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Who Says NFC Was Only Built for Making Payments? How About Unlocking Doors Too.


With all of this Google Wallet and Nexus S talk this week, we wanted to point out that NFC can do more than just make and receive payments.  In fact, after watching the video above that demonstrates how Near Field Communication can also be used to do things like unlock your house, we are more excited than ever for companies to start widely adopting it.  Now, the phone in the video is clearly an iPhone, but just imagine it as your Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

What other uses can we get out of NFC?  I’m thinking cars, right?  We already have keyless entry and start-ups, why not NFC too?  Can you imagine how lovely life would be if you didn’t have to carry around 3 different sets of keys all of the time?

Via:  Engadget

  • Ritesh Tripathy

    The technology has been there for years.. gosh I can’t even remember how long I’ve been using my Oyster card! There’s hotel keys, doors and gates have had fobs for longer than I care to remember. I don’t understand all the “safety concerns” people are raising here.. It’ll just get more convenient as you won’t have to deal with a number of different things if you can do a lot of it with your phone. How often do you lose an expensive smartphone? Even if you did lose it, there are easy ways to disable and wipe it remotely. 

    So stop moaning mindlessly. And as ever, you’re not forced to use it just like you can still buy tickets for the tube or on a bus if you didn’t want to use an Oyster for the fear of losing it!

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea, I just really want to know how they plan to make it streamlined. 

    I guess I just am nervous because i’m coming from an OG that takes quite a while to unlock, open app drawer, pick app, pick key, attempt to unlock.

    It would be nice have something like the Atrix and make a fingerprint unlock automatically execute a NFC program that determines what “type” of communication is needed (Money, key, etc…) and then allows you to pick the key/card/etc… and execute

    To make it even faster the NFC could recognize what key is needed and then allows you to confirm that you want to send the key information to the device (to protect from H4ck0rz).

  • PowerTools

    Why are there so many silly posts about how a hacker could ruin your life if he found your phone, got into your car, found your address and then had access to your house?  Don’t most of you have a real wallet and real keys?  Couldn’t a complete moron (as opposed to a hacker) ruin your life if he had access to your keys and/or wallet?  I had a set of keys stolen and had to replace physical locks on my house.  If someone stole my digital key, I could just reprogram the lock.  I also installed a digital lock on one of my doors so that I can access my house without keys, just need a code.  Same with my car.  I have a keypad on the door for when I don’t have my keys or the keys are “hidden” inside.  Of course, I have these things called windows on my car and house that are easier to hack with a brick than it would be to steal my codes.  Seriously, people, relax unless your password is “1… 2… 3… 4… 5” then you might want to consider changing the codes to your luggage, too.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • lol at people who say “What if someone steels my phone and breaks into my house? I don’t trust this technology… blah blah”. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you could password protect your keys or maybe they will put fingerprint scanners like on the atrix? Their are many ways to get this to work securely and even though they will never be 100% hackproof I for one actually look forward to this and what it can bring to the table.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Ray

    the problem with this video was the old guy who probably doesnt even own a smartphone

  • tinyurl.com/4skyaqr

  • tinyurl.com/4skyaqr

  • Anonymous


  • Booboolala2000

    The problem with the touchscreen was the iphone.

  • Booboolala2000

    So funny about these concerns people are having. If someone grabs or finds your phone just like Google Wallet it would be password protected. They just don’t swipe your phone and have access to everything. Plus, if you are smart your lockscreen is password protected.

  • …or just type it in?

    would’ve saved 40 seconds.

  • I guess no one else realized that for this to work also you need to have power going to your door?

    and i’d assume if you lost your phone or it was dead you could use the key hole or since a numeric screen popped up you could enter a code.

  • You can think of it this way too: Loose your phone and your ****ed

  • lmao at old people using technology

  • Cgmartin33

    Lmao! I thought he was going to press his finger right though that magical fruit factory phone. The screen doesn’t click buddy…that’s why it’s called a touch screen not a press screen.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of iphones, does anyone remember that press conference with Steve Jobs where he stated that no one wanted a hummer for a phone (speaking of the DX and the EVO). Now apparently the ip5 is going to be a 4″+ screen? What a douche.

    • Anonymous

      Actually he said no one wants a “hummer phone,” there have been reports that the next iPhone will have less bezel for more screen, thus Steve Jobs would still be standing by his opinion and would be less of a douche?

  • Cgmartin33

    That’s funny… I was just telling my girlfriend last night about NFC chips and she brought up the car idea.

  • Anonymous

    Push a little harder next time, touch screens react based on force. Numbnuts. Anyway, so I want my 15 year old to lose her iPhone and let some shmuck find it and access my house. Uh, no. Personal security awareness amongst the average consumer is tantamount to leaving your life unlocked and sitting out for everyone to see. Love the tech, hate the fact that it’s another tool in the criminal mind.

