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Samsung Announces New Unpacked Event for October 11 at CTIA

Samsung just announced their October 11 “Unpacked” event for CTIA, which has us wondering what could be in store.  They already announced the Samsung Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA just a month ago, so what could be next?  Well, let’s think about the timing.  We know that Ice Cream Sandwich is due some time in October.  We know that there are rumors of the new Nexus device, possibly the Galaxy Nexus, that could be out by the end of October or early November.  Or maybe they will announce this other Verizon Sammie device that everyone wants to refer to as the DROID Prime, which they think will just be a SGS2 variant?  A lot of questions that we will see answered next month in person.

Thoughts? Would you rather have the Galaxy Nexus or a Verizon SGS2 variant? (That a dumb question?)

  • I love Samsung products! Can anyone find me a Samsung wife/girlfriend? Wish it was possible 🙁 

  • Jh D Leon

    I want a nexus lte from samsung and hopefully with a sd card slot

  • Anonymous

    That’s a fair question. I’d actually have to compare the final specs of the two if they released them both. I’d rather have the Exynos processor over the TI OMAP. But ATM Exynos means no LTE which sucks. I also prefer Super AMOLED Plus (RGB) over PenTile, even if it is higher resolution. And Samsung’s included software and TouchWiz could be nice (although I’d like the option to switch it off).

  • Anonymous

    If it was the Galaxy Nexus, wouldn’t it be done by Google?

    I’m thinking something new…

    Samsung Galaxy S II LTE? (that could have been what Verizon was waiting for)
    Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Plus? (showed up in Korea, similar to SGSII LTE, but packing a 4.7 inch display, 1280×720 display)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2?

    what about the Samsung LTE device with keyboard that is roaming around in the works?

    Samsung Galaxy S III? possibly?

    wait a sec.  October 11? or November 11?

    I swore, I read November 11 somewhere. :/

  • WalkingDead

    BTW, just a little of topic but whenever/if this phone comes to Big Red as a Nexus device, you guys have got to release a pack of all these sweet a$$ galaxy/nexus/prime wallpapers because they are very nice and creative.

  • Djstar2k2

    yerp i feel yall pain ny keyboard buttons about to pop off again and my pete rom has been buggy as hell this last week.  so please vrz a new pure android with a keyboard and grown up specs!  thank you

  • Bobby Perry

    1.5 ghz dual core processor, 1080p HD video, 8MP Camera, 720p Super Amolded Plus Screen, and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), 4g LTE, 2000 MHZ Battery, I think i’m good.

    • Anonymous

      It won’t be Super AMOLED Plus (RGB) with that resolution/ppi… It’ll have a PenTile matrix. 🙁  And I’m pretty sure you mean 2000 mAh battery… not MHz. 😛  But yeah, that sounds good enough for me.

  • Ron Swanson

    Call me crazy, but I recently played with the Sprint version of the SGS II, and Touchwiz on it is actually pretty nice.  I don’t know what ICS will be like, but playing with stock Gingerbread after having Sense on the ThunderBolt and playing with the newest version of TouchWiz was pretty boring.  I would be fine with whatever it ends up being.

  • Nick Wiles

    flexible android phone?

  • Sporttster

    The HTC Vigor is more than likely coming out Oct.13th, so this may be a case of Sammy trying to steal some thunder from the HTC release. Lots of folks on the fence for either the Vigor or Prime. I am. If the Vigor is the phone I’m looking for,I’m jumping. I’m a bit hesitant on the ICS as it’s a new OS and with new comes bugs. Not to say I wouldn’t purchase a Prime. I most likely would but I’d be reeeal cautious because of that OS. I’m gonna get one of these suckers and finally bid adiou to my OG Droid buddy that is hobbling along with its 256ram….

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s pretty good timing. It’ll be after the announcement but before the release of the iPhone 5 and HTC Vigor so it could definitely be a game changer.

  • Rick

    OK, I’m confused now, does this mean that the phone rumored to come out in early November on VZW may not be a Nexus Prime variant but an SGS2 variant?  I’m so confused and my OG Droid has also gone to heck.  Can anyone give me some ray of hope? 

