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Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


It has been a few months since we last asked to see the masterpieces that you have created on your Android phone’s home screen.  Being a Thursday in between device releases, we thought this was the perfect time to see what you have cooked up.  The ADW icon packs, GO Launcher themes, and ROM skin options seem to be growing by the day, so please “Wow!” us.  We are always on the hunt for home screen inspiration – no better place to get it than from all of you.

Instructions:  When you drop your comment, feel free to give us some detail on what you went through to get to your current setup.  Launcher, icon pack, theme, apps, widgets, etc.  And to post up a picture, all you need to do is upload to somewhere like PhotoBucket or Flickr and then paste the image URL.  Our comment system will then turn it into an image preview for all to see.

My setup (left screenie):  GO Launcher EX, Clee 2 theme, Clockr Evolution, Whiteout wallpaper pack, hidden CircleLauncher.

Tato setup (right screenie):  LauncherPro Plus, LightGrid live wallpaper, Clockr, RaidZero Purple NRG theme.

  • Edmund75

    OG Droid running LGB 2.3 with Matted Blues Theme.  Launcher Pro Plus w/ Suave Themed Icons.


  • Jeff Helget

    Mine was heavily inspired by one of the previews for Minimalistic Text.

    Apps used:

    LauncherPro Plus
    Minimalistic Text (donate) + Llama integration
    Simple Text (for icons)
    Circle Battery Widget

    (yes I have redundant battery widgets.  I don’t care)

    Also, swiped docks in each picture to show full layout




    • http://twitter.com/binglut9 Brian

      Great job looking killer

      • Jeff Helget

        Thanks, I’m really enjoying it!  It’s the beauty of Android, you can completely redesign your phone when you get bored.  That’s what’s keeping me interested!

        • nate guy

          what weather widget is that on your main screen?

    • Anonymous

      Slick, verrrry slick

    • Humbleopus

      Very nice.  Clean sharp.  Where can I find the background?

  • Anonymous

    ma other scrEEN SHOTS

  • Anonymous

    MA SCr33NSHOTZZZ!!!!!

  • Mrhug3

    Where would one obtain this whiteout wallpaper pack?

    • Roltontc


  • Isaacrcempire

    my screen shoTS ~~~~

    • SPN

      what clock/calendar widget is that?

      • Anonymous

        mclock widget miui blackmamba mod

  • Jbegs23

    Any updated instructions on how to set up phone for taking screen shots?  Like the programs for your PC, etc.  I keep seeing them but they seem to be outdated and can’t find all of the directions.  This would be awesome, thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Use ShootMe, it saves on SDCard then you upload to picasa.

  • Soulsaga1106
  • Anonymous

    Motorola Droid 1
    Pete’s GPA17
    Launcher Pro Plus

    Nice, Clean, and Organized.


  • Dion Bradley

    Thunderbolt with ADW, ICS3D theme, Circle Launcher (invisible) running SHIFTAO5P.

    Honeycomb Laucher.

  • Scott Curry

    MIUI 1.9.9 w/ Extended Settings Mod

    Simplicity White Lockscreen
    ADW EX
    Minimalistic Text Widget


  • Soulsaga1106
  • palomosan

    Let’s see, here’s my latest, Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    My main screen, just with three different wallpapers I made that I use depending on my mood (and if it’s an Eagles or Phillies game). My setup: OG Droid, Project Elite v6.5, my own custom theme with some random icons I found in different places.

  • Anonymous

    phone: mytouch 4G running MIUI Rom
    Lockscreen: http://db.tt/5fbupg6
    Homescreen: http://db.tt/2YtVavo
    My phone has a honeycomb theme, and my lockscreen has a sense 3.0 theme.
    Live wallpaper is pixel rain and can be found on market for free

  • http://twitter.com/ProphetBeal ProphetBeal

    Mine is rather plain, but I’m running Liquid Thunderbread v2.6 with a Harrington font on my TBolt. Apps are LaucherPro, Beautiful Widgets, MultiCon, and several Tasker shortcuts.

    Lock Screen

    Home Screen

  • Pj


    Simi clock widget
    Launcherpro homescreen and icons.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s mine. Nothing too special, using LPP and themed widgets/icons to match GingerBlur on my DX.
    Homescreen: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14170738/CAP201109151228.png
    Homescreen previews: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14170738/CAP201109151229.png

  • Synapticrecord
    • Anonymous

      Whats the wallpaper?

      • Syanpticrecord

        Just a a couple google images I found;-)

  • Anonymous
  • Jmyaer
    • http://twitter.com/olivertech Justin Oliver

      What apps and launchers are you using?

      • Jmyaer

        Clock is: BobClockD3
        battery is: circle battery widget
        and I made all the work icons with: simple text

        • Jmyaer

          meant word icons, DUH! I can’t type today… LOL

  • Anonymous
    • Eric Gottlieb

      What MIUI status bar is that?

      • Anonymous

        It’s called “deuces” by kgill77.

    • Anonymous

      can you give details about the theme, clock, etc? I love this!!

