this 🙁
            I was holding off rooting the phone and overclocking thinking the Nexus will be out soon, but I guess now I need to just root it.

          • Anonymous

            Oh man I feel you. Same exact thing here…. If i know im gonna do anything that needs power i overclock it to 1Ghz and it is alot better.

          • Deepak Menon

            I finally rooted it and overclocked it – it’s much better but still way too slow. Come on VZW, enough peddling the Droid Razr, just release the Nexus already!

          • Michaelkwade

            My OG Droid has been getting progressively worse, dialing on it’s own, texting on its own, deleting whatever e-mail it doesn’t like…on it’s own, all because of the digitizer gone bad.  I have been waiting patiently for the Nexus but my phone got so bad this last weekend I went on E-Bay and purchased another Droid for 42.00 and activated it earlier today, just to get me over the hump until Nexus is released in a few weeks.  Go to E-Bay and check out the cheap deals, get your used smartphone for 40.00, then in a few weeks when you get your Nexus, post your used smartphone on E-Bay and get your money back selling it to the next guy…..just a thought!

          • Rodster

            I’m with you bro, mine does the same thing and now the microphone quit, so all I can do is text.  Boy, is it going to be a long month.

          • Anonymous

            : Emily is right – Go grab the Bionic (but do it at Best Buy) and exchange it with their 30 day return policy, no mail in rebates and no restocking fees. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, it’s one thing if Verizon came out and said; “November 10th release!”  And it was pushed back.  Then I would be pretty irritated (bro) But they still haven’t even announced a release date yet.  It will come, calm down peeps.

          • Words of truth! Thank you!

          • My main issue is these “super” phones are GREAT on paper but take to damm long to get to market that in a few (5-6?) months the phones are outdated and obsolete upon release. The new years an Feb. phones are gonna be out a month or two after the G-nex drops. I understand logistics, I understand marketing, I just am frustrated that the pace of these devices getting to “reality” is slow COMPARED to the mobile tech timeline which by all accounts is far faster than it needs to be. Also Why the FU(#*#)#K is the rest of the world privileged to these SUPER phones before the US?! We have MORE discretionary income than those dorks in the EU and UK….sigh another GSII let down. I have multiple upgrades and discounts and I have been yelling “HEY VZW! AND SAMMY! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!” and they go and let me down again. Another point in my rambling if Big Red did not have that wonderful 4g goodness I would bitch slap my contract in a reps face and move on. I am tired of waiting for a “premier” device to drop every 2 years when competitors are getting the goods at contract prices that don’t make my butt sore!

          • Anonymous

            No, I hear ya.  But the carriers will never deliver the goods at our level of expectation, it’s just the way it is.  All we can do is have patience

          • Anonymous

            They are outdated by other paper phones which then take 5-6 months to release.  So in terms of phones you can use, they aren’t outdated at all.

          • Anonymous

            are you the timmy from south park?

          • Oh yeah 😛

          • Anonymous

            He’s asking that because people have consistently mistaken you to be mentally retarded.

          • What if I was? Got a problem with retarded people? Besides, anyone with a towel in their username and profile picture, I can’t take seriously.

          • Anonymous

            There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.

          • Znibbor

            Timmy…your grammar is atrocious.

          • Thank you! I try to tell him this all the time, but he never listens.

          • Got nothin better to do?

          • XroidX

            I just hate them for the way they do buisness, never said because a phone is not releasing.
            I hate AT&T even more, thats why I am on verizon now.

          • Anonymous

            I’ll just wait until January. It’ll be $14 and obsolete by then.

          • Trolls? Sounds like you are trolling.

          • Dude … think of this. You just dropped $300 on a phone, the rep at the store said the G-NEX “wasn’t coming out, there were issues (early October). They used to have a 30 day return policy, which has been strategically changed to a 14-day, so they can continue to do this to customers. If I’d KNOWN these phones were RIGHT on the heel of this one, I wouldn’t of upgraded (I broke my DX). Now I’m stuck with a phone that cost me $300, but only a month later is not being made obsolete. This page ISN”T “Thanksgiving Life” NOR is it “Family Life” it’s DROID LIFE. So if we want to be mad at Verizon swindling a lot of us into a phone that is obsolete only a month later, we will! One has nothing to do with the other, TROLL!

          • Guest

            i can’t understand something like that. he’s a dick!

          • Michaelkwade

            So you say Verizon “Swindled” you????
            Oh, Brother…the cows JUST came home.

