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XOOM 3G Receiving HTK75D Update Now

I’ll admit that we aren’t exactly sure what the HTK75D update is for the XOOM 3G (those that haven’t updated to 4G), so we will instead just assume that it is the same as the HLK75D update that is current running on 4G XOOMs. And in that 4G version, we get the new market that can be updated regularly, new Books app, and better 3G connectivity.

To check for it, head into:  Settings>About tablet>System updates.

Cheers Jordan, James and Scott!

  • Sorum Chris

    My web browser/3G continually looses connection now with this update. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Anonymous

    as usual not for EU (IT)… FxxK MOTO ! never again

  • Rob

    Will this make their Xooms have suddenly crappier battery life too like mine and everyone else’s Xooms over at XDA?

  • 第一次来 踩踩

  • Ice
  • GuestM

    I am having a problem. I have cwm recovery installed, and whenever I am prompted for an update, it downloads the update, reboots, goes into the custom recovery and nothing happens. Anyone had this problem?

    • J. Gilbertson

      can’t OTA with custom recovery.

  • Guest

    They may have improved 3G connectivity but my tablet, running 4G says no internet all the time now.  Even when my bionic is in 4G (which is always in my area)…..  Think i should have kept it 3G at least then it was usable.

    • Billy Jenkins

      well at least they released the 4g update like everyone was complaining about. lol. even though it still has some problems

  • Sakaduski

    got it…but the market force closes when I go to “my apps”

    WTF Moto???

    • Anonymous

      Clear data and cache, then relaunch.  Sometimes the new market doesn’t like the old market data.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Xoom’s a great developer tablet, hope it gets ICS soon.