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Gingerbread Update for the HTC Thunderbolt is Available Now!

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) update for the HTC Thunderbolt is now available for everyone to pull.  All you have to do is go into Settings>Software update and “Check new.”  Go get it everyone!

Full changelog here.

*Note – If you receive the OTA, please let us know if Google Talk with Video is working.  On the leak, it looks like it should work, but it cannot connect to actual video calls.

Cheers Chris, Raymar, and Owen!

  • Shooter_454

    I just got off the phone wih the tech because of vm notifications problems and was told a new build is coming its going to be instead of 2.11.605.3 build number.Was told this will be here today or tomorrow.

    I said right we’ll see lol.

    • Tboltuser

      Apprently nobody from Verizon checks this stuff out in the forums, because it’s been a known issue, eh?  Thankfully missed call notification works, and toggling airplane mode will get you the voicemail indicator if one was left.

  • Dpmpv

    does any one know if this update clears the phone  data or if it’s like a regular update? 

    • Didn’t clear mine. Just a few settings here and there I had to re-do but other than that everything’s still there.

      • Dpmpv

        thanks just didn’t want to lose text messages so ill try it now

  • Jay B

    Since i did the OTA gingerbread update for my thunderbolt, my netflix doesn’t work =* ( stupid Netflix they need to come out with an update already to make it compatible with gingerbread =P

    • Anonymous

      I had an update waiting for me after GB installed.  I just tried Netflix and it’s working for me.

  • Italiandragon91

    I’ve been checking for the update since Midnight, 13 hours ago. My phone cannot find it. I’m so annoyed.  Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to find it?

  • babadush

    finally someone with some sense. 

  • Blake Buchanan

    My TBolt keeps unlocking and turning the screen on every little bit since the update a couple of hours ago.  Anyone else having this issue?

  • Balls

    why do ppl flame each other on the internet? lol who cares

  • babadush

    I wish Verizon would stop messing with updates from manufacturers before release. They do networks not software. Stop ruining everything with your crap Verizon

  • krownroyal

    Tbolt is rooted pulled the download last night and i have been in reboot heaven ever since. it is trying to install the update but it says failed to verify whole-life signature and signature verification failed and then it says installation failed then it gives me options in clockworkmod recovery and if i reboot i go through the cycle again. Can any one help?

    • PSU_DI

      Sounds like you are going to need to restore the Froyo RUU and then you’ll be able to pull down the official OTA.  The OTA includes a new radio and it blows away the CWM recovery, which is why your stuck now.  Just download the PG05IMG.zip from http://lts.cr/xBP and put it in your root of the SD card and then reboot.

      • krownroyal

        Thanks PSU_DI

    • Stateofdesign

      When rebooting and brought to Clockwork Mod, and wipe the cache only. When the phone restarts and it tells you that the update was unsuccessful, select “cancel” and all will be ok. 

      • krownroyal

        Thanks State

  • Hamster12696

    is there the way to root the thunderbolt after the ota update 2.3.4?

    • Tjcard03

      I’d like to know that too. Tired of this old sense.

  • ok, I updated and now my wired headset is not working… fail

  • Tbolt

    Checked for an update and it indicated one was available, started download and 30M later it indicated download failed. Now when I check for the update it says none available. Any suggestions, (other than the obvious “root” sugestion?)

  • Scott

    just happy to FINALLY get gingerbread on my tbolt…

  • Joel

    Still can’t find the clock, alarm clock, timer, or stopwatch…. They are gone with the update on my phone

    • Do a search for “clock”, it popped up on mine. Haven’t been able to find it any other way.

      • Average_taxpayer

        Its a widget now, not an app.

  • Eyefixstuff

    If you were unhappy with your phone, you should have returned it in the 30 day trial period that you all have with any new phone.

    • Adam Ismail

      Problems with my phone arose well after the 30 day trial…

  • Warlike1919

    Well skype finally works with the front facing cam with this.

  • Anonymouse

    video chat in google talk is working

    • PSU_DI

      yes it functions but only with the rear camera and that is a big bug, it is supposed to work with the front facing camera.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like an okay upgrade. Hopefully after a few days of use there will be a noticible improvement. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but Google navigation seems to have been tweaked as well with a better voice and more detailed turn prompts.