          • Christopher Riner

            Yeah, I’d rather test drive the razr for 14 days and then get the g-nex when its good and ready, and (hopefully mostly) bug free.  I waited an entire eternity to meet my girlfriend, watched oceans dry up and every star fall from the sky…I can wait a couple weeks for something else sexy.

        • Lattefafa33

          Only jealous people… or idiots

      • Anonymous

        I’ve posted much more coherent, intelligible, and humorous comments. Yet, Pat gets 450 for that? I guess it’s all about beating the crowd. Well who cares anyway…they’re just likes. NEED….LIKES!!

        • sounds like you need a hug more than a “like”

          • Anonymous

            yes, a hug!

          • *hugs*

    • Verizon Rep

      You are all in violation of the terms of agreement of your contract, consider yourself warned look for a $10 increase for your data charges on your next bill

      Good Day

      • Not Funny.

      • Anonymous

        Hey HEY!!!  Be nice V Rep LMAO!!!!

      • Chris G

        That’s actually very funny.

      • Anonymous


    • U mad bro?

      • MikeyBotz

        Has anyone else realized that the Droid-Life community is 98% Hipster?

        • 96% teenagers. 

          • Guest

            sad isn’t it!!

          • “”god damn!!! you get rid on one douche bag and 2 more take his place! truly SAD!!!”
            Nice comment edit.
            U mad?
            lrn2joke man.

          • MikeyBotz

            u mad bro?

          • Hipsters dont get mad!

          • Go home Timmy!

          • Guest

            he can’t help it.  he was an abused child.

          • Guest

            u a dick?

        • Anonymous

          No one understands 98%… it is 99% and 1%. Which one are you?

        • Guest

          thank god that crap is being flagged and taken down.  bunch of douche bags!!!

      • You didn’t have to. 

      • Guest

        god damn!!! you get rid on one douche bag and 2 more take his place!  truly SAD!!!

        • You need help.

          • Guest

            no i come out here to read about phones. not a bunch of douche bags comments like “you ____ bro!”  grow the hell up!! go hang out on the sesame street forums for that crap! 

          • Easy now, its just the internet!

          • It really is annoying Timmy. 

          • It be funnier if I didn’t know you in real life ;). haha.

          • Anonymous

            And name calling is appropriate?

          • Guest

            sure is!

    • if you hate people who fish for “likes”, like this post. see what I did there…

      • I could really care less about the “likes”… I was being ironic… Because I like irony… almost as much as I like “likes”…

    • Sp4rxx

      I wish there were a dislike

    • Anonymous

      makes me feel better and better about my bionic.  i’ll have it for 3 months by the time this thing [might] be released.  then i’ll be angry

    • If you totally saw this coming like this post. Yes I am trying to steal some of your likes.

    • OG Droid

      We wait any longer it will rival the bionic in release schedule.

      • GotSka81

        At least give a LITTLE credit…the Bionic was announced and delayed, announced and delayed…

        Really, did any of us expect to see this device before the holiday season?  It wouldn’t make any marketing sense to release before then.

    • Anonymous

      Hope they all die a painful death.

    • Dr Piranha

      So, you hate Verizon because… they set a release date not to your liking? Grow up.

      Also, for all 200+ people who “liked” that comment, feel free to switch carriers.There are many others out there that will gladly take your money.

    • Anonymous

      Go post just how pleased we are with them on their FB wall : http://www.facebook.com/verizon?sk=wall

    • KniteLyf

      this is verizon’s way of artificially decreasing sales of their one phone with an unlocked bootloader. Save your money. Hold out a little longer. Get ur GNex

    • La Shon Johnson

      If you hate verizon there are other providers out there!! Why have something that you hate? That is not smart at all!!!

    • Anonymous

      I want to curb stomp everyone involved in moving this phone to black friday

    • James Adam

      They win though. Just made me buy the Razr and I will likely purchase the G-Nex when it comes out. They got me good this time. 

    • Garrett

      I think Pat got the most like’s ever.

    • J Dub

      If you hate Verizon then why do you even read this site? It’s basically all about Verizon phones. 

  • wow….

  • Anonymous

    Oh cmon now Verizon. 

  • Surprisingly short period for the Rezound, huh? That device had some serious potential before being outweighed by the Nexus/RAZR. 

    Also, what else is included in these “portfolio”s? I’m assuming Dinara/XOOM2 for Motorola, then maybe Note/Tab for Samsung?

  • Mark

    So sick of this.. Hype officially destroyed! Getting the RAZR..

  • Notsurprised

    dec 1st seems like the day

  • John

    gonna be a long ass month with my POS og droid

    • Anonymous

      True story.  Can’t stand this thing much longer….  I feel like I haven’t had a phone for months now…

      • Joshua

        I haven’t had a phone for over a month now… it blows!

