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Amazon Announces the Kindle Fire for $199

Most of the mystery was out of the bag on Monday when a report surfaced, but everything is now official.  Amazon has introduced the Kindle Fire as their next tablet.  It has a 7″ IPS display, dual-core processor, Gorilla Glass, access to all of Amazon’s media services (books, magazines, cloud storage, music, etc.), Amazon Prime for movies/tv/shopping/etc., and does not require a cable for syncing.  It’s Android, but from what we can tell, is so customized that you won’t actually know that unless you are an uber-nerd like us.  This is looking like quite the player and actually has us a little excited about a tablet for the first time in a while.  Price hasn’t been announced at the Kindle event just yet, but Bloomberg is reporting that it will be just $199.  Update:  Price is now official at $199.

You can pre-order it today – it ships on November 15.  

Via:  Bloomberg

  • There won’t be any lawsuit… Anyways, back on topic. For a $199 pricetag I have to get one. It is too good of value for people without a tablet and is an excellent entrance point. Some of the people over at kfhub.com made a good point on the price to value ratio.

  • This is exactly where the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 needs to be priced. But here is the thing, Amazon can take a hit since it is selling content. Samsung cannot. So this is why I think the 8.9 is at 470 (20 less than the 10.1) and the 7.7 will most likely be 450. It should be 7.7 = 299, 8.9 = 399, 10.1 = 499. While I think it is too expensive still, but a lot nicer pricing platform.

  • Anonymous

    Engadget is reporting that has a power button and nothing more. Here is a quote from Engadget “What it won’t have, though, is the number of physical inputs. It’ll make do with just a power button and nothing more — if you want to turn down the volume you’ll need to dive into the status bar.”

  • Anonymous

    Does this tablet have a slot to insert quarters? It might as well with all the money you will be spending on content. A couple quarters for a TV show here, a movie there all on a tiny 7″ screen. The tab does look decent though for reading and looking at magazines. I had a Nook Color rooted, and it was awesome but it still couldn’t do what a laptop could, so I got rid of it.

  • jbonics

    WWell once it gets cm8 or 7 I Will go out and get one for the girls so there not fighting over the Asus tf. Not dealing Amazon’s android at all.

  • Anonymous

    TV Out?

  • Anonymous


  • This is the tablet your mom will buy, it’s from a name she knows and it’s priced right. For that reason it’s a good.

    • guest

      my mom’s probably never heard of a Kindle, and would have no use for such a device.

  • kep

    I think this will sell really well, but I see it as bad for Android as a whole.  Basically this really isn’t android anymore (supposedly an offshoot from Android 2.X) in a lot of ways and it also means app developers now have to make yet another version of their apps to support this device.

    It doesn’t appear to have some basic apps like email etc, but I guess with the Amazon Appstore one could be installed.

    I haven’t made up mind if I’d really want one or not (in reality I won’t get one since I already have a honeycomb tablet) if I was in the market for a tablet.

  • No android market? No thank you.

    Though I’m guessing it will get hacked on there pretty darn quick at that price…

  • Chris

    So… when will prices of Honeycomb tablet go down? This has to drive down prices of iPads and other tablets.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      The price is almost certainly being subsidized by Amazon, since it uses all of their infrastructure.  It likely won’t drive down anything except maybe the Nook.

  • I’m suddenly thrilled that I’ve “purchased” every single Free App of the Day on the Amazon App Store.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I think Android 2.1

  • A new toy for my collection 🙂

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Last rumor said they were running GB.  With a custom UI, all you really need is a power button, even on GB.

  • EC8CH

    Apple lawsuit in 3…2…1…

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        His post shows something to be mad about something?  Just a likely fact, bro.

      • Mctypething2_Electric_Boogaloo

        U MAD BRO?

      • Anonymous

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    • pezjono

      Rounded edges

      • EC8CH

        What’s funny as that’s why I think Moto has been going with the chamfered edge look on a lot of their new products.

  • Doug

    is it possible this is running ice cream sandwich? I see no hardware buttons..