  • Mike M

    It’s not pulling for me.  Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Tgfree

      I am, I keep checking but I keep getting the same “Finish” comment….that “No New Software Update Available.” I am currently running Android 2.2.1, Baseband,, Kernel [email protected]:disqus  18-2 #1, Build 1.66.605.2 CL343045, Software # 1.66.605.2

      • PSU_DI

        VZW pulled the update it’s not available anymore.  This was the update page http://support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/thunderbolt.pdf that showed the GB release details. It has been changed back to the FROYO update.   This update was known to have stuff broken in it, and I guess VZW realized that it wasn’t smart to release it with these bugs.

      • Jedi_volsfan

        Try it again after a couple of hours.  I was having the same problem and it finally started working for me.  I’ve got the update on my phone now.

  • John Crisp

    I updated with the leaked version of gingerbread and I just tried updating via OTA and it said I was already updated…Just in case anyone else is wondering what will happen….

    • PSU_DI

      the update was pulled, don’t expect it any time soon

  • Tgfree

    Still haven’t gotten it.  I keep checking…anyone have any idea of roll-out schedule?

    • PSU_DI

      the update was pulled, don’t expect it any time soon

      • rolyat

        If it was pulled them how am I currently downloading it?

  • Tjcard03

    Now that I have this update what can I do to root my phone so I can get a sense 3.0 rom on it? I’m new to his. Thanks.

  • d-roids

    can you people just shut up and enjoy the fact that the updates finally come through? good lord if you dont like this then just root the phone. and for all you rooted users stop telling non-rooted users what they should be doing. WOW!

    • Adam Ismail

      Honestly at this point I just want a phone that does what it’s meant to. Would it be nice to have 3.0 or 3.5? Of course. But HTC has never gone the extra mile with this phone, so why expect them to do it now? So long as Gingerbread fixes the long list of problems my Bolt has I’ll be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Could someone summarize where to go to learn about rooting TB and what options there are as far as software.

  • ERipper

    I had installed the last leaked version of GB and now I am not receiving the officical OTA. Is anybody else having this issue?

    • Michael Levine

      same problem.   “no update available”

  • Dro.BOT

    im just glad to be able to use skype again! took long enough… Quick settings in the status bar drop down is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    My voicemail notifications don’t work either.. on the phone with vzw tech support.. They have no idea what is going on… GO FIGURE!

  • Scottflint27


    • PSU_DI

      REVOLUTIONARY.io still works

  • Anonymous

    1. Vibrate feedback is now broken on my phone.
    2. Still can’t sync with my Exchange calendar (this worked at one time but stopped working, I believe due to an Exchange update)

    That’s all for now!

  • Jedi_volsfan

    I started the update and I got a server unavailable error and now when I check for updates it says that aren’t any available.  Also, if I check the status it tells me about the new update but it says update failed.  I can’t get the update to download now.  Can anyone help or know if it’s been pulled?  I’ve tried taking out the battery and it still doesn’t update.

    • Jedi_volsfan

      Verizon must have done something on their servers as the update is now downloading.

  • Hudhwk

    Maybe checking in also works to get the OTA faster??

    From the phone keypad  type *#*#2432546#*#*

  • jb

    Woke up to my Tbolt already updated, my wife’s too.  Google Talk has the option to receive notifications of video chat, but doesn’t currently support it as far as I can tell.
    I’m definitely noticing fewer lags in performance.

  • Alex9483

    Okay is it just me or has cut and paste been made inoperable?
    Every time I drag my finger across text to copy, about halfway through the highlighting, the home screen moves with my finger and I switch to the next screen! I’ve tried many times to do it very slowly and gently, but always halfway through my finger catches the screen and it slides like if I intentionally want to change the screen.
    anyone else have this problem?

    • LionStone

      Sorry mate, mine is ok…

  • PSU_DI

    Kellex, it looks like the update has been pulled by VZW.  http://support.verizonwireless… This is now back to the OLD froyo Page…  and people are reporting that they can’t get the update any longer

  • Anonymous

    Many of you are so ungrateful. You whine and moan for months and then complain when Gingerbread comes because you think it should have completely changed the look of your phone. 

    It’s a software UPDATE people. It is better than it was and it will continue to get better. Ice Cream Sandwich will be the next release you can start whining about till it comes.

    I can’t believe how ridiculous many of you are.

