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Gingerbread Update for the HTC Thunderbolt is Available Now!

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) update for the HTC Thunderbolt is now available for everyone to pull.  All you have to do is go into Settings>Software update and “Check new.”  Go get it everyone!

Full changelog here.

*Note – If you receive the OTA, please let us know if Google Talk with Video is working.  On the leak, it looks like it should work, but it cannot connect to actual video calls.

Cheers Chris, Raymar, and Owen!

  • Kkbuck

    Hi you guys seems pretty well versed in smart phones…I like my thunderbolt, not love, I love my family, I like my phone, but where the hell is the clock so I can set my alarm?!?! Since the most recent update, my clock has disappeared…please help! It’s a phone, its a modern functional apparatus, it should function for people that can’t wake up on time because their body clock has been fucked up by modern life, what’s the deal? We relinquish so much to our phones and they can’t even wake us up on time after an update. I’m probably just phone stupid, but phones should work for the phone stupid.

  • Codyharley04

    I still can’t update to gingerbread 🙁 anybody have any ideas how come

  • Guttatae22

     I just recieved mt certified like new replacemwnt and now I cant pull the gingerbread update on mythunderbolt anymore anyone with any suggestions

  • Ravenjaide3

    I have been checking everyday 4 the Gingerbread OS update 4 my Thunderbolt…. And everyday it say no update available. I know its available people I know already have it. Whats the deal? Do I need 2 do something else besides check up date 2get it? Help? Please?

    • Ken

      I read somewhere (sorry for lack of link) that they removed the OTA since people were reporting the VM notification bug. I’m just happy i got the OTA in time and that I have not suffered the bug.

  • Brian_0216

    I broke my last rooted tbolt and just got my replacement which is running gingerbread, (2.3.4) I’m itching to root but I’m curious as to whether or not ill be able to after the update… Any feedback?

  • Warlike1919

    well it seems that the htc  thunderbolt gingerbread support page is back up on verizon again

  • Alec Gross

    hey so i updated my phone from a RUU a little while ago and wanted to update to this specific version from verizon. however when i go to check for a new update, it says that no updates are available. any help? 

  • Candyman34896

    Definitely not going to bother with this update if there’s this much bickering about it.

  • Marquis

    hooww do you root from this i just upgraded to 2.3.4 and i cant figure out how to root

  • Mrbrooks418

    i just noticed I now have 2 messages icons in my apps…………  and they both do the same thing.wtf?

    • Mrbrooks418

      (all apps page) not my apps on the market.

  • Anonymous

    My download failed and now it won’t let me pull the update again… Anyone know how to resolve this?

    • Loudellorto

      I have the same issue…

  • David

    I go to pull the update from settings / software update and am offered 1.70.605.0 (73 mb) from July (never downloaded it). Do i have to download 1.70.605.0 to get Gingerbread update 2.11.605.3? I am not rooted.

    • David

      Nevermind, I should have read through comments first. It looks like update was pulled back. Is this correct?

  • m.d.

    for some reason my videos will not play after the update. I hear audio but video is frozen. anyone else having this issue. this update blows. front camera for skype now works but so many the things now do not.

  • Pat S Madl

    The Gingerbread Update has made my Amazon Free Apps of the Day unusable.  It says I don’t own them, and then if I try to update the app, it won’t work.  I am running Launcher Pro…  anyone else having this problem?

  • Tjcard03

    I miss my Droid x. At least they changed somethings in their gingerbread update….

  • Anonymous

    and I bet it took even longer because verizon had to add there stupid crappy looking logo in the app drawer….. wonder how long it took them to work that in. Oh boy a bloatware tab……. lmao

  • cory

    II’m very annoyed that when I check for updates nothing shows up all these sites you you can pull the update. Then why won’t it work for me?

