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Galaxy Nexus Also Shows Up in Best Buy Cellebrite System, Will It Be Their Exclusive?

OK, so it says “Nexus Prime” in Best Buy’s Cellebrite system, but we all understand now that Prime was just a code name, right? The retail name – at least according to a couple of our sources as well as a variety of independent reports – will be Galaxy Nexus (SCH-i515). We now have the device in Verizon Cellebrite, VZW Device Management, and at Best Buy. Feels good, doesn’t it?

So what about this “exclusive” talk? Just a thought we wanted to toss out. The original Nexus S that launched with support for T-Mobile was a Best Buy exclusive. You still to this day (to my knowledge), cannot walk into a T-Mo store and buy a Samsung Nexus S – it has to be done through BBY.

Could the same happen for the G-Nex? We will hopefully know for sure next week. The odd thing many of you have noticed is the lack of Verizon anywhere near the  announcement for the device and Ice Cream Sandwich. They weren’t mentioned in the original event that was scheduled to take place in San Diego nor are they listed for the new Hong Kong spot. That leads me to believe that this could end up with Best Buy and not at Big Red stores. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of that approach as it limits everyone’s access to it, but it is what it is. Again, just a thought – have not heard that this will actually happen.

Update: One of readers below brought up an excellent point since many of us will be buying this phone at full retail (off contract). The problem with Best Buy selling it exclusively then, would be the fact that they jack up the full retail price on their phones. For example, the Bionic is $699 at BBY and only $569 at Verizon.

Cheers DL app tipster!

  • Anonymous

    What I’m wondering is why Verizon would launch the RAZR around the same time as an exclusive, or even non-exclusive, launch of the gnex. Clearly, they passed on the GS2 for a reason but those two phones don’t have a huge amount of differentiation (for the majority of buyers). In fact, the gnex would probably make the razr look less appealing.

    How sure are we that the gnex is launching on VZ at all? I don’t recall where that info came from … but if it’s incorrect, wouldn’t it make sense that VZ is prepping just for the RAZR, which will exclusively merge two powerful brand names?

  • again……… just wait until Google make this thing official.   and once it appears on the http://www.google.com/nexus if this is indeed the Google Nexus 3, so you guys can be 100% sure… don’t believe everything you hear from sites as they are trying to get traffic to their sites in any way possible…. and again .. i don’t think the Nexus from Google which is a developer phone will be exclusive to one carrier in the USA… they want it on every carrier… but maybe, just maybe Verizon will have the Nexus3 4G as exclusive in their stores just like Sprint did with the Nexus S 4G…… just wait until Google makes it official

  • Anonymous

    Nexus=developer phone=carrier agnostic. Rumor=false.

  • Anonymous

    Best buy will probaly have a exclusive color!

  • Andy

    what do you mean most people will be buying this full retail? I ow a lot of people that have a upgrade right now, including me. 

  • boybionic

    fuuukk yes….glad I did all that extra overtime. gonna buy this badboy in cash

  • To comment on the update:

    So long as Verizon sells the Galaxy Nexus at their corporate stores and their is one within a reasonable distance from a Best Buy, you can price match the phone. I did, and got my Bionic for 589.99 (Verizon’s full retail)

  • Benleonard79

    Why would Verizon pay for exclusivity and then turn around and make this only available at Best Buy? Makes no sense to me….it will be available through Verizon.

  • nxusnow

    Question, if it’s not a global device why are they holding this conference in Hong Kong?

  • Patmw123

    No worries guys.  I asked P3Droid via twitter and he claims that it is NOT a best buy exclusive.  


    • LiterofCola


  • Anonymous

    BBY can’t process an early upgrade credit, so this had better be offered through Verizon.

  • P5stover

    this better NOT happen! Verizon not getting the gs2, then only putting the galaxy nexus in BB, thats a bunch of bull! On to HTC if this happens

  • OGdroid2Nexus

    Does the Nexus Prime and Galaxy Nexus name being attached to the same model number put to rest that the G-Nex is for verizon now and G-Prime is a completely different non-verizon “upgraded” version?

  • Dahorany

    nice I finally have something to do with my citibank thank you points

  • Your G-Nex nickname is making the Galaxy Nexus pill a little easier to swallow, but I’m going to still insist on the Prime name because:

    A) It objectively sounds way cooler


    B) I want to be able to brag that I was the only one that still said it would be called the Nexus Prime after Kellex converted all of his followers to the Galaxy Nexus way.