    • KleeDroidisadouche

      No, most of us just want a working video chat and the sense 3.0 we all deserve to have….  I think people just wnat to be able to use video chat, whats the point of a front facing camera i dont want to take pictures of myself.

      • GotSka81

        I have to agree…although the name calling is unnecessary.  I think it’s a bit disingenuous for HTC and Verizon to push advertising of the Thunderbolt showing it’s ability to do video calling, and then not include the feature in the device.  It seems like a trend with all manufacturers to over-promise and never deliver…bordering on bait and switch, really.  As a consumer we have a responsibility to be aware of what we’re buying, but manufacturers also have a responsibility to be truthful in their advertising.

        • Anonymous

          I can appreciate your point. With Gingerbread you will finally now be able to use Skype. Yes I agree it should have been from day one.

        • babadush

          the sooner you stop believing advertisers who’s jobs are to dupe consumers the sooner you will realize it’s all a bunch of crap. Ad people’s whole job is about deception and trying to make money for their clients. 

          • GotSka81

            You totally missed the point.

      • Anonymous

        3.0 that you deserve?  you are kidding me right? Half of you will moan that you don’t want skins and the rest of you feel you deserve everything. 

        3.0 and 3.5 is available for anyone that wants it if you are willing to spend 10 minutes of your time to install it. Just like Gingerbread has been available for months for those that really want it. If you think you are so deserving just go ahead and install it… it’s easy. I’ve used 3.0 and actually didn’t like much of it myself. They will never be able to please everyone, especially when they are so demanding. But if you want it… go install it. It will only take you a few minutes…..  If you don’t want to install it yourself, quit complaining.

        You should be happy they are releasing an official build. If there is a few things to fix I am sure it will be done. Of course we want it to work properly… and it will. Just imagine what you would all be saying if they didn’t release by the end of September.  

        Why not appreciate what you are given instead of being a child?

        • KleenDroidisadouche

          Your the child taking anger to the blog. You must be the ceo of verizon or htc… Loser

          • Anonymous

            Re-read what you just wrote and spend a couple minutes thinking about it.  🙂

          • You’re*

        • Tjdavids

          Where do you go to get the download for sense 3.0? The HTC website?

          • PSU_DI

            Sense 3.0 is not available directly from HTC for the thunderbolt, if you are rooted or are willing to root, there are custom ROMs out there that are based on Sense 3.0  Check out the thunderbolt section on Rootzwiki to see whats available.

          • Anonymous

            Correct. Everyone has an opinion, but I tend to prefer the Bamf roms. They have many based off 3.0 and also have one based on 3.5 Sense (Soab)

            If you enjoy your phone the way it is there is no need to root and rom. But if you tend to be one who is not happy with waiting for updates this is the way to go.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Your phone can’t run Sense 3.0… it requires a dual-core processor….

        • PSU_DI

          not true, there are many ROMs that run Sense 3.0 really well on the the thunderbolt.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Exactly.  You don’t have Sense 3.0… you have a ROM.  Someone ripped Sense 3.0 features off from HTC and baked it into that ROM.  HTC has hardware requirements on 3.0, and that hardware requirement says it must have a dual-core processor.  Thanks for proving my point.

          • Anonymous

            The HTC Rhyme is Sense version 3.5 and not dual core… actually about the same specs as the Bolt.  Now what do you have to say?

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Sense 3.5 is not Sense 3.0.  What about that do you not understand?  Sense 3.0 requires a dual-core processor.  Sense 3.5 does not.

          • Anonymous

            You are still incorrect.  Why not contact HTC so you can finally realize they made that statement so everyone didn’t expect the update. Do you really think they scaled back the requirement on 3.5 and that 3.0 is the only version of Sense that needs SO MUCH POWER?   LOL

        • Anonymous

          We have been running 3.0 for months, and there is now 3.5 for us. Why would we say so if it were not true?

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            You don’t have Sense 3.0… you have a ROM someone OTHER than HTC made that has the Sense 3.0 lock screen and weather animations ripped from the real thing.  Congratu-fuckin-lations.  My statement holds true.  Sense 3.0 – as in, the real Sense 3.0 – has a dual-core requirement.  From this very site on August 25th, “The problem with Sense 3.0 is that HTC slapped a hardware requirement on it (must have dual-core) and said sorry about your luck to anyone that didn’t meet that mark.”

