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HTC Says the Gingerbread Update for the Thunderbolt is Still Coming This Month

With just 4 days left in the month of September, HTC’s Twitter account assures us that the Gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt is still on the way.  After seeing a couple of RUUs leak for the device over the past few days with just slightly different build numbers, it at least appears on paper that we are close. Verizon has a reputation for being extremely thorough in their reviews of these builds though, so I can’t help but remain a little skeptical at this point.  Glad to see they have faith.

Cheers @kriegs!

  • Catalina

    II just downloaded the update on my tbolt.. so its out as of today! Yay!

  • Telephoneteck

    Screw this, I am done with HTC! I am not sure if I will go with samsung or moto but I am done with HTC & their Thunderbroke!

  • Anonymous

    what a joke lol

  • Telephoneteck

    I can’t wait for the new gb update to get rooted and roms start rolling out.

  • Nichol Gants

    First Motorola screwed me over on the Froyo update, now HTC…Now Im going for the samsung galaxy SII or prime. I dont have time for this crap

  • Scott Nezos

    Once again, scrap Gingerbread, and start working on ICS for the Thunderbolt.

  • Tzoller

    Gingerbread is how old and now its ‘coming out’…DUH!!!

  • I wish they would be more thorough before releasing a phone that has yet to match it’s specs. Why is it that Tech companies can keep printing spectacular specs, not meet them, and the consumer has no recourse. Something needs to change and soon

  • Tzoller

    Where’s the Gingerbread update for the HTC Droid Incredible??? Over a month ago announcement and nothing has appeared on phones in my area (Western NC)

  • Benfsmithjr96

    what about the droid incredible.  Have they just abandoned that phone.  That is absoutely sorry support

  • Tzappa

    All I know is if I don’t get free USB tethering back then I’ll be going with another rom.

  • Anonymous

    ,.. awesomee ..
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  • babadush

    This is why people root and rom. We don’t have to wait for the oem to push updates. Been on gingerbread since I bought it

  • Meanwhile I’ve had gingerbread and sense 3.0 on my thunderbolt for months now.

    Note to OEMs and providers… stop sucking so badly at updates.

  • Loved the 4G speed.  Hated the bugs.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m burned out on upgrading phones. I’m settled on BAMF forever 1.06 and its smooth, no issues and no bugs so far. running it for a week.

  • Anonymous

    ………..I just got a $827.89 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use http://alturl.com/4ya9u

  • I’m getting rid of my Tbolt for the iPhone 5

    • mscottie

      Good luck with that….

    • babadush

      Talk about a downgrade

  • scannerman

    I’ve had gingerbread with Cyanogenmod since june.  that was the best decision i made.  Even better than buying the thunderbolt…

  • Anonymous

    theres a whole lot of chain pulling going on……….
    HEY Verizon, theres only  4 days left. They cant even get there website right. its said that the HTC Incredible has been updated on 08/15/2011. its almost October and the Incredible has still not seen it. Its also says that the Droid X and Droid 3 were last updated 10/16/2011. THAT’S NEXT MONTH.  But yet the droid X has already seen the Update. Really?
    I doubt we’ll see the update with in the next 4 days. unless its like the Incredible timing so that means they Post on the site it has been updated, the roll it out in january……..Just sayin

  • kevinnn

    still havent gotten it for my incredible?! anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    I never really cared for the TB when it was announced…like many others I jumped on it to get grandfathered into unlimited 4G..it runs like a beast with CM7 or BAMF forever but still…big reds first LTE device should’ve shipped with sense 3.0 and gingerbread to begin with…Smh

  • Who even cares now?  Why don’t they just jump the Thunderbolt peeps straight to ‘Ice Cream or Jelly Bean’?  Gingerbread is already old news and just about out-dated, especially when us TB users are the last or one of the very last to get it?  Just doesn’t make any difference now, I’m sure Verizon has already lost a lot of Trust in the TB community.  Soon, no one will ever want their Exclusive Verizonwireless devices because when it comes to upgrading, we become non-existing to Verizon.  It’s like Take Our Money and run and they will see(upgrade) us when they want to…..

  • Anonymous

    Yea right, no way we will see it before months end. BS

  • Bob Jenkins

    They are probably waiting until September 30 at 11 pm to release the update. That’s why i rooted and has had gingerbread all summer

  • Mike Johnson

    what a joke. who hasn’t already gotten rid of their tbolt?

    • Anonymous

      For what reason? A software update?  LOL… 

      My Bolt is the best phone I’ve owned comparing it to a D1 D2 DX… 

      I will get the new Vigor when it comes out however because of specs….

