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New HTC Thunderbolt 2.11.605.5 RUU Released, Fixes Major Bugs From the Last Update


At this point it’s no secret that the HTC Thunderbolt‘s Gingerbread update was not of the highest quality and was eventually pulled. Google Talk with Video didn’t work, it broke notifications for voicemails, and had all sorts of SMS and weather syncing issues. Let’s also not forget about that security vulnerability that a number of HTC devices were found to have, including the Tbolt. Owners of the device have been more-than-frustrated to say the least.

As of today though, it’s looking like a new update is inching closer that will fix all of those previously mentioned bugs. A new RUU has leaked as build 2.11.605.5. It can be flashed by everyone including non-rooted users. Just remember that this will wipe your device clean – you will lose everything.  


1.  Download this file and rename it to PG05IMG.zip.
2.  Drop the file onto the root of your SD card, meaning it is not in a folder.
3.  Power down your device.
4.  Hold Volume Down + Power to boot into the bootloader.  (Quick boot from the market also works)
5.  Your phone should recognize the file. Follow the on-screen instructions.
6.  Once everything finishes, choose the option to reboot.  Enjoy!

For those not interested in losing everything, keep it close. This update may be available before long.

Via:  Android Police

  • Josephwyno

    This update is bad. It causes internal files to be dated 12-31-69 which effects email and data connectivity.

  • So the DroidAttic directions for this ruined my wife and my weekend. We were literally without 4g internet for a whole Saturday and spent the whole weekend fixing her phone after it nearly bricked. Thank GOD for Droid Life! 

    • Did anyone have problems with the radio? I cannot connect to 4glte with my TBolt. I am going to try the app called LTE On/Off….but did anyone else have problems? Do I just need to wait for 4g to “boot up”? As I was uploading this AndriodPolice (400mb) file onto  my phone, I noted that my radio number was: r1.48.09.06w_1…is this a correct file or not?

  • David hobbs

    just flashed this to my Tbolt so far so good….just disappointing that there weren’t any new wallpapers or skins in the update

  • Thedumbfounder

    If i flash this update, will I lose root access?

  • Anonymous

    they just updated the verizon site to the 605.5 software number and added stuff to the list.
    like the voicemail thing and a few other different things different than the 605.3

    Now how long will it take? i actually got the 605.3 update on the morning of 9/28 just before they pulled it, and it works great, other than the voicemail thing. its faster and the battery is better.

  • Yatman60

    I got suckered into buying the T-bolt (upgrading from the Incredible) on the premise that the unlimited 3g data plan would not carry over to the 4g network. So I bought the T-bolt to lock myself. I found out afterwards that what the salesperson told me was wrong. Needless to say I upgraded unnecessarily. That said, the T-bolt is a decent Android phone and let’s face it, the 4G kick a_s! However, I’m still waiting for the damn HTC docking station with the HDMI out, still waiting for Verizon to pull their heads out of their you know whats and release working software, still waiting for the latest SENSEUI and basically I’m stil waiting for this to not be my dream phone, but the one after! The GPU sucks when taxed moderately (anyone playing the game Contract Killer can tell you that right away), the battery really sucks, and there’s other minor annoyances where there’s enough of them to basically deter from the experience.

    Overall if I hadn’t been sold a bill of goods around the 3g-4g unlimited deal, I would still be using the Incredible.

  • Ladymitsu

    Has anyone tried this? I followed the instructions & nothing happened.

    • Anonymous

      make sure it is renamed correctly sometimes it adds and extra .zip if you rename it. Download astro and check that way.

  • MSUTy50

    Can I still flash this if i’m on stock froyo?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Huynhvincent1

    do you need to be rooted?

  • Anonymous


  • K Jachimowicz

    i installed this.. it still is bugged out.. i don’t want it.. i want to put liquid thunder bread back on..but now i can’t get into recovery..it just keeps doing the update over and over..and if i delete the file it brings me to a red x screen when i try to go to recovery.. pls help man

  • Chefmg

    Rooted and running thunder stick 3d ….I think this rom is the most under rated and stable roms out their with tons of different mods to choose from.You guys need to give it a try also dev is very supportive daily……

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Havoc70

    Lose Root? if you install?

  • Shadydave10

    How can I root my tb? Please help

    • Tjcard03

      i used revolutionary root. it’s easy but a long process to unroot. youtube nat3mil. it’s a great video and follow it step by step.

      • Shadydave10

        Even if I’m running the leaked version of gingerbread? And thanks

  • Im on stock froyo, should I flash this or is this just for those on GB? 