          • Anonymous

            You are once again incorrect. If it requires dual core how is it they are releasing a phone with specs less than the Bolt with Sense 3.0 and beyond?

            You are stuck on an old article that was later updated to reflect accurate info. I’ll try and go find the info for you so that you can calm down.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            I am not incorrect.  3.5 is an entirely different version of Sense that strips the requirement for Dual-Core.  The comment was specifically in relation to an *******HTC****** provided update.  Sense 3.0 requires dual-core processors.  Therefore, HTC themselves will NEVER provide a single-core phone with Sense 3.0.

            You can change the marker all you want to say Sense 3.5 this, Sense 3.5 that.  It will never, ever, change the fact that Sense 3.0 requires a dual-core processor.

            Take care, brush your hair.

          • Anonymous

            And clearly that is the last article you read on the subject. Go check the specs on the HTC Rhyme and notice it’s running Sense 3.5

        • Anonymous

          I can’t unlike this post fast enough.  When I had the Tbolt I was rocking Sense 3.0.  They’ll have 3.5 if they don’t already.  But what is great is the Pantech Breakout had Gingerbread before the Tbolt.  I felt cheated.  I’m rocking a rooted Bionic now, awaiting my Prime.  Forget Sense anyway, what Tbolt needs is MIUI (when it will play nice with LTE)

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            You never had Sense 3.0… you had a ROM that someone OTHER than HTC made that did its best to port 3.0 features over.  Congratu-fuckin-lations.  My statement holds true.  Sense 3.0 – as in, the real Sense 3.0 – has a dual-core requirement.  Hence, their creation of 3.5… which is compatible with older phones.

          • Anonymous

            Read above… every one of your false statements have been shown to be incorrect. 🙂  Well I guess I should just say “Congratu-fuckin-lations” on being incorrect.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Read above.  Every one of my correct statements has been shown to be correct.  Sense 3.5 is not Sense 3.0… if you can’t figure that out by the fact the version numbers are different, well then, you’re helpless.

          • Anonymous

            Do you honestly believe that they scaled back the system requirements for a later version of Sense and for some reason only 3.0 requires dual core. The reason they made that statement was so everyone who owned older phones did not expect to get an update. You seriously can’t believe what you are holding so firmly to do you?

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            I refuse to believe that you are really this dumb and thick-headed.  I think you just have an undying need to have the last word even though you are wrong.  Sense 3.0 requires dual-core processors.  It’s straight from HTC’s mouth – and they have never gone back on that statement.  It’s also confirmed by every XDA developer.  The XDA developers will even help you strip that requirement if you want to go make yourself a new ROM and include it.  You can call it the IHaveANumbSkull ROM.  In fact, you can go over to the XDA developers right now, ask them what the OFFICIAL requirements are from HTC on Sense 3.0, and they’ll tell you dual-core processors are required – in fact, they took it up as a challenge that they could get it working on Single Cores when the Sensation was announced in April.

            But this is about HTC, what HTC is going to do, and what HTC’s requirements are.  They have since created 3.5 that did strip the dual-core requirement… yes… it even runs faster on those single-core processors than any previous version….. whether in a ROM, or straight from HTC.

          • Anonymous

            Well I am sure you will continue this and I am also sure your husband has his hands full with you.  Once again I am aware of the “stated requirement”. What I am saying is that it is in fact not a real requirement or the requirement couldn’t be in your words “stripped”.

            So if it will help ease your pain in some way… YES HTC ORIGINALLY STATED that dual core was required.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            The requirement has never been stripped from 3.0.  It’s still there – they’ve never “stated” anything differently on Sense 3.0.  We are still talking about 3.0 here, despite your continued attempts to change the original statement the guy made to 3.5, which was never discussed at all.  And if you “knew” they were there originally, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, since you just admitted the requirement exists.  And if you had known, you’d also know that the graphics processing engine in 3.0 is an even bigger issue to overcome than the dual-core requirement even for the fancy schmancy XDA.  You’d also have known that 3.0 requires qHD screens and the widgets weren’t scalable in the 3.0 release, they also had to adjust those to make it work… And you’d also know the weather animations were an enormous problem that still causes issues in the ROMs today….

            But then again… you were “aware” of all these things since you clearly know everything, and only just now are admitting the requirements exist… nice passive-aggressive way to try to call me gay too, btw… I am married tho.  To a woman.  Let me know when you hold the hand of one for the first time.