  • Jason Purp

    This will drive me insane if it’s true. I only have enough for Verizon’s off-contract price (about $610 after taxes).

    However, maybe it won’t be a ridiculous price from Best Buy since Verizon isn’t selling it? I don’t know. But either way, I’d rather buy from Verizon.

  • Michael McDorman

    Not sure is this is a dumb question, are all Nexus phones non-contract phones? Will Verizon be selling this for people on contracts with upgrades/new lines or only to people not on contracts?

  • Verizon will have this phone at the same time calm down

  • Highly doubt it would not be available directly from Verizon. How are corporate customers going to get the phone?

  • Not saying it’s impossible, but Verizon passed on the opportunity to have the Galaxy S2, but didn’t get a hold on the first ICS phone made by Samsung? Doesn’t sound right to me …

  • Anonymous

    BB usually have lower prices then the actual carriers…..

    • Dave

      Huh? Not on their high profile phones. E.g. the Droid Bionic

  • Jukboxhero

    can someone explain to me the difference/benefits of buying a phone at full retail without a contract?

    • That’s just it no contract so you can stop paying anytime and walk away

      • Jukboxhero

        makes sense but in the chigoland area where i live, verizon is the best carrier to have, better service than att for sure. our family switched two years ago from us cellular to verizon cause my dads work at the time gave us a discount and so far overall ive been pleased.

  • Naergoth

    Can’t get this phone on contract, then I’ll be waiting for the next round of phones to be coming out.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus S on google.com/nexus is available from Amazon, Best Buy, Sprint, and Wirefly. Maybe G-Nex won’t be available from VZW stores but I doubt it will be Best Buy exclusive. Do Amazon and Wirefly have good prices for full retail phones?

  • Dave

    Has there ever been a time where a third party vendor sells a smart phone that Verizon doesn’t sell through their website/corporate stores?

    I think it would be a huge mistake  to make this phone not only exclusive to Verizon but also to Best Buy.

    • hkklife

      HTC Merge. A couple of dumb phones back in the day…maybe the Moto V60s??

      • Dave

        Ah right, the Merge. Well hopefully the higher profile nature of this phone accounts for something.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I used to work at Best Buy, they’ll price match.

  • Anonymous

    So is it Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus? Best Buy has one name, and Verizon another…

  • still listed as Nexus Prime.. I smell fake.

  • Dave

    Oh Please please don’t let it be an exclusive at Best Buy. The only way I’m getting this phone is full price and I’m not going to pay 700-800 dollars for it.

  • Davros

    SON OF A….  My wife is gonna kill me 🙂

  • Radgatt

    I was gonna buy it at best buy regardless. I hope they sell it at Verizon stores so if Verizon has it cheaper I can get best buy to price match.

  • Whyask

    I don’t mind this, except BB always charges more tax than VZW because they always jack up the full retail price of the phones they carry.  But, on the other hand, they don’t charge restocking fee like VZW when you return your phone, and it’s 30 days (45 days for silver premier reward zone members) in lieu of 14 days for the return.

  • Xhaxol

    this would really suck because i dont think the honor the same upgrade eligibility as Verizon. @ Verizon you can get an upgrade @ 20mo where as BB I think you need to be out of your contract,  

    • Anonymous

      Nah, you still can get the new every two or the 20 month early upgrade same as Verizon.  You sign the contract with Verizon not BB.  You only buy the phone through BB at the upgrade price set by Verizon or lower if BB lowers it as a promotion.

    • Sharrock03

      Ugh, that would suck.  I’m eligible for an upgrade right now on Verizon, but my contract doesn’t end until January.

  • QQMore

    “Update: One of readers below brought up an excellent point since many of us will be buying this phone at full retail (off contract).”

    Just curious on why the thought that many will be buying off contract?  Just because they want to upgrade before their current contract is up?  Or is it because they don’t want to be tied to a contract while having a Nexus phone?  I was planning on just upgrading my OG to it on contract, but then I became upgrade eligible this month so it just makes sense to me at least to do so.

  • So how would this work if I’m doing an early upgrade on the primary line of a family plan?

  • Anonymous

    OMG I hope not.  I swear I will never buy a phone from Best Buy ever again and I even used to work at Best Buy and I used to activate phones.

  • Interstellarmind

    so are we sure that the alternate, beefier version of this (reported by BGR) won’t be on VZW?

    need to know… as for me it’s between the g-nex, rezound, and this beefed up g-nex rumored by BGR.

