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New HTC Sense 3.5 Devices Like the Rhyme Will Receive Bonus 3GB of Dropbox Storage

In addition to the free 2GB of storage that users receive when signing up for popular cloud storage service Dropbox, owners of new HTC Sense 3.5 devices – like the Rhyme – will get an additional 3GB for free. There are a variety of cloud services tied to other operating systems and phones, so this newly formed partnership between Dropbox and HTC simply makes sense.  While it’s not the 25GB that Windows Phone 7 users get with Skydrive, it’s at least a step in the right direction.  Our lives are revolving more and more around cloud storage these days; it’s about time an Android phone manufacturer did something on this front.

And not that we have confirmation on this, but it’s pretty unlikely that older phones like the Thunderbolt or Incredible 2 will receive this added bonus or Sense 3.5.  HTC definitely hasn’t show that it is the type of company to work backwards with its Sense skin.  The funny thing is, Sense 3.5 is clearly able to run on lower-end phones (single-core processor, 768MB of RAM, etc), but will likely only see it on new phones going forward.

Via:  Pocket Lint

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  • Taking the back cover off feels like you’re actually disassembling the
    entire handset, as the back cover also incorporates the sides and top
    edge of the phone – so what you’re doing is more like popping the screen
    out to access the internals.

  • There’s your dual-LED flash and the reassuringly recessed and therefore
    slightly protected camera sensor. It certainly has a tougher, more
    rigid, curved feel to it than the bland exterior of the Galaxy S II.

  • Running Android 2.1 in conjunction with a powerful 1 GHz Qualcomm
    Snapdragon processor, the HTC Desire is lightning fast response times
    from the AMOLED had capacitive touchscreen, and runs demanding
    applications with ease.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s really a great combination! Dropbox is a fantastic service.

  • Anonymous

    htc have a great deal of productions and they all great…

    I like them

  • Anonymous

    erishasnobattery is already porting the Rhyme ROM to  the Bolt–I wonder if that’ll give you the extra space like the DHD/Z ROMs gave Inc/EVO/N1 users Sense.com accounts…

  • Anonymous

    TThis device will sell good. Many women will get it

  • Vanilla Ice

    Can someone please help? Can we remove those stupid 5 tabs that are on the left side of the home screen? Looks like shit and im praying the Vigor will allow for us to remove the tabs. Thanks!

    • NIck

      Those tabs are all one big widget that takes up the full 4×4 grid.  You can remove it and replace the widget with the flip clock, other apps or anything you want.  That widgets does allow you to swap out which apps are used and it’s a nice change since HTC Sense has kept the same overall design for about two years now.  

  • wh

    I don’t really care about Dropbox.  Minus is 10gb free and that’s good enough for me.  But I do wonder why HTC insists that these new versions of Sense won’t run well on older phones.  Might it be that they’re just too damn lazy and/or incompetent to release them for older phones.  I’m guessing more towards incompetent since they can’t seem to release GB for the Thunderbolt even though that phone should have launched with it.  And if they ever release it there better not be any phone breaking bugs.  They have no excuse since this update took them half a year.  If they can’t iron out major bugs after 6 months they will not get my money for their next “flagship” phone that they’ll no doubt neglect to focus on their next superphone.

    • LionStone

      “…GB for the Thunderbolt even though that phone should have launched with it.”

      Agreed, I said the same thing when I went to buy mine.

      • Anonymous

        _My_ Thunderbolt launched with Gingerbread. (Thanks, Slayher!).

  • trumpet444

    Does this mean that the Dropbox app will be included in the bloatware bundle?

  • johnny

    what if we’re running a sense 3.5 rom?

  • Anonymous

    HP Touchpad got 50GB Dropbox storage free.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason, that UI reminds me of TouchWiz back when it was in Windows Mobile

  • Cptsashimi

    I’m new to skins, but blur isn’t as bad as sense or touch wiz to me. They seem more intrusive and to busy to me.

    • Cptsashimi

      *too* busy. Distracting even…

    • Anonymous

      blur is garbage that lags and is filled with software bugs. i fail to understand why everyone seems to hate touchwiz because i dont see anything wrong with it, i actually i kind of like it on the GSII. i dont mind sense but im not a fan, the battery life is the only problem.

  • Alright HTC we don’t care about the Rhyme. We want info on the VIGOR!!!!!!! Any day now would be great…..K? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      The vigor will disappoint you

  • GunnarC

    Meh. Thanks to my Firesale purchase of the HP Touchpad, I got 50GB from Box.net free, and I already have 3GB free on Dropbox. Now, the only thing that remains is for CyanogenMod to finish their Android port and I’ll be all set. 🙂

  • Franzie3

    well it should support BAMF SoaB for the thunderbolt, cause that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeet (imagine??)

  • Hamholla

    show should be shown =P

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, can’t wait to see you review the Rhyme… gonna have to get a purse to try out that sassy notification charm? 😛

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Im not s htc fan but this one looks pretty nice