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Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Sign-Up Page Goes Live!

Anyone still in denial on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to Verizon? If you are, then maybe the email sign-up page that just went live will make you a firm believer. Still no word on when it will be available to pick up, caress, and fondle, but the first batch of dates we have seen all point towards November 10 being the earliest at an on-contract price of $299. Getting closer!

Sign up.

Cheers radgatt!

  • RadOD

    Just got my first spam email from Verizon.  No phone, just spam.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Dominick DeVito

    Aaaah, sweet (Peter Griffin).

  • Marvin de Pano

    Signed up! Regardless of anything happening or not, covering all your base are belong to us!

  • Anonymous

    2 questions… if i pre-order this online, do i get it on Nov 10 (launch day) or the 11th? and also, if i bought a droid x in July of last year, am i still eligible for the 1 year “new every 2” upgrade?

  • David Hayden

    I don’t know why I would bother signing up. DL is going to inform me of anything before Verizon does. 

  • Superior1

    Finally an OFFICIAL announcement. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure about Verizon.  This phone is obviously a high end device, they passed up the big selling SGSII for it and now they’re being hush hush. 

    We’ll see I guess.

  • GCurry

    Within minutes of signing up to this interest list, I got email from Verizon advertising Droid Razr.   Coincidence, I’m sure.  😉

  • Signed my mom and myself up. Cannot WAIT.

  • Corruptt1

    you anxious brethren?

  • Rick

    Signed up my wife and I.

  • LiterofCola

    I’m waiting till this and the Razr are out and have been thoroughly reviewed by the forums before I buy either one.  Kellex, don’t fail me now!

    • Mctypething

      u gay bro?

      • Paper-Cut

        This really isn’t funny anymore..nor has it been for like 2 years.

  • JCS

    Looking forward to spooning with the Nexus soon…I want that smooth curved screen to cup my ass when I first slide it in my back pocket…ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  • I be trolling

    How thick is the LTE version? I would think Verizon would show a picture on their sign up page, unless they are not very proud of it.

    You fat bro?

  • welll i plan on getting the razr on account of the thinn and the sd card and the smaller display

    • have fun with that piece of junk!

      • LiterofCola

        It’ll hardly be a piece of junk

        • if ice cream sandwich didnt get ya i dont know what will.

  • Anonymous

    These signup pages are always pointless.  I sign up, the phone launches, I get an e-mail saying that phone has launched after I’ve had it for three days.

  • Mctypething

    u wanna do me bro?

    • Bear0013

      Hope its tight….I mean the phone lol

  • The ad confirms Verizon exclusivity!

    • Anonymous

      I recommend this as a news tip! Great find!

      • liar your name is not up there!

        • Anonymous

          wtf? I said I recommend it as a news tip, not give credit to me.  Read!!!

          and IT WASN’T for this article, i was talking about the post Kenny Sora Enix said about the banner he saw on the website saying it was exclusively for Verizon., read posts before you comment please.

    • Warden Chinbach

      for at least a limited time

    • Anonymous

      Aw, I just sent this to Kellex as a tip. I thought I was special. I’m not sure I like that it’s exclusive to Verizon. I want the phone to sell well and having it only on one carrier hinders that. 

      • Anonymous

        having it on one carrier insures that we have one in our hands on release date.. 🙂

        can’t wait

    • Nerdydesi

       At least they are the only ones to get an LTE version.

  • I think we broke it page is failing to load for me.

    • Also look at this ad on verizon’s site, I guess limited exclusiveness confirmed to.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they’re going to give the Razr a chance to create some sales, then let 14 days pass so no one will return it, and then release the Nexus.. 
    Sneaky little bastards. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Wy sign up? I will likely have the phone in my hand before they even send me an email to tell me it is available.  Never understood the point of this.

    • Anonymous

      I just did it to show them I’m interested in it. I could care less about what they send me.

      • Bewara2009

        u proud of yourself bro? 

  • i’m still in denial that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is coming to Verizon. 😉 lol

  • Johan Greefkes

    Fist Pump!

    • Bear0013

      Push up ..chap stick……….lmao

  • Anonymous

    Probably anywhere between 600 and 700

    • Jason Purp

      600 please.