          • Anonymous

            You miss my point. It was a stated requirement, not an actual requirement.

            You may eventually one day understand.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            And you missed the point that it is an actual requirement set by HTC, that they confirmed through their statements.  Hence their creation of Sense 3.5 and not utilizing Sense 3.0.  In order to get around the *actual* requirement, the XDA changed the code as a workaround.  Otherwise, the barebones Sense 3.0 would not work **at all** on a single core phone.

          • Anonymous

            Once again you are incorrect… I see a pattern developing. 

            They didn’t create 3.5 because of any “mega requirements”, they created it cause that’s is the normal progression.   You go from what came on the Bolt to 3.0 to 3.5 and then next will be something like 4.0.

            But maybe they will again make 4.0 require dual or quad cores so that they can come out with a 4.5 to support single cores based on your logic.

            A written requirement is different than hardware requirements and that is why you have become so messed up. 

            How about this…. explain to me in great developer detail what is different from official 3.0 verses the one in the roms.  Explain to me all the heavy duty code that could only possibly be run by blazing dual cores.

            And when you are done with that in my next post I will write a “requirement” that you don’t post any more nonsense until you are thinking a bit more clearly.  And since it will be a written requirement I am sure you will be as serious about it as you are the letters that HTC forms into sentences.  What will be common about both of our requirements is that neither of them mean anything. Sense 3.0 can be run on single core phones and you will be able to post again even though your thoughts won’t be clear.

          • Anonymous

            You sure have a hard-on for dual-core processors. And you used a swear word on the internet. Gangsta!

        • Db

          Smart you are not :3

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Smart, I am.  HTC requirements for Sense 3.0… dual-core required.  Reading, you suck at.

          • Anonymous

            Actually it is you that cannot read.  I stand corrected… you read ONE article that had that info and you would have been correct had HTC not produced a phone with Sense 3.5 that has the same specs as the Bolt… LOL  Sure wish you hadn’t created so many posts that seemed so confident over incorrect info.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Actually it is I that CAN read.  It is you that fails at reading comprehension.  You see, this update… from HTC… is the topic of discussion.  Since HTC has a requirement for a dual-core processor on Sense 3.0, and HTC created this standard update, and HTC created the single-core Thunderbolt phone; we can therefore safely surmise that Sense 3.0 will never come to the Thunderbolt in any update from HTC…. since, quite simply, it doesn’t meet the official requirements.  Sense 3.5 has an entirely different set of hardware requirements…. shocking and hard for mental midgits to understand, I know… but believe it or not, Sense 3.0 and Sense 3.5 are not the same and are totally different things…

            Try to keep up.

          • Anonymous

            I realize and agree that they made the statement.  I am only saying that even though they made the statement it was not meant to be taken so literally. What they were actually saying is not to expect getting the update unless you are getting a new phone that comes with it.

            Sense 3.0 does not require a dual core to operate.  

        • Rick

          Yes and your head is up your but crack ! Devs had no problem putting 3.0 and 3.5 on the Tbolt.  You listen to the BS that says you need a dual core.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            And your point is what, exactly?  Devs could put Sense 3.0 features on the G1 if they were so inclined.  It doesn’t change the fact that HTC — ya know, the ones that make these updates and put them out and actually creates and codes Sense — **requires** a dual-core processor.

            The original fool I replied to asked for Sense 3.0 from the standard update from HTC.  It isn’t possible.  It will never be possible.  It’s an ignorant request from an ignorant poster that tried to insult another poster by copying his name and *spelled it wrong* when he did so and said he “deserves” it as if its some type of entitlement.  Now if he asked for 3.5, then maybe he’d have a beef… but not only is he off-base, but he’s a failure at insults…. like you, who can’t even spell butt right.

          • Bullettoothtonyisadouch

            Dude you must be a huge geek to get angry about my post. I only wrote that because somone was being rude to all the people that have been waiting for this update….. so calm down luke skywalker and let the force be with you.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            You have poor reading comprehension if you think I’m angry, I’m merely correcting you and everyone else that somehow thinks that HTC is going to give them Sense 3.0 when it requires a dual-core processor… and you spelled douche wrong… failure numbers 2 and 3.

