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Rumor: Galaxy Nexus Will Be Released November 3

Last week, one of our sources sent over a Verizon timeline that pegged the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as launching on October 27. Today, a new date has surfaced – November 3. Yep, that is the following Thursday and is not out of the realm of possibility. Big Red loves Thursdays, plus we always seem to see these dates sneak from one week to another as we get closer. I would still give the 27th a fair shot though, especially after that same list was the only one we saw with the Stratosphere launching on the 13th – something that ended up happening.

To make this sound even better, just think of it as less than a month from now. Two or three and a half weeks away. Crazy.

Via:  Phandroid

  • ::giddy::

  • Spencer 0030

    So i got this 50 dollar coupon from Verizon any smart phone in the mail and I knew the galaxy nexus was going to come out the 3rd just cause the coupon expires this month

  • Jake

    I think Google and Samsung have waited long enough to give Steve Jobs his respect. There’s no need to delay the announcement or release any longer. His unfortunate passing was news right up until this weekend; now it’s old news. Steve was a business man. If they want to respect him, keep business going. You don’t see Apple delaying orders for its 4S. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple knew on the day that it announced the 4S that Steve was on his death bed, yet they went ahead with the event, because it’s what Steve would have wanted. Samsung and Google are only handicapping themselves with this delay and giving Apple more momentum. I know people who were waiting to hear about the Nexus that have gone ahead and ordered the 4S because of the delay.

    • I don’t disagree with you.  I still do not understand why people would buy a 3G device.  Lemmings!!!  I would be seriously considering the iPhone when I can see it up against the Nexus.  However, with no 4G, it is a no go.

      • Riders0ftheli

        Well im an Android guy through and through but i just switched back to Verizon on my old Curve 8330 and am in need of a new phone real quick haha. My area lacks significant coverage by the other 3 carriers but Verizons 3g works flawlessly. So i would understand how a lot of people with older devices and maybe a lack of Lte coverage in their area would buy something else. I hate IOS but im really considering it if the Nexus isnt announced soon because i hate VZWs Android lineup.

        •  trust me, I know the current VZW phones suck.  I have the OG Droid and will wait.  Prime, Vigor, and Razr are the next flagship phones coming. 

  • Dshudson

    For those of you who believe this phone is coming out Nov 3rd, you my friend, are a moron. 

    •  When is it coming out then?

      I am only clinging to the date since the OG Droid came out on Nov 6 2009.

    • Why would Nov 3rd not be the date?  The phone is ready to go, they were going to announce it today, but pushed back that announcement (not the release date) because of Jobs’ death.

  • Hymie

    Price Point????

  • Jackmuller88

    I am waiting for the arrival of iPhone5. Heard that it is awesome.

    Jack Muller

    •  It will still be a 3G device.

  • Anonymous

    A good friend from High School who now works for Google and I were Skyping last night, and he had the phone in hand….He said the phone is, “EVERYTHING we have been asking for, and NOTHING we don’t want”
    He said it is SO polished and although the screen is a bit larger, the minor curve of the phone actually makes it fit nicely in the palm of the hand…..
    It looked REALLY nice, and ran FLAWLWSSLY!

    • Fletch

      So why the hell didn’t you take a screen grab?

      • Anonymous

        I was asked not to…..plus, you’ve seen it already….I’d have nothing new from a grab to show off…

    • Anonymous

      I’ll give you credit for being more creative than saying a rep told you.  😛

    • I don’t care anymore, we know it’s awesome!!!!  Just give us a release date!!!!

  • Is it possible that the Galaxy Nexus could be announced on the 27th and released on November 3rd?

  • Sublime8696

    I’m still happy with my OG Droid running Project Elite 6.5. I will buy the Galaxy Nexus if my OG Droid finally stops working. If it continues to run and something better comes out, ill get that…. If my OG Droid finally stops working.

  • 360NikonD300

    I hope the delay had nothing to do with the rumored respect for Steve Jobs. Pre-orders for the iPhone 4s is supposedly going like hotcakes. The original October 11 announcement date  is just what Google and Samsung needed to take the wind out of Apple’s sail.

  • Anonymous

    It always seems so long away until the day is actually here….

  • Anonymous

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  • droidlvr

    if i went up to heaven, God would be giving the nexus out to the peeps before entering the pearly gates,.