    • EC8CH

      honeycomb tablets don’t have hardware buttons either

    • It’s actually built off of Android 2.1

  • EC8CH

    This will sell.

  • Marc

    Look at all that wasted screen real estate! Look at the sides, why doesn’t the screen go closer to the edge?

    • EC8CH

      How thick are your thumbs?

    • Plus, cramming everything behind a 7″ screen is a little difficult while keeping it thin.

  • Wintergon

    Will it have the Android Market?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Unknown, but unlikely.  This is why the Amazon Appstore exists to begin with.  And Amazon Prime with videos.  And the Amazon MP3 store.  And just about everything else Amazon has done for the last two years.

      • EC8CH

        Exactly.  Amazon has set themselves up nicely as a media provider, which Google always seems to struggle with as the content creators always place unfair conditions on them simply because they are Google.  I think Amazon gets less scrutiny because their primarily a internet retailer instead of the king of Search.

  • David Seibel

    I wonder if their new apps for this device will be usable on other tablets. I have the Iconia and the first Kindle (which I still love) and can’t see me dropping another 200 bones for something I already have and use. And I also use Amazon, a lot.

  • Josh Flowers

    for me to make it a must have:
    *FF/Rear C
    *3.1 OS
    *new Kal-el chip (i can dream)
    come on Amazon, give me something to buy with my credit card points!
    otherwise i’ll wait for something else.

    • Anonymous

      That’s an $800 tablet.

      It’s not fair to compare that to this. Different audience entirely.

  • Mike Mike

    Dammmmmmm, a decent Android Tablet for $200. Color me shocked. Hope this sells well so that other Android tabs have to adjust their pricing. Happy happy, joy joy

  • Anonymous

    sorry, i can’t get excited for a product running android but customized so far as to now look like android. i love my kindle and when it comes time to replace it i’ll pick up their nextgen device, but i won’t do with the mindset of “cool, i just got an android tablet”. i will, however, be excited for a kindle with a color screen that’s able to do a lot more than my current one can 🙂

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Wait until the dev community gets their hands on it. Hopefully (not likely) it will be like the Nook and have the doors wide open for easy modding.

      • Anonymous

        Even if it doesn’t, it’ll get modded pretty quick. There will be enough people buying these at 199 to make the effort worth it (see DX)…

    • Jeremy Turnley

      You may be missing something, the reason nobody want the custom UIs on their devices is because there’s no point to them – the Amazon infrastructure looks to be AMAZING.  The only thing I’d really want to add is GApps support so I can get away from the Amazon appstore, otherwise I am fine with their UI.

      • Anonymous

        not missing the point at all. i’m saying that getting excited about this as an andy tablet doesn’t do it for me. now, thinking of it in terms as a kindle with a color screen does. basically i’d never buy this to use as a tablet because using both the xoom and the galaxy2 i’m a bit spoiled. 

  • Android Addict

    I thought it was supposed to be running Android 2.1.  No camera or mic = not excited.

  • Zac Shannon

    I Actually really want this, especially if the dev community picks it up. Seeing my Xoom is pretty lonely in the dev department, and my Ipad 2 is well.. an Ipad 2. So i only use that as a coaster for my drinks.  Can’t wait!

    • nobody believes that you use an iPad 2 as a coaster. 

  • Anonymous

    I might have to break down and buy a kindle.

  • PyroHoltz

    Talk about a Nook Color killer. How much RAM is this thing packing?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why I still go to Engadget…but they think it has 512mb

  • dima

    So its running android 2.3 under that skin according to the graphic?  And costs 199?  Damn amazon, you might have quite the serious player here!

    • Anonymous

      I think its actually running Android 2.1

      • dima

        It supports flash according to their website so it must be 2.2+ I guess.  It seems the rumors were wrong.

        • The graphic above says Android 2.3.

          • Anonymous

            Yes it does say 2.3. Sorry.

  • Murphy

    I finally wouldn’t mind buying a Kindle now.

  • Android is Android. Win is a win.