    • I love mine, only reason to swap it would be for the new nexus 

    • LionStone

      Why? Mine is still rockin Froyo and its still quick as a thunderbolt! 🙂
      Killer screen- taken well over 1000 pics, camera is fast! and built in editor rocks!
      Durable- several drops onto hardwood floor, on edge, on face…no screen or protectors and no damage
      Great speaker and sound/call quality- I travel all over the country and talk with the family from many different areas, always get through and sound is great.
      Wifi- uses minimal battery, use it primarily on the plane for hours and hardly drops that much, streaming Pandora, sending emails, etc.
      Hotspot- can tether in 1X, 3G, 4G and can always take calls and reports say it uses less battery than Bionic.
      GPS- did get broke w/ one of the first updates but was fixed easily by GPS Status. I send my fix all the time to friends /family.
      Battery- I’ve noticed that the original 1400mAh lasts just as long as the Seido 1600… So like many have stated already, your usage will vary. I’m confident the 1620 in the Vigor will be plenty for me anyway. And like many of you, I have high demands from my device. The TB has not let me down…its too easy to pop in another battery if necessary but most times don’t need to.
      Heat issue- I work outdoors at times and sometimes in extreme heat 100°+, again it has never stopped working or let me down.

      When the TB came out, I jumped on it and have been enjoying 4G speeds for over 6 mos, yea I feel it should have launched with GB but really, that’s such a minor issue. I’d rather have fast speeds and if my software was all jacked up then it would matter.

      Even though I’m satisfied with my TB, (I know many of you got lemons, sorry) I just may jump on the Vigor…have to wait and see and actually test it myself.

    • I love mine… but only because of the rom I have. Battery life solved, sense 3.0 w/ gingerbread, lot faster, wifi tether etc.

      But your point remains… we should NEED to install a custom rom

      • Anonymous

        that does not count. It has to come nice out of the box like the bionic did 🙂

  • Jgrc869

    Quit your bitch’n, ya’ll sound like a bunch of vaginas.
    If you can do better build it yourself…

  • Cadtagnino

    After all this time I bet when its released it will still have sense 2.1. There is no reason I should not have sense 3.0

  • Oh, the Thunderbolt woes.  To think back to April when I was giddy at the prospect of a new, kick-ass LTE phone….how great that day was when FedEx arrived!

    Fast-forward to 26 Sept 2011:

    1) Still no gingerbread (overcame with root and CM7, but still….come on meow HTC/VZW!)
    2) GPS way broken (not for everyone and CM7 helped, but still…not rocket science, HTC!)
    3) Battery life was/is miserable (stock, ROM’d and kernel’d all over and even had the handset replaced – still shameful)
    4) Dust in and scratches on the Front facing camera?   Weak sauce HTC
    5) Non-gorilla glass….would it have been that hard? (no pun intended, I promise)
    6) Thanks for the kickstand, but do you think you could have made that coating a bit harder than it is?  More “reading philosophy in Chinese” than “poking holes in toilet paper”?
    7) While we’re on the kickstand…did no HTC engineer think that we’d like to charge the thing while using the kickstand?   How in the flock did that get past HTC quality control???
    8) My goodness the heat – this sucker cooks.  Screen tech, processor, not sure, but damn – I can’t play 10 minutes of Angry Birds (I really should stop….) without it becoming a highly effective hand warmer.

    As soon as the Prime is out….I’m jumping ship and leaving HTC to sulk in the corner to consider why I’m getting along with a new friend called “Samsung”. 

    • Tboltuser

      -Same as you, fixed gbread issues with root and rom…battery life is better now also…gps not a problem either.
      -no problem here with the FFC
      -Thunderbolt does have Gorilla Glass. 
      -I do agree with you on the kickstandcharge port placement. 

      • Anonymous

        they claim it is gorrilla glass, but i call BULL on that one. this is my fourth replacement, and every single one has gotten small nicks/scratches on the screen. i treated my fascinate much worse and never had a single problem with the glass

      • Anonymous

        It’s not gorilla glass.

        • Tboltuser

          You’re right…it’s not gorilla glass:


          • Anonymous

            That’s crazy! thanks for the link. Mine scratched really easily though even though I only dropped it a couple times. The X and D1 I had, I dropped them more and they never scratched.

    • Anonymous

      For the kickstand charging, just flip the phone around and use the flat side of the kickstand on the table surface. It’s strong enough to hold up the pig of a phone. I rarely stand it up landscape though. Always portrait. But yeah, got the Bionic and that is the ONLY thing I miss about the Bolt, the kickstand.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      I like your list… but I have an answer to #7….

      How is Verizon going to force you to buy a dock if the kickstand allowed charging while using it in that orientation?

