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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ on Verizon to Receive Gingerbread Update

The dinosaur lives! If you own the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ with a Verizon 3G radio tucked deep inside, you will want to start hammering your system updates button over the next few days to check for a Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5) update that should be on the way. It’s roughly 68MB and will make your device feel like new again. There is just something extraordinarily stable about Android 2.3 that can take a device from the grave to at least the walking dead.

In the update, you will find the new GB download manager, better front facing camera support, security patches, and more power management options. No telling yet if the UI will change much or if it will keep that semi-stock launcher look. And not that I love TouchWiz, but it would add to the feature set of this long lost tablet.

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  • Daniel White

    Has anyone actually received the update yet?

  • Chris Sandoval

    Now if it could only get Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • Alexa White

    Dead?  It’s not even a year old!  My original Tab is pretty much the perfect size, perfect for books and checking email, looking at G+, facebook… anything I don’t feel like squinting for on my phone.  My boyfriend has a Tab 10.1 and while it looks nice (for video), it’s way too big for reading.  Same thing with the iPad, way too large to comfortably hold and read.

    • Daniel White


  • My little tab is far from dead! While I must admit this is the only android device that I own that isn’t rooted but that’s okay. I look forward to the update and I’ll even dream about it getting ICS… 🙂 

  • Booboolala2000

    Yet still no update for the DROID Charge. Hello Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon T-Mobile! If Big Red can do it, so can you!

  • Sirx

    The ONLY take-away I got from this story is:  Isn’t being a zombie a step DOWN from being just dead? ‘:-/

  • Lolercopter

    where is my charge update samsung

  • As

    Very stupid comments by the author.

    • its Halloween.  leave the house.

  • Anonymous

    Any guess on a date for when this will roll out?  Hopefully it’s not an OTA update, because I only use mine for WiFi at the moment.

  • sog805

    finally///now if I could only get them to update my Charge

    • samsung likes to wait until you could care less if you got an update anymore, or so ive found

  • Anonymous

    As a GTab 7 owner on VZW, this is awesome!

    Of course, I’ll have flashed the CM7 ROM that’s just now getting stable by the time this goes live and I’ll be mocking the rubes who roll on stock VZW. Feels like having my OG Droid, again (tear).

  • Anonymous


    • Mctypething

      Not really