      • Braston Bland

        I hope your right Jason. That’s all I’ve got saved up… I’m gonna have to scrounge the tax out of the couch cushions…

        • Jason Purp

          You and I are the same. I really hope that’s all it is, but the RAZR is $650, and it’s not as good as the Nexus, soooo…

          Also, I won’t get the phone if all I can afford is the 16 GB model. I need 32 :/

    • Anonymous

      I can’t see it being anymore than the razr and could see it being less full retail since it doesn’t have all the metal and kevlar like the razr. Atleast I hope it’s cheaper=)

  • Jason Purp

    I hope I can afford full retail price. Oh my God. If the RAZR is so expensive, I guess this will be too. FML.

    • Bear0013

      You gotta wait for the full show down bro!…head to head hands on doggy nuts


    • Dieringer

      u excited bro?

  • Anonymous


  • Come to me, baby!!!

  • Willard Potter

    ME WANT HONEYCO– oh wait… that’s an old one.. JUST RELEASE THE PHONE ALREADY! My Droid 1 is pissed off enough, knowing that it isn’t the center of my attention for a while now. lol Keyboard is missing letters, headphone jack hasn’t worked in over a year. It’s time to lay this thing to rest. lol

  • timmy13


  • No one is in denial of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. They’re just worried that Verizon is going to eff it up somehow.

    • John

      my thoughts exactly.

      • palomosan

        Come on people, this is a Nexus device, Verizon “Can’t touch this”

        • John

          you don’t know vzw too well then do you

    • Anonymous

      Haha, exactly. They always seem to screw up a good thing. I’ll quit being skeptical when I have a bloat free, unlocked Galaxy Nexus in my hands. Until then, I’m not giving Big Red any credit.

      • oh please get real how much more proof do you need. don’t even give me the ZOMG THE NEXUS ONE BLAH BLAH BLAH. Verizon NEVER even said they would carry the nexus one. Google said they would make a Verizon model. Verizon never released a press release officially confirming they would carry the device. there was never a Verizon nexus page on THEIR website once again saying they’re going to carry it. There was never promotional videos of the Nexus One with Verizon in them like this Nexus has. Even Samsung reps have confirmed it, how much more confirmation do you need? You have to be a pretty ignorant person to have any doubt as of right now….. nuff said

        • Anonymous

          It was really a joke about how unbelievable it is to have a Nexus device on Verizon. I guess it didn’t come off that way. I’m sorry if that comment offended you somehow. Have a nice day (or night) 🙂

          • Bewara2009

            was it a joke bro? 

        • Bewara2009

          u hype bro?

        • Djsjxjxj

          He… he wasn’t questioning if Verizon would have it. He was questioning whether they’d screw it up somehow with bloat or something else. Poor reading comprehension on your part. ‘Nuff said.

        • bigrob60

          Because VZ rarely likes to tell it’s customers about great phones to far ahead before they launch. This way people will get suckered into not so great phones.

      • Bewara2009

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          Nope, just skeptical. Thanks for caring 🙂

      • same here… ill stop being skeptical once i have the ice cream sandwich err CANDYBAR phone in my itching hands….

  • Anonymous

    Like most of these “sign up to get info” pages, we’ll know a lot more before they ever tell you. Hell, I think the Thunderbolt info didn’t even go out the day the damn phone launched. LOL

  • Tom Luley

    Why does it take so long for a release date…possibly 2 weeks away and still no word? What is the need for this!?

    • My guess is they’re going to wait a bit longer to say something. I think they’re trying to go for one of those “and you can pick one up in stores next Thursday.” kind of deals. Then market the shit out if to gain hype.

      • Tom Luley

        Yeah thats what usually happens…I remember being excited for the release of the Droid X when I got it thinking the same thing. “When is the official release date going to be announced!!!”

    • Anonymous

      It’s an open, developer, device. They wont advertise it and probably hope it fails so they can point to it as a failure when everyone asks for another Nexus.

      • Sadly I think this is right. I doubt they’ll advertise and then when sales are poor next year they won’t offer the Nexus. We all know Verizon’s feelings on unlocked phones.

        • Anonymous

          That’s a little too strong. They aren’t betting against it, or trying to spite it…look if they hated it they would have simply said no. And no, no amount of online petitions or outcryt was going to influence the decision. HOWEVER launching it in the shadow behind the RAZR is intentional. You are right. It’s not going to be actively promoted. Those who know of it, will have it and can get it, but the joe consumer is going to be nudged toward RAZR.

          • Superior1

            Didn’t think about that, but its true the Razr is what they’ll be banking on. 

  • I got my Thunderbolt e-mail in like June lol!

  • John

    hell ya!

  • Not soon enough.