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Comparison: Galaxy Nexus vs. DROID RAZR vs. HTC Rezound

One of the most requested potential posts of the last few weeks has been a comparison chart of Verizon’s winter lineup of super phones: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, and HTC Rezound. After traveling for 3 weeks straight to hopefully find out all that there was to know about these devices, we finally had a minute to sit down and whip up a quick chart. We should point out that most of the Rezound information is what has been given to us in a variety of leaks and is not “official” although we are pretty sure almost all of it will match up to what HTC announces on Thursday. The Galaxy Nexus and RAZR info was pulled from official spec lists and sites. Some things are missing, nothing we can do there until we get the final spec set.

And my, oh my does Verizon have one heck of a phone lineup heading into the holiday season. If anyone thought another carrier was making a push to top Big Red on Android, those dreams will be crushed come Thursday when the entire set of phones has been announced.

Chart after the break.   

  • Bwstonemd84

    There may in the past have been a lot of Motorola update issue, but shouldn’t be an issue anymore because hello people Motorola is owned by GOOGLE now!!!!

  • IMO, I would choose the HTC Rezound over the others for 5 reasons:

    1. I LOVE Sense. Period.
    2. Not a fan of Motorola products in general.
    3. There is no Micro SD slot on the GN.
    4. I think it’s the best deal, the Beats Ear-buds usually cost $150.
    5. I like the way the phone looks better then the others.

    That’s just my opinion, don’t hate me for it.

  • Casavapiece

    Some quick facts before I post my opinions here, 10 years ago, my son came home on a visit from his post in Japan and his cellphone, a Sharp at the time, had NFC and a 5M pixel camera, waterproof, and cordless charging. He demonstrated to me how there were small charging stations in the railway stations at the time to give your phone some quick juice.
    Now my opinions, the Galaxy Nexus is not the first phone in the USA with NFC, Sprints nexus 4G has it built in. The best phone that someone needs to make right now, style of the Galaxy Nexus HD 720p screen, GPU and OMAP4460 chipset, keeping the slightly curved screen, RAZR radios, bluetooth 4.0, weight, and front camera’s 720p capability: Rezounds front camera 2MP resolution, and Beats audio. On top of that, make it a world phone. (like all Blackberry’s are out the box, just that each carrier has the bands that they don’t use disabled for their networks, this is why they are still so popular overseas((it’s not just because of BBM)), because you can use an unlocked Blackberry on any carrier in the world that you wish to). TRUE SUPERPHONE!! Just mindless wandering……..

  • Anonymous
  • Those are all debatable…. whoevers buying phone will have hard time choosing it this time lol

  • Anonymous

    Will a SanDisk 32GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Card work in the Razr?  All I see in the Accessory store are the Class 2s.

  • Weklund

    Stop by ny local Costco yesterday and happened to catch the Motorola rep chatting with the cell sales guys showing off the Moto Razr. Very impressive phone. Built like a tank. The screen is incredible with unbelieveable resolution. I had My Moto X in hand for comparison. All I can say is I want one and just pre ordered with Verizon. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with the Galaxy Nexus. An unmolested version of ICS is just too tempting for me to pass up. Good news is if I dont like it or its too typical of Samsungs build quality there are 2 other great phone to choose from. Motorola’s new UI doesnt look that bad either…I never messed with sense….

  • Rophez

    You still haven’t updated your chart to reflect a lot of the best Moto Razr features:
    -Bluetooth 4.0
    -Gorilla Glass
    -American Company 😉
    -Good Radio

    Those of you hating on Moto Blur – you should check some hands on of this thing.  They’ve really improved it – the phone is very snappy, and Blur has some sweet features like the smart action thing where you can tell your phone to do all kinds of situational stuff – like turn on bluetooth during your drive time and change the background from sexy model pics to family photos when you pull into your driveway…

  • Ari Goldberg

    What’s the difference between front camera and front video?  If “front video” has a “-“, does that mean you can’t do a video chat and see a little video of yourself in a corner of the display?

  • Anonymous

    OK. Here is what I want:

    Price: Not going there.
    Processor: Snapdragon S4 http://www.qualcomm.com/documents/snapdragon-s4-architecture
    Display: 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED
    Resolution: 1280×720
    Rear Camera: 8MP
    Rear Video: 1080p @ 30 fps
    Front Camera: 2MP
    Front Vide: 720p
    Storage: 32GB Internal and up to 32GB microSD
    Android Version: Android 4.0 ICS
    Android Skin: Cyanogen 9.0
    RAM: 1GB
    Network: 4G LTE with Radio Off option (SIM?)
    NFC: Yes
    Beats by Dre: Don’t care. Want earbuds.
    Battery: 1780mAh with Extended Battery option
    Talk Time: 12.5 hours
    Standby Time: 4 days @ 4GLTE
    Thickness: 10mm or less
    Weight: 5oz or less
    Bluetooth: 3.0

    First company to produce gets me off my HTC Droid Incredible (original gangsta AMOLED version with Extended Battery and Cyanogen 7.1).

  • Sorry, but I will never buy Moto or anything with Sense.  HTC makes good hardware, but then completely ruins it with Sense.

    • Anonymous

      So many people say this about Motorola, Ironic.

  • mikeym0p

    Can we get a size comparison? From what I know the Nexus is quite a bit taller than the likes of the GSII and the Bionic, which is problematic since I’m a one hand user.

  • Mr. English

    Nexus will get some attention in my world, the other two can blow. Never again will I get a Moto device that “promises” future upgrades. HTC’s would be interesting if the Galaxy wasn’t coming out though. Then again, this is nothing but filler ware until next weeks device announcement, and the week after that, etc. Hoping for good things from Samsung.

  • Once I hold them, caress them, play with them gently massaging their soft supple bodies, and have my way with them for hours…I’ll be able to tell which one I’d like to keep as my new toy.

    • actually the RAZR is so manly I reject that previous statement cuz it feels a little gay to me….the Nexus tho is like that smart hot girl that you always wanted to do..and she’s really more smart and powerful but she’s toning it down to reduce her hotness and let you last longer screwin around with her….

  • Fevs911

    Any word on the cameras? I have an upgrade and leaning towards nexus, but it has to be as good as my iphone 4.

    • Calvin

      The Nexus will take faster pictures, but the iphone 4 will take far more natural and accurate pictures

  • undecided

    Like others have said, the Bluetooth on the Razr is 4.0, not 2.1. And by the way, Bluetooth 4.0 is arguably better than NFC. The way I see it, the Nexus beats the Razr with the screen, quicker Google updates, removable battery, barometer (for improved GPS performance), better camera, and the possibility of direct USB host support.  However the Razr beats the Nexus with build quality, likely to have better reception and GPS functionality, hot swappable micro-sd card support, HDMI port, battery life, Webtop, accessories, and size. I’ve been waiting for a Nexus phone for almost 2 years, but I’m not
    willing to sacrifice reception and build quality for a slightly bigger
    screen and quicker updates. I use my phone in the back country all the time, so the most important features to me are reception, GPS, and battery life. With my Droid-X and OG I can get 3g reception where Samsung Fascinates can’t even receive a phone call. I know people argue that the Nexus has MHL so it doesn’t need HDMI, but if your TV doesn’t support MHL I’m not sure how you could charge your phone in that situation. Also, I doubt the USB host support (if available) would work at the same time as MHL in case you wanted to stream movies from portable media using the phone. With the Razr, it is likely that the dock will support USB host, device charging, and HDMI output all at the same time (plus you can use a remote control).

    • Sporty

      Razr’s locked….enuf said…

  • bwils

    I am not a tech person and am confused by which phone I MIGHT like when it is all said and done.  So far Nexus has my vote, but I don’t like the idea of not having an sd card.  I like the fact that I can save my pics to my sd card and salvage them IF the phone nose dives and that has happened all too often for my comfort level. Not to mention I am concerned that I will fill the memory before I am ready to upgrade.  So, will any of the tech people please explain how I will feel “safe” with that aspect of the Nexus? And please, keep your comments about me being an idiot to yourself…I have already admitted I know very little about these topics and am asking for “educated” opinions or facts. Thanks.

    • Brent Cooper

      You can use Lookout(free on the market) which protects against virus’s but will also back up pictures and contacts and will allow you to re-download them to another device if your device is lost or dies. If you loose your phone with the sd card in it, the pictures will still be lost. With Lookout, they back up every specified time of day/week and you can still get them off their cloud based backup. As to memory, you will probably not use 16/32 GB memory. You will also have lots of cloud based things so you will not store as much on the device. I.E. google docs, amazonMP3  player, soon to be google music, ect…Nexus is a great choice for a next phone!

      • bwils

        Thank You!  And thank you for responding in terms that anyone can understand!!! Very much appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        One forgets the HD camera/video capabilities that will eat memory real estate very quickly…..1080p vid eats memory…

  • Anonymous

    I want to know why none of these so far is sporting a state of the art GPU?  The iPhone 4S looks to blow the nexus and razr out of hte water.  I hope HTC did something special.

  • kohut

    why has no one mentioned that the rezound packs more ppi than the iphone 4? 342>330. the sub pixels are also full rgb since it’s a super lcd

  • joel rizo

    Why would anyone choose the Razr…. First choice should be the Nexus, second the Rezound.

  • Kng60ft


    • compchick813

      Yes, according to the FCC docs.

  • Sundar Ganapathy

    You should note that the S3 is a cortex a8 processor (last gen) while the OMAP4 is cortex a9 (current gen).  Therefore the 1.5ghz vs 1.2ghz comparison is misleading – the OMAP4 is faster.

    • Anonymous

      Incorrect, S3 is not a cortex a8 processor nor is it a cortex a9 processor.  Please do your research.
      Note that qualcomm designs there own processors based on the ARMv7 architecture. Where as other companies buy an A8/A9 from arm and put it in there chip.   Only thing the same in A8/A9 and S3 is that they both much adhere to ARMv7.

      • Anonymous

        What they do is take the stock design and modify it, enhancing it in the process. The S3 Scorpion processor is a modified version of the A8.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry, but you are completely wrong.  Qualcomm has a license to create the processor from the ground up, which they do.  So I’m sorry to tell you  they don’t modify it at all.  They don’t even use it.  All it has to be in compliant with the ARMv7 spec.

  • Anonymous

    If the Razr had a 720p screen and 4.0 out of the box, I’d grab it in a heartbeat. But as of now, I’m still in bed with the Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Timmeloua

    Does the Rezound randomly reboot like the Thunderbolt? Oh wait its LTE. All of Verizon’s phones do it.

  • Manuel Olague

    I can wait for ICS. I really like the hardware on the Droid RAZR, but I would love a phone with Beats Audio. I guess since they come out on the same day I can go play with them at the Verizon before i choose.

  • I hope Google sees a problem in this comparison. The RAZR and Rezound are arguably the most top-tier phones from Motorola and HTC for 2011. Yet, neither of them have NFC. That’s ONE year after the Nexus S was released. It’s not hard to see how difficult it will be for Google to execute its vision of mobile computing in the future. It can do everything it wants to do in the Android OS, but if the hardware partners simply don’t follow you, it will achieve nothing. We Android fans tend to laugh at the iPhone. But imagine what would happen if Apple decides to bring NFC to its users? They release an iPhone with NFC. Immediately, a large chunk of new iPhone users will have NFC. 1 to 2 years later, once older iPhone holders upgrade, an even larger portion of them will have NFC. Now, look back to the Android world, most folks who purchase the RAZR and Rezound this year will probably stick with their phones for 2 years. That means, it will take at least 3 years for Google to push a technology advancement to the market.

    • Raskell

      With Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility, that might help push that techology in more devices.

