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Samsung Announces New Unpacked Event for October 11 at CTIA

Samsung just announced their October 11 “Unpacked” event for CTIA, which has us wondering what could be in store.  They already announced the Samsung Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA just a month ago, so what could be next?  Well, let’s think about the timing.  We know that Ice Cream Sandwich is due some time in October.  We know that there are rumors of the new Nexus device, possibly the Galaxy Nexus, that could be out by the end of October or early November.  Or maybe they will announce this other Verizon Sammie device that everyone wants to refer to as the DROID Prime, which they think will just be a SGS2 variant?  A lot of questions that we will see answered next month in person.

Thoughts? Would you rather have the Galaxy Nexus or a Verizon SGS2 variant? (That a dumb question?)

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  • Jh D Leon

    I want a nexus lte from samsung and hopefully with a sd card slot

  • Anonymous

    That’s a fair question. I’d actually have to compare the final specs of the two if they released them both. I’d rather have the Exynos processor over the TI OMAP. But ATM Exynos means no LTE which sucks. I also prefer Super AMOLED Plus (RGB) over PenTile, even if it is higher resolution. And Samsung’s included software and TouchWiz could be nice (although I’d like the option to switch it off).

  • Anonymous

    If it was the Galaxy Nexus, wouldn’t it be done by Google?

    I’m thinking something new…

    Samsung Galaxy S II LTE? (that could have been what Verizon was waiting for)
    Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Plus? (showed up in Korea, similar to SGSII LTE, but packing a 4.7 inch display, 1280×720 display)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2?

    what about the Samsung LTE device with keyboard that is roaming around in the works?

    Samsung Galaxy S III? possibly?

    wait a sec.  October 11? or November 11?

    I swore, I read November 11 somewhere. :/