          • Anonymous

            Well it’s a good thing I have corrected you for incorrectly correcting others…. 🙂  Goofball.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Well, it’s a good thing you haven’t… since I’m right and you’re dead wrong.  HTC requires dual-core processors for Sense 3.0.  They always have, and always will.

          • Anonymous

            You can say it all you want.. but it is not correct

          • bullettoothtoneyisadouche

            I know how to spell douche but I didnt add the e at the end of the sn because it wouldnt let me. Why dont you look at the other posts you got angry about and you would realize that Luke skywalker.

          • Anonymous

            Read above all the posts destroying your false point.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Read all the posts above that are incorrect.  HTC requires dual-core processors for Sense 3.0 – HTC released this update – thus, HTC will not update this to Sense 3.0.  Get a clue, go to the XDA and read up.  Even they will tell you what the requirements are, officially, from HTC.

          • Anonymous

            You are incorrect. The statements were made prematurely.   Are you a developer or just someone that reads a few lines and will defend the information to your death whether or not it is correct?

        • If the HTC Status can run Sense 3.0, then there’s no reason why the Bolt shouldn’t.

        • Havoc

          Wrong, Several Devs have made it work on the Tbolt

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Right.  “Several devs” are not HTC.  HTC released this update.  HTC’s requirements for Sense 3.0 are dual-core processors.  Thanks for trying.

        • jdm 2step

          what are you smoking? im running 3.5 on son of a bliss on my bolt 🙂 people stop complaining, being lazy, and take initiative. it takes like 2 mins now to get s-off and clockwork. then another 5 min to flash one of the many wonderful roms out there. stop thinking your high and mighty and that everyone in the world owes you something. if your unhappy with it go somewhere else, or do as many of us have done and fix it. 

        • Anonymous
          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Custom ROMs are not Sense 3.0… they’re custom ROMs.  Go to the XDA Developers, look up all posts about Sense 3.0.  They’ll list the official requirements, notably, that it requires a Dual-Core processor — officially.  Simply because it hasn’t stopped them from creating ROMs with it does not change this fact.  This post, this very post, is about an update that came directly from HTC.  Since HTC officially *requires* a dual-core processor for Sense 3.0…. take a wild guess what version of Sense won’t ever, as in “never ever ever ever ever” in your best Chris Tucker Friday voice, be on the Thunderbolt?

      • Anonymous

        We also want the elimination of the fragmentation we were promised instead of being forgotten for the next profit margin.

      • Steve Hawk

        You “deserve” to have what your phone came with from the factory. You don’t buy a device based on what it *could* have, you buy a device based on what it *does* have. HTC owes you nothing. At all.

        • GotSka81

          Disagree.  There is a market expectation that phones purchased (especially those that are marketed as flagship devices, a la the Thunderbolt) will be supported with updates quickly and efficiently.  Google itself has acknowledged that there’s a need to speed up the rate with which manufacturers are releasing updates.  Features are the main attraction to the updates, however security is the most important reason…there are at least a few hacks and security holes in Froyo that are no present in GB.  HTC has a responsibility to support the phones they sell, period.

        • Rick

          they owe me a phone that does not random reboot and has a working voicemail notifier chump!

          • Anonymous

            The phone does not random reboot, and if yours does you need to fix it. I agree about the voicemail.

          • it does random reboot.. I have 75 of these at my office that we maintain and while overall they are very nice some of them DO RANDOM REBOOT>  been in this for 25 yrs kid stop talking like your some expert. you are obviously not if you are not aware of the random reboots that occured. 

          • Anonymous

            Kid?   Ha…. I understand random reboots… and I never said nobody has them.MINE DOESN’T. I said if yours does you need to fix it, which is not difficult if you know what you are doing.  Wake up punk… Besides I’m older than you probably unless you are in your 50’s, but I don’t know why you would try and use such a silly reference anyway. You shouldn’t try and talk down to someone when you don’t know who you are talking down to.  You obviously work at some office with maybe some people reporting to you… I don’t know. I am certain my company made more in the last two weeks than you make personally in a year.  But it doesn’t matter RomperRoom as long as you feel good about yourself for calling me “kid”.

          • nerddd

          • Anonymous


          • SumKid

            KleenDroid, what was that about talking down to someone you don’t personaly know? 

