Deal: Kindle Fire HDX is 20% Off on Amazon Today Only ($184), Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Too

The big Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend may be over for many, but I’d image I’m not the only human that completely avoids doing any shopping on that weekend. Instead, I do my shopping when things tone down a bit the couple of weeks before, in hopes that most people have already crossed everything off of their lists and have left the mall to me, just me. That or sites like Amazon continue to make it easy for me to never leave my cave with deals like today’s 20%-off Kindle family promotion.  (more…)

Amazon to Possibly Price Upcoming “Kindle” Smartphone as Free (Updated)

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Update:  Amazon has flat out denied this report, stating that they are not launching a phone this year, but if they did it “would not be free.”

According to sources of ex-WSJ reporters Jessica Lessin and Amir Efrati, Amazon might be listing its upcoming smartphone at an unbeatable price – free. Apparently, there is still some speculation on how Amazon will make its money back on the device, but a few reports speculate that the e-retailer could require a subscription to Amazon Prime. From what the source states, “Amazon wants the device to be free whether or not people sign up for a new wireless plan at the same time.”  (more…)

Three Reasons Why the Kindle Fires Should Be Considered Android Tablets [Opinion]

Ever since the original Kindle Fire was released last year there has been some controversy about whether or not to consider Amazon’s tablets to be Android tablets. While Amazon has always admitted that the products run a forked version of Android and Android apps, the Android community was quick to distance themselves from the product despite its record sales. While Amazon likes to talk about Fire apps and doesn’t talk about the version of Android running underneath the Fire interface in any of their official documentation, I believe the Kindle Fire should be considered an Android tablet.


Thursday Poll: Interested in Any of the New Kindle Devices?

It’s been a big day for tablet lovers. Amazon has announced a total of six new Kindle devices and we’re curious to see if anyone here is going to pick one up. The options are certainly all over the board and there’s bound to be one to suit the needs of anybody looking to jump into the tablet market. If you need a bigger display with 4G LTE, there’s the Fire HD w/ LTE or if you’re just looking for a basic e-reader there’s the new Paperwhite.

Let us know which one has caught your eye.

Interested in any of the new Kindle devices?

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Rumor: Amazon to Unveil First Smartphone at Tomorrow’s Kindle Event

According to multiple sources that spoke to The Verge, Amazon may unveil its first ever smartphone alongside its new Kindle Fire at an event tomorrow. Their sources claim that the smartphone will run a forked version of Android, similar to what the Kindle Fire runs, however, it may be based off of Ice Cream Sandwich this time around, rather than Gingerbread. “Forked” means that it won’t carry any of Google’s suite of apps, so in place of Google Maps for instance, Amazon will go with Nokia Maps. They are also claiming that this device is unfinished, so if it is on display tomorrow, Amazon may be short on details.  (more…)