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New Verizon MAP Released, Both Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound Appear at $299

The new Verizon MAP (minimum advertised list) is out and it includes two devices you have all been waiting for. First, you’ll see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus dropping in at a minimum price of $299 (contract price of course) followed by the HTC Rezound at that same $299 level. Those are pretty standard for all of Verizon’s big 4G LTE devices at this point, so not really surprising. The thing we’ll be watching for now is the full retail. If they match up to the Bionic, we could see them around $589.

The other thing to note here is the “MAP Period” beginning date of 11/10. That isn’t necessarily a launch date, but would be sort of surprised to see the phone launch before it can be advertised at a minimum price. Previous rumors pegged both devices anywhere from the 20th of October up to the 3rd of November. Might want to consider the idea that we won’t see either until the 10th now. That’s not official by any means, but wouldn’t be surprised.

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  • Anonymous

    I wish people would stop bitching about how expensive the phones are. DO you realize that the US is one of the few countries in the world that the wireless carriers do the whole subsidizing thing?? All other countries make you pay full price for the phone.

    And btw..sure they make a bit of profit margin on each phone they sell..but its not like they charge 50% or 2X the amount they baught the phone for. They sell them for like a 10% margin or something. If you want the phones to be cheaper..tell the MANUFACTURER to sell it to Verizon cheaper so they can inturn sell it cheaper.

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  • Morespeed360

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    The $300 price point is here to stay.  I’m not sure why when a new phone is announced, people freak about the price tag.  They’re not going to charge *less* for the new wave of phones (Nexus/Prime/Rezound) than they did for the last group (TB/Charge/Bionic).  I also wouldn’t rule out $350-400 subsidized phones starting in 2012.  It’s getting to the point where there’s not going to be a huge incentive to get subsidized over full retail.  The good thing about this of course… you may never have to sign another 2-year contract…

    • Anonymous

      I actually think that like everything as lte phones become available on more networks the prices will decrease. I mean look back a few years when 3g phones first came out they were close to this in price and could do half of what these phones can do.

  • John

    wow i was going to pay at most 250. fml…now i won’t be getting this phone right away 🙁

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  • Anonymous

    If it is 590 off contract, I’ll buy one and take it to Sprint.

    • Kelson Sebring

      Good luck.

  • Ahsan
  • Combatmedic

    I wonder when Verizon is going to get true 4G  🙂

    I want 100mbps like Europe has!!

    • iceman

      I guess you need to go to Europe, until Verizon gets LTE advance no 100mbps but their LTE is faster than ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile 4G!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why dose verizon feel that all there devices have to be be 300$?, i mean the not even the gs2 is that much, i guess a 4g chip is worth a extra hundred

    • Anonymous

      The penny price is for a new line or new service. Verizon is all about price gouging these days. European’s and Australians must be shaking their heads in disbelief.  As for me I am not going to play this game anymore…

  • Where is the Droid Razr/Spyder at? Something is funny about this because Verzion themselves will be at the announcement event.

    • tjmonkey15

      Knowing Motorola, it will be released about 6 months after the announcement.

  • Rage

    This is the SCH-I515 model that’s replacing the charge if I’m not mistaken.  Isn’t there going to be a pure Google device, the GT-I9250 or something with better specs and an upgraded OMAP that’s going to replace the Nexus S that’s supposed to be coming out soon after this one?? Or was I dreaming or drunk?

    • LiterofCola

      This will be a pure google device

    • Bap558

      i hope so the I515 will behind the ijoke4gs as far as specs go

  • J Dub

    Anyone that’s pays $300 is a fool. I mean look at the Bionic. Amazon has it for a penny right now. It just came out a month ago at $300. I will gladly wait a week or two after release for a much better deal. Like others have said the expense is in the 2 years of service on these devices.

    • LiterofCola

      I have high doubts that you’ll see the Gnex for a penny anytime soon

    • Anonymous

      that is just for new customers. Not to mention wait a week or two for any android and the price will drop since a new android comes out every other week.

  • Anonymous

    Should be called droid prime, galaxy nexus is a tongue twister.  If anyone asks me what my phone is, that’s what i’m telling them.

    • Riders0ftheli

      Droid? ugh… Nexus is a must for me.

      • Anonymous

        if it’s verizon and it’s android, should be called droid, they paid a lot of money for that name.

        • LiterofCola