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New Batch of Photos Taken with DROID RAZR and Galaxy Nexus Appear on Picasa

If you ever need to find photos that have been taken with unannounced and unreleased phones, sites like Picasa are great places to check out. While cruising through there last night, I stumbled across a whole batch of photos that were taken with the DROID RAZR over the last week by two separate Motorola employees along with another (pointed out by a reader) that was taken with the Galaxy Nexus from a Googler. It was just yesterday that we saw other photos taken with the G-Nex, but that story apparently wasn’t flagged at Google as being that important?  

So what can we gather from these? Not a whole lot other than the fact that the RAZR photos for the most part are 6MP, which is the standard “widescreen” resolution that Moto devices seem to default to these days.

The Galaxy Nexus on the other hand was a 2048×1536 (3.2MP) shot, a standard camera resolution setting for Samsung cameras like in the Galaxy SII. This is really just further proof that these phones aren’t ghosts and are a lot closer to being launched than I think any of us were expecting.

Here is another RAZR photo from a second Moto employee:

And the EXIF data on the Galaxy Nexus shot. Didn’t include the actual photo since it appears to be a picture of the dude and felt like that was slightly weird.

*Note – Most of the other pictures looked to be fairly personal, so I went ahead and left off source links to give these folks some privacy. I’m sure you could all find them if you truly wanted to though.

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  • Anonymous

    All ficst.  

  • If you venture over to Picasa and see the photos Kellex mentioned in this article and see whos gallery it belongs too you’ll know the EXIF data wasnt faked. 

  • joejoe509

    Meh. Stop with the Picasa posts. Not impressed. Yes, we’re obsessed with the Nexus but we don’t need every little scrap of info.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, did the Galaxy Nexus pictures taken, were they really good looking pictures or so so? Hoping it has a great camera like the other Sammy phones.  DROID RAZR camera seems to take dull colors, not as vibrant as other cameras out there.

    • Anonymous

      The pictures taken by the razor are good.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve seen much better, even on 2MP shots from Galaxy Tab 10.1’s, including my own

        • Anonymous

          Sammy is better than moto when it comes to taken pics. The Portrait pics come out oversaturate.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly, and oversaturation isn’t a big deal, sometimes it makes the pictures look even better.  If its a big deal theres a thing called photoshop to edit the colors or tones.  Some people like more vibrant colors in there pictures, it makes it so much more memorable than dull colors.  Just my opinion

          • Anonymous

            I do agree with you. Sammy does not put good good radios in their devices and the call quality is weak. Those things are the most important in the smartphone market. Camaras, speed and os are secondary.

  • Bewara2009

    So I got off the phone with a Verizon rep. because I was having trouble with my Droid X and he said that i can upgrade my line, I told him I know I can I am waiting on the nexus/razr, he said that he is also waiting on the galaxy nexus too and the phone should be out next month. he also said that the Razr will have water Resistance. Just want to let you guys know. 

    • Anonymous

      The razor will be solid. If you like a cheap plastic device, then you can get a nexus.

      • A rock is solid.

        • Anonymous

          🙂 there are rumors that the Nexus will have a goo aluminum build quality and not plastic. Things should be interesting between the razor an the Nexus.

        • YourFriend

          Why do you spend so much of your time criticizing Motorola with every opportunity? Seriously, I’ve seen you at like 5 blogs, and every single post about a Moto device all you do is spew your hate. Are you that obsessed with Motorola?

          • Anonymous

            He’s a troll hired by HTC.

          • Anonymous

            or samsung

      • BLUR!

        • Anonymous

          You mean the new nice user interface ftom moto 🙂

      • Anonymous

        The Razor has fake plastic carbon fiber, I think that says enough.

        • Madcow06

          How could you possibly know that it’s fake carbon fiber from one pic?

          • Anonymous

            Take a look at how expensive carbon fiber is and you’ll realize why I don’t need to even touch the phone to know they would never use real carbon fiber on a phone they expect to make a profit from.

        • Anonymous

          Let’s see about that when it comes out.

  • joel rizo

    I don’t f**king care! Just release the phone already.

  • tjmonkey15

    That’s the cleanest kitchen ever.

  • Anonymous

    Was hoping for something full res.  Otherwise, these tell me nothing

  • jose cardona

    When will you guys learn that exif data can easily be modified? I could take a pic with my Droid 1 and change the exif to a Samsung Nexus Galactic Primeasaurus 6

    • Anonymous

      I think pretty much everyone is aware.  It’s a rumor site for one…

  • Check out “@black_man_x” on Twitter. He has inside scoop on Verizon Nexus and says battery life sucks (6 hrs compared to his Galaxy S @ 10 hrs.)  This doesn’t make me feel any better than possible different specs on VZN vs. AT&T. 