  • Rumor: Galaxy Nexus Will make sandwiches, both cold cut and ice cream

    • Jboogie1289

      Make sandwiches, deliver Ice Cream dream sandwiches and ……….. SLICE APPLES at the same time (or destroy Apples, if you want a good chuckle)!!! Now that’s a bad ass phone gents!!!!!!!

  • Ibob337

    I may venture away from my physical keyboards for this one.  Not sure yet.  I do love keys…..

    • Anonymous

      physical keyboards = unnecessary thickness.

    • Anonymous

      If you are not “sure” that this is a sexy beast, and you still want keys, well then you should go away, bro

  • Anonymous

    the software in the bionic its good. We have the best build quality, radios and sound quality loud speakers as well. Moto has the edge over the other manufactures.

    • Ibob337

      Too bad the qHD screens blow compared to the OLEDs

      • Anonymous

        Droid razor will have amoled

        • Anonymous

          could you mind telling where you come up with these things

          • Anonymous

            I read 🙂 , it will have the amoled that the first galaxy has

        • Ibob337

          But will it also be bloat free?

      • Agreed, the pentile qHD makes the Bionic (and X2 and D3) completely unbuyable.

    • agreed. Motoroal does well at the most important things in the smartphone industry:

      1. Radios. They have better reception than any equivelent device from other android OEMs. Period.
      2. Build quality. With the exception of you know who, MOTO is the best here.
      3. Updates. Snappy as ever!!

      • Anonymous

        People do not want to understand that. They are focusing on bootloader and speed.

      • Anonymous

        Iphone and Moto are equal when it comes to build quality.

  • Anonymous

    lol that’s what is going to happen. Moto will win once again like they always do.

  • Anonymous

    What are you?

  • Anonymous

    for what to be disappointed ?

  • Anonymous

    those are rumors, i do not feel that sammy will go way from their cheap plastic.

  • Anonymous

    The battery cover is plastic not the whole device.

  • Give it to me already, Verizon and Samsung!!!
    I swear I’ll go and get “it” from someone else.
    …Sprint, what’s that: Unlimited plan, Dual-Core, upgrading to LTE…

  • Anonymous

    Software is easier to fix than hardware. Moto has the hardware, the build quality and sound quality. They are also putting nice processor in their devices.

    • Sorry, but Motorola has never proven they can put good software on their devices.

  • Anonymous

    keep trolling

  • Anonymous

    shut up

  • Anonymous

    i hear crickets from the bionic adopters side

    • because we’re all too busy enjoying our Bionic instead of waiting on the next great thing

      • TomHolmes

        I’m enjoying my Bionic -and- waiting on the next great thing!

      • Anonymous

        its hard to believe anyone can “enjoy” the bionic when it was a complete flop of a phone. sounds like denial setting in, much like the tbolt owners.

        • Tyler

          NO. The Thunderbolt was NOT a mistake….it was merely the first of its kind. WE wanted LTE NOW, and WE got it! How can you call that a mistake? The first gen. of everything has its flaws! We made some sacrifices, but I am largely satisfied with my Thunderbolt, now that it is running CM7. Sure, I will get the Prime, but I have been experiencing LTE since March, and that was totally worth it to me. Denial? Hardly.

  • Nerdydesi

    An SKU with a keyboard would be awesome. Too bad I’m in the minority!

  • Wintrmte

    I was holding out for the HTC Vigor, but if the rumored specs for this phone (especially the AMOLED display) are true, I am all over this like white on rice..  Hopefully it does come out on Nov 3rd.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t this the original date in the “poem” anyway?  I guess the Oct 27 announcement rumor could be true now after all since Moto is announcing its newest toys on the 18th.  And why exactly the Vigor has suddenly vanished off the face of the earth, is anyones guess. I think the Nexus announcement delay forced Verizon to revise its launch plans and keep the devices flowing or something else is up.  

  • Telephoneteck

    She will be mine, oh yes she will be mine.

    • Anonymous


  • droidlvr

    this phone will be like a God device.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. You’re sure setting yourself up for a disappointment with those lofty expectations.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop thinking about this phone.  I’m going to go crazy waiting for it.    If time travel were available, I would totally fast forward to Nov 3rd.  I may not make it without going crazy, guys.  I may end up in a strait jacket before then.

  • These rumors are like crack. Once they started, I just can’t get enough. Can we just get an official announcement so I can start waiting in line for this thing?