    • Both VZW and Samsung have said that Verizon will not be receiving an SGSII phone, so I look for the Droid Prime to be a (Galaxy) Nexus Prime variant for Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      I wanna lean towards the name droid prime( it just makes since with vetizon), but as of now theres no other droid devices planed for the rest of the year. So my guess is its gonna be called galaxy nexus

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully its the galaxy nexus or droid prime, they can still have a gs2 varient just not call it a gs2. Either way they need a samsung superphone for verizon

  • Mothinrust

    uuuuh, NEXUS! A Verizon SGS2 would be nice, but I’m ultimately waiting for ICS until I start considering my next phone.

  • Can someone clarify for me why the thought process is that the Droid Prime is going to be a SGSII variant, when VZW has already stated that they won’t be getting an SGSII phone? Isn’t it more likely that the Droid Prime is going to be Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      2 diffrent phones, the galaxy nexus is most likely the new nexus. The droid prime could be verizons version of the gs2 under a different name, its just a rebranding strategy

      • The Samsung Fascinate was Verizon’s version of the GSI under a different name. I understand that – Verizon spent a lot of money to license the Droid name from George Lucas and also to advertise it, starting with the OG Droid, so it makes sense that they would want to keep their highest-end phones in the Droid line (Droid Eris being the obvious exception).  But Verizon and Samsung have both said that VZW would NOT be getting an SGSII phone. Period. Also, with all the rumors of the Nexus Prime being spotted at VZW headquarters, you can’t tell me with any certainty that the Galaxy Nexus and Droid Prime are two different phones.

        • Anonymous

          My guess is they are going to release the new nexus, it only makes since, the only thing thats not clear is the name, i would lean toward droid prime

  • Anonymous

    Would definitely rather see the Nexus. Hopefully this actually pans out and is an actual Nexus device.

  • Srk052004

    Is there a place on this site for newbie questions?  I don’t trust the blather on other sites, but I don’t want to be a bother on this site when people are discussing bleeding edge technology.

    • Jason

      If it’s a question about your phone then you could probably just go to the phone section, select your phone and ask a question in there. You could always ask anywhere, most people are pretty cool about answering it, of course there will always be someone out there that wants to make themselves feel cool and put you down for it but it doesn’t happen a whole lot here

      • Srk052004

        Thanks Jason.

  • 1TallTXn

    I’d like the next generation of Nexus devices to show up on Big Red.
    The SGS phones got great hardware reviews, but were plagued by software bugs and slow updates. I want a pure-bred ICS phone with easy unlock/root.

  • Balls

    will it be enough for me to update my fascinate running miui? prb not

  • Jim

    I would like to see a Google Experience phone with a dual core processor, hardware keyboard, 720p 5 inch amoled, 2000mAh removable battery, 12 megapixel camera with quad led flash and 720p/1080p video capture and replay, HDMI clone and dual display capabilities, hotspot feature, usb host capabilities, ir remote feature, and will change the oil in my truck. That is all.

    • Jason

      put me down for pre-order as well! Were not asking for a whole lot here people! C’mon!!

  • Anonymous

    The name “Galaxy Nexus” will NOT be the name of the next Nexus phone.  It doesn’t fit the naming convention in any way.  The name “Nexus” will always come first.  Always.

    The only way a phone will be released with that name is if it is a skinned variant of the hardware used for the actual Nexus phone, not entirely dissimilar from how the HTC Desire (and, to a lesser extent, the Droid Incredible), were skinned versions of the Nexus One.  Even then, there are still issues with the naming convention, for the same reason that we will never see a phone called “Galaxy Droid” or “Droid Galaxy”.

    Galaxy Prime would make perfect sense, as would Droid Prime, for a skinned variant. That’s under the assumption that the phone will be called the Nexus Prime, and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting it will.  Please stop using the term “Galaxy Nexus”, it’s like nails down a chalkboard.


  • I hope the Nexus device comes out on Verizon. I really want to get a stock android device.

  • Srk052004

    Guys, I’m sorry for the newbie question (yet again), but are these phones likely to be hitting Verizon, and, if so, are they going to be LTE phones?