    • Anonymous

      Same here…another month of the wife asking “when you getting a new phone?” every time it continues to vibrate after I answer a call from her giving a her a nice buzz sound on the other end…or all the text messages that never seem to sho0w up. 

      • Ben

        Wow!  I thought I was the only one having that problem!  At least now I can suffer in the company of others.

        • Chris

          Haha same thing here. I figured it was because I was just running a particularly buggy ROM.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve been getting it too – though not since flashing GPA18.  Living up to that name!

      • Anthony Armando

        heh…same thing here. what rom you guys running? im on project elite.

        • GotSka81

          I’ve tried a few roms (PE, SS, CM) and they all have the same problem (buzzing on answer).  Not to mention all the other data/connectivity bugs and such…gingerbread was simply not meant for the OG =(

      • Deltaechoe

        Going to be a long month carrying extra batteries in my pocket for my portable power void (Thunderbolt)

        • Anonymous

          If you are rooted try out Gingerbreaton 1.0, I have gotten some awesome battery life on it and no crashes. My only problem is that it is a Sense 2.1 rom, I miss my pull ring.

      • Justin2380

        I thought I was the only one having this problem too! 

      • Anonymous

        On the bright side, you get another month of ignoring the text messages you don’t want to reply to.  Get to blame it on your phone.

    • Just because it’s old…don’t say it’s a POS. I still love my OG DROID…although I am looking forward to the new Nexus shiny 😀

    • Adam Wiggins

      And my POS Droid X.  I factory reset it a month ago and it’s barely functioning now.  I barely have anything on it.

      • John

        i feel ya. i sold my droid x last week & decided to suck it up & go w/ my crappy backup phone. i was hoping it was going to be for 2weeks max. now it’s a month 🙁

        that’s what i get for jumping the gun. watch i not be around when this thing goes live & they sell out as quick as the freakin razr did

        • Anonymous

          RAZR hasn’t sold out.

          • John

            oh i thought it did? thx for correction

      • Honestly, my DX was running fine when I opt to go buy the Bionic.  I *probably* wouldn’t have done so if it weren’t for the fact that I found myself VTCing with googletalk so much on my Xoom, and wanted similar phone functionality.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Agreed, but VZW just buys me almost another month too see what other better phone will be coming. Like maybe that Panche with handless swipe control.

      • Booboolala2000

        Plus you will be able to play with the razr and rezound and see if they don’t suck

    • Recognizer2 0

      Yah, and i’m stuck on an old-school flip-phone.  Been waiting to get a smartphone since July.

      • Zach

        So am I but my upgrade is not till the 17th of Nov so until then I’m stuck with it

    • Sp4rxx

      meh …. 2 days and I can pre-order my RAZR w/ my NE2.  Then once it ships, the OG is going in a glass case.  As much as they keep delaying the Gnex, I will stick with what I know is confirmed.

      • Bryan Williams

        We all know the Galaxy Nexus is confirmed so I’m not sure what you mean.

    • Nolan

      Been a long ass last year

  • I hope it’s the Wednesday of that week. I’ll be leaving for 4 says most likely and will be ordering it online. I also don’t want to wait any longer than I have. Lol.

  • This is getting ridiculous. 

  • Anonymous

    I am sadly considering the Razr over this! I have waited since July for this damn unicorn phone on Verizon and they manage to launch it like the Thunderbolt which I will never condone again in my life!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh how an ice cream sandwich would cool me off in the zimbabwe sun

    • McShutTheHellupThing

      You African bro?

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t think Zimbabwe even had any Ice Cream Sandwiches 🙂

  • TJ Egan

    If it comes out Black Friday I will 100% be camping out immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, passed out on the sidewalk in a food-induced coma

  • Anonymous

    Son of a………

  • Ben Murphy

    Wow, this is a joke right?

  • Anonymous

    Biggest disappointment of the day.

    • Misofine

      y? It’s coming. is this not good?

      • Anonymous

        I already knew it was coming.  Today I learned it’s coming at least 2 weeks after I had been expecting it.   Therefore this news is the biggest disappointment for me today.

  • But that’s damn near a month away it feels like… WHY???????????????

    • Aaron Runkle

      Hey, maybe the BIONIC wasn’t so bad after all?????

  • Anonymous

    Yes, please.

    Although with a special holiday sale it appears less likely that I’d be given an early upgrade.

  • F You hard VZW.

    • Preemptive: Yes, I am mad bro.

      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        Some douche still needs to ask or these boards would just be so… empty

  • oh verizon… how you taunt us 🙁