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Comparison: Galaxy Nexus vs. DROID RAZR vs. HTC Rezound

galaxy nexus droid razr rezound all

One of the most requested potential posts of the last few weeks has been a comparison chart of Verizon’s winter lineup of super phones: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, and HTC Rezound. After traveling for 3 weeks straight to hopefully find out all that there was to know about these devices, we finally had a minute to sit down and whip up a quick chart. We should point out that most of the Rezound information is what has been given to us in a variety of leaks and is not “official” although we are pretty sure almost all of it will match up to what HTC announces on Thursday. The Galaxy Nexus and RAZR info was pulled from official spec lists and sites. Some things are missing, nothing we can do there until we get the final spec set.

And my, oh my does Verizon have one heck of a phone lineup heading into the holiday season. If anyone thought another carrier was making a push to top Big Red on Android, those dreams will be crushed come Thursday when the entire set of phones has been announced.

Chart after the break.   

  • Bwstonemd84

    There may in the past have been a lot of Motorola update issue, but shouldn’t be an issue anymore because hello people Motorola is owned by GOOGLE now!!!!

  • IMO, I would choose the HTC Rezound over the others for 5 reasons:

    1. I LOVE Sense. Period.
    2. Not a fan of Motorola products in general.
    3. There is no Micro SD slot on the GN.
    4. I think it’s the best deal, the Beats Ear-buds usually cost $150.
    5. I like the way the phone looks better then the others.

    That’s just my opinion, don’t hate me for it.

  • Casavapiece

    Some quick facts before I post my opinions here, 10 years ago, my son came home on a visit from his post in Japan and his cellphone, a Sharp at the time, had NFC and a 5M pixel camera, waterproof, and cordless charging. He demonstrated to me how there were small charging stations in the railway stations at the time to give your phone some quick juice.
    Now my opinions, the Galaxy Nexus is not the first phone in the USA with NFC, Sprints nexus 4G has it built in. The best phone that someone needs to make right now, style of the Galaxy Nexus HD 720p screen, GPU and OMAP4460 chipset, keeping the slightly curved screen, RAZR radios, bluetooth 4.0, weight, and front camera’s 720p capability: Rezounds front camera 2MP resolution, and Beats audio. On top of that, make it a world phone. (like all Blackberry’s are out the box, just that each carrier has the bands that they don’t use disabled for their networks, this is why they are still so popular overseas((it’s not just because of BBM)), because you can use an unlocked Blackberry on any carrier in the world that you wish to). TRUE SUPERPHONE!! Just mindless wandering……..

  • Anonymous
  • Those are all debatable…. whoevers buying phone will have hard time choosing it this time lol

  • Anonymous

    Will a SanDisk 32GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Card work in the Razr?  All I see in the Accessory store are the Class 2s.

  • Weklund

    Stop by ny local Costco yesterday and happened to catch the Motorola rep chatting with the cell sales guys showing off the Moto Razr. Very impressive phone. Built like a tank. The screen is incredible with unbelieveable resolution. I had My Moto X in hand for comparison. All I can say is I want one and just pre ordered with Verizon. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with the Galaxy Nexus. An unmolested version of ICS is just too tempting for me to pass up. Good news is if I dont like it or its too typical of Samsungs build quality there are 2 other great phone to choose from. Motorola’s new UI doesnt look that bad either…I never messed with sense….

  • Rophez

    You still haven’t updated your chart to reflect a lot of the best Moto Razr features:
    -Bluetooth 4.0
    -Gorilla Glass
    -American Company 😉
    -Good Radio

    Those of you hating on Moto Blur – you should check some hands on of this thing.  They’ve really improved it – the phone is very snappy, and Blur has some sweet features like the smart action thing where you can tell your phone to do all kinds of situational stuff – like turn on bluetooth during your drive time and change the background from sexy model pics to family photos when you pull into your driveway…

  • Ari Goldberg

    What’s the difference between front camera and front video?  If “front video” has a “-“, does that mean you can’t do a video chat and see a little video of yourself in a corner of the display?

  • Anonymous

    OK. Here is what I want:

    Price: Not going there.
    Processor: Snapdragon S4 http://www.qualcomm.com/documents/snapdragon-s4-architecture
    Display: 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED
    Resolution: 1280×720
    Rear Camera: 8MP
    Rear Video: 1080p @ 30 fps
    Front Camera: 2MP
    Front Vide: 720p
    Storage: 32GB Internal and up to 32GB microSD
    Android Version: Android 4.0 ICS
    Android Skin: Cyanogen 9.0
    RAM: 1GB
    Network: 4G LTE with Radio Off option (SIM?)
    NFC: Yes
    Beats by Dre: Don’t care. Want earbuds.
    Battery: 1780mAh with Extended Battery option
    Talk Time: 12.5 hours
    Standby Time: 4 days @ 4GLTE
    Thickness: 10mm or less
    Weight: 5oz or less
    Bluetooth: 3.0

    First company to produce gets me off my HTC Droid Incredible (original gangsta AMOLED version with Extended Battery and Cyanogen 7.1).