  • Jon

    Has anybody tested the batteries – not the specs on them?  Yes the new Android operating system is good on the Galaxh but the others will have it in 8 weeks or so.  Battery life – that is critical, do not want to be charging the phone every four hours and with older bluetooth technology how with the Razr stack up?

  • Dick Biscit

    Well what you will be seeing and using on the nexus is 4.3 inches the extra that make 4.65 is for the software buttons which dont go away. So technically it is 4.65 inches minus the software buttons is 4.3. But for me I am an HTC guy owned 2 of them loved them both, so im going with the Rezound.

    • Rokenford

      The buttons do go away for fullscreen apps such as videos or games.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to make up excuses to get the Rezound. Just get it :p

  • Sporty

    Got very tired of waiting for Verizon…ordered the Galaxy SII from T-Mobile. My contract with Verizon is up near the end of Nov. I’ve had the new in two deal for awhile now and no phone to go to. I saw this phone in one of their stores and the screen was unreal! Get it tommorow…can’t wait! FINALLY a new fricking phone to replace my OG!!!

  • Sndavis00

    Does anybody know if the Nexus Prime has a notification light for email, and txt or a flash option for the camera?

    • Anonymous

      It has a notification light in the upper right-hand corner.  It also has a flash below the camera.  

      • Anonymous

        That’s the front facing camera.

    • Anonymous

      The notification light is on the bottom bezel below the screen.

  • Eric Kwan

    The only important stat is “Android Skin.” No Blur, no Sense, no problem!

  • Falcon10474

    HOLD ON, how has no one caught on this, $299 for the 16GB and 32 GB version???? OR $299 for the 16 GB version and then more for the 32 GB, which is crap

  • Venomhatch

    Again because my old comment was deleted, the Bluetooth on the RAZR is 4.0 not 2.1.

  • Nwuknowme

    how is “beats by dre” even a spec!?!?! take it off!

    • Venomhatch

      I agree.

  • I’ll take the RAZR over any of these at this moment. Would be nice to have an unlocked bootloader for running Cyanogenmod but it’s not needed at all. Only need I have is root, which in due time can be done on any phone.

    Only thing the Nexus holds over the rest is ICS and direct updates. Locked bootloader isn’t that big of a deal really, not for the average consumer. Of course I must wait to see full reviews of these phones and get to play with them for my final decision but at this moment it’s the RAZR because of what it all has going for it, which includes a non-removable battery. Non-removable batteries give more room for the battery which means you can make thinner devices and under theoretical conditions a longer battery life.

  • Venomhatch

    The Bluetooth on the RAZR is incorrect. It is 4.0!

  • CharlesHussell

    I do not understand how people continue to buy Motorola products.  After the way they handled the Xoom and Bionic, I can’t imagine supporting them.  The OG has got to be their most well built phone until the Bionic.  The Droid 2 is a real pos and the DX with those buttons is awful.  They don’t GAF about their customers.  Therefor I don’t GAF about them.  

    • Mad, Violent, Brutha

      I liked the buttons on the DX. I guess that they GAF about me and told you to take a hike.

  • Anonymous

    As others have pointed out Droid Razr has Bluetooth 4.0.  Motorola’s own fact sheet for the Droid Razr indicates Bluetooth version 4.0 LE+EDR.  All of Verizon’s internal systems incorrectly indicate v2.1+EDR.

    Also, you should have had a column in the comparison to indicate if any of the phones have global roaming or not.  Based on the pictures that Droid-Life has posted of all 3 of these phones in Verizon’s device management system, the only that might be a global phone is the HTC Rezound.


  • rrosotho

    Is google going away with the notifications led light for messeges or missed calls? I havent seen that spec on any new phones. I really liked that on my OG droid.

    • joejoe509

      I’m not sure about the other two, but the Nexus has a notification LED on the front below where the capacitive buttons would have been.

      • rrosotho

        really…appreciate the info it just makes the Nexus even better !!!

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the new Blur and the Razr design is enticing. That along with the MotoActv I want to purchase bc I’m a die hard fitness guy. But how nice does will it play with ICS? Vanilla Android is great as well. That’s the only thing that stops me. Plus the screen on the G-Nex is awesome. Will the MotoActv sync with the G-Nex?? hmm.


  • Anonymous

    I believe OpenGL Renderer must be included in this spec sheet.

  • Alexander Amato

    Razr Bluetooth spec is incorrect:  From the MotoDev website.

    Class 2, v4.0 LE + EDR


  • i’m confused should the RAZR got version 4 class 2 bluetooth??? http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-razr-xt912/  but it says in the table it has version 2.1

  • Sp4rxx

    I like how the notation about the non-removable battery is clearly stated on the RAZR but somehow the non-removable storage is NOT mentioned for the Nexus.  If you are going to make a point of specific differences, please be fair in the table – otherwise it is a biased table

    • Anonymous

      Apparently removable storage (or lack of) is not that important to DL staff.

      • Sp4rxx

        Obviously – not a true comparison chart.

    • Anonymous

      All phones have non-removable storage. I have been using microSD with my Droids (OG, DX, DX2) and the Acer A500 tablet for 2 years and its a complete mess. First of all, the devices use different names for their removable storage. Its typically called external-SD or sd-external, etc., but there is no standard. Android considers the SD card to be the internal non-removable storage. That makes writing apps that use removable cards unnecessarily hard. For example, DocstoGo on a DX will recognize and use the microSD card. On a DX2, DocstoGo does not recognize the same card!

      Given the mess that removable storage is on Android (Google, are you listening?!), its not very useful.

      • Sp4rxx

        It is very useful if you are moving files from one device to another without a cable available.

        They still need to make a notation that the 32 (or 64) is ONLY internal.  With the additional removable media, you can expand the internal.

    • Anonymous

      It says internal storage…

      • Sp4rxx

        ….but again, does not notate that it is non-removable.  The RAZR and Rezound both split saying internal + preinstalled SD card.

        • Anonymous

          . . . Internal means on the inside though >_>

    • Anonymous

      When people say “internal storage”, especially when, in the same chart, for other phones, it says “sd card”, it’s generally understood that it’s non-removable.

      The same cannot be said for “battery”

  • Anonymous

    So you add in a vendor specific feature like Beats by Dre but dont include other vendor specific features like MotoCast… which is huge. Also dissin RAZR on the Bluetooth…. how tilted we have become.

    The more people push G-NEX like it is the next coming of Christ, the more I am becoming a RAZR fan…

    • Sean Starnes

      After having my droid x for quite some time now, I can say that my main concern is updates to the operating system. My x still works just fine, but knowing that it will probably not get ICS (via moto) makes me pretty angry. The razr looks pretty sweet, but I find that it’s lack of ‘openness’ outweighs it’s design.

  • StormbladeX69

    Some of the specs listed for the Razr seem off. Shouldn’t it be:

    OMAP 4460
    Bluetooth 4.0

    Also the memory card looks like a 6Gb unless you look closely at the picture. It does actually say 16Gb which is the reported size.

    • joejoe509

      The RAZR does indeed have a 4430 OMAP. But I think you’re right – the RAZR does have Bluetooth 4.0

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if a 1.5 ghz really makes an noticeable difference?

    • Anonymous

      With games, emulators & benchmarking apps…yes
      Everything else…no

    • joejoe509

      The OMAP 4460 is perfectly comfortable being at 1.5Ghz according to TI’s website. I think Samsung “detuned” the 4460 (possibly for battery life?), but a little overclocking could easily bring it to 1.5Ghz or even more! 🙂

    • Sundar Ganapathy

      no – its an older gen processor (cortex a8).  The OMAP is a9

      • Anonymous

        False, its not a cortex A8 or cortex A9, see my comments above, as far as frequency making any difference, its really all to do with power/performance benefits.  Its possible the S3 can run at a higher performance with better power consumption, and therefore get better battery life and better performance. Its been stated on this site that the OMAP was slowed to 1.2 for better power consumption, maybe the S3 doesn’t have to this to meet is power requirements.  If this is true, then i would think you could overclock the S3 higher than you could the OMAP.

  • Anonymous

    $299…. cmon OG stay with me!

  • Draytonfair

    Would Verizon’s return policy allow to get the razr for all of us who’s og droid is crapping out and then return it to check the nexus when it comes out?

    • Anonymous

      yes! I definitely asked about that bc I’m eligible for an upgrade. I’m undecied between the G-Nex and the Razr. Hardware, the Razr rocks. Software, The G-Nex rocks. So I asked and the rep said and he says you have 14 days to return from the day it’s billed to you or bought and there’s a $35 restocking fee.

    • PhilW1956

      That is why they won’t release the Nexus until 14 days after the Razr is released.

  • Clevelandrocks

    This is what I think verizon is doing, razor and rezound are both supported by verizon. They will control what the phone does ( bloatware). Both of those phones will get more advertising then nexus will. Verizon doesn’t care about a phone they can’t slap there product all over. In the end, both of those phones will outsell the nexus and verizon will consider the nexus a failure. Only the hardcore dorks like us will buy the nexus.

    • joejoe509

      Pretty sure they care quite a bit about the iPhone and that has zero bloatware as well.

      • Mad, Violent, Brutha

        That’s because that is the only way that legions of Apple Fanbois will move on to their network.

      • Clevelandrocks

        They don’t make any money off the sale of the iPhone as a phone. All verizon profits off the iphone is the phone/data plan. I believe they do make some sort of profit off the sale of every other phone they sell. And I have to say, apple is the only company that grabbed verizon by the balls and said its not your way, its our way. I give them credit for that.

  • RedOne1

    Just get the LG Spectrum 4G on here as well and Verizon will have a mofoing bad as line up of phones for the holidays! I would even have an ad campaign and call them the elite 4. I think Verizon did it aging saved yhe best for last just as how they been doing every other year.

  • NG

    True but with reports of 64gb SDXC cards running on many Android phones I feel it’s worth the speed sacrifice. IMO Cloud storage is unreliable. Give me moar physical storage!

  • NG

    I believe Motorola stated at the announcement that the Razr would have 8.9 hours of video play back. Although I’m willing to bet that’s on 3g.

  • vincent scala

    won’t even bother with htc never liked the battery life and is the thunderbolt is any indication um no thanks not gonna go with the razr cuz i hate blur NEXUS!!!!! YES !!!!

  • Kierra


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that will last just long enough for one good game of Angry Birds.

  • Sammy Chon

    whats the deal with the video camera specs on the htc?  not confirmed?

    • Anonymous

      Correct, not confirmed.. til Thursday. =]

  • Nathan Hosford

    Removable storage runs slower than built in.

    • Anonymous

      Great point.. never thought of that. Now if only the 32GB model isn’t $399… that’s just too much.

  • Nathan Hosford

    Everything we know that was not announced at the galaxy nexus reveal in Tokyo is rumor. list of things we dont know.


    2.US. version storage

  • TMAN213

    Nexus for me please.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Can someone please explain to me how the RAZR gets away with saying its
    only 7.1mm thick? It looks almost twice as thick at its thickest
    point…who do we have measuring these phones!? Who is with me?

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please explain to me how the RAZR gets away with saying its only 7.1mm think? It looks almost twice as thick at its thickest point…who do we have measuring these phones!? Who is with me?

    • StormbladeX69

      It probably doesn’t mean the size of the Hump. 7.1mm is thinner than the main body of my DroidX, so that is pretty impressive. Still wish it had a removable battery. Means no Wireless charging either. :-/

    • joejoe509

      Well it’s the same thing as the SGSII and the GN. There’s a hump at the bottom (maybe not quite as dramatic as the RAZR’s), but they claim the thinnest point for bragging rights. The Expiria Arc uses the same trickery. At least the RAZR is mostly a flat 7.1mm whereas the Nexus is a teardrop shape. It’s only 9mm at the very top. Not that I’m a fanboy of the Fruit, but the iPhone is around 9mm and it’s 100% flat. In my mind, that would technically make the iPhone thinner than the Nexus and the RAZR in overall thinness.

