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Galaxy Nexus Also Shows Up in Best Buy Cellebrite System, Will It Be Their Exclusive?

OK, so it says “Nexus Prime” in Best Buy’s Cellebrite system, but we all understand now that Prime was just a code name, right? The retail name – at least according to a couple of our sources as well as a variety of independent reports – will be Galaxy Nexus (SCH-i515). We now have the device in Verizon Cellebrite, VZW Device Management, and at Best Buy. Feels good, doesn’t it?

So what about this “exclusive” talk? Just a thought we wanted to toss out. The original Nexus S that launched with support for T-Mobile was a Best Buy exclusive. You still to this day (to my knowledge), cannot walk into a T-Mo store and buy a Samsung Nexus S – it has to be done through BBY.

Could the same happen for the G-Nex? We will hopefully know for sure next week. The odd thing many of you have noticed is the lack of Verizon anywhere near the  announcement for the device and Ice Cream Sandwich. They weren’t mentioned in the original event that was scheduled to take place in San Diego nor are they listed for the new Hong Kong spot. That leads me to believe that this could end up with Best Buy and not at Big Red stores. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of that approach as it limits everyone’s access to it, but it is what it is. Again, just a thought – have not heard that this will actually happen.

Update: One of readers below brought up an excellent point since many of us will be buying this phone at full retail (off contract). The problem with Best Buy selling it exclusively then, would be the fact that they jack up the full retail price on their phones. For example, the Bionic is $699 at BBY and only $569 at Verizon.

Cheers DL app tipster!

  • Anonymous

    What I’m wondering is why Verizon would launch the RAZR around the same time as an exclusive, or even non-exclusive, launch of the gnex. Clearly, they passed on the GS2 for a reason but those two phones don’t have a huge amount of differentiation (for the majority of buyers). In fact, the gnex would probably make the razr look less appealing.

    How sure are we that the gnex is launching on VZ at all? I don’t recall where that info came from … but if it’s incorrect, wouldn’t it make sense that VZ is prepping just for the RAZR, which will exclusively merge two powerful brand names?

  • again……… just wait until Google make this thing official.   and once it appears on the http://www.google.com/nexus if this is indeed the Google Nexus 3, so you guys can be 100% sure… don’t believe everything you hear from sites as they are trying to get traffic to their sites in any way possible…. and again .. i don’t think the Nexus from Google which is a developer phone will be exclusive to one carrier in the USA… they want it on every carrier… but maybe, just maybe Verizon will have the Nexus3 4G as exclusive in their stores just like Sprint did with the Nexus S 4G…… just wait until Google makes it official

  • Anonymous

    Nexus=developer phone=carrier agnostic. Rumor=false.

  • Anonymous

    Best buy will probaly have a exclusive color!

  • Andy

    what do you mean most people will be buying this full retail? I ow a lot of people that have a upgrade right now, including me. 

  • boybionic

    fuuukk yes….glad I did all that extra overtime. gonna buy this badboy in cash

  • To comment on the update:

    So long as Verizon sells the Galaxy Nexus at their corporate stores and their is one within a reasonable distance from a Best Buy, you can price match the phone. I did, and got my Bionic for 589.99 (Verizon’s full retail)

  • Benleonard79

    Why would Verizon pay for exclusivity and then turn around and make this only available at Best Buy? Makes no sense to me….it will be available through Verizon.

  • nxusnow

    Question, if it’s not a global device why are they holding this conference in Hong Kong?

  • Patmw123

    No worries guys.  I asked P3Droid via twitter and he claims that it is NOT a best buy exclusive.  


    • LiterofCola


  • Anonymous

    BBY can’t process an early upgrade credit, so this had better be offered through Verizon.

  • P5stover

    this better NOT happen! Verizon not getting the gs2, then only putting the galaxy nexus in BB, thats a bunch of bull! On to HTC if this happens

  • OGdroid2Nexus

    Does the Nexus Prime and Galaxy Nexus name being attached to the same model number put to rest that the G-Nex is for verizon now and G-Prime is a completely different non-verizon “upgraded” version?