  • Sorry, but I will never buy Moto or anything with Sense.  HTC makes good hardware, but then completely ruins it with Sense.

    • Anonymous

      So many people say this about Motorola, Ironic.

  • mikeym0p

    Can we get a size comparison? From what I know the Nexus is quite a bit taller than the likes of the GSII and the Bionic, which is problematic since I’m a one hand user.

  • Mr. English

    Nexus will get some attention in my world, the other two can blow. Never again will I get a Moto device that “promises” future upgrades. HTC’s would be interesting if the Galaxy wasn’t coming out though. Then again, this is nothing but filler ware until next weeks device announcement, and the week after that, etc. Hoping for good things from Samsung.

  • Once I hold them, caress them, play with them gently massaging their soft supple bodies, and have my way with them for hours…I’ll be able to tell which one I’d like to keep as my new toy.

    • actually the RAZR is so manly I reject that previous statement cuz it feels a little gay to me….the Nexus tho is like that smart hot girl that you always wanted to do..and she’s really more smart and powerful but she’s toning it down to reduce her hotness and let you last longer screwin around with her….

  • Fevs911

    Any word on the cameras? I have an upgrade and leaning towards nexus, but it has to be as good as my iphone 4.

    • Calvin

      The Nexus will take faster pictures, but the iphone 4 will take far more natural and accurate pictures

  • undecided

    Like others have said, the Bluetooth on the Razr is 4.0, not 2.1. And by the way, Bluetooth 4.0 is arguably better than NFC. The way I see it, the Nexus beats the Razr with the screen, quicker Google updates, removable battery, barometer (for improved GPS performance), better camera, and the possibility of direct USB host support.  However the Razr beats the Nexus with build quality, likely to have better reception and GPS functionality, hot swappable micro-sd card support, HDMI port, battery life, Webtop, accessories, and size. I’ve been waiting for a Nexus phone for almost 2 years, but I’m not
    willing to sacrifice reception and build quality for a slightly bigger
    screen and quicker updates. I use my phone in the back country all the time, so the most important features to me are reception, GPS, and battery life. With my Droid-X and OG I can get 3g reception where Samsung Fascinates can’t even receive a phone call. I know people argue that the Nexus has MHL so it doesn’t need HDMI, but if your TV doesn’t support MHL I’m not sure how you could charge your phone in that situation. Also, I doubt the USB host support (if available) would work at the same time as MHL in case you wanted to stream movies from portable media using the phone. With the Razr, it is likely that the dock will support USB host, device charging, and HDMI output all at the same time (plus you can use a remote control).

    • Sporty

      Razr’s locked….enuf said…

  • bwils

    I am not a tech person and am confused by which phone I MIGHT like when it is all said and done.  So far Nexus has my vote, but I don’t like the idea of not having an sd card.  I like the fact that I can save my pics to my sd card and salvage them IF the phone nose dives and that has happened all too often for my comfort level. Not to mention I am concerned that I will fill the memory before I am ready to upgrade.  So, will any of the tech people please explain how I will feel “safe” with that aspect of the Nexus? And please, keep your comments about me being an idiot to yourself…I have already admitted I know very little about these topics and am asking for “educated” opinions or facts. Thanks.

    • Brent Cooper

      You can use Lookout(free on the market) which protects against virus’s but will also back up pictures and contacts and will allow you to re-download them to another device if your device is lost or dies. If you loose your phone with the sd card in it, the pictures will still be lost. With Lookout, they back up every specified time of day/week and you can still get them off their cloud based backup. As to memory, you will probably not use 16/32 GB memory. You will also have lots of cloud based things so you will not store as much on the device. I.E. google docs, amazonMP3  player, soon to be google music, ect…Nexus is a great choice for a next phone!

      • bwils

        Thank You!  And thank you for responding in terms that anyone can understand!!! Very much appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        One forgets the HD camera/video capabilities that will eat memory real estate very quickly…..1080p vid eats memory…

  • Anonymous

    I want to know why none of these so far is sporting a state of the art GPU?  The iPhone 4S looks to blow the nexus and razr out of hte water.  I hope HTC did something special.