      That said… yes it’s very frustrating. And I wonder what the spec is for that gigantic hump on the RAZR and how it compares to the Nexus and the Rezound.

      **New Rule: If you’re going to claim a thinness spec like most phones do, you must claim a minimum AND a maximum number. That way we can truly compare overall thinness.**

  • Anonymous

    I dont know. i like a big screen look. im a HTC fan and like all black but, i like the look of the razr verse the the rezound. the rezounds screen is a 4.3″ like my Thunderbolt, but the made it longer and narrower compared to my Thunderbolt. i have big hands and dont mind the width. the rezound has a big footprint that has alot of xtra bezel at the top and bottom that could be accomendating more screen…..  I dont know if im gonna just for the rezound or sammi yet. might wait for the next round in a couple of months…….just sayin.

  • Will the Rezound be Global?

    • Anonymous

      We’ll know on Thursday. The RAZR is.

      • The RAZR is global? This is the first I’m hearing of that…

  • NG

    A flagship phone with no sd card slot is a total fail. Even the crappiest smartphones have sd card slots, but the Nexus doesn’t even give you the option to expand you memory capacity if you choose. Lose. See? I can play that game too. Each phone was pros and cons. What might be a fail to you may not be to someone else.

  • Lreyesinc

    I think im going with the Moto. Razr. Its the mizfit of all three. Its different, sexy, and powerful.

    • trumpet444

      And locked down like Alcatraz. Nexus for me

      • Raskell

        I am sure it will be easily rooted and able to load up a nice Rom on it in no time. So, this is kind of a mute point.

    • Anonymous

      Same for me.  But to each his own.

    • Anonymous

      I swore I would never buy another Motorola, but every time I see more info on the GNex, I am more disappointed. I thought the Nexus line was supposed to be Google’s “flagship” phone, the most bad ass android phone available at the time of release. The GNex has a gimped display, 5mp camera, no removable storage. Yeah, it has ICS out of the box and NFC (whoop-de-f*ing-do). But the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on the Razr is not knowing when it will be rooted…if ever

      • Anonymous

        there’s more to a camera than megapixels. I’ll take the Nexus camera over the higher resolution Moto camera on my Bionic any day of the week, which is about how long you need to take a picture on the Bionic.

        • Jordan Webb

          893, mate.

          Though the resulting pictures are still crappy. My LG Glimmer took better looking pictures at 2MP.

  • Tnparamedic

    NEXUS….that is if it is EVER released????

  • Tnparamedic


  • Nex

    So we an get a G-Nex with 16 or 32 GB storage, i thought it only came in 16. Or is the US version only coming in 16 GB?

    • MOTOX

      16 or 32…32 is probably 399 though… not sure though…

      • Nex

        Thanks I’ll pay the extra $100 not instead of regretting no sd card later. Anything confirming larger capacity G-Nex ?

  • Mikecarrillo80

    4.0 ICS…’nuff said. 

    • Anonymous

      They’ll all have ICS, just not at the same time

      • joejoe509

        Yeah but with ugly capacitive buttons

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          If you think they’re ugly, then buy a Nexus.  I don’t mind them, and they wouldn’t be factor in choosing a new phone.  If the Nexus had capacitive buttons, it wouldn’t have influenced my decision to buy the device regardless.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus cons: no sd card slot
    Droid Razr cons: no removable battery, delays in getting updates
    HTC Rezound cons: delays in getting updates

    most other specs are personal preference (someone might actually like blur or sense) also real life performance of the processors may not reflect how many mhz it has

    • Additional cons:

      Galaxy Nexus: GPU may not be up to par with native res, Battery Life with 4G LTE
      Droid Razr: Locked down bootloader, Battery Life with 4G LTE, Moto Blur, GPU though native res it 33% less than Nexus and Rezound, No ICS until Q1 2012
      HTC Rezound: Adreno GPU, Battery Life with 4G LTE, Sense, No ICS until Q1 2012

      • Anonymous

        Yea none of these have a next-generation gpu, that’s going to be a seriously outdated feature these phones have in a few months. The HTC Rezound could have a locked bootloader too

      • Nex

        I thought the Razr was gonna have a larger battery that should off set the 4G, or just not have it on unless using it.  Thats what i do with Thunderbolt.

  • Sayitaintso

    dont get the galaxy nexus the  Ebeneezer nexus  will be out a week later…..

  • Blur sucks…no skin sounds great…I love Sense…but Blur can be fixed via LauncherEX…other than the no removable battery I’m likin Razr…Can’t wait to get my mits on all three of these and play around

    • Anonymous

      you can change the home launcher, but the rest of blur is inter-weaved throughout the entire operating system, slowing things down, adding background processes, ect

      • Anonymous

        *replied to wrong comment, please delete*

  • friggin Rezound battery…HTC always has to get the smallest batteries don’t they?  

    • Anonymous

      HTC does that you will buy their $50 extended battery

  • Stu Piddasol

    The hype for these phones reminds me of the fury of a few months back for the Tbolt and Bionic. In retrospect, it seems like those phones were somewhat of a letdown after reading about all the issues that people were having. I just hope that in a year, people who bought one of these phones are not looking to unload them because they are unhappy with battery life, updates, radio issues etc…Android needs a few solid devices to get people off the Apple bandwagon.

    For the record. Leaning toward the Gnex, but since I don’t have 4G yet, I can wait a bit to update my trusty DInc.

  • thanks for this chart. I have to say the more i sit back and look at what VZW is about to pull off it is amazing really that they’re going to have 3 devices of this caliber launch within the same month. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Now THIS is a worthy story and topic. Thanks for putting it together.

  • graveworm

    I think its false advertisement for Motorola to claim the razr is 7.1 mm thin and the thinnest device out when the top of the device at the camera hump is nearly double the claimed thickness. This for some reason annoys me very much. The protruding camera hump has no purpose for camera functionality nor does it help with usability with holding the phone.

    The nexus has been on my radar for many months, just a waiting game for the release. The most future proof phone you can get and also the best looking imo.

    • Anonymous

      technically they’ve been very careful to call it “the world’s thinnest 4g lte smartphone”

  • Manuel Olague

    They’re all great and all have something to offer that the others don’t. I’ll probably be going with the Rezound because I love listening to music on my smartphone.

  • ghost

    Kellex, why you be playa hatin’?  Razr has Bluetooth 4.0 according to all the spec sheets, not 2.1.  That’s more advanced than both Nexus and Rezound

  • Anonymous

    That rezound is looking mighty nice, too bad it has to compete with a nexus device

  • hatethanet

    Stats for the height and width to go along with the thickness would be good, too.

    • joejoe509

      Agreed. Please?

  • Irrational Man

    I STILL haven’t gotten gingerbread on my HTC Incredible. Maybe if I had, I’d consider the Rezound, but it’s plainly obvious, HTC is the fat adopted ginger kid in the Android update family. 

  • That RAZR is calling my name!  That’s probably the sweetest looking phone, with the most interesting material I’ve ever seen.  Kevlar back, gorilla glass, stainless steel, and the sweet spot for screen size at 4.3″.  4.5″ is too big for me, don’t really know why we keep getting bigger.

    • Anonymous

      the physical dimensions of the nexus aren’t much bigger than the razr, they made the screen come closer to the edges of the phone

      • Duck Dodgers

        Oh, “the screen is too big for me” rant…I love that one. We are gonna have to accept that we are carrying nearly the same size tanks, only some SCREENS are bigger. Deal with it, or get a tiny dumb phone perhaps?

    • joejoe509

      And this is why we need to add size comparisons to this list…

  • Anonymous

    So I don’t care about what the other phones are doing I just want to get my paws on the Nexus! 

  • Flip74k

    So do all 3 phones have SD card slot?

    • Anonymous

      Galaxy nexus does not have removable flash or memory in anyway; The g-nex does not have an sd card slot.

    • Razr=Yes Rezound=Yes Nexus=No

  • This article is going to result in a comments flame war for sure.

    • Anonymous

      191 comments and everything is reasonably sane; err, no more insane than normal 🙂

      • That is extremely surprising, a couple of the usuals must not be one here right now.

    • joejoe509

      We’ve already gotten it out of our system in the last couple weeks. lol. There aren’t too many people that haven’t made a somewhat solid decision already. So why fight?

  • Leroybrute30

    Razr will have Bluetooth 4.0. I read that a few times.

  • Ed

    what does advance qhd mean?

    • joejoe509

      PenTile screen similar to the Nexus (and Rezound?), but it is a QUARTER (get it? it’s the “q”) of the resolution of full HD. The “Advanced” is still somewhat of a mystery as far as I know. But it’s definitely NOT the same thing as the “Plus” in AMOLED Plus. It could just be some marketting mumbo jumbo from Moto.

      The Nexus is full 720HD resolution in a significantly larger screen. To me, this is the biggest selling point. What could be more important than the thing you stare at? The Rezound will supposedly have full HD as well in a small screen. Nothing wrong with that. Some people like smaller screens.

  • Toolsinmind

    I think each of these phones are after different markets..

    Nexus = tech / developer / show off
    Razr = business / show off
    Rezound = party / show off

    I’m sure all will do fine but I had to go with the Razr.. preorder..

    • joejoe509

      I’d say the Nexus is more business-like in appearance. Even the Rezound is more professional looking. The RAZR looks like a riced up Honda Civic with a carbon fiber hood (yes, I know it’s kevlar). Other than that, I agree. And there really is no incorrect choice here. All 3 are pretty great phones.

  • Rich Floresjr

    Is it true I need to see a doctor if I have an erection lasting longer than 6 hours?

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s 4 hours. 4 hour boner syndrome.

    • joejoe509

      No. You just need a girlfriend. Or a sleazy motel. Your choice. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I see bullet points for each device, making again why Verizon is launching 3 killer devices around the same time.

    Like all Verizon high end devices, they all have key points that attract buyers interest, and they intentionally make sure devices don’t have all of them wrapped into one, it would be bad for business.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  There will never be a superphone with every spec that you could possibly want, all wrapped up into one beautiful device.  It’s not good for business.

      • Its not that its not good for business, its just that even if a company were to device a device that had all of the features you would love in a phone, that device would still be obsolete in about a month or that same week it was done being built. Technology is always and will always advance – That one phone that answers everyone’s prayers will still have a sequel to it because of advanced technology. The reason, I believe this, companies will not produce these devices is because there are way too many markets out there for one phone to answer the call to all. You have older people who need larger keys, you have pre-teens, whose parents just need a simple phone for them, you have us who are tech savvy, there are people out there who still carry and will not update from their Nextel bricks and so on. To device a phone with all the features that those markets would want and need would be impossible, but to device a super phone that has all of our needs (the tech savvy) is very possible. The companies would rather make money on options, than have one phone and hope it makes it, or breaks it.

        • Anonymous

          Well said, and I agree.  Even if a superphone was made, it still wouldn’t be for everyone.  Reality is, any phone can be a superphone to someone

        • joejoe509

          Agreed. Same thing as there’s no “perfect” car either. There’s always personal preferences and no way possible to cater to them all.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously ant dual core over 1ghz will be fast. There are some single core devices that are fast. Softwate also plays a big roll in speed.

  • Daniel

    Forgot about the hdmi for the razr

    • joejoe509

      all three should have HDMI. The Nexus has HDMI over the MHL port.


    from bluetooth to sense to no sense… to htc hub or no htc hub, to thinness or sound… i can’t decide i think it would be nexus because well it also has nfc and its cool but i just bought a pair of beats and want the rezound but damn it pisses me off there is no htc hub or etc like that… why verizon why?

  • Pete

    Razr is the most beautiful looking out of these three but nexus has beautiful os and i dont knw wats beautiful abt rezound.