  • babadush

    looks like he needs to watch a video on how to use a touchscreen

  • Robertocb
  • DroidVoid

    If you press the same icon 7 times on a phone then an Androidified version of Candyman appears behind you and kills you.  He just escaped death at 0:10.

  • I could see hotels adopting this for room keys.  How about for paying tolls at toll booths, or even have it turn on a light when you enter a room at home then off when you leave?

    • Eric

      Guess you never heard of E-ZPASS for tolls?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but you could make it more techno-awesome for multiple people driving the same car at different times and plug your phone into the EZ Tag and then load an app that applies your personal account.

        WHOAAAAA COOL! 😛 /casm de sar

  • Drastic8

    As a security professional, I hear things like this and wonder how a hacker could or would use this technology.  Things like this better involve some form of encryption that protects against cloning or spoofing this kind of signal. ESPECIALLY if it involves money, unlocking doors, or starting cars, etc. Companies are so eager to push out new technologies because they can, they don’t stop and think whether they should. (Channeling some Dr. Ian Malcom there…) They’ll half bake this idea and throw it onto as many devices as they can. Then some white-hat somewhere will find a way to manipulate the tech and everybody that uses it will be exposed.  By then some new technology will be coming out that’ll do the same thing. Cycle continues.

    • babadush

      That’s the first thing I thought about. How will people use this for breaking and entering.

    • Anonymous

      Your saying that when mastercard elected to be a launch partnerwith google wallet they didn’t thoroughly inspect their security??

    • Jim Reagor

      So a bad guy breaks into your car, steals your phone takes a peek at your address on your vehicle registration and now not only dose he have your data but a key to your house.  I luv tech as much as the next guy…maybe even a bit much but I agree this could be a big security risk.  I wouldn’t lock my lunch up at work with this.

      • I would hope you would have password word on your phone, or better yet you have a password for your phone and then you need to input another password (whether or not it’s different from the phones is up to the user) to use your keys. If you think hard enough their are ways to make this work and I wouldn’t be foolish enough to think that companies aren’t thinking of these ways.

  • EC8CH

    I “liked” this post simply for the ” Galaxy Nexus on Verizon” reference.

    • Dave

      Wink wink nudge nudge…

  • Anonymous

    My keys are way smaller than any phone. Besides, you can’t get rid of your keys until *every* lock is NFC. How about something the size of … oh I don’t know … maybe a key … that has an NFC chip in it. Better yet, how about a NFC key with a usb port so you can upload your codes into it and carry on your key ring.

    • Although what you say is true, your logic is flawed. Your keys are smaller than your phone, but they are still extra things you’re carrying around on top of carrying your phone around as well. And not *every* lock needs to be NFC – only one lock to your residence needs to be NFC. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it doesn’t get rid of every key but it would be great to use at places like colleges where you already use your school ID for everything. Just walk up to a door and instead of swiping you put your phone up to it, same for getting into the rec center, events etc… It would be great

  • Matthew Galyon

    Subway pass.  You could load it online, and rather than tapping your card (for subway systems like Boston’s T), tap your phone.

    • Anonymous

      This has been available in Japan for nearly 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    Press it harder MR FATFINGER….
    Pressing 12 buttons to unlock a door is real convenient. 

  • jason6g

    i thought the i*hone didnt have an nfc chip? is he using one of those sticker thingers then? (at work so no sound if he says in the video)

    • Ericharris1

      My thoughts are the same. (and he doesn’t state anything about a sticker)

  • You’re pushing too hard! Back off a bit! 

    • No, he is just holding it wrong.

  • I dont know if that guy is pushing hard enough on that phone… jeez buddy.. be gentle!

  • Mmoreimi

    Can it unhook a bra?

  • Wow, that would be awesome if we could use it for our cars and apartments. Keys would be a thing of the past, but imagine how SOL you’d be if you lost your phone. 

    • Javi

      or run out of battery

      • JG

        obviously it would still have the keyhole….

    • xyzlene

      sorry – i will stick to my keys… tried true and solid. one can only trust technology so much… the hackers would love this to become the standard for all point of entries… not falling for the kool aide….

      • Anonymous

        drinking…. not drinking the kool aide. Glad I could help.

      • Anonymous

        Canadian people never lock their doors. Its not like conventional locks will stop someone who wants in.

  • Shawn Lasky

    only an i*hone would take 5 taps to press the button…lol

    • Anonymous

      he was practically punching the phone xD

      • Anonymous


  • Javi

    He almost broke the screen