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Google and Samsung Choose October 27 for New Ice Cream Sandwich Event, in London? (Updated: Maybe Not)

Samsung just released their full statement with regard to the postponement of their CTIA event and we already have a new rumored date to mark on our calendars.  October 27 work for anyone?  According to The Next Web, Google and Sammie have chosen a date three weeks from now in London of all places.  I will just say this – if they really plan to unveil the first Ice Cream Sandwich device somewhere outside the U.S., words like disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed will not do the situation justice.

Update:  Pocket Lint was quick to point out that this Samsung event in London on October 27 will likely have nothing to do with what was planned for CTIA. There is a good chance it will be to announce various Galaxy devices that were not previously announced for the UK.  +1 to this story.

Update 2:  PCMag’s Sascha Segan confirmed with Samsung PR that there will not be an October 27 event in London.

I probably should remind everyone that the last leaked roadmap we saw pegged the “Samsung Prime” for a 10/27 release.  Maybe this is in fact the day after all.

Via:  TheNextWeb

  • Anonymous

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  • hatethanet

    We all know the hardware is superior, but Google and Samsung’s marketing depts better bring their A game, since it looks like Apple’s marketing dept still has the touch. Preorder sales on AT&T look slightly better than the big numbers for the iPhone 4 last year: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-08/at-t-says-preorders-for-new-apple-iphone-4s-broke-company-s-sales-records.html

  • Anonymous

    I think they realized that their show would be overshadowed by Jobs’ death, so they moved it back.  It’s a proper PR move and it makes them look good.  Most people are reading into it too much.

  • Anonymous

    So jobs funeral is today everyone still gonna think the delay next week is because of his funeral? Seems like just an easy out since ics isn’t ready.

  • im confused…..so when is the event gonna be? the 11th or 27th? When is the phone coming out? the 27th? 

  • fixxmyhead

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! damn i was REALLY REALLY looking forward to next week

  • jonathan caruso

    Android Central is reporting that Google commented on the matter saying that it is indeed postponed due to Steve Jobs passing

  • Yiannis

    2x the pixel count of the Bionic means significantly slower phone and significantly less battery. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh you genius! How did you work that out? /s

  • Anonymous

    Business Insider confirmed they delayed the presentation out of respect for Steve Jobs’ death.

    • LinuxLover

      Out of respect? Buahahaha! More like they don’t want the news to be drowned out the media coverage of Steve’s passing. Let’s get real here…

  • Anonymous

    This is just great….just when I thought that I was going to be able to see whats around the corner for an upgrade…..Now to wait a few more weeks to see what device to get to upgrade, looking into the Bionic, Vigor, Nexus and maybe try to take a look at the Razr if its possible….OG Droid needs to be retired…

  • Kevin

    Well, if the HTC Vigor is released before the Nexus Prime, I will probably buy the Vigor and return it if I like the Nexus Prime better … simply tired of waiting … all these phones Bionic, Galaxy S2, Bionic have simply taken to long to come this year … 

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. Just very tired of waiting for a replacement. I’ll go with whatever comes out first and I’m guessing that’s gonna be the Vigor. Very VERY tired of all the games and waiting. Enough’s enough already. We sit and watch great phones come out for every other carrier out there. GS2 for EVERYONE,except Verizon who we’ll make wait and wait and wait. Well,that ship is sailing…

      • LionStone

        Good things come to those who wait… 🙂

  • LinuxLover

    Had this phone been available a few months ago, I might have reconsidered my iPhone purchase. Honestly, I think all phones should be more like the Nexus line and let us get updates straight from Google.