    And yes razr has bluetooth 4.0 if not the android 4.0!

  • Anonymous

    There is a small chance that the rezound may have good battery. Htc is very good at writing software. In the inc2 the physical battery is small but actual battery life is great. Maybe Sense 3.5 has been optimized to work well with the new snapdragon and 4g. I will believe it when I see it though.

  • Anonymous

    Just a thought Kellex – maybe you could highlight which spec you think is the best for each phone. Things like screen size and thickness may not need the same highlight, but when you’re comparing the 1.5GHz snapdragon to the other 1.2GHz TI’s the snapdragon looks like a clear, and huge winner.

    What I’m saying is you know that there are going to be tons of non-techies reading this post to compare and they may make the stupid choice. Or, at the very least, include in the article some of the many notes you have accumulated elsewhere – such as the 5MP nexus camera will be just as good if not better than the WOW 8MP!!! cameras…

    • Anonymous

      Maybe something like this.. Although hopefully not as crude 🙂 I would also want to add in more facts into the article as to why someone would want one phone over the other, like you might do for a review after you get a phone or several, but before you have them – so a preview.

      I just don’t want the general public coming here to research a phone, like I might have done a year ago, and look at straight specs that can be misleading. It would be good to have why each phone is good and why each phone is bad, hypothetically of course, so people can determine what phone is best for them.

      Plus, by doing so, you might hook some new readers in if it’s written well and enlightens them. Sorry, my two pesos..

    • Anonymous

      Not quite sure what happened to my previous similar post with the picture – but here it is. Maybe something like this, but less crude! Also, you would hopefully add more information in like I was saying above, mentioning what specs stand out for each phone and why one phone might be better for somebody than the other phones.

      When random joe schmos come here for research you want them to walk away happy with their choice. Every phone probably is going to impress, but some phones are better than others for different people. So when they come here to read the chart it might be good to have some words about possibly battery life or different flaws; pros/cons to the phone. A sort of preview similar to your REviews but prior to the phone release.

      I want people to come here to research phones and fall in love (okay maybe not fall in love) with android and the multitude of choices and say wow this phone is perfect for me. And they read THIS blog and continue reading, hopefully with some knowledgable insight and opinions! My two pesos…..

  • Missthetrain

    “Talk Time”…That’s funny.
    Did you not get the memo? “Talk Time” is for comparing Startac.
    How about Game Time/Surf Time/Movie Time or just overall Screen On Time?

    • Duck Dodgers

      True…I avoid actually talking on my phone like the plague. However, I’m a “waiting room” gamer and movie watcher. I’m so excited for the quick text feature when you receive a phone call too!

  • Foxtrot21alpha

    Im not gonna get none of these! Ive waited too long for a quad core processor phone and im not gonna give up and settle for a dualcore….and plus quad core is right around the corner! Whos with me!? 🙂

  • joejoe509

    Nobody cares about NFC? I personally think it’s a relatively big deal.

    • Anonymous

      It is a big deal, but it’s not widely known, nor widely used in smartphones…..yet.

      • Pennywise

        Aye; it’s a big deal and a ‘feature’ that needs to go away. (right along with OLED display tech)

        I do not need/want ‘insert whoever here’ near-field-communicating with my pocketed device (read: phone). Crowds, waiting in line, someone borrows your phone and syncs it to their watch…

        There is no ‘problem’ that NFC addresses; just laziness.

        On the other hand, there are MANY problems that NFC brings to the table.

        • Anonymous

          Security will always be an issue, but yeah, NFC could pose a problem when it is abused

        • joejoe509

          Well I’m sure there’s a way to turn it off if you’re afraid of synching with everyone around you. This new Android Beam feature should turn NFC into a more viable connection method in the near future. Regardless… the more options the better. I’d rather have a phone that has it instead of being left behind in some (probably) exciting technology.

  • Anonymous

    this is a great comparison, well done sir.

  • Corynicastro

    Im waiting as patiently as i can to get my hands physically on the razr and nexus.  with rumors of droid 4, that would be my ideal purchase, i really want the keyboard!  Im clueless at this point to which whether i wil go nexus or razr though….clueless!

  • Bluh5d

    Umm Besides what the razr has to offer. I meen the gorrilla glass hands down has to be a game player in there for anyone who uses there phone outside of there computer in the house plugged to a charger 🙂


    • Anonymous

      samsung isn’t using the company that makes gorilla glass, that doesn’t mean they won’t be using an equal/greater technology. no one knows yet

  • sailor

    Bluetooth on Razr is 4.0 not 2.1

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic is #1.   Everybody knows it.

    • lmao

    • Brock Norman


    • Had to throw a like your way for that one. Good Stuff.

    • Pennywise

      Right now, the Bionic IS #1.  The funny thing is people are too blind/stubborn to see it. C’est la vi 😀

  • hmmm… I hate to be a nexus fanatic but it gives me these tingly sensations all up and down my body which are not being provided by these other phones… I don’t really care for the extra .3 ghz on the rezound’s processor since it’s a snapdragon, and although it is an hd screen, it still resembles the thunderbolt’s. i much prefer the super amoled for its awesomely vivid colors.

  • Deltaechoe

    Give me Nexus or give me death

  • Jonyauger

    No SD = no sale. No removable battery on 4g = no sale. Being a thunderbolt owner since release = no sale. Good thing my contract is not up till Jan on the bolt so hopefully there are other on the horizon by then. If I had to pick I would just down my Gameloft games in half n go with that sweet nexus. Really who needs 140 total games on there phone???? Obtw has to be 32gb version or reszound would be my pick. Love HTC just hate how they rushed the bolt out.


  • Jared Robinson

    lulz @ teh Category “Beats by Dre”… as that is something to check on every phone 😉

  • hatethanet

    Can wait to see some benchmarks from these phones. There are some early numbers for the RAZR on Anandtech. It seems to be pretty comparable to the iPhone 4S’s numbers. I expect great numbers from the Galaxy Nexus, since it’ll have ICS. 

    A couple RAZR and iPhone 4S comparisons here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4971/apple-iphone-4s-review-att-verizon/4

  • As of right now, only some Motorola phones have Webtop, but i would guess that soon, it will be a native android feature. Well, maybe not so soon.

  • Good point. Anyway, the bigger battery the better with 4G phones.

  • In Jan 2012 these phones will be old news … And that doesn’t make any sense …. But im sure the Nexus is a right choice, no skins ..

    • you cant demand innovation and expect otherwise. 
      I for one i’m compleatly comfortable with the fact that the next great thing is JUST around the corner. 
      I will buy the nexus and drool at everyone else sporting a quad core in may. 
      i feel like i’m back in the PC game in the early 1990’s. 

    • Duck Dodgers

      Yeah, I was all for the Nexus but I have a January update timeframe. Who knows that could be released in the coming months after that.

  • It is possible, but it will be terrible quality. MP isn’t everything in a camera

  • Fernando Montenegro

    Why the Galaxy Nexus say NO Front Video. That means no Google talk o Skype or other services is going to work with the front Camera?

    • MOTOX

      that shouldn’t even be a category…no… the front camera… is used for google talk or skype or whatever you use… i have no idea what that is and its impossible for a 1.3 mp to shoot 720p video so thats definitely wrong…

    • Just means that the resolution is crappy.  No HD from front camera.

    • Anonymous

      The front camera can be used for video on the Nexus. But only the RAZR’s front camera can shoot in HD (yes it is possible for a 1.3MP camera to shoot HD, here’s an example: http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-1-3mp-and-2-1mp-webcam-sensors-record-up-to-1080p-hd-0780751/ ).

  • Guttatae22

    Looks like I’m going back to the DROID branding because the RAZR is next in line for me

  • jm

    the razor for me looks the best and will have the better battery, surely the romming community will have it at least on par with the phones now. hello P3, BB Crackman, Kejar31, Apex, DRod2169, and all the other greats 

  • bigillz

    This chart needs a gigantic *****PEN-TILE footnote on the nexus. What an effing sad choice on what would otherwise be a perfect device – assuming the non-gorilla-glass-alternative is as scratch-resistant as the original gorilla.

    • joejoe509

      True Story. But the RAZR is PenTile too. Rezound? Not sure… but probably similar screen to the Nexus given that it’s HD.

    • Pennywise

      Surely you mean OLED footnotes on all three.

    • Anonymous

      At 316 ppi, I highly doubt the Nexus screen will be a con, and definitely not a fail. The Note has the same display but larger, and people are raving over its beautiful screen. Also, this isn’t the pentile from the Bionic (RGBW matrix). The Nexus employs a RGBG matrix. The human eye is most sensitive to green, therefore it is capable of displaying more information than the RGBW matrix of the Bionic. It is for this reason that Moto upgraded the screen of the RAZR and moved away from the RGBW matrix.

  • NG

    Doesn’t the Razr have Bluetooth 4.0 low energy?

    • Anonymous

      As far as I know the iPhone 4S is the only phone out right now with Bluetooth 4.0

      • MOTOX

        droid razr has it…

      • NG

        I did a google search and there are many sites that confirm the Droid Razr as one of the few devices with Bluetooth 4.0.

  • I’m seriously looking at RAZR. The thin form factor and the SD card slot make me shiver a little. I would love to have the extra .35″ of screen real estate, but really… 4.3″ is enough for me! I also know that ICS will hit the RAZR is pretty fast fashion, so I’m ok with a little gun-jumping.

    • Brock Norman

      Makes me wonder in what way Moto will screw-up ICS with Blur.

  • No SD card slot on the Nexus?

    • Pennywise


  • Nsbjj

    I don’t you could go wrong with either the Nexus or the RAZR!

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty easy to carry a mobile battery charger (though not as small as a 2nd battery). Still, I think the benefits of having a 7.1mm thin phone and an SD card slot outweigh the advantages of the Nexus. You’re hearing this from an avid user, not a developer.

    I think at the end of the day though, I’m finally glad to see more than one phone coming out that people are excited about getting. I’m even more excited that the iPhone4s isn’t one of those. 🙂

  • How did Beats by Dre get  its own line?

  • LTE version could be thicker due to a larger batter as well, so I don’t think you can put 1750 mAH batter just yet either.

    • Anonymous

      I’m holding out a little hope for this as well.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the Razr had Bluetooth 4.0?

  • jbonics

    Nexus got it, everyone else is trying to hard htc & M tied. Droid 2 3500QUADRANT SCORE.

  • Odiej34

    There is not an option to add a sd card to the nexus? 299.00 for 16gb and 399.00 for 32gb? No thanks.

  • Kevin Parlee

    Would it be possible to get Webtop on the nexus?

  • Tyler

    Galaxy Nexus is what I’m going for, it has the best all around features. Droid RAZR build quality, size, and weight are what makes that phone shine. The HTC Rezound’s graphics card and beats audio is what makes it stand out. But the HD AMOLED screen, ICS which includes hardware acceleration and many other technical things that boost performance, its large removable battery, camera, and lets not forget what makes a nexus a nexus, all of this helps it stand out from the crowd. It should be thinner than the Rezound (based on the video comparison to the tbolt). It will be faster than the RAZR and has a chance at being as fast as the Rezound. I need my SGN now!!!

  • I guess I’m going against the majority but I’m going for the fugly HTC phone.  HTC’s been great IMO.  First phone with scrollable widgets, first 4G phone on Sprint and Verizon, first phone with apps that can be launched from the lock screen, first with real stylus support (HTC Flyer), and a style emulated by so many others.  I’m looking forward to Sense 3.5.  (Not sure if there were launchers with some of these features first, but they were the first of the major android versions – vanilla, Moto, TouhWiz, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea if Verizon reads Droid-Life, but if they are I hope it is clear everyone wants the Galaxy Nexus and we want it now!

    • verizon doesnt really care about us.

