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HTC Vigor Wallpapers Released: Beats Logo and 4G LTE All Over the Boot Animation, 720p Screen Confirmed?


The media file from the HTC Vigor popped up this morning (we’re assuming from an RUU), filled with all sorts of goodies.  First off, the boot animation is just as we said and includes a Beats Audio logo along with 4G LTE.  There isn’t a DROID eye, so those rumors that it will be the Incredible HD are starting to slip quickly away (or are they?).  Also included in this media file were a set of wallpapers (1440×1280 resolution), which at first glance, appear to confirm the 720p HD resolution (720×1280).  Our sources told us a while back that this phone indeed had an HD screen, so it’s nice to see this all but confirmed through this release.

Talk about news that should make everyone’s day.

If you would like to download all of this fun, you can find the links below.  

Wallpapers | Live Wallpaper (apk) | Boot Animation

Sample wallpapers:


Via:  Android Police


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  • its really beating…..

  • gibby

    This HTC Vigor is the code name for the release name HTC rezound. The HTC Rezound aka Vigor will be shipped to stores 11/3/11. This was proven on an spreadsheet sent by a major retailer.

  • Trav

    is it just me or are the sensation xe specs and the vigor specs identical?  

  • Taco

    I really like these boot animations. I’m sure some of you may have figured it out but there are actually 3 boot animations to choose from in this single .zip file… “android” “beats” and “4glte”

    Me personally, I wanted JUST the “android”+”4glte” animation without the “beats” on my bionic(which some of you may also want). To do so…d/l the zip on your pc than delete the 2 beats folders than place zip on phone under system/media and rename it bootanimation.zip
    I keep a folder in the media folder called “bootanimations” to save my default “bootanimation.zip”

    To get the “android” wallpaper, just place the “Vigor_VZW_bootanimation.zip” folder in system/media without renaming it. It’s a pretty cool animation too.

    • Taco

      My mistake….the “android” boot is actually there if you don’t have any “bootanimation.zip” file in the media folder. (I just found this out…duhh) lol. Pretty nice to know though

  • Totw87

    Haha…enjoy your outdated overclocked processor..and good luck getting any kind of update. Bolt still on 2.2 come on.

    • Anonymous

      The thunderbolt is garbage. Htc just needed to get a phone out for verizon’s lte network. Enjoy your locked down pentile screen bionic=)

      • I’ll enjoy my updated nexus ice cream sandwich phone 😛

        • Anonymous

          You act like the vigor won’t be updated or won’t have leaks. I’ve been running gb for awhile now on my tb and I’m not rooted. With HTC you don’t have to jump through hurdles to get custom kernels and roms. Not to mention I’m going to wait and compare this to the prime. But you got stuck with your bionic:)

  • Stop Wirefull

    This is the Thunderbolt 2. No Doubt. Quarter 1.

  • Dougie Fresh

    how can i apply the bot animation to my phone?

  • Anonymous

    More stuff at the source link guys, notifications, ringtones and more.

  • xXIrishCowboyXx

    Looks like the Sensation XE could be coming to verizon? that wallpaper with the pink dots or whatever made me think that.

    • xXIrishCowboyXx

      Yea I’m thinking the Vigor, which i’ve been looking at heavily the past couple weeks could be a code name for the Sensation XE i can’t seem to find which carrier that phone is going to be on

      • Anonymous

        It might be like the DROID Incredible was, exclusive to Verizon with no international variants. Incredible 2 has seen international variants, ThunderBolt has not (well, so far anyway)  Seeing how 6425LVW is the next in line for the ThunderBolt model code sku, its possible the Vigor isn’t exclusive to Verizon, but very well may be, we just don’t know yet. Leaks suggest its going to be on more than one carrier, but we have no evidence of it. Only evidence so far is exactly how the OG DROID Incredible first leaked, it was first spotted with an Orange cover and all black design, the second time it was spotted, it was red and black with red volume rocker and white back. then when the final design got leaked, it had the Verizon branding added to a black/red model with the red volume rocker changed to black.  It wasn’t destined for any other carrier.

        following a handset from birth (first leaked date) to announcement to your first time turning it on, good times, love it.  Something that BestBuy likes to ruin with opening new models and selling them off as new lol (o/t) 

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully if that is the case then the sensation xe battery will fit in the stock battery door and give a little more juice.