  • Anonymous

    so let me get this straight … the galaxy nexus is the nexus prime or isn’t?

    All these dumb cross postings have me confused. Can we settle on one name and stick with it …

    • Telephoneteck

      You confused bro?

      • Anonymous

        Haha. That never gets old for me. Bro.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus then Nexus Prime on VZW? Which one is Vanilla which one is bloated? I am sooo confused. :/

    • Anonymous

      Current rumors state the Galaxy Nexus is slated for VZW and is *supposedly* bloat free. It will run TI’s OMAP 44*0 cpu.

      The Nexus Prime is the bloat free GSM (read AT&T / T-mobile / world) version of Samsung’s beast.. purportedly with the slightly better specs of the two (those from the GSM Arena “anonymous” leak).

      Then again, the G-Nex (so dubbed by our overlord) was in VZWs Cellebrite system as the Nexus Prime.

      …I need a pipe and an aspirin.

  • Theluxscientific

    Who cares about battery life? After being an owner of a thundershit, I feel like nothing will phase me.

    • Wintrmte

      amen to that..

  • Anonymous

    The only difference between the Galaxy Nexus and the SGSll is the increased resolution and stock android. I should have upgraded when it came out, oh well close enough now might as well wait for the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

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  • Naergoth

    Didn’t the panda state this information a month ago? Credit should be going to him.

    • Anonymous

      Hell, lots of us stated it several months ago when the leaked Samsung roadmap clearly listed the device code with a target release of the first week in November.

      There was never any strong reason to believe the 10/27 date. People were just hopeful.

  • Anonymous

    I thought for sure that the Motorola announcement next week would have pushed the Nexus back. It doesn’t seem wise to announce and release two big phones that close to each other – but, whatever! As long as the Nexus is on track, I could care less about the Droid HD. All I want is the Nexus for goodness sake. Hurry and get here!

  • Ray

    And that people is the day of my upgrade and Verizon knows it!lol

  • Anonymous

    I think right now, we couldn’t care less about the release date.. it’s the announcement that’s killing us in anticipation.. cmon……

  • Uggh… I don’t want to play this game anymore, just tell us when it’s going to be released and give us all the specs. I’m still pissed that we should be getting all of the info tomorrow, that was the date I was waiting for, now it’s back to having no idea.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this device do not disappoint a lot of dreamers in here.

  • Luckyr1981

    Rumor: Galaxy Nexus will make you well endowed! Anyone else want to post their rumors here?

    • Teabling

      The Galaxy Nexus will end hunger in Southern Florida, but only Southern Florida…

  • Yes yes, we’ve heard all this before.  Oct 27, Nov 3.  Two dates that have been mentioned many times before.  Just give us a date and take my money!!!!

  • David Hayden

    Two days before my renewal. Excellent. 

  • Pardes33

    I cannot wait that LONG … WTF…….

  • DanSke

    No worries, I already have a TBolt and I’m gonna wait for a review before I lay some cash out for this thing. How much are TBolts going on ebay now? haha Out with the old and in with the new. Rawr.

  • It’s not that far-fetched.  Let’s assume Google and Samsung didn’t postpone the event….they reveal a device that launches in 3 weeks.  This gives people plenty of time to look at the videos and see what Android 4.0 has to offer as well as the device itself.

    This is why I fully expect a new date for the press event will be sooner, rather than later.

  • What

    3 Weeks 3 Days November 3rd
    This is my destiny!

  • Rob Becker

    This cannot happen soon enough. 

  • tjmonkey15

    Holy crap I can’t wait!!

  • Debating on weather or not I made a bad decision in buying the Bionic….I mean aside from being my second Bionic because the first one was a bad batch its an awesome phone. I’ve always, however, wanted to try a Google device that gets updates first and stuff like that. The Droid line of phones never has done me wrong so why switch I guess….but oh well, can’t anyways for two years haha.

    • I don’t think it’s a BAD decision. Moto’s build quality is exceptional. If you’re not worried about changing kernels, true AOSP roms, and the like, it’s a viable option. As much as I’m looking forward to the Nexus, I’m worried about the phone will look a year from now…

      • Anonymous

        You think the Bionic is built well?  It’s nearly all plastic, the majority of the backs creak and the chin is painted plastic to look like metal.  I’d say they went backwards in build quality.