  • Genius

    My computer must be broken, I only see the Nexus in that article. 

  • I was thinking “Wow” about the Resound until I got to “Android Version.” The next line (“Skin”) confirmed that, yes, I’d better wait for the Nexus.

    • I was thinking that as i read that, i was almost immediately strictly nexus……

  • Bear0013

    I would like a good hands on review of the screen on the nexus….imo ……it should be the best….but I d like to see and hear all about it……………and no im not worried about it looking like the bionics screen….I just want to know all about it

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Particularly I’m interested in how the OMAP will handle all those pixels, and if it will impact performance. I’m hoping the optimization ICS brings will boost the performance so there are no ill effects to a screen with such potential. A buttonless phone? Yes please.

  • RadOD

    This needs a poll.

    • Arenaboi

      I agree

    • Genius

      I’d put the over/under at 85% for the Nexus. 

  • 1. Nexus
    2. Rezound

    Those would be my choices.

  • Hans Kwazneski

    I get the phones the Dev’s get. More options down the road makes me a happy camper 😀 Nexus it is!

  • Anonymous

    NFC does it for me!  Along with removable battery and no skin…B-E-A-utiful!!

  • Billyrouth2000

    Nexus non-removable battery, and non- removable sd card = epic fail! Thought this was androind not apple

    • Anonymous

      Um……..Nexus has a removable battery genius.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it does have a removable battery… I agree the omission of an SD card slot wasn’t a great move.

    • Arenaboi

      Nexus has a removable battery, although you’re right, the lack of an SD Card slot is stupid.  What were they thinking (I will still probably get it thought)

    • Shane Girodat

      I’m shocked that anyone would build a phone without a microSD card slot, unless your Apple. It might be the only thing that steers me toward the Rezound over the Nexus. So sad because I loved my OG Droid and its stock goodness. I was hoping for a phone that I wouldn’t have to ROM right away. It wasn’t till OG Droid was denied Gingerbread that I ROM’ed CM.

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    Am torn between the Nexus & da Razr; only good thing about HTC is the 1.5ghz… and Razr is my first choice becuase of the square look reminding me of the OG… so I got something to look forward to- ICS early 2012… BEST CHOICE AT THE END WILL BE RAZR FOR ME!

  • Ray

    Like this is you love Verizons winter lineup!

  • David Hettinger

    I’m thinking the nexus as well, I just hope that google continues to support this model longer then the original nexus one. Its sad when a phone like that is no longer going to get manufacture updates after only 21 months, would have expected at least 2 years from them but what ever.

    • Google’s core apps are separate from the OS, and they will continue to be updated so you are not completely left out in the cold :D.  By contrast, core app updates are bundled in the iOS updates and while all iPhones received the iOS 5 update recently, not all phones experience all of the features of each iOS upgrade.  iPhone 4, which was released 16 months prior to the release of iOS 5, was not given Siri, for example.  Mobile tech moves so fast that two year old hardware just can’t keep up with all of it.  

      I am being a broken record here… but buying used is the way to go.  Wait a month.  Lots of people buy new phones on contract, stick with their old phones, and sell the new ones at a big discount to retail – a month or less after the release dates.

  • wiz

    Important considerations for me:
    – Battery life
    – Gorilla glass
    – Overall build quality of the phone
    – Quality of radios inside

    • cgh

      RAZR will totally suits you! (:

    • wiz

      – removable battery
      – sd card slot

    • MJrule23

      All you mentioned equals Moto Razr!

  • Hehe, Beats by Dre – for some reason that’s kind of funny to me that that is on the comparison list…

  • Anonymous

    I am liking the Nexus More and More, looking like a great device


  • Anonymous

    why do you have to compare them? we already know which is the best! (pro-nexus comment ftw)

  • Anonymous

    It seems the OMAP 4460 is a little better cpu than the 4430.  Plus, GNex launches unlocked with Android 4.0 which means it will not have the built in buttons.  I know ICS can be installed on a device with buttons, but it the GNex can have a bigger screen but smaller device by turning off the buttons during video playback.  I think it is also important that google develops the device and optimizes it.  Hands down, a hardware specific device for ICS is the way to go!

    • Arenaboi

      I’m confused about the 4460.  I know it is a better CPU, I just wonder why Moto is overclocking the 4430 to 1.2Ghz, and Samsung is underclocking the the 4460.  I guess underclocking saves on battery life, and I read the 4460 was better for battery life than the 4430, I just wonder why Motorola isn’t using it

      • Anonymous

        assuming this chart is accurate that is a good question – I also think it would be a better battery life choice.

      • Anonymous

        I believe it is because of availability. The 4460 was rumored to be delayed. Perhaps the Google earned the rights to the available 4460s due to their partnership with TI?


      • Anonymous

        The only difference is the GPU is clocked at 304 MHz on the 4430 and 384 MHz on the 4460, they are otherwise identical.

  • James Adam

    I would like a 
    Galaxy Nexus
    Galaxy Nexus
    Galaxy Nexus
    Comparison chart post please.     ; )

  • Interstellarmind

    finally. thanks for this, kellex. g-nex will be my next phone.

  • Droiiid

    *Droid RAZR has bluetooth 4.0*

  • Anonymous

    I thought the battery on the Nexus wasn’t removable as well?

    • It definitely is removable.

  • Gd

    I thought the razr had bluetooth 4.0

    • Anonymous

      It does, table is wrong.

  • franzie3

    Honestly it all comes down to 2 things, marketing and development….

    Marketing the Razr will win hands down, 1st because of the Droid branding with Verizon.  Second because of motorola.  I do not see The G-Nex and Rezound getting as much marketing.

    Development wise you will see an already unlocked G-Nex and Android 4.0.  Can anyone say CM8?  Secondly you have the Rezound which will likely be able to either have an unlocked boot loader or one that can be cracked.  Which leads for glorious ROMS, mods, themes, hack etc.  Yes, HCT’s radio kernels suck and battery life is piss poor.  But from the development world.  They rock.  and Sense is probably the easiest Skin to work with.  Everyone loves the clock….

    Me personally….im going to play with all 3 before making my choice.  For once i am not going to jump the gun, but i do believe I’m going with the galaxy nexus at this point

    • Anonymous

      Ah, but you are smarter than falling for savvy marketing 😉 The general public will flock to the RAZR, but I most phone geeks will wait for the Nexus. Smart move on waiting though. I was going to preorder originally, but now I’m with you wanting to give them a thorough hands-on. 

      • ReAp

        I’m in the same boat, not going to buy until I put them all in my hands.  Right now they all have Pro’s over each over and they all have cons as well.  I’m also thinking of waiting until Black Friday.  I’d hate to jump the gun and then have a big sale on all Verizon phones on or after Black Friday.

        • Bad_Phone

          Imho I just don’t see Verizone cutting the price on any of these phones anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      Thats good thinking.  If only the Razr and Nexus had been released close to each other (based on no confirmed release date of the Nexus) I would have loved to play with both in store first.  But alas, my OG Droid is on it’s deathbed and I’m going to have to upgrade very soon.  I’m more than likely going to end up with the Razr, it’ll still be a good phone minus it’s flaws (and what phone doesn’t have flaws)

    • I hope you actually mean CM9. The team already announced CM8 is getting skipped (that would be Honeycomb, which never got source released).

  • Why are follow-on stats with the RAZR always showing less than 4.0 for the Bluetooth? I thought it was already confirmed that the RAZR will have 4.0.

    Regardless, I’m waiting for the G-Nex

  • Anonymous


    Would be rezound at #2, but that small battery is going to bad.

  • joejoe509

    Nexus for the win! It may trade a couple specs here and there but it’s the best, most well-rounded device. Throw in ICS, no skin, removable battery, and a 4.65in screen and I’m all in. The others just don’t quite match up.

    • [email protected]

      Removable battery? Since when?

      • Anonymous

        Uh, the Nexus has a removable battery

      • It’s always been removable. I guess they don’t advertise that here on DL, but read around the web. The whole back part comes off, and under there you have the SIM and the battery.

      • Anonymous

        all android phones have removable batteries except for the razr, have you been living under a rock or do you own an iphone?

      • Anonymous

        It’s been confirmed already that’s it removable, even saw pictures with it out.

    • Anonymous

      The screen is only 4.65 in HD mode. The virtual buttons eat up the .365. When not in use, they vanish and that area is blank.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but the overall design of the device isn’t all that appealing.  In my opinion anyway.  If only the Razr had the Nexus’ software….if only.


    ugh, so confused on which way to go…5mp on the galaxy nexus… but don’t like blur much… but no htc hub or anything htc on the rezound…why verizon why!

    • joejoe509

      5mp is no big deal

    • Greg Sletterink

      Literally doesnt matter at all that it is 5 mp.. It probably takes comparable pictures to most 8 mp phone cameras

    • Anonymous

      megapixel doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not as good as the 8….. it’s got a zero-shutter lag time. Galaxy Nexus, all the way.

  • Q

    What does “beats by dr dre” even mean?

    • Jason Purp

      You get an app that serves the same purpose as the stock DSPManager.

    • Anonymous

      It means you have the opportunity to waste your money on gimmicky headphones that are only decent with EQ management software instead of quality headphones at a lower or comparable price. Though in this case it comes with the phone so I suppose it’s considered a perk?

    • Missthetrain

      It means that Dr. Dre is gonna beat the daylight out of you if you don’t buy this phone.
      If anything Dr. Dre should beat the heck out of the guy(s) who’s in charge of the battery on this thing.
      Seriously though, IT’S A GIMMICK!

      • how can you make cracks about the battery if the phone hasn’t even been announced? i still don’t understand you all’s logic. 

    • jbonics

      It’s provocative it gets the people going, NO IT DOESN’T…….

  • The only one to interest me is the Galaxy Nexus the other ones is more of the same.

  • Anonymous

    I wish HTC were the innovator they used to be…now they are just doing their best to keep up.

  • Anonymous

    You got it wrong

    • James Adam


      • Anonymous

        Totally Agree!!!!


        • Dbarden31

          Iphone 4s
          Rezound 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Ahh, I still wouldn’t put the iCrap on that list lol

      • Anonymous

        lol, poor Rezound

    • Colin Zack

      you must work for motorola

      • Anonymous

        No, I believe they’re just a deluded Moto fanboy – based on every other post they put on here.

      • Guest

        he’s a dick!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take the one on the left, for $599 US Dollars. 

    • Jason Purp


  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the Nexus. Straight clean updates, with optimization and great gaming performance.

    • Nate Davidson

      Don’t expect the gaming right away. Unless developers already have this device, you’ll have to wait until they can effectively code for the 1154×720 resolution, being rendered by the SGX540. Since it uses TBR it shouldn’t be too bad, but I’d advise patience nonetheless.

      • John

        True. But it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make

      • Anonymous

        TBR??? Is that  a rendering method?

  • Small

    only if they can put razr hardware+nexus software+rezound hd screen into one phone

    • What’s wrong with the Nexus HD screen?

      • Its PenTex or whatever they call it. From reviews of hands on users, you can barely even tell its there

        • Anonymous

          2 quality posts 🙂 PenTile.

      • Dbarden31

        I actually don’t have a problem with what I hear about the Nexus screen. But I def wish that raze was the phone being introduced with ICS.

        • Dbarden31


    • Dbarden31

      Exactly what I was thinking! Haha

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget the Rezound camera and processor

  • I really feel these three companies got together and decided what phone will have this better than any other phone.  I mean really, you are charging me 300 and you can’t incorperate all of the good in all of these phones into one?!?!?  

    Give me the release date and battery of the RAZR, the processor, FFC and beats by dre of the Rezound, and ICS, Screen and NFC of the Nexus.

    • joejoe509

      I think it’s more that they had to cheapen it somewhere and each company made their own decision where to cut costs. In the end, you end up with a great batch of phones and the decision to buy is all up to personal preference. But there’s really not an outright poor choice here.

