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Verizon is Not a Fan of Apple’s Proposed Ban on Samsung Products in the U.S.


Add Verizon to the good guy side of this Apple vs. Samsung global mobile battle.  In a court filing dated September 23, Big Red expressed its concerns in court over the idea that Samsung’s products could be banned from the U.S.  In fact, their filing specifically said that “the requested injunction of certain Samsung products will harm Verizon Wireless and U.S. consumers” and that it “also has the possibility of slowing the deployment of next-generation networks — such as Verizon Wireless’s — contrary to the stated goals of the U.S. government.”

All I can say to that is, “Amen. Brother.”  While I’m no lawyer, I would assume that with companies as big as Verizon standing up to the ridiculous war that Apple has waged against other phone manufacturers, that this can do nothing but help the situation for Android.  And this is me shaking my head again at Apple.

Via:  FOSS Patents, Reuters

Cheers Gotska81!

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  • Djstar2k2

    The sad part is Carriers will not disallow the sales of Apple’s phones, simply because they’re such a cash cow. At most, Apple will get a slap on the hand.I mean, they are currently in 28 lawsuit battles with one of their biggest component providers. But Samsung won’t stop supplying them, even after all of this because Samsung needs their business. Apple’s practices are full of double standards, and nobody can really do anything about it because they have the money to do what they want and a gold mine of a product that people will buy, no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me sort of hate Apple.

    But the truth is that regardless of their current status they’re (yet again) trying to be a hardware company. Windows beat them with software propagation in the 90s.  Google will do the same.

    It really says something that Apple could come back from the ropes the first time; it surprises me to see them making the same mistakes again.  But, unlike Google, they don’t have a printing press spitting out million dollar bills in the basement so I guess they don’t have much choice. It makes their attack against Samsung (and others) seem petty, they know they’re losing so I guess they’ve got to attack something.

  • who is? Blocking competition should be illegal!!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the charge Apple was using false evidence in their case in Germany against Samsung?  Things like using the wrong ratio on the Galaxy 10.1 tab?

  • Anonymous

    Why would they be?  A ban would see a reduced number of 4G LTE devices for Verizon to sell.  This has everything to do with profit margins and nothing to do with how they feel about Apple vs. Samsung. 

  • DJstinkDIK

    whats up with the retarded amount of t-mobile adds on yalls site. its bogging my work’s dinosaur computer down.

  • Anonymous

    if verizon didnt sell any samsung products they wouldnt give 2 sh*ts about this lawsuit..they’re only looking out for THEIR interest (which is money) big red is just as evil as any other big corp..lets not act like they’re saints cuz they suit YOUR interests..one thing i do give big red credit for is that at least they have the huevos to step up to apple unlike that yellowed bellied company named at&t who does what apple says…just my opinion

  • Crash222

    If Apple gets this passed I think every carrier that sells Samsung devices should stop selling Apple devices until the injunction is lifted. Maybe then Apple would realize they cannot force their will (or products) on people by using lame lawsuits.

    • Anonymous

      with the domination of the ipad 2 in the tablet market  and the success of the iphone i highly doubt any  carrier would do this..money talks

      • Crash222

        Yes but there a many more Samsung devices than Apple devices. I would think they would lose more money be not being able to sell Samsung devices than Apple devices. At any rate the consumers should refuse to buy any Apple products (computers, laptops and I pods as well) if this gets passed. The only thing is that the people that are going to buy an Apple product most likely don’t care about this and will continue to buy them anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not an Apple hater, just finished running on the treadmill with my itouch, but wouldn’t doing business with them kind of void speaking out about their suing policies? 

    Verizon should speak out by taking iphones out of their stores until the Apple stops using scare tactics to prevent device competition. 

    In the end, it’s us consumers who are really hurt by Apple’s poor business practices.

    • BroRob

      “Verizon should speak out by taking iphones out of their stores until Apple stops using scare tactics to prevent device competition.”

      THIS x2!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • J Dub

    I stand by my previous comment of VZW has a very important Samsung phone getting ready to launch.

  • Anonymous

    Phandroid just posted a report too that Apple’s 4+ year quest to trademark “multitouch” was denied by the US Patent Office.  Looks like Apple picked the wrong horse when they decided to go the “innovation through litigation” route.  Looks like the tables are turning in court.

  • Rip32city34

    Good for Verizon to make a stand on this. Isn’t this a really dumb move for Apple. How would any carrier go along with this and not try to fight it. Think about how many Samsung devices are on VZW, or sprint, or ATT. Those pockets are going to start hurting if there are no more Samsung devices being sold. To me this could only hurt apple in the eyes of the other companies…wow do I hate Apple

  • RL7189

    People here don’t make sense I’ve been following foss muller for a while now when muller talks about oracle vs. Google about google infringing on oracle nobody ever believes there was infringement. There is more got to do with Verizon with samsung and google please read more about muller post.