  • Dwall021

    I’m running the previous leak and I haven’t had any of those problems except for the gtalk one

  • Anonymous

    So does VZW & HTC think we’re gonna be happy with this final build of GB since they been dicking us around since day one with this phone ?  What a joke that some developers out there can fix GB & HTC can’t, you guys really have some intelligent developers working for you guys. HTC & VZW should be offering refunds & free upgrades to TBolt owners for this lemon of a phone you sold us but it’s too little too late for me for both of you guys my contract is up in December & i’m jumping ship. SCREW both of you guys,i’ll gladly find another carrier. Way to go VZW on taking care of your customers you bunch of arroagant asses !!!! If this is a final fix it’s not gonna solve all grief & headache this phone has caused all of us. This was my 1st expierience with HTC & my last.

    • Anonymous

      U mad bro?

      Could be worse: You could be a Bionic owner watching the RAZR annoucement.

  • I’ll stick with CM7.  It seems that the enthusiasts are making more stable software than the company who manufactured the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Once I got the battery issue straightened out, I have been happy with my tunda bow, but it’s clear this was a rush to market. That’s the trouble with one OS having a million hardware vendors to run on. Too much frag, not enough dev. I canned Moto and I’m thinking HTC is next. I will try my luck with Samsung since they do so much with the Apple hardware, maybe some of that quality will bleed over and I can have a badass android device without BS problems. Then again, frag is frag.

  • Tjcard03

    so if i have this rooted with revolutionary do i just follow the instructions above? thanks.

  • I preferred the broken GB update over the stock froyo experience.  People hate on the TB but knowing that this will be the only phone that can do voice and data on 3g at the same time…  Even the Nexus Galaxy and Razr can’t do that.  Have I ever lost 4g coverage and switched to 3g while on the phone talking and using navigation?  yes.

  • WaviiBoiiEd

    you guys should try the Bamf Forever 1.0.8 rom…you wont regret it

    • Only reason i’ve considered rooting is because I want free mobile hotspot back.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. If you are interested in rooting your phone, then Bamf forever 1.0.8 is IMO, the smoothest and most stable rom there is. I can assure you that it is easily above and beyond what the so called mfg devs can accomplish.

  • I don’t even care anymore. Just waiting for the G-Nex.

  • FYI, the radios have apparently not changed from the 2.11.605.3 RUU…

  • anywhere to just get the radios for this leak yet?

  • Anonymous

    I hope this helps Chingy fix his Vigor port. I, like many others, didn’t receive any SMS while on his Invigorate beta IV ROM.

  • DroidLifeRules

    Just got a Samsung Charge to replace my Thunderbolt. Going to mess around with TouchWhiz to see if I like it enough to use my upgrade on the Nexus. Has anyone had or used a Charge before?

    • Spencer9663

      Touchwiz isnt on the Nexus…

      • DroidLifeRules


    • Anonymous

      The Nexus won’t have TouchWiz. It’ll be stock Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • FED UP

    When all the tech websites and blogs were talking about the Thunderbolt when it first came out, they praised it as the best thing in the world since fire was invented.  They spoke of the best device ever built.  Well, I bought based on all the “professional expert opinions” only to realize it is one of the worst phones I ever owned.  I AM FRUSTRATED, YES !!!!  Do I want to get rid of badly?  YES !!!  Do I want to go to the Samsung Nexus because it is the next “Greatest Device” ever built by mankind… or the Droid Bionic, because it rules “all machines”?   NOT SURE ANYMORE, I thought I could rely on sites such as these, but I suppose in the end, no phone is perfect and I might just well go with the free versions the companies offer to avoid wasting money and frustration.

  • “Fixed major bugs from the last update”…so when will the update to fix this update’s bugs be available?

  • an update to fix an update. ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    I could care less about this phone now. Not that it was bad. I had zero problems. Bring on the dual cores !!!!!! HD Screens and not worse batt life 🙁

  • Zfliss

    Will i loose root if I flash this??

    • Boblevel


    • Daveozio


  • Jeremy Gentry

    nice article, but what exactly will this RUU fix? doesn’t specify 

  • Anonymous

    When can I swap my tbolt for the nexus

    • Boblevel

      The Bolt is going to be about worthless once the Nexus hits, since almost everyone will be trying to sell it at the same time, including me. 🙂

  • Davids

    I had a thunderbolt but i called verizon and they sent me a bionic. I couldn’t be happier, i know people say bad things about the screen but it doesn’t bother me.

    • Jarrett Hickman

      What did you have to say or do to get it?

    • Jarrett Hickman

      What did you have to say or do to get it?

  • Basilisk

    Seems like every article about the Thunderbolt talks about how bad it is. There aren’t that many about the Samsung Charge and LG Revolution. Are those two that much better?

    • Gues

      No you don’t hear anything about those because there is literally nothing going on with them. There was a GB leak for charge like 3 months ago and not a peep since

  • Anonymous

     Can’t understand why people have so many problems with their TBolts. I run stock.. and it’s got a great battery life.. runs smooth as butter.. and is bug free. If you use your phone to flash several different roms.. it’s gonna suffer.