    Another question:  what is the call (sound) quality likely to be?  I noticed that the Droid Bionic review reluctantly mentioned that it was a gone phone to … make calls on.  For me, that is not a trivial matter.  I do want to be heard clearly and to hear the other guy clearly.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, there will be some kind of powerful Samsung phone or phones coming to Verizon within the next couple months. And yes, it or they will almost certainly have LTE. Call quality is generally good on all new phones so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell do you people do with the poor OG Droid…buttons that don’t work…..I have had the OG Droid since Nov’09 and all the physical parts work on it…but lately it has been kind of slow….I’m hoping VZW get the Samsung Nexus its time for an upgrade…

    • J Dub

      Was wondering the same thing. Mine works great. Has been rooted and ROM’d since day 1. I am noticing what seems like it is slowing just a touch here lately. Maybe I just need to wipe and re-load the ROM. 

  • J Dub

    Why yes, it is a dumb question Kellex. 

  • Anonymous

    Something for Verizon idc what it is.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. It’s a dumb question. Everyone wants the Nexus.

  • EC8CH


  • Jcassell11

    Had my OG since Feb 10 with 0 issues.  Still works like a champ.

  • Anonymous

    I always said it wouldn’t be Samsung to announce the next Nexus device, but if Verizon’s Prime isn’t a Nexus then I don’t think it would be unusual for Samsung to announce it. Whatever it is, I just want them to announce the 7.7 for the US and give us a price and release date for the Wi-Fi model.

  • Anonymous

    i want sg2 on verizon with lte that it!!! i got a the sprint version and love it imagine with lte!!!

    • Anonymous

      I hope Samsung doesn’t screw up the LTE performance like they did to the WiMax on the SGS2E4GT.

  • Anonymous

    Ummmmm… Nexus please.

  • Trooper

    Nexus or bust!

  • LTEloverguy

    Please be the Galaxy Variant for Verizon. I need a new phone.


  • Throw an NFC chip in the Samsung Note and bring that bitch to the US please!

  • Bm_hitter44

    The frustration here is funny… I feel the same way, just want get ride of my OG droid!

  • Scott Hartman

    If the Droid Prime is an SGS2 variant with a custom skin/no ICS I won’t be a Verizon customer in a couple months.  It’s do or die time Verizon – no real phone, no monthly payments, sorry. @AgRod – I don’t expect every phone to be stock, I expect there to be at least one legitimate high end stock phone on Verizon for me to choose. If there isn’t, I won’t be a customer, end of story.

  • would love Verizon LTE Nexus, IF it doesn’t have that crappy physical home button.  Not sure if that’d be a deal-breaker for me or not but I don’t want an iPhone ripoff.

    • Anonymous

      It should have no buttons.

  • Anonymous

    SGS II variant or first ICS phone, don’t honestly care much at this point.  I just want a new high end Samsung phone.

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    So in this post, Kellex finally cleared things out: that there might be TWO phones running ICS in the pipeline, one branded as a Droid for Verizon, while the other would be for the rest of the US carriers, branded as a Nexus.

    Okay. That makes a lot of sense now. Although I want a Nexus on Verizon. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I’m so  excited i will probably wet my pants. (Just KDDNG)

    • tjmonkey15

      You meant poop didn’t you.

  • Dumb question, at least in my opinion.  I keep hearing about how stock Android is better than anything else even though I haven’t experienced it myself – therefore Galaxy Nexus > SGS2

  • Br_hermon

    Nexus hands down!

  • Did I miss something?  Since when did the Droid Prime and Galaxy Nexus become separate with the Droid Prime simply being a variant of SGSII?  I want ICS with a 720p screen and NFC.

    • That’s kind of been the latest rumors.  There will be a Nexus device with stock ICS, and a Droid Prime device which will basically just be Verizon’s version of the SGSII.  But no one really freaking knows, it’s all so frustrating!!

  • Anonymous

    They should move it to 10/3 if they want to be effective.

    • palomosan

      That would only apply to Fanboys, we as Android fans don’t care about the iPhone 5, it’s still apple, so it doesn’t matter what they release I’ll stick with Android.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry. Samsung is in it for the money, not the Android “fanboy” street cred.  Therefore, once again, they should move it to 10/3 if they want to be effective.

        • no you`re just wrong except it.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care what it’s called or even if it has stock ICS on it.  I just want it to have a 720 super amoled + screen, good battery life, and LTE.