  • Dream

    Loven the Live Wallpaper I think its really cool!!!

  • Zebra

    If anyone read the Engadet review of the new Sensation, the Beats Audio integration is just a glorified equalizer preset the turns on when you plug Beats Headphones in. What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      plus a $100 pair of earbuds. Thats a joke?

      • Anonymous

        $100?  I’d call that price a joke.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll bet you think Monster HDMI cables are worth $100 too. It’s all marketing hype. Do some research, don’t be a sheep.

    • We already knew it wasn’t speakers its just the process that the audio goes from phone to speaker….that process is beats audio

  • How many times can a maker recycle the same old crap wallpapers?

    • Anonymous

      Well if Verizon will let them put HTC Hub on it, we can download even more from the HTC Sense website, but so far they have barred it from all the HTC phones.  That includes skins and live wallpapers and other goodies. you can only get this stuff with custom ROMs that have it already working.

      I do like the beats wallpaper thats in this, its also on the Sensation XE press shot, it brings out the red/black of the phone. Still hoping the front has a little red like it and the OG DROID Incredible did. black with a splash of red here and there would really make this awesome, maybe even red capacitive keys 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I never use the stock wallpapers

  • Aaron Sauer

    Bigger battery please.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex, just went through the contents of the bootanimation, its very, vague. even the ThunderBolt had a logo.  I think this is the test model’s build, and they didn’t put the DROID content on it yet so it wouldn’t be leaked as a DROID handset, and wouldn’t bolster Bionic sales probably.  Thats my hunch, after all, Incredible didn’t get DROID branded until the last minute, it was a sloppy launch.

  • Idk, the thunderbolt left a bad taste. 

    • jason6g

      come monday i will be on my 4th thunderbolt due to about 1/2″ on the side of my screen just stopping working again. go to type “good morning” and get “giid” and a whole lot of frustration.

      other than that ongoing fiasco i really like my tbolt 😀

    • I agree I want to like HTC but the thunderbolt was a disaster

  • Jay Lefkowicz

    any idea what the weight of the phone will be?

  • Anonymous

    720p resolution on a 4.3″ screen – unnecessary selling point

    • Anonymous

      There might be a good reason for that larger resolution, like some new features in Sense 3.5. But doesn’t having a higher resolution on the same size screen make the screen look alot sharper? because of the density of the pixels being smaller? Even the DROID HD has a 720p screen, and from the rumors the NEXUS may even have one. If thats whats needed for ICS, these handsets could be future proof (even if the carriers drag there feet on updates even with that agreement with Google to provide updates up to 18months after release of the device, which that agreement starts this fall)

      • Anonymous

        Not when the density is already beyond the eyes capability of distinguishing a difference.  qHD is more than enough for these tiny screens, you can only see the pixels with magnification. I doubt you or anyone else would be able to tell the difference in a blind test.

      • I cs will not need 720 p resolution since the bionuc will be getting it and newer phones that do not have that resolution

  • The Prime better come strong or I could see this being my next phone.  I hope they figured out a way to get better battery life!

    • Anonymous

      same here, LTE is a battery hog no matter what implements you have. 1620mAh battery hopefully will help curtail that to add some battery life.

      • compchick813

        If not, the 2750 mAh extended battery should be plenty.

        • Anonymous

          True, but hopefully the design for it isn’t like the Tbolts was, that was just awful how they designed that without accessories in mind.  If it uses the same type of battery as the Sensation though, cramming a 1750mAh battery from it (like I did with my bigger TP2 battery on my OG Incredible) would be plenty of extra juice, atleast for me, hopefully, well, maybe, please? 🙁  Don’t let me down HTC.

          • Anonymous

            That should allow for atleast another 2 hours of battery life with a 1750 battery or the sensation xe battery. Maybe this time with no kickstand it will allow for a larger battery without such a large hump on the back.