    • KevinC

      these are bugs in the stock tbolt software.  flashing a rom will not show these bugs, but rather those introduced by the rom developer

      • Anonymous

         the only bug in stock as far as I now is VM notifications.. which I have no use for since I use google voice. But what other bugs are there in stock?.. Oh by stock I mean the leaked versions of the OTA

    • Maxxmentum

      Not so much, as baffled as you may be about the rest of us we are just as confused about your experience .I have been told 3G only areas get better battery life, and maybe that has something to do with it.
      I was running stock in a 4g area and my battery was horrible (2.5 hr to 7 hr under mod use).  Better if I had wifi close, but over all bad. I eventually rooted to kill bloat hoping that might improve battery life, no dice.  To date Shift ROM has made the biggest difference and calibrating the battery (6-14hr depnd on use).  

      • Anonymous

        I am not against rooting.. My phone is rooted, but still running stock (pretty much untouched by devs other than for getting out of a rooted version and deodexing it).
        With 4g and moderate use, I can get up to 18 hours.. while with the 4g radio off.. I can get a day and a half. check your apps.. there may be something that is depleting the battery faster.
        I’ve tried all different roms and I have to say.. stock with stock kernel works the best.

    • Anonymous

      I also have mostly been problem free.  I didn’t have problems when i was stock, or with roms. I love roms and prefer them to stock but never had an issue, and have been on Gingerbread for almost 4 months.

      I feel for those that have had issues but they should have asked the rest of us for some help. 

      • Anonymous

        I have been problem free as well. I wish that others who wanted to get the most out of their phone would have tapped into the rich developer community for the Thunderbolt. While I know root is not the answer for every problem, it sure has made this phone better.

  • DanSke

    I could care less about my TBolt anymore. I enjoy the phone, but not enough to keep it. Once the Nexus is released its buh bye.

    • Anonymous

      Same here, except, once the Rezound is relesed it buh bye.

    • Anonymous

      Same here man. Can’t wait for the GNex!

  • It’s pretty bad when a bunch of developers can fix this phone’s issues faster and better than the manufacturer can. Never going HTC again, that’s for sure. Thank goodness this phone has great developer support.  

    • jimbob


    • Daveozio

      the main selling point of this phone was the unlocked bootloader, look at all those ROMs available for the Droid Charge….. 

      • the main selling point?  LOL…no.

        • Anonymous

          It was certainly my main buying point…and the fact that i was worried about losing grandfathered unlimited data switching to 4g later.

          • Oh ok if you’re talking about your specific reason, that’s cool.  It sounded like the guy I responded to was making a blanket statement.

          • Daveozio

            yes as a blanket statement, it is likely false. i’d wager if you polled the people dissatisfied with the phone; the majority have not, and would not root it. in that sense the phones greatest attribute is the ability to modify it in whatever way you choose. for example i primarily run CM7 on my bolt, but on Sundays I flash Team BAMFs SOAB ROM to watch NFL network and do enjoy the Sense 3.5 overlay. different strokes my friend

          • Anonymous

            I agree.  Those that had all the issues were the ones who either didn’t know they could fix them easily or didn’t want to spend the half hour to do it. Either that or they like to be miserable.

            I agree that you should have to fix a phone by rooting when it should work on it’s own. But if there is an easy solution it is worth it. 

            And for those that keep saying they don’t want to void their warranty you have to keep in mind that if you want your warranty back you simply return to stock software before taking the phone in…. 🙂

          • Maxxmentum

            I think a lot of us were in this boat.  To some extend the concern was justified, the data plans are outrageous now.  If/when I loose my data plan I am not sure I will stay with big red. 

      • Anonymous

        While it wasn’t the main selling point (at the time it was the 1st 4g phone), it is a big deal. Because we had an unlocked bootloader the developers were better able to make this a great device. 

        I understand that many had plenty of issues and that really sucks because they had a chance to make this a great experience.

        While I agree you shouldn’t have to root and rom to get what you need at least this phone offered those of us that wanted a great phone the ability to get it because it was unlocked. If this phone had been a Motorola phone it would have been much worse.

        I paid full price for my Thunderbolt and I am lucky that it has been a great phone for me.  Best I’ve had so far. I didn’t say it was without fault cause no phone I’ve had has been. 

        I am sure the rezound will learn from the problems with the Thunderbolt and will be a good choice for those that want some freedom but don’t want the Samsung Nexus.