    • Colin Zack

      I’m pretty sure the OMAP processor is better than the Qualcomm one, even if it isn’t clocked as high

  • Anonymous

    “Oooh, but the Rezound has Beats by Dre.” +0

  • Keith Norris

    Number one Beats by Dre isn’t a category and the Rezound still looks whack!!!!

    • Jason Purp

      Right? It’s basically just an app that can be flashed to any Sense 3 ROM. It was just added to the list to make it look good next to the other 2.

  • Anonymous

    These phones line up really well next to another. I would rank them:
    1: Galaxy Nexus
    2. Rezound
    3. Razr

  • Anonymous

    The razor is the winner of this battle.

    • Jason Purp

      Motoblur on what will soon be Android 4.0 makes it an instant loser in my eyes

      • Anonymous

        The fact that the razor can record 720 on the ffc and to the big battery life makes the razor a winner.

        • Mannysaurus

          30mAh difference = big battery life? wat. AnGeLFaCe77…

          1) Your name is really unique. I like how you capitalized every other letter. You’re such a rebel.
          2) It can record 720p on the ffc. Great. Now I can make HD videos using my front facing camera! What I’ve always wanted.
          3) You’re a Motorola fanboy.
          4) I hope your RAZR battery gets fried. WHERE IS YOUR NON-REMOVABLE BATTERY NOW?
          5) Honey badger don’t care.
          6) 4430. I can walk into the store right now, buy a bionic, root it, and overclock it to 1.3GHz and guess what? I have a phone faster than the RAZR (specs-wise).

          • Anonymous

            I hope that you enjoy your plastic samsung device with weak radios and horrible gps 🙂

    • i’ve been a loyal moto customer and a moto fanboy since 97 when i got my original StarTac on Airtouch (now verizon.)
      The difference between me and you: i’m a fanboy who recognizes superior technology. you’re a blind sheep. 
      just 1 spec is enough to trump everything that moto has in production right now. 1280×720 resolution. 
      I wont even bring up the other advantages of the nexus device. 

      • Vaporware

        Yes but that resolution comes with a price. Higher battery use and potential performance issues on video intesive apps. The GPU in both the Razr and the Nexus are a letdown to be honest. The Vigor has the best GPU of the bunch.

        • you’re absolutely right. the GPUs are a let down. specially considering that you would need the better GPUs for the higher resolution screens. 

          aside from that. i think the benefits of an HD screen far outweigh the sacrifices. 

        • Anonymous

          The GPU in the OMAP4 is faster than the MSM8660’s, actually.

      • bigillz


    • Anonymous

      MotoBug will be it’s demise. Just like the notorious Droid X. Wouldn’t buy a phone from them unless it’s a ‘Nexus’. 

    • Jigga_Z

      A 4G with with a unremovable battery is total fail. Even the best 4G LTE phones have shoddy battery life, but the RAZR doesn’t even give you the option to buy a bigger battery if you choose. Lose.

  • lol @ HTC Rezound. 1.5GHz dual core SoC + 1620mAh + HTC’s shoddy radio kernel = NO THANKS.

    its going to have terrible battery life, worst than the iP4S. ZING!

    • Anonymous

      HTC still playing games with the batteries in their devices. The rezound will be a failure.

    • John

      Marketing ploy is all. Extended battery will be available upon launch

  •  only one that interests me is the Nexus…….. not other phone even grabs the slightest bit of my attention

    • Dantespeak

      Well said sir.

      • LiterofCola

        well, not exactly :p


      • Anonymous


      • Johnnyamerica

        A pole you say? What kind of pole? A fishing pole, a flag pole, a Pole from Poland, a may pole, a power pole, a tent pole or a ski pole? Sir, I say tell me the type of pole you want!

        • Anonymous

          lmao hahahaha

        • Domingo821

          A stripper pole?

        • Anonymous

          pole position, which is first!

        • A Festivus pole.

      • Anonymous

        ha ha ha ha. That’s all I got.

      • Anonymous

        A poll? Sir, look at those numbers! Just look at them!
        Numbers don’t lie!

      • Anonymous



        • Anonymous

          My question is; who actually “liked” this?

    • Anonymous

      i dont see why people are so excited for the razr, i just cant see why someone would choose it over the nexus. i mean you get a lower resolution screen, a non removable battery, blur and a locked bootloader. the nexus everything is done right.

      • Anonymous

        Depends on what you’re looking for really.  I’d love to wait and play with the Nexus before I upgrade, but I’m done with waiting.  Plus in my opinion, the Razr looks better.  I prefer a metal body since I’m always dropping my phone, and it’s Kate Moss thin, I loove that spec.  

        But the Nexus does have ICS, which is a huge plus.  But the Razr will have it as well in a couple of months, Blur or not.

        • Anonymous

          Sure it will… just like the Xoom got LTE and SD card support on time. I’m a mad Motto Bro.  

          • Anonymous

            Hardware upgrades are a lot harder to do than software updates.

          • Anonymous

            You do realize that the SD card issue was a Google issue right?

            The LTE delay on the Xoom was terrible though, they screwed that one up.

      • For geeks like us, maybe not, but the slim form factor is attractive. If someone needed a phone NOW (phone broke), the RAZR is out now 🙂

        devils advocate…

      • Anonymous

        The RAZR is an extremely good phone for people who don’t want an unlocked bootloader.

        The Galaxy Nexus is for people who want to unlock their bootloader.

        I’s all pretty simple.  Oh, the RAZR has Bluetooth 4.0, not 2.1

        • Anonymous

          I was just about to put that. That’s such a big error, especially since it was discussed as being one of the first with Bluetooth 4.0.

          Also can we stop calling it “Moto Blur”. It’s not. We get it people may not like it.

          • graveworm

            We’ll stop calling it MOTOBLUR when it ships with vanilla, until then we’ll call it what it indeed is, MOTOBLUR!

          • Anonymous

            its not going to ship with vanilla you idiot, it is motoblur even if moto doesnt want to call it that. it sucks ass and always will.

          • Anonymous

            He wasn’t saying it was going to ship vanilla. But if name calling makes you feel better, you go girl!

          • Greene

            uh, 10+points for the old-ass hobbit cartoon reference.  mithrandir! mithrandir! 

          • Anonymous

            Im actually a big fan of the new blur. It runs fast and actually adds functionality to vanilla android on my bionic. I find myself keeping it over other launchers.

            (Flame on)

      • NG

        No sd card slot, fisher price-like build, no gorilla glass, Samsung track record of poor gps, Samsung track record of mediocre radio and voice quality, no HDMI out without Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter. Basically beta testing ICS.

        • @Saintzman

          you ever change your sd card? ever use hdmi? it does have some type of “Fortified glass” who knows what it is, but who cares.  I will take stock android over some ugly intrusive skin that is put on top of it any day of the week.  Love my droid X but this is the first phone that Being honest with myself i would ever pay full price for.  None of these phones are bad.  But there can be only One that can become the next iteration of Nexus!!!

          • Anonymous

            Change my SD card?  Yes, to get more storage.
            Use HDMI, oh yeah.  When I travel it is great to Netflix streaming in the hotel.

          • Ccrsems5

            What hotel can you hook into the tv?  None I’ve been in, but that said, I am poor and stay cheap… still haven’t heard of hotel tv’s that you can select inputs on.

          • Turd_Ferguson

            Been to quite a few in St. Louis and Nashville that have a dock on the desk for inputs.  And some that just a have a mounted flat screen with the open ports available.  But then again Ive been more hotels that do not offer this and still have some old school tube tvs! 

          • Anonymous

            I have had good luck doing it at Hyatt, Doubletree, and some Sheridan’s.  Usually if they have a flat screen TV you can do it.
            I have a friend that actually brings an XBox with him and plays it in the hotel, but he travels for work and will stay there for a couple of weeks.

            They are out there, but yeah if you stay cheap than you are probably out of luck.

        • Anonymous

          People purchase the Nexus line for ROMability, updates, vanilla, and the smoothest experience on Android. The plastic build quality is actually very good; some of us prefer it to metal. That said, I do understand that metal has a more premium feel (though it actually nets you nothing, quality-wise). And for those who are Android geeks, beta testing ICS is actually a feature.

          The Galaxy Nexus may not be for you. That’s the beauty of Android; there’s the RAZR or Rezound (or a slue of others) to suit your style.

          • Mikelb

            Since when did metal become the same quality as plastic?

          • Anonymous

            That’s a good point; a high quality plastic is lighter, gives better reception, better heat dissipation, and better shock absorbance without distortion. It’s just that people often like metal better due to the feel of it; like the glass back of the iPhone giving it a premium “feel,” even though it’s a ridiculous design from a pragmatic standpoint.

      • tinytimm

        look at the camera its a piece of shit…they are almost identical except the camera which the razr is much better. plus it doesnt have an advanced qhd screen and the razr has scratch resistant water proof gorilla glass…does the nexus? i dont think soooo.

        • Anonymous

          The Nexus will have a hardened screen; it just won’t be Gorilla Glass brand glass (I think it has something to do with the contour display, like in the Nexus S). As for the cameras, MP isn’t everything. I doubt the Nexus’ shooter trumps the RAZR’s, but I also doubt it’s worse. The only thing MP is good for is enlarging a shot (well, once you get over about 3MP, that is). In fact, higher MP can actually be a detriment rather than a feature since shots will tend to come out more grainy (though the Android processing software seems to handle 8MP fine).

          Bottom line: there will be no discernible difference between the cameras due to MPs.

          • Bobby Schmidt

            Do we know if the zero shutter lag is going to be a part of ICS or is that going to be phone specific?

          • Anonymous

            From what I hear, it’s a bit of both. Basically, the ICS camera app will speed other phones’ photos along, but not at the pace of the GNex. Of course, since there’s only an SDK port at the moment, it’s all conjecture right now.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      By the specs given above the Nexus is the least favorable to me.

      • Anonymous

        This is why I’m saying we need more info posted. I’m not sure if Bobby knows more about phones than this, or if in fact this is the first time he’s ever been to DL, but if he’s going on specs alone he’s saying Nexus is the WORST?? And maybe for him the nexus is the worst phone, but certainly not on specs alone.

      • Anonymous

        This is why the public ends up with terrible devices, you look at the specs and think the Nexus is the least favorable, but how? 

        The screen is larger than both and HD. 

        It’s processor is newer than the Razr’s and is natively clocked at 1.5, but reduced to 1.2 for increased battery performance and lower heat production. 

        It’s the first phone to have it’s entire design based off using Android 4.0(Ice cream sandwich).

        It also receives updates directly from Google (who builds Android OS, something the average buyer doesn’t know). 

        It’s camera decimates the Razr’s, we haven’t seen the Rezound’s camera quality yet, but I highly doubt it’s as nice as we know the Nexus’ is.

        Has a removable battery. 

        The first phone in the US with NFC capabilities, which will revolutionize hand held devices and make the phone future proof.  It’s estimated that we will be using our phones instead of credit cards to pay for everything within 2 years. 

        The Razr and Rezound are great phones, with great specs, but the problem with the public is they fall for every trick in the advertising book when they walk in the store and sadly, that keeps you from purchasing the Nexus, which is the better phone.  

        You can say it’s an opinion, but it’s not this time.  The only possible reason you can argue against it, is that they didn’t include a removable SD card, which we all know won’t be necessary anymore since the future of storage will be in the cloud.

        • Anonymous

          If you read what he wrote, he said; “By the specs given above…”  None of what you mentioned was covered in the chart he was referring to.  Maybe he didn’t know about the additional information you just added.  