  • Robert White

    What’s really a laugh is that FOSS blogger in his comments. He is completely in Apples corner even though he attempts to sound impartial. He need to hang out at appleinsider & write for them.

  • Booboolala2000

    Good on VZW. It’s not like Apple would pull their garbage from the shelves.

  • Trisjen Harris

    Verizon even tho you are expensive as heck, I have to say kudos to you for this one!! Stand up like a MAN!!! You know who your breadwinner is.(Samsung & Android) Apple can suck rocks.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time in a long while that I can say I am proud of Verizon Wireless =D!

  • Trisjen Harris

    Verizon knows what’s best for them. Do you know how much money they make off Android phones alone, not to mention that Samsung will produce some monster Windows 8 phones!!! They see as a company apple has crossed the line and needs to quit.

    This is funny because verizon has the iphone and it isn’t even on the latest iOS upgrade, ain’t that messed up!! Verizon will not bite the hand that feeds them!! Excellent move and I expect other companies to follow suit. 

  • Scott Willenborg

    If Apple ever tries to change thier name to SkyNet I am moving to another planet.

    • Anonymous

      SkyNet is one of my favorite themes on the DX lol.  

  • Anonymous

    Kill all software patents!

  • Anonymous

    Companies look out for these own best interests, news at 6.

  • letsmotor

    all these companies are greedy – apple, vzw, etc. – but apple adds in evil, the big bully in the schoolyard – and none of the companies are friends of their customers.

  • billybob

    now apple is trying to stop me from getting my Samsung Galaxy/Prime or WTF EVA its called Nexus. You MFers want a war? I been waiting for this Phone for far to long. ! 

    • Slowss

      i second this!!! i want the Prime or what ever they are calling it.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Big Red! I’m rootin’ for you! 🙂

    Apple is a ridiculous company. They sue everyone, and will throw anyone under the bus. This phone has a screen on it… quick, sue ’em now!

    We all know it’s because Steve Jobs is a weirdo. Didn’t he call Google up and make them change the yellow color in the Google logo on one of the apps because it wasn’t the right shade of yellow? Haha.

    • Trisjen Harris

      Yes he did, obsessed much!! Weirdo is a good name for him.

  • Wow for once Verizon does something we can agree with.

  • I’m Kick-Ass!

    Remember when Apple rallied against Big Brother?

    Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • TheAndroid1

    It’s not about morality, it’s about what’s in Verizon’s interest.

    I don’t think it’s about the deployment of the 4g LTE network.

    The problem is that sprint is getting the iPhone.  So far there have only been two high-cost carriers for the iPhone.  Once you get a low cost carrier, it could have an extremely significant effect on Verizon’s customers. If the only main difference between the phones is the carrier, and the price of one carrier is significantly less, there is a large amount of people who I think would switch.

    Verizon now needs to push it’s android devices to differentiate themselves.  If they can make apple look bad and android look good, and Verizon has the best android devices, they may get to keep some more of their customers.

    Verizon cares about money, it couldn’t care less what Apple and Samsung do as long as it won’t hurt them.

  • Taylor Hunt

    Yeah, once in awhile I find myself thinking passively about purchasing something from apple (although never an iphone,) and then they pull something like this and I am just grateful I don’t support a company like that.

    • TheAndroid1

      Samsung’s phones and their modifications of the OS have looked like Apple knockoffs from the beginning.

      When you saw Touchwiz, you thought iOS.

      Maybe you shouldn’t buy Samsung products, making knockoffs and selling them is unethical too.

      • Jason Purp

        Sounds like a fanboy to me.

        When I saw TouchWiz, I actually didn’t think of iOS. You know why? Because horizontal scrolling with some square icons is not something that Apple invented. They just act like it is.

        And the physical home button in the middle of the phone? Give me a break. Honestly.

        Apple has no right to sue anybody. They’re just butthurt because they’re not on top anymore. It’s pathetic.

        • Anonymous

          Exaaaaaactly! You, my friend know what you are talking about. Apple does not own anything. These things have been around for years.

        • TheAndroid1


          “They’re just butthurt because they’re not on top anymore” – They still make the most amount of money and have the most popular phone.

          Forgive me if I would like some innovation in phones.

          • Jason Purp

            They make the most amount of money not because they sell so many iPhones, but because the iPhone plus everything else they sell is overpriced.

            And innovation? You’re defending Apple and you say you want innovation? Hardware-wise, they have been the worst with innovation, and hardware is more important than a design or a UI. Samsung beats them in the mouth with a sledgehammer when it comes to innovation, as does almost every other Android OEM compared to Apple.

          • Trisjen Harris

            I agree, apple is always a day late and dollar short. But that’s what sheep like!

          • LionStone

            “beats them in the mouth with a sledgehammer when it comes to innovation”…lol! Now that’s the way to start the week! hilarious…please, continue.