  • Mule0331

    I would definitely have to agree with KleenDroid. Although I find this site VERY informative, there are also a huge group of whiners in the android community, not just this site. Yeah, Google video would have been nice, but Skype works flawlessly, so how is it that people still cant video chat? I see people bitching that the newest Sense isnt out yet. Really? It will be released when it’s ready. Just because it exists, doesnt mean you have the “right” to it. Maybe it’s not released because its not ready yet. Heaven forbid they did release it, and there was a flaw, then everybody would be groaning that it doesnt work. All these custom ROM’s everybody is raving about still have their own flaws here and there. I have friends with TBolts that have rooted them and run custom ROMs, and I really dont see a lot of difference. I think my stock bolt, especially now since the update, runs just as good as theirs do. I toyed around with rooting when I had my DX, and realized at that point that I saw no real advantage to it, well at least for me personally. I actually got sick of going back to stock when an update was released. I’m not pointing a finger at anybody in particular, but christ people stop bitching. Bottom line people, you will get things when they are ready, and if you dont feel like waiting, there are plenty of people out there that you can get it from.

  • After my GB update I have a bug already, I am not getting voicemail notifications in the top bar. Anyone else out there with the same problem ? Anyone have a quick fix ?

    • Jester4281

      Seriously, you found the area to post the comment but not to read all the post regarding this very issue?

    • Yevgeniy_2003

      The same no notification for voice mail..you not alone..

  • Speedygw

    My phone won’t go into car mode at all or go into landscape unless its open to an app or something other than a homepage.

    • Jimbo913

      Mine won’t either.  I noticed that if the car is off or the charger isn’t plugged it, it will go to  car mode.  However, it will never go to landscape mode on the home screens.  Given that my biggest excitement for the upgrade isn’t working (Gtalk video), this is by far the biggest problem for me and really not worth the trade off. 

  • Teambamf has fixed the voicemail notification issue with the thunderbolt gingerbread.  

    They have step by step instructions how to root and install custom roms.  They made it super easy, even for an idiot like me.   They release fixes and patches all the time that are also simple to install and they are very very helpful with any questions you have.  Blows crappy HTC and verizon support out of the water.  

  • Anonymous

    im having a issue where stuff at the top in the notification area is getting stuck.  like the when the time changes, the number before is still there. IE.. it was 6:31 pm then when it was 6:32 pm the 2 was over the 1 still. and it keeps adding on top of it as the time changes. also if you drop the notifaction down the date comes up in the top left.when you close out it doesnt go away. i have to go onto some thing i can change the screen to landscape mode and then it goes away.
    is any one else having this?

  • MattyDoubleFist

    I know I’m going to catch hell for this but what happens if you
    accidentally hit the reject tab and it won’t let you do the ota anymore?

  • Kleendroidisadouche1

    [email protected]:disqus your name is great

  • M.D.

    No front camera with Gtalk video.  Any suggestions… thanks.

  • Billy Thompson

    Glad I waited to sell mine –  should bring more $ now.

  • wtghtc

    Awesome, it works faster now but voicemail is busted, and for some reason my custom ringtones are all borked. If I get a call from person A, it uses the default ringtone instead of what is assigned to them; if my next call is from person B, they have person A’s ringtone. IDIOTIC.

  • Anonymous

    I tried reading through the comments but got tired of reading all the bickering bullshit…  Anyway mine updated fine and seems to be working AOK

  • Carlos Ivanvazquez

    Please my people there’s no need to be unpatient but everything come’s in do time, and does good thing’s come to does who wait, i love my android better than i eat an apple don’t get me wrong they are very useful, and great devices, but i can’t compare my thunderbolt phone with an iphone is just never gonna happen , but hey! Who know’s i wrote steve an email and ask if he ever was gonna put flash player in the apple device’s , i’m waiting for his answear , i let ya know. That defently would take apple to a diffrent type of level, bye,bye my people’s.god bless ya!!

    • Anonymous

      I went from thunderbolt to iPhone 4 and don’t miss flash at all.. Flash is over- rated.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not about flash… it’s about everything else you lost. But if you enjoy your new phone that’s all that matters in the end.

        • Anonymous

          Honestly I only miss widgets and google maps voice navigation. I plan on getting prime though. Apple runs smoother , does a better job of multi tasking and have better apps not as many free apps but they are better. I’m going back to droid because their being more innovate imop.

  • The update was pulled because the supporting documentation has been reverted to the old version.

    Software Update: http://support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/thunderbolt.pdf
    Update Instructions: http://support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/thunderbolt_instructions.pdf

    I’m going with [email protected]:disqus reported and look forward to the new build before the end of the weekend.