        • Read: “in comparison to”

          • Anonymous

            You didn’t say “in comparison to” in your post and the Galaxy Nexus is rumored to have an aluminum body.  So comparing the Bionic which we know is plastic, to the Nexus which may be metal, seems to be a comparison without merit.

      • Their hardware build quality may be good, but their software QC is awful.

    • Interstellarmind

      Honestly, if you’be been following Droid Life, I’d say you totally made a bad decision.

    • Anonymous

      I got a Bionic on day 1 with my upgrade. Within a week it just stopped turning on. They sent me a refurb, and i immediately sold it on Ebay. I should have waited…

      • How much did you get for it? They are not to give you refurbs on broken phones within the first 14 days.

        • Anonymous

          $450. As far as the refurb, i went in to the verizon store and they didnt have any more in stock, so they said they’d mail me one.  A refurb is what i got. I had decided to sell it before it came in the mail, so it didnt bother me.

          • That’s a lie

          • Anonymous

            If you say so!

          • Tyler

            It wasn’t a refurb. All phones replaced have a “certified” sticker on them by default, but the phone is too new to have been refurbished. 

    • You did.

    • Get the Nexus phone. The Google updates are the only reason I’m considering. Might still wait for reviews to see if battery life is abysmal.

  • Technically, my 2 year contract with Verizon is up in December.  They’ve made it clear they would like for me to get a phone anytime before that… But according to the some, it wouldn’t be as good a deal then if I just waited.  

  • Anonymous

    I guess I can wait another few weeks for it, my Dinc is still chugging along. I just want ICS so I can finally get custom roms on my transformer.

  • For those of us who purchased an original Droid November 6, 2009, and have been waiting for a worthy replacement, the November 3 date has a nice round ring to it.

    • I heard the Nexus Prime 2 is going to just smoke this thing, and it will be out Oct. 2012, wait for it…..

      • Anonymous

        Actually, it’ll probably only be a Nexus Prime S. Bit faster of a processor, and you’ll be able to have full-length conversations about your sex life with it in public. It’ll be great.

        • HDDroid

          Hmm…I guess I can predict the future…a delay it is.

        • YouAreTheFanboy

          And all of you would still talk about how it is the greatest phone ever. 

      • Billy Jenkins

        Well if he is going to wait for the Nexus Prime 2 in 2012 then why doesn’t he just wait for the Nexus Prime 3 in 2014

        • Anonymous

          Forget that..  2015 brings the debut of the Nexus-6 model!

      • Anonymous

        No dude the Nexus Prime 3 in 2013 is worth the wait. 

      •  He could just wait for a 4G iPhone.  Oh wait, crApple won’t have that for another year or two.

        I’ll take the Nexus Prime, Moto RAZR, or Vigor please with 4G LTE

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I want an LTE phone with a power hungry baseband instead of an SoC with the baseband built in. Ha! At least Apple doesn’t do “1 step forward, 2 steps back”.

          Carriers are selling immature products to eager fanboys, nothing more. Wait for VoLTE. The carriers are smart, they aren’t relying on LTE until it’s baked into SoCs.

          • umm…..  what?  I mean, yeah, I totally agree!  The SoCs can’t handle the kWh and the oHm’s of the VoLTE, and they are causing teh baseboards to crack.  At least the carriers understand that pv = nRt, you know?  Ha!. 

            I’m totally getting one with a foreward looking amperage, with a baseband that creates its own power.  the SoC is going to go oHm with all the MHz!  Ha!

          • johnny

            you just took a nice big doodoo on his chest.

          • 123

            you sir are the only one that got the joke…..no idea here

          • Apple_Sucks_Balls

            Another manufacture is going to be entering the game soon using SoC but its top secret by top flight security!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I got mine on November 8th. Long time and many phones ago…

    • Billy Jenkins

      true. Until 4 months later a new phone is released that will be much better then the Nexus. And all those OG Droid owners that upgraded to the Nexus will complain that they are stuck in a 2 year or 1 year contract that they can’t get out of without paying more money.

      • just saying

        Yea and after that one comes out another better will come out, and then a better one and so on, you will spend all your time waiting for a new phone if that is your plan.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm… I’ve been using an OG Droid for 2 years and have never once complained about “being stuck”. But that was because the OG was an amazing phone that was worthy of those two years. The Nexus will be worthy and I’m sure I’ll be fine with it for two years. 