          • Jason Purp

            If you’re being sarcastic, which I’m assuming you are, I don’t understand how you can disagree. When it comes to hardware (which is what I’ve been talking about in terms of innovation), Samsung would appear as the winner when put up against Apple.

          • Mr.joe

            “and hardware is more important than a design or a UI. ”

            REALLY?  Have you even had a Windows Phone pre WP7?  Those phones had top tier hardware at the time but the UI/OS was pure crap.  So much crap that the hardware didn’t even matter.  Phones with 1GHz CPUs still had lagging issues and what not.

            The UI, OS, and hardware all need to work together.  Neither one is more important over the other and should be treated equally.  

            As for Apple being “behind the times” with hardware I beg to differ.  The iPhone 4 came out and spec wise was the same as the other phones.  512MB of RAM, 1GHz CPU, some crazy screen, and what not.  It’s outdated by todays standard cause it’s a one year phone.  When the iPhone 5 comes it will be on par hardware wise with a top tier android phone.

            I hate apple with all my heart and am glad Steve Jobs is as sick as he is.  Bastard frankly deserves it.  But I don’t go around spewing falsified information just to make Android look good.

          • Jason Purp

            Um, ‘scooz me, friend. BUT, to me, “innovation” means moving ahead of the game with every major device, or at least close to it. Since Apple only releases a new phone every year, EVERY phone of theirs is major. Let’s look at the iPhone line from the iPhone to the iPhone 3GS. Were there any major advances? Sure, maybe some radio improvements and they made the screen brighter, but overall? NOPE. The iPhone 4 was finally a little bit of a different phone, but again, like you even said, it was the same as every Android phone already around. However, Samsung releases new phones that push the envelope, and don’t always decide to just go with what’s popular.

            And about the UI/software effecting the hardware, I was thinking about the iPhone vs. Android situation, in which it DOESN’T effect it more times than it does. I barely know anything about WP7 to speak about it.

          • David Hayden

            I think the point about innovation is that the Galaxy looks similar to the iPhone. There is no denying the similarities between the two phone, and it would be nice if Samsung went out and did something completely different.

          • Jason Purp

            I agree, I really do. BUT, Apple still has no right to sue Samsung because of it. Apple doesn’t own the rights to a rectangular phone with a home button in the middle, nor do they own the right to a software UI that features horizontal app scrolling with square icons.

            That’s like Toyota suing Subaru because Subaru makes cars with wheels and a roof.

          • Seriously?

            Your right. Only Apple should design smartphones and only Toyota should make cars. I mean, why does everyone one copy Toyota. No one should be allowed to put four tires on a car but Toyota.

          • TheAndroid1

            Go defend motorola who is trying to sue for patents on mobile email.

        • TheAndroid1
        • Ambition4Love

          I tottally agree. Not only are they not on top anymore. It takes them forever to install software that the androids already have….for example: They’re phones are still 3G while androids are 4G right now….etc

      • Anonymous

        Regardless of Samsung’s questionable touchwiz and history of copying, Apple should not have the right to copyright basic UI design, it’s absurd.  In addition, some Samsung products that Apple would have banned, like the Nexus S and Galaxy Tab, look nothing like Apple’s crappy products.  Sorry Apple, you don’t have a patent on a thin black square.

        • TheAndroid1

          I agree that some of Apples patents (especially on tablets) are absurd. However, didn’t Samsung just sue apple for a part of 3g technology (I might be wrong).

          • Smillz2003

            For a 3G technology they currently aren’t licensing from Samsung, which could be because Sammy is asking for way more than what a FRAND license would be… in short. Or maybe they were hoping nobody would notice… who knows

          • Anonymous

            If I were samsung, I wouldn’t take FRAND into consideration while making any decision regarding crapple as they threw them out the door with the “design patents.” I mean come on seriously, the common standard for which a tablet is defined is a rectangular flat screen. If Samsung needs to throw out FRAND to get back at apple, that sounds fair to me. FRAND is just courtesy anyways, its not enforced by any sort of governement agency. And its not like Apple was trying to come to terms with their patents with Samsung, they were trying to ban and wipe them out. Do unto others right? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? To me it just seems like Steve Jobs & Apple needed better parenting. To hell with apple… I hope it meets steve jobs there.

      • Samsung copied Apple from the beginning?  What about the F700 that came out a few months before the first iphone?  To me it looks like Samsung was following their own UI that came out before the iphone came out.

  • babadush

    I have to wonder. At what point do companies start to stop helping apple. Would verizon really be that hard off with out the iphone? They survived before. Just curious.

  • Anonymous

    nom nom nom

  • Anonymous

    Lets be honest,
    What DOESN’T have us shaking our heads at Apple?

    • Jwenograd618

      Amen to that

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

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