    • it is gorilla glass

    • Marlena Cahill

      I’m going w/ Prime too. Very excited and anxious! 

  • Jrosas800

    just rooted last, night glad i did

  • miketb34

    I stopped waiting for HTC and Gingerbread a long time ago….GB ROM Skyraider Zeus TEAM BAMF FTW

  • Nick

    As soon as a currently spec’ed slider comes out on Verizon, my Thunderbolt is going on eBay.

    • Ackman

      Not from HTC, of course. Here’s hoping for  a Droid 3+ or a Galaxy S 2 slider!

      • Otis

        Hopefully with at most a 4 inch screen. I care more about the other dimensions than thinness.

      • Anonymous

        Stratosphere, close enough? Or still too weak?

    • Ackman

      Not from HTC, of course. Here’s hoping for  a Droid 3+ or a Galaxy S 2 slider!

  • well i would def not hold your breath on that.. the incredible update has stalled and no one is saying anything.. 
    Not to mention all the problems they are having with it .. 
    I didnt get mine yet .. but i dont even think i want it .. unless its fixed.. 

  • Bxrider117

    The Gingerbread update will be coming soon because a new phone, and HTC Vigor will be rolling out soon. Vzw always puts out updates just when the drop the replacement phone.

  • Jeda

    Anyone know if any of the Gingerbread leaks enable Bluetooth 3.0 support? Thanks.

    • Tim

      I’d like to know this as well.

    • Gullible

      Been waiting for Bluetooth 3.0+HS too. I guess I got suckered into believing a company would actually provide features after I bought it.

  • Anonymous

    It’ll come out the same day as the Vigor/Rezound, ha.

  • Anonymous

    Element Eighty wrote a song for you HTC


  • Everyone knows it’ll come out on September 31st 😛

  • Anonymous

    Why exactly does Asus not have a high end 4G phone on Verizon? Shit, they beat motorola’s 3G Xoom updates with the Transformer… 

  • Root + Cyanogen = no need for VZW and HTCs crappy updates

    • Yeah but the official release should allow for a more stable Gingerbread CM7 build… I still wasn’t satisfied with it. But I guess I might be picky since it worked flawlessly for my OG.

    • Daniels

      What is the best Rom + radio to = best battery life?

    • i tried to root my DINC using revoked.. didnt work.. ??? now what do i do?

  • Irtechneo

    Yeah right HTC . Gave up months ago waiting for gingerbread so I rooted and installed BAMF with sense 3.0. Best decision I made. Even with gingerbread they still won’t release new sense for it even though the developers proved it could be done. OTA’s are old news. Just root and enjoy all the latest releases.

  • Lord_20_bucks

    I called everyone and HTC said it was Verizon. Verizon said it was HTC love it when no one can take responsibility for dragging ass.

    • droidlifefan

      these are generally at the pushing of verizon, although it could be delayed by HTC

      google updates the OS, then the manufacturer may add/tweak, then the carrier may generally just delete/cripple features that either google or HTC added (or add more pay features, like cityID)

  • Guttatae22

    the next next generation phone huh smh what a joke HTC Vigor is in my hands as soon as in drops

  • They have been saying that it will come for a long time and missed the deadline at least 3 times…Ill believe it when I see it. 

  • Sm1tty300

    I stopped trying to be faithful.  It has been way to long and still no go.  Going to try and get a new phone today.

    • Anonymous

      You people have got to be kidding… LOL  A little software upgrade has so many people in a tizzy it’s ridiculous.  I bet whatever phone you buy will seem no different and you will wonder when the next update is coming…..  Buying a new phone for specs is one thing, but because of an update not being out a month sooner is a joke.

      You people do also realize you could have installed Gingerbread yourself months ago. 

      I bet Verizon loves the goofs that buy phones just for incremental software upgrades…. LOL 

    • I completely understand…Its gets to a point where you think “Umm why am I being faithful to a company that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t give a damn about me!” 

  • Murphy

    Yet they are still plagued with bugs upon release.

  • Anonymous

    They haven’t even finished the rollout for Gingerbread for the Incredible yet.  Been a month, and a lot of people still don’t have it.  Who knows how long it will take to get the Thunderbolt rollout finished once it starts.

    • Pnine23

      I still haven’t gotten gingerbread for my incredible yet. It’s pretty ridiculous!!!

    • Merlin

      I hear you Jason – I’m still waiting for Gingerbread on my Dinc. I know it started early September but when will the rollout be complete? October . . .November, or beyond?

    • Murphy

      The rollout was halted. I had a friend who received the update and it crippled his phone. Amazingly, they replaced it with a Dinc 2.

      • Anonymous

        Really?  I never saw an official word that it was halted.  Some people have reported issues, while others are fine.