          But not to take away from what you are saying, you are correct, but “point of view” is also a factor.  Yeah, the screen IS bigger, but bigger may not be better for some people.  And how exactly do we know that the Nexus’ camera “decimates” the Razr’s?  I’m not being a smart ass, I would really like to know about the camera comparison, and not on assumption of past products, but on this one.  Yeah, the Nexus has a removable battery, and I’ll give you that point.  I’m not crazy about that.  

          And as far as NFC?  Yeah it’s a huge step in the right direction, but it will be more than two years for it to become commonplace.  You’re forgetting that retailers will still have to get whatever tech they would need in order for smartphones could be used as payment.  I can wait until NFC is more common and has all the kinks worked out before I decide it’s a must have.

          And the Nexus is a great phone, as is the Razr, as is the Rezound.  But they all have pros and cons, and they all have a one-up over the other.  The Nexus may be the better phone for you, but may not be the better phone for the next person depending on their taste and needs.

          • Anonymous

            The tech is already there. It’s actually been there for a while and is probably on your credit card.


            Look for this image anywhere you pay and that means the tech is already there for you to use NFC (You have to click the image for it to be viewed correctly)

          • SamIam

            Wow.  A bit of common sense.  Thanks Cola. 

            One thing I don’t see mentioned is what sort of frame rates you’ll see on the 2 HD devices.  I haven’t done the math, but I’m betting that for most consumer’s eyes 4.3″ qHD will look just as good as 4.65″ 720HD…and the frame rates should be significantly better on the qHD (depending on chipset and graphic engine, of course).  One thing I like about Motorola is they don’t try to be right on the bleeding edge.  They aren’t as slow adopting new tech as Apple, but they don’t rush things out before they are ready like HTC & Samsung tend to.  Waiting a bit for the tech to mature provides a better balanced product, IMHO.

          • Anonymous

            Everything I mentioned was from the spec chart.  I went through it one by one to explain. Using NFC for payment (and many other things) is right around the corner, it’s already being widely used in Japan and China.

          • Sp4rxx

            so?  Japan and China are LIGHTYEARS ahead of the U.S. …. it will be a whole new contract renewal for me before it becomes THAT necessary to utilize NFC.  Nice concept, but it will be awhile before it goes full throttle.

          • Was just at a Peet’s Coffee the other day in Santa Monica, and they had a Google Wallet / NFC reader on the counter right next to the register.

            Light-years ahead of us – perhaps.  Technological innovation moving forward at Light Speed – bet on it.

          • Anonymous

            Peets Coffee!!! Santa Monica!!! Goddamn, I miss LA 🙁

        • kianjudah

          I’ll just go ahead and say the obvious that we all heard anyways…BOOM!!! Well put sir! 

        • Anonymous

          All I see are assumptions and biased rhetoric.

        • Anonymous

          So you list why the Nexus is better for you, but based upon the specs maybe the RAZR or Rezound is better for someone else. 

          Lets see…

          Is the larger screen really a plus?  For you obviously, but not everyone. 

          The processor is newer?  Why, cause the number is higher?  Do some research.

          Have you seen a camera comparison?  Or are you just guessing? 

          NFC in two years?  HA.  People have been saying we are two years away from NFC taking over for the past 10 years.  I believe in the technology, but it won’t be used by most people for another 4-5 years.

          How is the Nexus a better phone?  For you sure, but not for others. 
          For example I have heard of business users rejecting Nexus phones because of security. 
          Some people prefer thinness. 
          How is the build quality on the Nexus?  Samsung has had some cheap plastic phones in the past.

          Before you make such sure comments why not wait until you can hold each phone in your hand and make a reason comparison.

          • JJ

            The 4460 processor has a 25% higher video clock speed than the 4430. That’s the main difference.

          • Anonymous

            Which for an end user means that the 4430 can produce 3D at 720p and the 4460 can produce 3D at 1080p.

            And as JJ said, that is the main difference.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve held both pre-production models. I haven’t used the Rezound personally.

            A larger screen that doesn’t take up more space is a plus no matter which way you want to spin it.

            Everything I said about the CPU is the truth, do your research.

            Yes I’ve seen a camera comparison and used both, you can as well if you watch the video reviews. The Razr’s camera still has auto focus issues and you must use an aftermarket APP for it to work as it should. It also continues to have quality issues with low light situations. It’s possible they’ve improved upon the test model I used 3 weeks ago, or when the Razr receives ICS, it may help correct the issues.

            If NFC is “4-5 years away”, then why are most of our credit card machines using the technology already?

            Next time you go into a store, look at the credit card machine, you’ll see it say you can wave your card over it, that is what is required for NFC. All they have to do is release the software for the Nexus to securely retain your CC information and you’ll simply wave your phone over the machine instead of your credit card. I see it at nearly every store I go to and many gas stations as well.

            NFC also gives us developers loads of opportunities for other interesting uses that will be developed now. People are always short sighted when it comes to technology, we need this hardware now so that we can create the software market for it’s uses.

          • Anonymous

            A larger screen is not always a plus, and that is not spin.  You want a larger screen, but you can’t say everyone does. 

            I actually don’t have to research on the CPU, I already know about the 4430 and 4460.  The parts have the same block diagram and come from the same fab.  The difference is in the binning of the parts. 

            NFC in credit cards is very different than NFC in phones.  Not technology wise as much as the business aspects (technology wise somewhat because in a phone it has more concerns with interference and there is the whole low battery aspect).  It is very, very complicated with everyone fighting for a percentage of the fees (credit card companies, banks, carriers, etc).  After all that is resolved you still have to get people comfortable with using it.  4-5 years minimum.

            Again you see it in CC for store owned cards, but the phone is a new ball game.

          • Considering the usable screen space is the exact same as the other two when not watching a video the “people dont want a bigger screen” argument is over with…the on screen buttons are just like having the off screen buttons except it gives users a bigger picture when watching movies which i guarantee you everyone would rather have “Hey how bout you get a bigger screen when watching movies”…um ya, u’d be an idiot for saying “no I like watching movies on the smaller screen”…

            for the people who say they don’t want a big screen, they aren’t getting a 4.3″ either…these are the same people that like the 4” screens and will probably love the Droid4 with the legit (finally) keyboard.

            The Nexus can support 1.5Ghz but is formatted to be a 1.2GHz to reduce heat and battery drain..meaning people who like customizing their device can probably get the max and people like me who don’t want the heat building up like the X2 and Droid 3 did, I’d go for the Nexus processor, instantly making it better.

            NFC is a cool concept but I agree with you…people are still worried about buying stuff on Amazon and paying their Chase bill on Chase’s website…they wont do this stuff…as for me, ya sure I’ll do it, but Im more excited about Beam…too bad none of my friends will have it 

            None of these phones have 100% advantages over the other except that the Nexus is built for Android 4.0 which kind of reassures me that it won’t be nearly as buggy as the other two when they get it.  I want kevlar, stock 4.0, removable memory, available extended battery, hdmi out, and a Super AMOLED Plus HD 720p screen with some kick ass audio….

          • Anonymous

            Just a thought, you stated that “The Nexus can support 1.5Ghz but is formatted to be a 1.2GHz to reduce heat and battery drain.”  Have you given any thought that maybe the HTC is clocked at 1.5Ghz to reduce heat and battery drain as well?  If this is true, then one can only assume the HTC can be clocked at an higher frequency than both Razr and Nexus.

          • TJTiernan

            Snapdragon S3’s only go to 1.5GHz.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, that is the stated frequency, however, its likely you could overclock it.  My point was that overclocking the S3 could result in less power drain than overclocking the OMAP.  If they are already underclocking the OMAP for power its going to get a lot worse as you start to overclock.

          • Nick

            The reason they underclock a CPU like that is because most people will NOT see any difference in 0.3 GHz and the battery life is vastly improved. The S3 has a default clock of 1.5GHz, and so does the 4460.
            Neither one will be able to be clocked very much higher than the other. But at these speeds, it doesn’t even matter.

          • Anonymous

            I see your logic, but the exact same could be said about the S3.  However HTC decided not to underclock.  This only leads me to believe it didn’t need to be underclocked for power.  I doubt the marketing team influenced the design team, especially considering all the backlash HTC has gotten on the T-Bolts battery performance.

          • Chris Kochinsky

            but it does take up more space look at the dimensions.

          • Christephor

            your an idiot telling someone to do research about the cpu when you are the one who is wrong and in almost every case the higher number does mean it is newer can you name something thats not please i would like to know 

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for the detailed and well thought out analysis comparing the 4430 to the 4460 including a comparison of their graphics capabilities, battery consumption, process technology…wait.  No, you just posted a stupid comment about higher numbers being newer. 

            Of course the higher number could be because the parts are binned differently.  By doing this the yields on the 4460 are lower, therefore the cost is higher.  So it has a higher number to differentiate this so idiots don’t ask why they have to pay more.
            And before someone tries and act smart and say that the 4430 was available first, that has to do with yield of the silicon.  If you don’t know what I am talking about don’t act like you do.

          • James

            @JSW25:disqus  Yeah Nexus processor is newer AND better than both Rezound and Razr processor. OMAP 4460 (used in Galaxy Nexus) is designed as a 1.5 GHz processor, although under-clocked to 1.2 GHz for battery performance. However, TI OMAP 4 series uses A9 while Qualcomm Snapdragon Scorpion series use A8 to run the CPU so that OMAP is faster tick for tick (not sure if this is the right expression). Exynos also uses A9 model and it’s 1.2 GHz Exynos in Galaxy S2 is faster than 1.5 GHz Snapdragon Scorpion used in the T-Mobile version of Galaxy S2. Razr which uses the older 4430 version also have 1.2GHz in A9 design, but still is somewhat lacking than 4460 version.
            Also, Galaxy Nexus has a GPU 384MHz PowerVR SGX540, which although is weaker than A5 in iPhone 4S or Arm Mail-400 in Galaxy S2, it is lot stronger than Razr’s wich uses 200MHz of same GPU, although it’s par with Rezound’s GPU.Not to mention TI OMAP 4460 is optimized perfectly for ICS and 720 resoultion.

          • Anonymous

            Actually Snapdragon Scorpion is not an A8 nor is it an A9, Qualcomm has a license to design there own core. Read -> http://www.extremetech.com/mobile/94064-how-qualcomms-snapdragon-arm-chips-are-unique.  Also  SGX540 is not on par with Adreno 220, Adreno 220 is better. Read -> http://www.anandtech.com/show/4243/dual-core-snapdragon-gpu-performance-1-5-ghz-msm8660-adreno-220-benchmarks/2
            Also not sure where you get “TI OMAP 4460 is optimized perfectly for ICS and 720 resoultion.”  But feel free to correct me. Won’t the drivers that come with the processor impact the performance more than the ICS code base?

        • “The first phone in the US with NFC capabilities”

          Don’t tell this to the Nexus S owners!

        • Joe

          I challenge whether the Nexus is future proof.  It has no SD slot so you can’t expand the memory. That is a huge drawback for me. IMO, these phones all have flaws.  The Nexus has crappy Samsung build quality.  One drop and it will be toast.  Also, no Gorilla glass and no SD.  The Razr has no removable battery.That is a HUGE fail, especially given Android phones have poor battery life.  I carry 3 batteries with my OG Droid and they have saved my butt on more than one occasion.  No spare battery means I won’t own this phone.  That said, both these phones have BEAUTIFUL displays.  I played with the Rezound today at the Verizon store and it is fast and a nice phone.  It felt good in my hand.  BUT, the display is definitely inferior to the Amoled displays on the Razr and Samsung phones.  Still, if I had to buy a phone today, that would be the phone I would buy. I would root it and nuke the Sense UI though. Honestly, I was memorized by the Amoled displays.  I wish the Samsung phones weren’t so cheap feeling.