  • Anonymous

    Oh snap!  SCH-i760!  I had one of those!  That brings back memories…horrible, horrible memories.

  • cmbdds

    Best Buy can’t handle corporate accounts.  I hope this isn’t the case.

    • Anonymous


      I will be beyond enraged if that crap is true!

    • jbobsue

      I’m using my upgrade from a corporate account.  Is it true that BB doesn’t handle corporate?

      • LiterofCola

        I’m in the same boat, hope not…

    • Only Verizon can do corporate accounts, they won’t allow Best Buy to touch them

  • Flip74k

    I kinda hope not. I like having the option of putting some of the cost in my Verizon account

  • Sharrock03

    If this truly is an exclusive to Best Buy, that might throw a monkey wrench into my plans.  I was going to trade in my iPhone 4 at the Verizon store and use the credit towards the Nexus purchase.  Anyone know if Best Buy does phone trade ins, and if their deals are fair?

    • Anonymous

      Yep they do trade ins if you are getting a new phone through them and they price match with other places like Verizon and Radio Shack with 2 yr pricing.

      • Sharrock03

        Oh nice.  As long as I can get credit for my old phone I don’t care where it’s sold at.

  • Cmonnats23

    if verizon doesnt offer this in any of their stores itll be a real deal breaker for me…

  • OG Droid

    It better F’ing not be!!! Im buying off contract; and at best buy this thing would cost $800. All of there phones off contract are higher than what you would pay in a Verizon store!!!

    • Anonymous

      Great point that I had forgotten about.  Yikes.  Off contract is outrageous at Best Buy.

      • When I purchased my DROID X at Best Buy they tried to get me to pay something insane. But I ended up confronting them about it and told them Verizon has it for a lot less and they actually matched Verizons price…… Something to think about because they def did it for me.

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly what I am scared of. If I get it from Verizon it will probably be like $570 or so plus tax but Best Buy thinks its ok to sell the F—ing phone for $700. Even tablets don’t cost that much retail…

      • OG Droid

        Me too; if its only there i can’t price match it anywhere. Even if amazon or someone gets it later it will still be retardly(is that a word) overpriced.

      • Anonymous

        The price is what the market will bear.

    • Anonymous

      I paid full retail for my Thunderbolt at Best Buy.  When Verizon lowered the price with the 30 day return that Best Buy offers I went in and got refunded the difference.  Of course if you could only get it at Best Buy I guess it’s a whole different show.  Regardless $50 either way isn’t going to make much of a difference.

    • BBY

      Best Buy does price match.
      Bionic was $699.99 in store but VZW store had it for $589.99 and would match it if you wanted to buy it off contract.

    • Jbegs23

      Get a Best Buy card and pay it off, interest free, over 18 months (anything over $429 right now, so I would think this would qualify).

      • babadush

        You do realize this is the exact mentality that got us in this financial crisis right?

        • TomHolmes

          I thought it was more approving home loans for people earning $18,000 a year with no money down on a $400,000 home x 1,000,000. Rinse, repeat until bubble pops.

          • Anonymous

            No it was definitely people buying a couple hundred collars of mobile devices from Best Buy

          • Anonymous

            It was people buying anything they couldn’t afford on credit and loans.

          • babadush

            Thank you for proving my point. People spending beyond their means

  • Jikhead

    This would possibly be a deal-breaker for me, because if I can’t demo/play with an actual phone…..and we know all display phones (nearly all) are dummy phones.

    • EC8CH

      BB has live demos of the Nexus S.  At least the ones I went into to demo items, but never NEVER buy anything at.

  • Anonymous

    Funny…I’ve got Phandroid up in another window and this story is NOT there..Maybe if you followed both sites more often, you’d see both credit BOTH on stories all the time…PEACE!

  • Trolls gonna troll. If you don’t like the site go read phandroid then. 

  • EC8CH

    are you related to Jeff Bernard?

  • Anonymous

    so what is the i9250?

  • Dominick DeVito

    Does it really matter if it’s Best Buy only? I guess it affects any discounted online pricing but I’d prefer buying something from Best Buy than Verizon – VZW always make me feel like I’m in a new car dealership.

  • Calwong1

    I asked the rep at the Verizon store I was in this morning when they were getting the galaxy nexus, and he said oct 28th without hesitation. Take it for what it’s worth!

    • Dominick DeVito

      Most reps I talk to don’t even know any upcoming phones so I guess that’s a good sign.

