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Kindle Fire Available for Pre-order Now, Product Page and Commercials Go Live


The new Amazon Kindle Fire was just announced at $199 as one of, if not the most affordable and deeply integrated Android tablets ever built.  It will ship on November 15, but future Fire owners can pre-order the device right now.  Amazon’s product page for their shiny new tablet includes every last detail you could have ever dreamed of including full specs, the multiple Amazon services it will use, and a quick video overview.  






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  • Voiproviders27

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  • Anonymous

    I went ahead and pre ordered the 7″, it’s just the right size for me, and I have a 15.6 HD Widescreen Laptop if I need bigger on the go 😉

  • ShopDroid

    What does it run?  Gingerbread?  Or some sort of AMZN hacked bloatware?

  • John Poe

    Cool device, but an HDMI-out would have been nice.

  • John Poe

    Cool device, but an HDMI-out would have been nice.  If my DX2 can support it, surely this thing can.

  • TomHolmes

    I would love to have a reader. I’ve been looking for one for some time. Just can’t warm up to using my phone for that purpose. I think $200 is exactly the right price for an Android-based 7″ reader. I will probably get one.

  • Anonymous

    Just bought one…perfect for the wife and kids!

  • LionStone

    Cool rehashed Playbook…I’m all for recycling 🙂

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  • jefbystereo

    I hope that means that an amazon prime video app is coming to android.  we just dumped netflix and I really miss the mobile video it had

  • Bryan Williams

    How does this in any way relate to Verizon or the Droid line of phones?  Doesn’t this and all the other Kindle Fire updates belong over on an.droid life?

    You even state in your updates from the site that this site is for VZW and Droid news.

    • Anonymous

      Are you really going to complain about this because it isn’t related to Droid or Verizon? It obviously interested you enough to read it and it will interest many more even though it isn’t about droid or Verizon. Please take your complaints to another site.. 

      • Bryan Williams

        No, I’m pretty sure I can keep my complaints right here, thanks.  While you may have just started coming to this site recently for your Android related news, it hasn’t always had all this garbage filling up the page about things that aren’t related to VZW or Droid.  They have another site called http://www.an.droid-life.com for all that stuff.  People here want to know about Verizon related Droid news because that’s why we started coming to this site to begin with.  Also last I checked we still live in the good ‘ol US of A so I’m free to bitch and complain about a change that should have never happened to begin with.  ktnxbye

        • Anonymous

          First off I am daily visitor of the Droid Life site and have been for quite some time. So let me try to understand your ignorant line of thought.. You want Droid Life to only post information about Droid or VZW and thats it? What you call “garbage filling up the page” is tech news about Android and the mobile industry in general. If this site ONLY dedicated news to Droid and VZW it wouldn’t be much news to post on a daily basis. Your complaint about what the site posted about the kindle fire has added nothing to the conversation and for that matter neither has my response to you. So with that being said I will say your right we do live in “good ‘ol US of A” and you can bitch and complain anytime and anywhere you want i just wish you would take your ignorance somewhere else.. 

  • Tony Allen

    If it had a FFC I’d probably be in for it after someone crams 3.2 or ICS on there eventually.

  • John Jones

    I haven’t seen mention of the SoC it uses?

  • Keith Sumner

    Attention Droid Life, You Do Not Have To Capitalize Every Single Word In A Sentence, Thank You And Have A Nice Day.

    Title should look like this: “Kindle Fire available for pre-order now, product page and commercials are live.”

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like it then don’t look at the site.

      • Keith Sumner

        I’ve been posting at Droid-LIfe since the beginning and I will continue to look at the site because I love the site. It’s not a big deal, I was just giving feedback, if you don’t like then don’t look at the comment 😉

    • Anonymous

      The capitalization of a title is purely optional. Some sites do it, some don’t. You even mentioned this in your rant by saying, “You Do Not Have To…”. Honestly, if it really bothers you that much, why continue to come here?

      Also, the title of an article is not designed to be a functional sentence. It is purely a mean to identify what the article is about as well as grab the attention of the reader.

      • Keith Sumner

        So your sarcasticometer is broken? That was the joke, that I capitalized each first letter of each word. That, and no it doesn’t bother me at all, just giving some feedback. 🙂

        • Ravnos CC

          Not obvious sarcasm, and sometimes obvious sarcasm usually needs a 😉 or a 😛 to be interpreted correctly online… fyi. 🙂

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    • Calculatorwatch

      You’re telling me! I’ve been saying that about books and newspapers for hundreds of years!!!

      Just kidding, seriously that’s how titles work, and it looks good plus that’s what people are used to. There is no problem here.

  • Like other kindles, I want a Fire with free unlimited 3G.  I haven’t seen anything about whether or not Amazon has plans for this, but I’d soooooooooooooooo buy one of those.

    • Brent Stewart

      I doubt that will ever happen. Maybe a pay as you go kinda thing like the iPad. But definitely won’t ever be free for the Kindle. As long as the device is capable of being a heavy media hitter with music and video it will never be free.

  • Brent Stewart

    8g is a little light on storage. Disappointed there’s no SD slot which is a deal breaker for me.

    • I can understand this view. I myself am ok with 8 as I mainly plan to use it as a reader and surfing device.

  • That headline should be “…available FOR pre-order now…” right?  If it’s available, or I can preorder, I choose available.

  • Mr. Joshua

    question – the page says it doesn’t support connecting to ad-hoc wireless networks. Does that rule out tethering using wireless tether, or is that broadcasting as a normal network now?

    • some phones (like Droid 1) use ad-hoc .. others use infrastructure (like DX) .. depends on your phone.. but the newest versions of wireless tether allow for infrastructure connection.
      So if you have a phone that only does ad-hoc you’d need to wait for a root fix to the new kindle and also root your phone to connect.

      • Mr. Joshua

        Thanks! I thought that my Tbolt had been showing up as a regular network lately.

    • Anonymous

      It depends on your device. The OG Droid for example, is only capable of making ad-hoc networks. Same app on the Thunderbolt will get you normal Infrastructure mode.

  • This looks very promising.  Seems to be the most thought-out Android tablet so far when it comes to user experience.

    • palomosan

      The point of these one is the cloud storage, Amazon gives 20Gb just for buying a complete MP3 Album.

      20=+8=28GB, not bad for $200 and the access to all Amazon prime member get.

      • I might be mistaken but I think you get 50 just for being you. 

  • Anonymous


  • Steve Blais

    May put this item on my Christmas List .. Cya ltr Ipad who needs a camera..

    • WAldenIV

      They need to get on the ball and add epub support so you can borrow books from the library.  B&N do this already with the Nook.