  • Anonymous

    If they will not have a Galaxy Nexus I will be very unhappy! They need a Nexus phone on VZW. Fingers crossed.

  • that is a dumb question.

  • I want whatever the hell runs stock ICS, has 720p Super AMOLED Plus display, and is super thin.  Give me that on Verizon and I’ll be happy.

    • Anonymous

      I think we’re getting spoiled by the nexus phones now that we don’t want anything else anymore. Nexus one nobody wanted(although devs bought it); nexus s everybody has b/c it was a stock phone. Now, if it isn’t STOCK, the whole dadgum internet ruffles their feathers complaining about it. L@@K, no phone is perfect. Have you ever seen the people who work on the custom UI’s? They bust their butts on it. For what? so you an go complain about how it stinks. *SIgh* Now how do I get people to read this?     

      • Anonymous

        Everyone wanted the Nexus One… The bloody carriers refused to give it to us.

        • EC8CH

          bait and switched

        • Anonymous

          It worked on AT&T and TMO. There were planned VZW and Sprint models .Sprint released the EVO 4G instead. VZW changed it; it’s the D.Incredible. I believe it is the official cousin of the nexus one. Plus, the phone had gotten a lot of criticism anyway. http://www.neowin.net/news/nexus-one-has-a-major-multitouch-problem

          Still want this phone?

      • Anonymous

        That’s because there are a lot of cheeps in here

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think ICS will be unveiled at a Samsung event.  I would bet Google would hold their own event to announce it.  Unless they are trying to throw a bone to one of the other android partners now that they own one of the big players.

    • Matthew Ryan

      Google has essentially already discussed ICS’ release in the form of interviews etc. It wasn’t a big reveal by any means, but they also have a week left before the Samsung event to ‘formally’ announce it. I don’t remember if they really did that with any of the other point releases like froyo/gb though.

      EDIT: Correction, closer to three weeks. I thought it said “October 1st” not “October 11th”. My bad.

    • Google never makes a big deal of their new Android releases.  The most you’ll see is them putting the ICS Android guy on their front lawn and a blog post about it, but they won’t hold a press event or anything like that. They are not Apple, they don’t need the entire world to stop and pay attention everytime they do something.

      • Dan

        Don’t you remember the release of the Superphone? Google and HTC had a big announcement for the Nexus One

      • Anonymous

        Don’t you just hate Apple? Lol….

  • DroidzFX

    Nexus please I do not want touch jizz on my phone except when I put it there.

  • I don’t care what it’s called. I just want the phone with the specs that I’ve been hearing about. 

  • Dan

    I just need a new phone, my moto droid has been slow ever since froyo and the power button doesn’t work anymore.

    • Guest345

      My power button died months ago (just slide to turn on screen, plug in for power, or quick battery pull to restart without plugging in) and my friend had to lend me his droid battery since the old one was swollen. He has since moved onto a Charge, what a swell guy. This thing needs to come because this OG just frustrates me every time I look at it.

      • Dan

        lmao! i’ve been using a lock screen widget to lock my phone. It’s a pain in the ass

        • Guest345

          Haha…I’m surprised no one has asked me if I was poor because of the things I do to keep this functioning.

          • Anonymous

            are you poor?

          • Guest345

            No Comment.

        • Nate Surber

          I’m at about a 5 second lag between a screen press and the app opening on my OG.  I completely gutted the media and apps on it to see if that would speed it up (nope).  Plus, my letter O key sticks soo all my texts and poosts looook like this.  Don’t care what it’s called.  I’d just like a HD screen, stock ICS and no buttons on the front.  And LTE of course.

          • Man, you people with all these OG Droid issues.  Now I will definitely never buy a Motorola.  I have an HTC Eris.  LOVE IT, but can’t wait to upgrade.  It’s pretty slow, but the hardware is rock solid, never had an issue with anything.  All the buttons and trackball still work flawlessly and I got it on Nov 9, 2009, on launch day nearly 2 years ago!!

          • Dan

            I guess I can see the pro’s and con’s of each because I had the HTC incredible, but after I cracked the screen (shattered) 3 times and asurian dropped my coverage my friend was kind enough to give me the OG until I found a new phone. No comparison though, the incredible was the smoothest phone I’ve ever used. Battery life was eh, but I could deal with it.