    • LiterofCola

      Just called my local store now, they said that they have no idea until it’s announced :/

  • Likely “Galaxy” was chosen to distinguish it as part of the successful Galaxy S “line,” given how Samsung has put itself on the Android map now. They probably wanted to denote the phone’s heritage.

    • LiterofCola

      How right you are.  I’m confused as to why some people don’t understand the naming convention of the Galaxy Nexus.  It actually makes perfect sense:  It’s a Samsung manufactured phone, and due to their new naming scheme, this phone will obviously fall under the “Galazy” class of phones.  And “Nexus” because it will be in the Nexus line of devices.  So “Galaxy Nexus” makes perfect sense.  Yeah, “Nexus Prime” sounds cooler, but it was after all, just a codename.

      • LiterofCola


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They won’t try to screw you out of it but Best Buy employees aren’t the brightest tools in the shed and may very likely forget to transfer it over.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing against Best Buy but I really home it’s not true, or at least a brick and mortar exclusive and I can pickup at amazon or similar.  If I can’t get from Verizon at that point I rather just get the cheapest price.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like this, I don’t like this one bit

  • Jasonforcer

    That would suck why make it a BBY exclusive at all? Most of these exclusives arent even that good.

  • viewthis66

    i can’t imagine the phone only being sold at BB especially when you have evidence that its in Verizon’s system.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it’s in Cellebrite for contact switching between phones. The Device Management though is a good sign. Something just feels weird about it all though. There really is no word out of Verizon’s camp anywhere.

      • EC8CH

        It’s like man, quit being so paranoid man.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, you need to let the pipe chill till you come down a bit.

      • LiterofCola

        Maybe it was agreed if Verizon were to get exclusivity (even for a short time) they would have to defer to Google for the marketing and announcements?  Remember when the OG Droid came out, it was unheard of at the time that Verizon would put out a phone without their VCast all over the place.  But look at what happened….they pushed out the Droid, without any VCast nonsense.

        Maybe it’s hard for us to believe that Verizon would relinquish announcements and marketing in order to have the superior handset?

        Who knows

  • Mark

    I get to use my last Annual Upgrade on Oct 22… If this is only on Best Buy, will I still be able to use my annual upgrade to get phone?

    • Chris G

      My concerns as well.  I am still on the OG from December 09.  I was expecting to go into VZ and roll the line up.
      If I go to BBY will they try to screw me out of my current line with unlimited data?

      • Anonymous

        Nope.  Went from my OG to the Bionic and I still kept my unlimited plan.  I suggest going to a BBY Mobile store if you have one as they are a lot better service.  They actually called a Verizon rep to confirm this and gave me $60 for my OG and matched Radio Shack’s 2 year pricing.  Must say BBY is much better to deal with than Verizon in getting a new phone.

        • Chris G

          Thanks for the comment.  I assume i’m finding out first hand soon.

    • Anonymous

      Yes you will, that’s how I upgraded to my Droid X last year…

  • HerroMoto

    Is it going to be called Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus Prime? My vote goes for Prime.

    • EC8CH


      • LiterofCola


  • Billy Jenkins

    I was first to comment

    • Anonymous

      Congrats, you win the half of nothing

  • Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Verizon hardly makes an announcement for this phone nor sells it in their stores. What do they have to make off the device if it really is free of bloatware?

    • EC8CH

      happy customers?

      • Because we all know Verizon likes making its customers happy :p

        • EC8CH

          exactly… look at how they played everyone who bought a Bionic…

          I’m just playin’ with ya 😛

          • ZING! Haha, it’s fine. I understand all the Bionic jokes. I really enjoy the phone and I’ll have an upgrade in November of next year. A Motorola Nexus would be awesome next year!!!!

          • Anonymous

            That’s hopefully what I am thinking, a Moto Nexus in the future, but will Verizon carry another nexus?? or will you have to jump from Verizon to another carrier if Moto comes out with a Nexus next year. 

          • Mctypething

            If you just bought the Bionic, how do you have an upgrade in November of 2012? Do you get special treatment from Verizon?

          • Espnman36

            You are eligible after 16 (might 18) months to buy at discounted price, as long as your account is in good standing.  The two-your agreement is basically to lock you in from canceling you service. The “early upgrade” doesn’t allow you to get the credit you normally would have received if you waited the full 24 months. VZ is doing away with those credits though. 

          • Espnman36

            Nov 2012 would still be too early though. 

