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HTC Partners With Dropbox, Gives All New Phones 5GB of Storage Free

HTC has announced via Facebook that through their new partnership with Dropbox, all future Android devices of theirs will come with 5GB of free storage. Normal free Dropbox accounts only come with 2GB, so this is a nice boost to anyone that plans on buying an HTC phone in the near future, like say the Rezound on November 10. No word on if they will give current HTC handset owners the 5GB bonus.

Via:  Facebook

  • hatethanet

    I updated my ROM to BAMF SoaB 1.03 and did NOT get the email from Dropbox. What did I do wrong? Can anybody help?

  • Anonymous

    In case anyone’s interested, I just updated the ROM on my rooted Droid Incredible today (NilsP Business GingerSense 3.5/2.0) and was going through the routine of restoring apps. I’m not sure if it’s related, but not long after signing into the re-installed dropbox app, I got an email from dropbox saying my space had been extended to 5GB! I remembered this article and wonder if it’s just coincidence or the fact that I activated dropbox on a ‘new’ OS install on an HTC device and didn’t have it before. Warrants investigation I think!

    PS – This rom has given new life to my phone and I’m not in the least hurry to upgrade, though I am eager to pit the Rezound against the Nexus and see which wins my affection and benjamins. Check it out if you haven’t already! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1267158&highlight=setcpu

  • Anonymous
  • Coaster36

    Keep the bloatware off my phone. If I want dropbox ill download it!

  • Anonymous

    If I am not mistaken.. this additional 3 Gb of storage is good for only 1 year. I got this.. and that is what the email from dropbox said. 

  • Bgreene07

    Or you could just get a minus account and get 10gb free!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks HTC for doing something Apple has already done. I still love u tho

  • Dominick DeVito

    Am I crazy…

    …or is this a moot point considering Google gives you unlimited storage for photos and videos in Google+? Not to mention all of my music collection for free, so that leaves docs and files. Yeah, this isn’t a big deal (to me anyway).

    • You can buy storage from Google for $5/year for 20G and use it for anything you like with Google Docs. $5/year is like nothing, really.

      Other alternative is to find an iOS device and signup for free Box.net account and get 50G for free (and use it from Android).

  • Doug

    Samsung should jump on this deal too.

  • Jason Purp

    2 gigs is more than enough for me. I’ve been using Dropbox for almost a year now and I’d go insane without it.

    It’s the best for themers/APK installers.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve got 12 after references and stuff. Syncs my two computers, tablet and phone. Too essential.

  • lars

    Not enough to prevent me from getting a Nexus instead.

    • meDroid

      Me too. HTC should focus more on their phones instead. They’re going downhill. You shouldn’t have to root to fix their many problems.

  • Treknologist

    So, what happens if you already have a DropBox account and get a new HTC phone? 

  • Anonymous

    The tweet read like all HTC Android users would get the bonus.  I replyed in a tweet and asked if current owners would get the bonus but I haven’t heard back.  I’m getting more and more disappointed with this phone HTC, do something to help yourselves out.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this will be able to be used as an add on for existing accounts.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my question. Doubt it, somehow.

  • You also get the added GBs when you install a Sense 3.5 ROM.

    • If you already have an account and the ROM is 3.5 Sense, when you sign in to to dropbox you’ll recieve an email from dropbox about the promo.

      • Anonymous

        Off to find a Sense 3.5 ROM.

        • PJ

          BAMF SoaB ftw. “You can now store up to 5.25GB of stuff in your Dropbox.”

          • Anonymous

            Ugh…. Only if i new how to root :-/

          • Anonymous

            Already downloaded.  I have 5.9 GB as it is 😉

    • Jarred Sutherland