          • Nex


        • Or, you buy a device based on what it was advertised to have. The Thunderbolt was advertised to have data connectivity and GPS, but considering my phone can never maintain 3G (let alone 4G) for over three minutes or lock onto a satellite, I’d say those claims haven’t been fulfilled. Let’s not forget about Skype…

          HTC owes you a device that works just as well as they say it should. This one sure as hell doesn’t for many, many people. And no amount of refurbished replacements will ever change that (thank you Verizon).

          • Anonymous

            If your phone is as bad as you say you should let someone look at it for you. The gps and navigation is flawless with the bolt. Same with 3 and 4g.  

            As far as Skype goes you can now use it flawlessly with Gingerbread. Many of  us that have been running Gingerbread for months have been using it with no issue. 

        • Marvinaire

          Im by no means an apple fa. But if HTC wants to compete with apple, wouldnt it make sense to make all of their phones fully featured just like apple does. Would we have to worry about fragmentation on an Apple device…i didnt think so. This is one of the reasons why most devices cannot compete with Apple’s overall. Im waiting for that day to come

          • Anonymous

            LOL, The Thunderbolt blows away the iphone.  The only ones that would not agree are those that are Iphone owners.  Actually just about any Android phone is better than Iphone….  You might be in the wrong forum.

      • Rick

        Hey chief we spent good money for a phone that has been plagued with problems since the release.  Random reboots, poor 4G performance that was only fixed after the second or third radio update.  You can keep your take it and like it attitude and shove it !  HTC promised this update people purchased the phone waiting for this update now the update does not fix video and voicemail notifier does not work.  We will bitch all we want when we see our money wasted and a company more concerned about there next phone release then the are with fixing there current one.

        • Anonymous

          I paid full price for my phone at Best Buy… So I also expect this phone to be great for all that money.

          I never had the random reboots nor problems with 4g (other than the first week or two when the network was having problems). Never had any problems with the radios that came later.

          I love this phone and have no problems with it. I also have a friend that left her Iphone to get this phone because she liked mine. She also has never had any of these issues with her phone. 

          I went with this phone for several reasons all of which were delivered. I like the fact that the phone can be fully unlocked for customizing. I’ve been running Gingerbread for about 3 months now on my Bolt with only one issue. (No voicemail notification until reboot) I’ve been using Skype flawlessly for some time. 

          You go to any manufacturer and you will have to wait for updates, it’s the way it is. The Droid 2 just got Gingerbread not long ago after a year, and the Charge is still waiting. And if you don’t want to wait you can easily install them yourself since it’s all available to anyone who wants it. If you don’t know how there are plenty of us that can help.

          I understand wanting your phone to function properly and for those people that “actually” have problems I get it. But those complaining about the version of Sense is silly.

          • GotSka81

            Once again, disagree.  I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone to want the newest version of the software installed on their phone via updates.  It’s clear that the newest versions of Sense can run on the Thunderbolt, so it’s not a limitation of the device…and “root your phone so you can install it” isn’t an acceptable answer.  While I’m 100% pro-root, the fact of the matter is that rooting voids your warranty, and you shouldn’t have to root (and thus void your warranty) to get the newest version of the software.  Not to mention not everyone is technologically savvy enough to be able to root their phone safely.  You make too many assumptions about the end user and your argument is purposely vague (ie “if you don’t want to wait you can easily install them yourself…”).

            Lets also not forget that the Thunderbolt was supposed to be part of HTCSense.com, and the feature was never added.  I think it’s safe to say that HTC has been dropping the ball lately, and while I’m not happy about it, I accept it.

        • Mr. English

          An expectation of a sustainable device is NOT unreasonable just because most people have become accustomed to the marketing strategy of Bigger, Better, Faster, New. They release these phones the way they do for the precise and calculated purpose of separated users from their money because there’s not much of a residual on an existing device. We get so caught up in wanting the best or at least better than what we have that we fail to realize the way things work are the way they’re made to work. Teasers. All of them. Leading us to the next big purchase. I’ve been playing around with Android since it came out and iOS for a couple of years and am fed up with both of them, but none so much as the plethora of fragmented Android devices. Humbug. Now, where’d I put my checkbook?

      • Greg G

        as far as video chat, skype works fine

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Ungrateful?  They pushed out a buggy build to make their promised September release timeframe… I’d rather have waited!  Any time now, they’ll probably suspend this update and promise another… those that already got the update will need a fix like they did when people got the FroYo update for the Evo too soon…

    • Uhhh no.  Its that HTC leaked ROM after ROM after ROM with Voicemail notification not working.  The final OTA push… guess what.  Still no voicemail notifications.   The point is they promised to have certain features as well… and those aren’t working.   