          • Lol

            wow, someone actually bought a Droid Eris?

          • Anonymous

            And admitted to it…

          • Yup, and I love it.  I’m running it overclocked with CM7 of course.  The stock ROM is garbage. When Android first hit Verizon, there were 2 phones to choose from. The sexy Eris, and the super fugly, super thick Droid with a useless physical keyboard. And from the comments I’m reading here, it looks like I made the right decision. At least all my buttons still work.

          • J Dub

            Will have to say that I ROM’d my co-workers Eris and it made it actually somewhat bearable. Before the ROM though it was garbage. 

          • Yeah, you cannot use that phone with the stock HTC ROM.  It is unuseable.  Loading 2.3.5 CM7 on it makes a world of difference. Then it’s just a bit slow, but at least all the bugs disappear.

          • LOL I had both an Eris and a OG Droid when Android first came to Verizon. I have to say that the OG Droid is not even comparable to the Eris. You either have very low standards for your electronics or just simply do not care. Either way, it’s not a big deal since everybody has their own style/standards/opinions….. Just sayin

          • I am 100% aware that the Droid is WAY faster and more capable.  It’s also uglier and at the time was more expensive.  My Eris is starting to tick me off these days, it’s starting to show it’s age.  But I’ve never regretted getting it for a second.

          • Daniel

            Thought only chicks had that phone

          • I feel your pain I too have an OG (refurb.. ) and I had to download the no cam app as my phone’s camera would randomly rendering the phone useless.  It is still buggy and I have to wait for apps to launch.. c’mon bring the nexus already

        • Anonymous

          Does that screen lock lags? Im using lock menu and its lagging

        • Calvin Williams

          Lol I thought I was the only one. I bought a droid 2 for $90 2 months ago to keep me happy, but seeing that were so close to either the vigor, revolotion 2 or prime, I would keep hanging in there.

      • Anonymous

        Same boat as you (still have OG Droid with a broken power button) but I downloaded Button Remapper and made the camera button into my power button. Once you re-wire your brain to push the right button it’s pretty awesome.

        I need a new phone so I am really hoping this is the nexus on VZ. 

        • Dan

          holy shit thats genius, ill have to check that out, thanks mang

        • Guest345

          I just downloaded it, installed, PRESTO!!!!!!! You are the man, thank you so much. Now this phone will definitely have a better chance of passing the button off to the Nexus…(if it comes) Thank you again.

          • Guest345


        • Calvin Williams

          My droid 1 just came back to life 😉 thank you

      • Anonymous

        batteries are not that expensive…I have 2 batteries….I bought the 2nd battery for about $7….about 1.5 years ago…

      • Blood

        Lol my Droid’s battery is swollen too.

    • Anonymous

      I kept the extended warranty on my phone. I’ve replaced my OG Droid 3 or 4 times now I think? 🙂

    • Lane Gordon

      I fixed my power button.  I watched a You Tube video on how to disassemble the phone. then I replaced the foam spring under the button (which was mostly gone and disintegrated) with some rubber off my toothbrush handle.  both the phone and toothbrush still work great!  however the phone is sitting on the shelf while i use a used Droid X i bought on craigslist to hold me over till Verizon gets a real dual core 4g phone with a good screen.  

    • 1TallTXn

      I’ve had marginal luck with GB on the OG Droid. I’ve been tempted multiple times to go back to FroYo, but the bonuses of 2.3.x are just too much to skip.
      My power button works fine, but the spring behind it died in a drop about 6mo ago. Still works, just requires a bit more pressure that originally.

    • GalaxyNexus

      Looks like this will be the phone they announce as the Galaxy Nexus:


      Dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 HD display, 2 megapixel front-facing / 8 megapixel rear camera, 1GB RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC

    • Eric

      My Droid has been showing its age with some of the recent developments. Most awesome games have pretty bad lag, and the 3D power is non-existent, But luckily Simply Stunning has brought a breath of fresh air into my phone. I have the stock LV kernel at 1Ghz with a neat little memory hack (otherwise EVERYTHING is slow..) If you want your Droid stupidly fast get the ROM Toolbox and set the Min memory task killer value to 50MB, because to be honest, the Droid can’t multitask very well with modern apps.