          • Anonymous

            unless you have multiple numbers on an account and use one upgrade now on one line and then use a different lines upgrade in a few months… it really just depends on how spread out your acivations were on each of your separate lines.

          • Anonymous

            Many people have more than one line.  I’ve got 5

          • Mctypething

            you’ve got 5 bro?

          • Anonymous

            5 bro 5

          • Yes, Verizon bows to me. But really, I had upgraded to the Thunderbolt back in March, sold it and bought the Bionic full retail, so that’s why I have an upgrade in November 2012.

          • DroidHD

            lol- Bionic at full retail, you must really be kicking your self now! Droid RAZR blows the Bionic away in both looks and specs.

          • Anonymous

            Business customers can still get 1-year contracts.

          • Nybandit2000

            When you have kids you just take the upgrades from their line! 😉

          • Anonymous

            i got my dad and sister on my plan, and take all upgrades, then hand my phone down to them.  They make out like bandits cuz they don’t pay $h1+ for anything.

          • Justin Kos

            420 my man

          • Jothen2002

            Verizon has actually been really good to me. I bought the OG droid on day one , what two years ago now. I used my early upgrade and bought the Thudherbolt (for $99 thanks to a post of Kellex’s mind you. ) Then was able to return that to VZ for a a DROID 3 then return that for  a Bionic. ( all no restocking fees) They are also going to let me do alternatet upgrade on another line when “I” am ready. I was hoping that was going to be the Nexus S…now is going to suck if it is through Best But, because they do not keep VZ’s records of promises…hmmm…..maybe the Razor????

          • HDDroid

            Well, the Bionic is looking pretty old with the Droid RAZR specs:
            1.2GHz dual-core processor (could be the OMAP that is in the Galaxy Nexus)
            1GB of RAM
            4.3″ qHD Super AMOLED screen (different PenTile)
            4G LTE
            Incredibly thin (possibly the thinnest phone on the market)
            8MP rear camera (possibly newer than what the Bionic has – meaning it actually works)
            “HD” front camera
            Gorilla Glass screen
            Kevlar build materials
            Side lock switch
            Android 2.3.5
            New Blue BlurPretty much upgrades the Bionic in every way…not to mention the Bionic will only be $199 next week.

          • Q

            Those are basically the same specs as the Bionic. The processor is clocked a little higher and it will be thinner, but it’s essentially the same device in a thinner form factor.. dont know why people constantly hate on the Bionic..

          • Anonymous

            Other than the screen the specs are essentially the same as the Bionic’s.  Same processor just 200 MHz faster.

        • Billy Jenkins

          Verizon makes its customers happy when they switch to a different carrier

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if this were to happen it would be about marketing money IMO.  Verizon rather put it behind the DROID brand and even HTC over an Nexus device.  So now Google probably looked for a partner to get the phone marketed and Best Buy may have stepped to the plate with ad money in exchange for exclusivity.

    • Mctypething

      Um, maybe how they make money off every other person that buys a smartphone, a 2 year contract. How exactly does Verizon make so much money off of bloatware?

    • Xhaxol

      so is the iph*** but they still sell it

      • Anonymous

        The iPhone marketing is done by Apple (not surprising), probably part of the deal they made with Verizon. So I wouldn’t be surprised if VZW does not put their marketing weight behind the Nexus, considering they don’t get to put any bloatware on it. Also, they’d rather put their effort on the Droid Brand, which they have exclusivity to.Wow, never thought about it. But this makes the Droid RAZR announcement a lot of sense.

        I think this is what happened: 

        1. Google/Samsung announces a CTIA unveiling of ICS (despite of Motorola’s upcoming RAZR with Gingerbread).
        2. Steve Jobs dies. (Google gets a solid PR reason to push the announcement back to fix some ICS kinks).
        3. Moto teams up with Verizon for a Droid RAZR preemptive strike on ICS. (Remember, VZW phones go on sale only a few days after they are announced.)
        4. Google/Samsung moves the event out of the US to allow Moto/VZW media coverage for the RAZR. (Nexus event streamed live instead)
        5. Google/Samsung keeps the Nov. 3 release date to give Moto some chance to sell the RAZR. 

  • Anonymous

    My bother got a Nexus S at a t-Mobile store last week.

    • Anonymous

      And it appears Sprint offers theirs in store. I really hope they offer it at VZW stores

      • Anonymous

        I meant Sprint, not sure where I got t Mobile from.

  • Billy Jenkins


    • Tyrian

      yay Billy!