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Been waiting for something worth upgrading to and the Nexus will be a great phone for 2 years. It’ll do everything I need it to and won’t need anything that will only be slightly better for the next 2 years.

          • GotSka81

            Not to mention it’s pretty clear that the dev community will be all over it for roms and such.

      • Anonymous

        Nexus = Official google updates. All other phones (4 months later), might just then be getting ICS. And you can be sure you will have to root to get the latest build. 

    • Markwebb

      Absolutely. Will this have an unlocked bootloader like the OG Droid?

      • Are you serious? Of course, moron! It’s a Nexus!

        • Anonymous

          Said the prepubescent child with the punchable face.

        • Tyler

          Wow, Chris, it was just a question! Be nice!

      • Anonymous

        it will be lock lol

        • Anonymous

          There is a difference from locked and encrypted.  Motorola = encrypted, others simply locked which will be easily bypassed.

          • Anonymous

            What do you think of the htc amazed? That device is looking very nice.

    • Anonymous

      I bought the OG droid that following spring and returned it when the Incredible was released. It has been a good phone for two years, and I don’t think I will have a problem with the Nexus for two years.

    • I purchased mine on November 9, 2009. Can’t wait for an upgrade! Galaxy Nexus here we come.

    • That’s how I felt as well.

  • Bionicman

    so lets just assume the original rumored release date was Oct 27th and was pushed back one week later to Nov 3rd. is it safe to assume the announcement instead of Oct 11th will be pushed back one week as well? ahhh im probably wrong but hopefully im not! the sooner the better damnit

  • Nov 3rd was a date posted on this sight a WHILE back as well. Announcement on the 27th and a week to get ready. Sounds right to me, especially on a Thursday…

  • Jason Purp

    If I say that November 24th is the release date of the DROID RAZR, will you post that as well?

    Nobody knows who these “Verizon employees” really are.

    • Believe it or not some people do know people who work for Verizon…………

      • Anonymous

        BS. Verizon employees are unicorns.

      • Jason Purp

        Nobody except for the article authors know how the information was received. It could be via an email from somebody, claiming they or somebody they know, works for Verizon.

        Or it could be an IRL friend of the author.

        • So what you are saying is that you want them to out the name. Nothing bad will happen to that person right?

          • Jason Purp

            Who the HELL said that?

            I’m saying that nobody knows how reliable these rumors actually are, except for MAYBE the original reporter/author of the rumor. Certainly Kellex doesn’t know if how reliable this is, since he just heard it from another site.

            I don’t know exactly how to word my response, but I think I got my general point across. I never said what you are implying I did.

          • TurbineTech

            Your avatar is tits…

          • Jason Purp

            My avatar is a god amongst gods. Good day, sir.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s Nov, that’ll make it damn close to being 2 whole yrs with this OG…  time to move on up, big time, buddy bro pal!

    • DSW

      I’m gonna wait for the successor of the Nexus Prime. 

      Until then, I’m gonna be rocking my OG Droid.

  • i probably won’t pick it up til a few weeks after release. broke right now 🙁

    • Lakerzz

      Hahaha!! Classic!!! Same here…:(

  • RedOne

    Makes sense the first Droid was relesad in the first weeks of November.

  • James Murphy

    So do you just post any email you get relating to whatever phone you’re currently hyping?

    • Check the source and go there

      • James Murphy

        Oops. My mistake.

  • Gamer 28

    I can’t wait to get the phone. I’m really hoping this version of Android brings good hardware acceleration. I still bothers me that even with dual cores we can’t get battery smooth transitions. The only Android phone w/ good HA is the GSII. If WP Mango and iOS can do it on a single core, than why can’t Android?
    Gingerbread had some HA, but no where near the Galaxy S II. If ICS doesn’t come with it, than I’m getting a GS II, because no matter how good that hardware may be, it won’t do it much good w/o good software.
    Not to hate on the Bionic, but browsing on that phone vs the Galaxy S II is a joke. Scrolling is so choppy when you’re on a heavy website or when you’re loading flash. I’ll sacrifice a few checkerboards every now and then vs getting choppy and slow performance on a non hardware accelerated device.