      Nothing that was promised was delivered and the stuff that was delivered isn’t working.   After delay delay delay… for what?  To work out bugs? Yeah right we have a largely unchanged build from the leaks dating back to March still containing painfully obvious bugs that were known about and never worked out.   

      You need to actually read what people are crying about and realize the reason they are doing.  They just got fed at big giant pile of hot garbage after they were told it was going to be veil.

      • Anonymous

        I started the post way back when it was a bunch of whiners about the timing of the update and that it didn’t come with Sense 3.0…  

        I certainly agree that the software should function properly. 

    • Anonymous

      I am grateful… But I need to know when I get voicemails! I don’t get notifications for that now!

      • Anonymous

        Yes that is irritating to say the least but at least they have a fix on the way soon.

        • Anonymous

          Where did you read about a fix??

    • Zepplinluvr2

      Lol….all I want is for my Damn phone to stop randomly sending the wrong text to the wrong person. This is a major problem. And I went to software update and guess what? No update! No ginger bread for me! Yayyy! (sarcasm)

      • Anonymous

        I hear ya. If my text went to the wrong person I would have a fit.

  • Dweber26

    How do i Google Talk with Video?

    •  You stick your finger in your bottom and swirl it around.

    • Anonymous

      Give Skype a try for now, it works well.

  • Joel

    My standard clock app is gone. Did HTC change where I access it from?

    • LionStone

      Hey yea, it is gone! I used the timer and stopwatch all the time…ohh well…

      • I notice that too! But I found it by just doing a search. Still I can’t drag it onto any homescreen. It’s still there just hidden.

  • Countryboy

    Detroit Mich. update 0815 this morning, maybe a little faster nothing else I can tell……..

  • kriven4437

    Google talk has the option to allow video calls but i dont see the video icon next to my name hmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to update to GB and if not impressed root the phone?

  • Anonymous

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  • Takaides

    Just tried video chatting from my gf’s thunderbolt to my Xoom via gchat. Kept getting “Network Error occurred” messages when using LTE. Switched over to wifi, and it mostly worked, but the video quality was shite from the tb.

  • FYI, Mine wasn’t updating until I plugged in the charger and then hit Check New

  • Scottflint27

    Google Talk and video are working

    • PSU_DI

      rear or FFC camera?  As far as I under Google talk is broken, since it can’t use the FFC..  It’s pretty pointless to only have the rear camera available in Google Talk.

  • miketb34

    Rooting my TB was the best decision I’ve made…any ROM out there right now is gonna be better than any OTA Verizon or HTC can ever put out

  • Wintrmte

    New dock screen is nice, but they took out the GB on/off animation, which was really cool IMO.. Other than that, gchat video is fubar.

    • breg

      how do you change the dock? 

  • Reycapetillo76

    Yea I got gb now but it seems like I don’t feel a difference. Waited this long for something half ass. But I guess whatever.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a software update… what were you expecting? Why is it half ass?  You used to have Froyo and now you have Gingerbread. There is a difference but it’s not like everything is different.

      If you don’t want it you can always go back to Froyo.

      • GotSka81

        y u so madZ?

        • Anonymous

          ?  I don’t know why he is so mad. I’m not sure what he expected that he didn’t get.  If you think I am mad I’m not sure how you get that from what I wrote. 

  • Magman117

    Am I missing something? I’m new to smartphones but the update looks just like the last version. What is all the excitement about? This is what everyone was waiting for? The apps button looks different big f—ing deal.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just Gingerbread…. You are not going to notice much… LOL

      People have been going crazy for nothing. 

      • GotSka81


        u mad bro?

        • Db

          You bad at trolling?


          • GotSka81

            Lol, yea…I don’t have much practice.  This guy is just driving me nuts with his moaning about people complaining.


  • Matt

    I see that people still haven’t learned (after all this time) that your location has precisely dick to do with receiving OS updates…   *sigh*

  • Tylerh2634

    My update was available but failed saying server unavailable I got to software update then status it says failed so I go to check new it says no new software. Anyone got any suggestions what I do to get it back please help?

    • rmmm

      same problem