          • Anonymous

            Although I agree with you on buying a Rezound, I’m somewhat stumped about your “BUT, the display is definitely inferior to the Amoled displays on the Razr and Samsung phones.”   Now it might be true of the Samsung phone, but look at this article comparing the Rezound and Razr displays -> http://www.theverge.com/2011/11/14/2557172/htc-rezound-review  .  It clearly looks like the Razr a worse screen than the Rezound. 

    • Anonymous

      Somebody get this guy a Harumph! 

    • Tucker Nebel

      u mad bro?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe not between these three, but I would love the Galaxy Note.

    • palomosan

      Not for nothing but those are three beastly phones. What one has the other doesn’t.

      But the Nexus is the winner in my book, I’ve been waiting far too long for a Nexus device on Verizon.

    • MikeyBotz

      How did this comment get so many ‘likes’? Each one of these phones is amazing in its own right. The razr is built like a tank, extremely thin, and beautiful (Rugged but handsome),  The Rezound is HTC which always provides nice widgets and is very smooth, highest clocked processor, and packed with Beats by Dre (Pretty and sleek), The Nexus which of course I agree is the best phone is nice in its own respect, stock android, most up to date OS, packed with NFC and an amazing camera (The future). Its obvious to everyone in the Tech world that the Nexus is the best phone because it meets our needs, but I could easily understand someone getting the Razr that is going to be using their phone for a phone as is out of the box and someone buying the Rezound because they love their “hot beats” haha. All of these phones are great and its about time because Verizon is long overdue.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        It’s funny to read this, “the razr is built like a tank, extremely thin…”

        It’s true, just ironic.

        As for the phones, I’ll semi-agree with you, but the HTC is definitely going to have battery problems, unless they’ve come up with a miracle.

        The Razr just doesn’t do it for me, it doesn’t look good (opinion) and it has Motoblur.  Kevlar looks childish, isn’t needed.  Can you imagine the nightmare of it getting ICS and them having to get motoblur to work properly on it afterwards? 

        You’re right, all 3 are good phones, but there’s only one great phone and we all know which one that is. 

        • Hothead1235

          the Razr is getting ics soon after its release lol.

          • Bill Mitchell

            He said that, and added that they’re going to mess it up with Motoblur, as usual.

          • angermeans

            It will get it, but knowing Motorola’s history I can almost guarentee it wont be soon. They also said the Xoom would get 4G soon after release and 8 months later it came. They also said that the Droid X would get Froyo by September and it was months later and horribly buggy. I can do more, but I am just saying some of the ones I got burned by. The point is Motorola always speaks up way to soon. There is no way they know how long it will take as they (and no one else) have even seen ICS as it has not been released yet and then they have to plan a skin which will be a challenge in its self. I will bet my bank account they wont be getting it “soon” it is just something they said to sell units. The only thing Motorola will do “soon” is forget about the Droid Razr and the customers that bought it and backtrack out of their comments. I hate to say it, but we should all know by now that Motorola is horrible and even when they do release their updates they are almost unusable and sluggish from the atrocity that is Blur. The only thing promising about the burning ship that is Motorola and its products is that Google purchased them and put them out of their misery.

          • I remember getting 2.2 on my DX when it came out.. i was hearing all this great stuff about how awesomely fast it was, and at the time a wasn’t too knowledgable about how big a part moto played in making the update. this is exactly the reason why i’m getting the nexus.. i want the updates to come quick and to actually be an UPDATE rather than a downgrade.

          • Chris Kochinsky

            and the xoom was getting let soon after launch. We all know how that turned out.

      • The RAZR with Launcher EX sounds really good to me, I could care less about the battery cuz I deal with an Incredible now….The Nexus sounds like it would actually get me interested in programming and turning into an android geek, which is fine, and the resolution with the bigger screen during videos is amazing….the HTC should be my favorite since I’ve always thought Sense was the most customizable overlay and the easiest to navigate around, but I already have Sense, it’s like having a Honda and then buying another Honda…sure it’s going to be reliable, but is it really going to be fun for the next two year contract?  Also, what’s up with that whole wireless charging for it?  Cuz that would be nice.  I’m pretty sure it’s either going to be the WayneTech Kevlar Nanotech phone….or the Superman……oh and the Nexus is clocked at 1.5 but is running at 1.2 to reduce heat and save battery, something that was a problem in Droid 3’s and X2’s…I wonder what the HTC was overclocked as or if it really is 1.5 and they’re keeping it at 1.5…cuz since it’s got the smallest battery and biggest processor i smell trouble..oh wait, nvm, that’s just the phone burning.

        • Anonymous

          None of these devices are doing it for me and I have an eligible upgrade to burn.   Each one has its various pros and cons. If I HAD to pick one right now, I’d get the G-Nex but I’d rather wait until something arrives Stateside that has specs more like the Galaxy S II HD or a thinner Bionic with a better screen.

          Nexus Pros:-Best CPU available at the moment
          -ICS at launch
          -Huge 720p screen
          -Sleek/thin formfactor with a removable battery
          -Good camera

          Nexus Cons:
          -No microSD card slot
          -Likely horrible battery life (and no OEM extended capacity battery available from what I’ve seen)
          -Cheap Samsung plastic build quality
          -No HDMI out (MHL is a clunky joke)

          RAZR Pros:
          -Built like a tank
          -Available SOON
          -MicroSD card slot
          -The usual solid Moto RF/voice performance

          RAZR cons:
          -No removeable battery
          -Likely continues to the tradition of lousy Moto cameras
          -Ships with outdated OS and ICS upgrade may be delayed/buggy like many other Moto “promises”
          -Screen is only 4.3″ and qHD

          Rezound Pros:
          -Beats audio really does sound nice (but a very minor point for me)
          -Likely to be discounted soon after launch
          -Has both a removable battery and SD card
          -Sense is preferable to Blur
          -Available SOON

          Rezound Cons:
          -Ships with outdated OS
          -Likely horrible battery life
          -No HDMI out
          -Screen is only 4.3″ and qHD
          -Weakest GPU of the lot

          • kinda want to wait till there’s no more LTE sim card and the transition from 4G to 3G doesn’t mean me turning off one of the radios.  As far as I’m concerned I’m more than willing to keep my Incredible which has performed outstanding since I got it April 2010 and spend the money on the Transformer Prime.

          • Chris Kochinsky

            there is always going to be a sim card. You don’t have to turn off one of the radios for a smooth transition.

          • Anonymous

            The RAZR is a thinner Bionic with a better screen…

          • Droid2YearAnn

            Is it just me or would anyone else like this chart to be updated, after the official Rezound specs have been released??? 
            Come on Droid Life, get with the program and update this chart! 
            Us OG Droid users are trying to decide which phone to use our upgrade on and a chart with all of the correct information would be a real help.

          • Anonymous

            The Rezound has a 720p screen, not qHD.

          • Munky


      • Anonymous

        The Rezound tops the Nexus in a few ways, too. Sense 3.5, as you mentioned, is quite nice, as is the faster CPU, plus it has a smaller (still really big) screen, likely better build (HTC consistently beats Samsung in this respect), and higher pixel density. It’s also nicer-looking, IMO, and I’d bet it has a better speaker (due to Beats).

        • mike emanuel

          Sorry but Sense is a POS.  No skin can ‘improve’ the stock ui, with the exception of cyanogen.  The difference being cyanogen has nightly builds if you’re unhappy with the current build or there is a bug.  Sense takes months to update and of course there is no guarantee there will be an update.

        • Anonymous

          Sense is a resource and battery hog. Plus the rezound is way to thick compared to these two. Nobody wants a brick.

      • ashy larry

        What I really want to know is how loud these phones’ speakers are and how strong the vibration is. What sucks about Moto phones lately is that their speakers are too damn quiet since the OG Droid and the vibration has gotten really weak, resulting in missed calls and txts.

      • these are all a great phone lineup but i am itching for my nexus!

    • Mikelb

      Even though it has the least impressive hardware on board? It seems you lack common sense.

    • Anonymous

      From left to right, the good the bad and the ugly. Galaxy Nexus for me!

  • Anonymous

    .    <—- smaller than that is how much i care about anything but the nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  • Anonymous

    the measley battery they stick in the rezound. Come on HTC.

  • All three of these phones look great

  • lol @ HTC Rezound. I bet battery life will be abysmal. 1.5 GHz dual core SoC + 1620mAh battery + HTC’s radio kernel = NO THANKS. 

    • Anonymous

      Its this type of comment that bugs me…I’m guessing your basing this comment on the T-Bolts battery woes.  Do you realize the T-Bolt was the first 4G LTE device in the US, only now do we have something to compare to(Bionic).  Check out this link of the comments about battery life for both the T-Bolt and Bionic. 
      http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2392502,00.asp#fbid=0mgj2OghfGHYes I realize it the Rezound has a smaller battery, but if you do some simple math, if the bionic had the same battery as the T-Bolt, it would have only gotten 2.6 hours of LTE streaming vs the T-bolts 2.5.  Yes it is better, but not by much.  Now you look at the difference in batteries for Rezound and Razr and I’m guessing the Rezound will get better battery life that the Razr.  Do you know something to prove my theory incorrect? I’m in no way saying it will be better, that will be seen once all these phones are released, I just don’t want people to be polarized the type of comments you and others have made when they only seem to be based on limited facts, possibly biased facts, and not all the facts.  Even my comments don’t have all the facts, but seem to have more than yours.  Thoughts, rebuttal?

      • Anonymous

        The Thunderbolt is not the only HTC device to have bad battery life, not by a long shot.  If you look at battery life charts on Anandtech it’s all HTC devices on the bottom of the list.

        • Anonymous

          I think a better way to state your comment would be the lowest battery life performers are HTC, one being the T-bolt(1st 4G-LTE so of course its low) and the other the Droid Incredible(not sure why its has bad battery life), but not all HTC devices are on the bottom of the list, some perform close the top, some in the middle.  I’m yet to be convinced that all HTC high end smartphones perform as poorly as people state they do.  I’m still waiting to see a comparison of HTC and non HTC phones that have approximately the same hardware specs.  This should be soon with the Razr,G-Nex,Rezound release. I think this will be the true test of battery performance.

      • “Now you look at the difference in batteries for Rezound and Razr and I’m guessing the Rezound will get better battery life that the Razr.”
        Really?  And you surmised that from what, exactly? The Rezound’s smaller battery and faster processor? Your nickname, snapdragonfan, says it all. The original Droid and the original Incredible had similar disparities to these two phones (Droid – 1400 mAh battery and 550 mhz processor; Incredible – 1300 mAh battery and 1 ghz processor), and, according to CNet’s comparison, the Incredible got 5.5 hours of talk time to the Droid’s 7.58. If that doesn’t suitably dissuade your argument, why not add the Droid X into the equation – bigger screen than the Incredible, same processor speed (different processor), and a 1540 mAh battery, and it got 7.5 hours of talk time. Even the Incredible 2, which still has a slightly smaller screen and battery (4.0″ and 1450 mAh, respectively) than the X, was only able to manage 6.25 hours.

        So please, provide me with the motivation for your claim that the Rezound will get better battery life than the RAZR?

  • JG

    Look at HTC go…giving the Rezound a smaller battery than the nexus.

    I’d like to know who thought that was a good idea.

    • Jason Purp

      Does it help to know that the battery is red?

      • Jake


        • I’m Kick-Ass!

          Isn’t tusche a cute girl name for my ass?

          or maybe that’s what you meant to say.

      • Nico

        That means it’ll go faster, right?

    • Anonymous

      HTC has a long and illustrious history of making sure their batteries are too small for all of the hardware that they pack in. I will never be able to understand it.

  • James Adam

    I am getting the Razr and Nexus Woot!

  • Jason Purp

    1. Galaxy Nexus
    3. HTC Rezound

    That’s how it is, and that’s how I want it; this is my world and I’m sh*tting on it.