  • kohut

    why has no one mentioned that the rezound packs more ppi than the iphone 4? 342>330. the sub pixels are also full rgb since it’s a super lcd

  • joel rizo

    Why would anyone choose the Razr…. First choice should be the Nexus, second the Rezound.

  • Kng60ft


    • compchick813

      Yes, according to the FCC docs.

  • Sundar Ganapathy

    You should note that the S3 is a cortex a8 processor (last gen) while the OMAP4 is cortex a9 (current gen).  Therefore the 1.5ghz vs 1.2ghz comparison is misleading – the OMAP4 is faster.

    • Anonymous

      Incorrect, S3 is not a cortex a8 processor nor is it a cortex a9 processor.  Please do your research.
      Note that qualcomm designs there own processors based on the ARMv7 architecture. Where as other companies buy an A8/A9 from arm and put it in there chip.   Only thing the same in A8/A9 and S3 is that they both much adhere to ARMv7.

      • Anonymous

        What they do is take the stock design and modify it, enhancing it in the process. The S3 Scorpion processor is a modified version of the A8.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry, but you are completely wrong.  Qualcomm has a license to create the processor from the ground up, which they do.  So I’m sorry to tell you  they don’t modify it at all.  They don’t even use it.  All it has to be in compliant with the ARMv7 spec.

  • Anonymous

    If the Razr had a 720p screen and 4.0 out of the box, I’d grab it in a heartbeat. But as of now, I’m still in bed with the Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Timmeloua

    Does the Rezound randomly reboot like the Thunderbolt? Oh wait its LTE. All of Verizon’s phones do it.

  • Manuel Olague

    I can wait for ICS. I really like the hardware on the Droid RAZR, but I would love a phone with Beats Audio. I guess since they come out on the same day I can go play with them at the Verizon before i choose.

  • I hope Google sees a problem in this comparison. The RAZR and Rezound are arguably the most top-tier phones from Motorola and HTC for 2011. Yet, neither of them have NFC. That’s ONE year after the Nexus S was released. It’s not hard to see how difficult it will be for Google to execute its vision of mobile computing in the future. It can do everything it wants to do in the Android OS, but if the hardware partners simply don’t follow you, it will achieve nothing. We Android fans tend to laugh at the iPhone. But imagine what would happen if Apple decides to bring NFC to its users? They release an iPhone with NFC. Immediately, a large chunk of new iPhone users will have NFC. 1 to 2 years later, once older iPhone holders upgrade, an even larger portion of them will have NFC. Now, look back to the Android world, most folks who purchase the RAZR and Rezound this year will probably stick with their phones for 2 years. That means, it will take at least 3 years for Google to push a technology advancement to the market.

    • Raskell

      With Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility, that might help push that techology in more devices.

  • Jon

    Has anybody tested the batteries – not the specs on them?  Yes the new Android operating system is good on the Galaxh but the others will have it in 8 weeks or so.  Battery life – that is critical, do not want to be charging the phone every four hours and with older bluetooth technology how with the Razr stack up?

  • Dick Biscit

    Well what you will be seeing and using on the nexus is 4.3 inches the extra that make 4.65 is for the software buttons which dont go away. So technically it is 4.65 inches minus the software buttons is 4.3. But for me I am an HTC guy owned 2 of them loved them both, so im going with the Rezound.

    • Rokenford

      The buttons do go away for fullscreen apps such as videos or games.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to make up excuses to get the Rezound. Just get it :p

  • Sporty

    Got very tired of waiting for Verizon…ordered the Galaxy SII from T-Mobile. My contract with Verizon is up near the end of Nov. I’ve had the new in two deal for awhile now and no phone to go to. I saw this phone in one of their stores and the screen was unreal! Get it tommorow…can’t wait! FINALLY a new fricking phone to replace my OG!!!

  • Sndavis00

    Does anybody know if the Nexus Prime has a notification light for email, and txt or a flash option for the camera?

    • Anonymous

      It has a notification light in the upper right-hand corner.  It also has a flash below the camera.  

      • Anonymous

        That’s the front facing camera.

    • Anonymous

      The notification light is on the bottom bezel below the screen.

  • Eric Kwan

    The only important stat is “Android Skin.” No Blur, no Sense, no problem!

  • Falcon10474

    HOLD ON, how has no one caught on this, $299 for the 16GB and 32 GB version???? OR $299 for the 16 GB version and then more for the 32 GB, which is crap

  • Venomhatch

    Again because my old comment was deleted, the Bluetooth on the RAZR is 4.0 not 2.1.