    • Galaxy S2 is the Tits if you’re looking for smooth. Like butter every time. It’s the skins that slow it down

      • Gamer 28

        That’s not entirely true. If you were to put stock gingerbread on the GS II, then the phone wouldn’t be as smooth. Samsung did a very nice job w/ that skin by adding Hardware Acceleration. I don’t like the launcher itself that much, but I really like the other implementations of TW4.

        • nothing about TouchWiz should be given props………sorry

          • John


          • Anonymous

            Added HA is a real value add of these latest touchwiz.

        • Anonymous

          The best way to go is vanilla with widget locker and go launcher.

          • Anonymous

            Widget Locker and go launcher Bro?

          • Anonymous

            Yea bro

          • Billy Jenkins

            you confused bro?

    • EC8CH

      I know a while back Koush was floating around an idea about working on adding Hardware Acceleration, but I don’t think CM has seen anything like that yet.

    • PowersUSA

      I agree that experience on Android should be smoother by now. Its really comes down to architecture. On Android your launcher (arguably the center of the user experience) is just another app. Your launcher is competing with other apps running in the background. Just like any other app your launcher can get shutdown to save memory resulting in a slower response “home” button due to the launcher being reconstituted. The constant frame rate of the core experience is the single solitary thing I admire about iOS. Apple prioritized the smoothness of the experience over multitasking. The solution in the Android world is to throw more hardware at the problem. 

    • Anonymous

      gs2 suck, it is a plastic device.

    • Raiderwill

      The Bionic..Really? Don’t even mention that thing.. My Rooted, Rom’ed, Kerneled, 1300 mhz Droid Charge running TSM Transitions and Go Launcher EX Blew it away just this past Saturday at the Verizon Store.. Went for some Screen Savers and Had to pick the Salesboy’s Chin up off the floor as he watched My Baby Bitch Slap his “Flagship” Bionic.. The Prime if you stay Verzion.. or the  SII on Sprint.. Or Smart Money.. And  go Custom Droid Charge… Root & Rom is the Key to a Silky Smooth Phone Experience my friend.. Not Core Counts.. And ya gotta have the SuperAmoled+ Screen Man !

    • Anonymous

      ICS was supposed to add hardware acceleration as part of their partnerships with Samsung and TI. Unfortunately there was an announcement a few months ago that they didn’t get all of their planned features and coding done for ICS and that some big things were being shelved for the release of J(elly bean?).

      Like you my biggest hope is that hardware acceleration was not one of those shelved features! If they stay silent on the issue at the announcement it is probably safe to assume that it didn’t make it in.

      • Anonymous

        If Samsung was able to get it into a GB app I would hope Google got it into ICS, if not for every aspect of the OS at least the launcher and most frequently used system apps.

  • Isn’t Verizons CEO still going to be at the event tomorrow? I’m pretty sure he is, and maybe we’ll get a little something out of him about the Nexus Prime? That would MAKE MY WHOLE WEEK A LOT MORE EASY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s getting harder and harder every day to try and quell my desire/impatience for this phone. 

  • Anonymous

    Would be good to get it out around then, would hate to see the Droid Razr cut down they Nexus

  • So announced earlier if launched on the 3rd?

  • Trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but goddamn I’m excited.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Oh, hell yes!

  • Verizon?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “trusted source” I assume…. bwaa haa haa

    “not out of the realm of possibility.” NOTHING is out of the realm of possibility with all this garbage – that kind of goes without saying

  • I think you accidentally a word there good sir.

  • Teasing

    Driving a lot of people waiting for the Prime nuts with this 10/27 vs. 11/3 release dates tease.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      oh, I suspect it will change yet again

  • POOP_on_YOU

    I don’t care. As long as they doing take as long as they did with the Bionic!

    • Joseph Moreno

      I might sound crazy, but SOME of the delay of the Bionic had good reason, but most didn’t


    • Teasing

      that’s what she said.

  • Anonymous

    So when will the announcement be?

  • Anonymous

    I think I remember a certain poem mentioned the 3rd of November… 

    • MC

      I believe you’re thinking of the 5th of November.

      • Anonymous

        Actually I was referring to the twitter poem from the panda and fleming…but I can see how you thought I meant the movie

      • JG

        remember remember the 5th of november…

    • Anonymous

      Yep, the day the real father of Bruce Wayne died (or born).. or something like that, which is November 3.. Tom Flemming mentioned it on a twitter (or was it the Panda?)