          • I hate extended batteries so that is not an option

  • Anonymous

    I just wished they dropped the r from Vigor

    • Anonymous

      Comment of the day.

    • Anonymous

      I love the part where his massive forehead pops out of the painting.

  • Billy Jenkins

    All I want to do with the HTC Vigor is play music on it to see how much the beats audio improved the sound quality of HTC phones. 

  • Anonymous

    Lte and 720? Yes please.

    • Keith Sumner

      Say bye bye to reasonable battery life. *caresses his bionic*

      • Anonymous

        Extended battery, carresses his bolt and stares at the screen without looking through a screen door 😉

        • Anonymous

          +1  after all that time they had to redesign the thing you’d think they would have went with a better screen.

          • The bolts screen is nothing to write home about either

          • Anonymous

            might be true, but its better than that pentile matrix junk

          • LionStone

            As for the TBs awesome screen…for a screen that came out 6 months ago, they did just fine. I dont use a protector on it so it really looks great. I compared the Bionics screen with the TB and it looks just fine to me. But when I saw the salesmans Bionic with a screen protector, well it looked like crap after that.

            I work outside a lot and even on the lowest setting (of the three settings on the brightness widget) I can see the screen just fine in full sunlight with my sunglasses on!

        • Calvin Williams

          KO! Hahaha best example of what Motorola screens look like yet!

      • Anonymous

        Heck yeah.  30-35 hours with my extended battery.  And dj napieralski is correct… Thunderbolt left a bad taste.

      • Anonymous

        well with the extended battery and the tb I get about 20 hours of heavy use=)

  • Guttatae22

    I can’t wait to get this phone

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or are many of those wallpapers from MIUI? … hmm

  • Anonymous

    If Nexus wasn’t coming I’d get this.

  • Anonymous

    They probably haven’t branded it yet. I think that DInc HD name will stay, especially since the color scheme of the device and is way too similar to that of the original DInc.

    • Anonymous

      And I spaced this out, but the original Incredible had DROID slapped on at the end and did not have the DROID eye boot animation for months, until after it received an update.

      • Anonymous

        You are totally correct, it was a last minute switch if I recall.  Remember when the preorder page first said “HTC Incredible” then they changed it about an hour later to say “DROID Incredible by HTC” *sigh* good times, good times 😛

        • Anonymous

          And they also issued new packaging with DROID branding months later.  The first boxes were white I believe heh.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I had that ugly plain white box, the DROID boxes look so much better. It even took two updates to get the DROID eye bootanimation, but we didn’t get the DROID sounds until someone made a zip for the rom so you can use them as your own. and the Preorder madness at midnight to shipping on the A/C forums where everyone gave there confirmation number to see who’s would ship and when it would arrive to make a map and list of those that could receive it and when, thats how a community works together.  I SO want to relive all that, the DROID Incredible was my favorite phone, ThunderBolt sucks in more ways than one, only benefit I like of it, is the 4.3″ screen size and the kickstand, everything else bleh. Not a true HTC quality design that should’ve been.  Vigor’s design and quality seems to be making up in that department, along with the juicy specs and features along with the sweet Incredible style.  I absolutely cannot wait for this one, Beats will be perfect for me at work and 4G launching here next month, win+win=Vigor! :p

            Edit: lets not forget how hard it was to root lol, I nearly broke a microSD card clicking in and out to get the error screen that root needed. *closes eyes and day dreams* good times, GOOD times!

          • +1, except I actually like my white box. 😛

          • Anonymous

            party pooper lol, i don’t hate it but i did feel a little jealous at those that got that fancy one.  But I wasn’t when I found out they got the SLCD instead of the AMOLED screen 😛  Still love that screen

          • yup you’re correct I still have the white box from my original incredible

      • Dan

        you are right about that, the same update that brought 720p video recording….ahhhh those were the days

  • compchick813

    Want. This. Phone.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Sweet Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus!

  • The news that will make my day is a Nexus release date 🙂