  • Jak_341

    Nice kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    Say it with me….just because the EXIF data says it’s one device, doesn’t mean it was actually taken by it.  For example, try taking a pic and then modifying the EXIF to make it appear that it was taken with an iPhone 5.  It’s EASY.

    • Sp4rxx

      Way to rain on the parade

      • Anonymous

        What parade?  

        No disputing….there ARE phones that are coming soon.  However to see a photo that has EXIF data proclaiming it to be taken by a Droid Razr or Galaxy Nexus is NOT proof that the phone is right around the corner.  It might ACTUALLY be around the corner and I COULD be wrong, but it’s NOT proof and a non-story.  😛

  • For God’s sake just give us the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I thought that you wanted the nexus.

  • The exposure value of 1/1645 makes no sense to me. (photog)

  • Why is the info different on every picture? DROID RAZRa, RAZRo, RAZRI, Motorola, Motorola3, Motorolae

    every picture in that album has a “different” camera

  • Jake

    Galaxy Nexus shots may have been taken down. I don’t see them.

  •  found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in the subject. Thanks you for the info.

  • Paul

    Pretty worried about the quality of the Nexus photos. They have the samewashed out quality as the Nexus S. Also, the Nexus S was capable of ISO 50 too, so that isn’t anything to be excited about.

    • Anonymous

      I told many people that the nexus will disappoint them.

      • Anonymous

        so are we going to be the first ones on the “told ya so” wagon?

        • Anonymous

          I guess so lol. I know Moto will not disappoint me.

  • Chip chipperson

    tits of gtfo!

  • FortitudineVincimus


    photos OF the phones not BY the phones are of interest

  • jbonics

    Oh crap I forgot sync was on. Well even though I work for them doesn’t mean I’m not clueless. Oops thanks for not posting my face I don’t know what to move back in with my parents. At least I didn’t leave it in a bar.

    • Keith Sumner

      Lucky you, I want to be a tester. My wife said I would need an engineering degree, is that true?

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        sign up at connect for microsoft and places like onlinebeta.com… You will be surprised what shows up on your doorstep. Other than a free Kinect, I cant tell you what I have gotten. 😉

        • Adam Elghor

          wait is this legit?

          • Anonymous

            Yes. Look at my number of comments and likes. I am not full of B.S.. I have been around for a while. Sign up at Microsoft soon. They are about to launch a beta for the new dashboard. Aka. Cable on Xbox. Google it.

            Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

            —–Original message—–

  • Anonymous

    What is more interesting is that the Droid”s photo was shot at F2.8 aperture with 65535 ISO.
    and the Samsung’s photo at F2.75.

    Photographically speaking those are pretty extreme for a mobile phone sensor.
    iPhone 4S does have a F2.8 aperture, which actually got me quite excited when announced.

    • Anonymous

      I think the 4S has a 2.4 and some of the new HTC’s have a 2.2.  F/2.8 (2.75 is basically the same thing) is almost a full stop slower than those HTC’s.  It’s not bad, but the market is leaning towards better.  Of course, this could have been slightly stopped down (and I guarantee it wasn’t ISO 65535, lol)

    • Anonymous

      Finally moto put a good cam in their devices.

  • Kiankudah

    Need. Galaxy. Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    He took a picture of the Dude! Awesome,

    • GotSka81

      As they say…

      “The Dude abides.”

  • Anonymous

    Yea, but I’m more concerned with how fast the Nexus can take pictures. Is it basically an instant shutter with less than 2 seconds between pics?

  • Ytram

    Nice, just found them, and confirmed that they are Motorola employees(according to LinkedIn at least).

    I just wish we could determine the camera size from the pictures on Picasa.

    • Anonymous

      Found the Razr ones. The one album title is kinda sad.

  • Anonymous

    Is the RAZR user also a real estate agent?

  • Joelseph

    Er awake, I mean.  haha

  • Joelseph

    “If you ever need to find photos that have been taken with unannounced and unreleased phones…”


    I have laid away so many sleepless nights longing to see photos that have been taken with unannounced and unreleased phones.

    : P

    •  Well at least we know the phones are on the way and our out for testing.

      • Joelseph

        I know, I just thought that was a funny sentence.  Definitely excited to see the Nexus getting some hand time!  Can’t wait untill it spends some time in my hand!

    • Says the guy reading/posting on a mobile phone blog…

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Bewara2009

        You hungry bro?

        • Anonymous

          you thirsty bro?

          • spanky

            You horny bro?

          • Adam Elghor

            you gay bro?

      • Abc


  • Rccrod

    creeper hahaha