        • Rimers20

          In agree with you, very well put!  No phone is perfect, well wait, I take that back.  The Motorola StarTAC was perfect

    • ItsM3

      The Thunderbolt sucks, everyone knows it. When it came out it was selling for over $600 now you can get it for under $150 that’s how much it sucks. The CPU is descent, but the GPU is complete garbage, no matter how much you overclock it. I’m glad I got rid of mine :D.

      • Killershade

        🙁 no need to shit on everyone else’s parade. I like my TB.

      • Anonymous

        I actually like my Thunderbolt more then the Bionic. I ended up returning my Bionic. 

      • Anonymous

        OK genius is this the only phone that has lowered its contract price right before it was to be discontinued?

        You first quoted its full retail then a contract price… Sheesh

        • ItsM3

          No it’s not!! On eBay even used ones were selling for over $600 now they’re selling for around $150. If you enjoy the phone then good for you, I didn’t mean to be such a douche 😛 

          • Anonymous

            Used ones used to sell for more than full retail? That’s amazing!

            I am also shocked that you can find someone dumping something on EBay for a low price… It is unheard of.


          • I got my Thunderbolt for $250 off-contract and I love the damn thing lol

      • David hobbs

        I personally like my Thunderbolt. U wanna talk about phones that suck have u ever used a Droid Pro,now that phone sucks. I had to use one for a couple weeks while my Tbolt was being repaired. I couldn’t stand the damn thing ,even with all its issues the Tbolt is still 100 times a better phone. HTC is just like every other technology company out there,just trying to make a buck. Besides new products always have a few bugs when they come out , if they didn’t there would b no need for updates. i think think the thunderbolt is a great phone. I even have a HTC Fflyer tablet. I love HTC..

    • Nick177th

      It’s not just HTC my man. The devs do their thing better than all the OEMs. 

    • Anonymous

      HTC, like Motorola, is a hardware company.. and they need to stick to that and leave the software to someone else. I’ve said this a million times before and I’m sure I’ll say it a million more.

  • BasilofBakerStreet

    Everytime I use my TB I want to through it at a wall. Hypebeasted lead turd IMO…

    • Anonymous

      Are you rooted? Try Liquid’s Thunderbread 3.0. it’s a 2.3.7 AOSP rom that I just installed last night. So far, it’s the best I’ve seen.

      • BasilofBakerStreet

        I am. I’ve tried a few ROMs. It was neat at first coming from the OG but after a while I just didn’t really care for the phone as a whole. And it’s not that I want something else, well until Tuesday that’s how I felt. I just really don’t like this phone. It’s not an OS problem just an overall dislike. And kickstands are over rated btw. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly broken that thing off. And used it maybe a dozen times.

        • Maxxmentum

          I feel your pain, I went through lots of ROMS and something always did not work after update (gps, cam, pc to phone connect,…)  SHIFTS3NS3 V 1.5 did it for me.  Kind of a sense 3.0 interface and so far all my stuff works now, even the GPS locks. Hope that helps.

          • Azndan4

            Am I the only person who thinks TH30RY rom’s name is annoying?  It gets so tiring seeing l337 speak thread titles clog up the forums.

          • Tboltuser

            Yup, Name is kind of annoying, but the ROM is great.  Liked it much better than Synergy, and I am only on 1.3.  Was waiting for the full 1.6 to be released, but now I’ll probably have to wait for 1.7.  1.3 is super smooth, battery is better than stock, GPS, Radio…all good.  

            Too much cheese on Synergy for me.  Perhaps if theme was closer to stock, but had the functionality.  I hate when they change a font to make it look “cool”, but it hoses the spacing.

          • Anonymous

            I am loving ShiftS3ns3 1.5x. I have tried all sorts of roms, though not any that are AOSP because I really like the Sense UI. Over all I like my TB, but not as much as I liked my OG Droid. The battery life is not anywhere near as good as my OG but it is not bad either, I get around a day and a half out of my TB (4-5 out of my OG). But I am Nexus bound as soon as a preorder is opened.

        • Breadable

          The kickstand is my favorite part of the phone. So yeah, I’m hoping for something new soon

        • Anonymous

          Have you tried Das Bamf (Touch My Bamf)?  

          I never use my kickstand… 

        • Anonymous

          I hear ya. I actually do like the phone, but I’m upgrading and handing this to my wife anyway. I think I’m going to like ICS.

      • Mike

        I’ll give it a try. I’m on synergy right now.

        • Anonymous

          I haven’t tried synergy, but I really like the speed of this rom, I miss the contacts integration but I’m using Contapps (Free on Amazon yesterday) and that pretty much cinches it. let me know if you need a link?

        • Anonymous

          synergy is awwwwweeeesum

      • Ortizchief

        how can I get that rom I have a thunderbolt im using right now sense 3.5 but I need one with out bugs and how this rom liquids works for you?

  • Anonymous

    Man I’m glad I’m rooted.