      • Anonymous

        Theme is a mix of MIUI themes, clock I got from xda, wallpapers from here and there. Send me an email andrewtorresphotography at gmail dot com and I can send you what you want.

  • Van Hicks, Jr
  • Guma822

    ughh I still have to root my Droid 2 now that I finally got gingerbread.  Anyone know of a method to take a quick screenshot without going thru the bother of rooting my phone

  • http://www.coroflot.com/mellerad Adam Meller

    HTC Thunderbolt
    Gingerbread w/ HTC Sense (debloated)

    Unlock Slider: Widget Locker – Minimal Theme
    Battery (Lock Screen): Minimal Text
    Battery (Home Screen): Circle Battery
    AutoSync/Volume Buttons: Extended Controls
    Weather: Beautiful Widgets – Flat White Theme
    Day/Date/Time: Minimal Text

    When looking for Widget Locker themes, I saw a look like this and decided to personalize it myself.

    Still on Sense because I haven’t decided what new ROM I want to flash first.

  • Larry Mao

    You had to ask this while I’m in the office. I have no root, so I have to wait till I get home to post my set up.

  • Tom Luley
    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/WLJ7ZQQXMDVQ3RNYF3VW65HJ5M Jason

      Didn’t Recognize Her with all her clothes on 😛

    • Anonymous

      What lockscreen is that? I want.

      • Tom Luley

        Its the default lock screen for MIUI

  • Anonymous

    Launcher+ pro, cyanogen mod 7.1 running honeycomb theme..

    • Anonymous

      why is my thumbnail missing? hmm.. i see others are too from other posts.. ohwell…

  • http://twitter.com/brigwheels patrick donati


    go launcher ex
    iphonius icons
    beautiful widgets
    notification icons from uot kitchen

    • Anonymous

      nice! lol at the nomnom…
      btw, my sis lives in highland park.. over by ravina…
      cant believe its warmer there than in STL.. crazy

      • http://twitter.com/brigwheels patrick donati

        oh, it’s actually highland park, nj

  • Lmrojas


    Adw Ex, with windows phone 7 theme for the google search widget, simple text icons, beautiful widgets, switchpro, cm7 gingerbread theme on a DX1!

  • stevil

    Using GO Launcher EX, GO Weather, wallpaper from DigitalBlasphemy.

    • stevil

      and the images are missing…

      • stevil

        If this doesn’t work, don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

        • stevil

          It’s only taking one at a time for me…

        • bartledootaco

          that looks pretty sweet

  • http://twitter.com/dizknee24 Peter Wassel

    Loving it

  • http://twitter.com/Rocko9999 Rocko Smith
  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRQCGSJ7KH3K5ZHG3GWA43NAZQ Andrew
    • Anonymous

      Hello lock screen. Nice.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRQCGSJ7KH3K5ZHG3GWA43NAZQ Andrew

        Thanks!  I was in an old school gaming kind of mood.  I was so inspired by the phone setup that I also updated my FB status to say “Dear hipsters, I had an Atari when it was modern.”

    • 97

      Can you post the wallpapers?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRQCGSJ7KH3K5ZHG3GWA43NAZQ Andrew

        For the homescreen, I think I just did a Google image search and modified a screenshot from the game.  The lockscreen was posted on Deviant Art here: http://museick-photography.deviantart.com/art/The-Original-Atari-III-152688858?q=boost%3Apopular%20in%3Aphotography%20atari&qo=183

  • Keith
  • AndroidDoesAll

    Here is mine…

    • Anonymous

      I normally don’t like the flipped notification bar, but it looks nice on yours.

      • Anonymous

        you kinda sound like the dos equis man there…I dont usually like flipped notification bars, but when I do, I choose yours.

    • Matthew Harmon

      How do you get the notification bar on the bottom?

      • CivilDroid

        CM 7 settings…tablet tweaks

        • Matthew Harmon

          thanks…have not ventured out into romming yet…cant’ get my head around it.

    • McFaperton

      Whats that weather widget?

  • Mobile_Sensei

    My Droid X Setup : My SimpleX Theme, MilTime Widget, & Themed Bionic Live Wallaper. Themed BlurHome Launcher.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Bionic – Rooted, Stock Home, Beautiful Weather, Quick Contacts, Calendar (obviously) and some shortcuts w/one of the stock wallpapers (on main home screen).
    Then a bunch of other stuff on the other screens.  

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nothing too crazy, rockin GO launcher EX with as much info on the front screen as plausible. beautiful widgets for weather/time, simple, effective, it gets the job done :)

    • tha mexican

      how did u get the number to appear in the battery indicator??

  • John
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kane-Stapler/597191406 Kane Stapler
    • http://twitter.com/jordanlong20 Jordan Long

      can you share a link to that wallpaper? TIA

    • Anonymous

      Oregon love baby.

    • blackmetal

      That is an awesome setup. Ducks love! LaMichael James is the man. We want a rematch with LAY now that our starters are back.

      • Kane Stapler

        As someone that lives in Alabama and born into the SEC i can say that LSU is not that good. They have a good defense and no offense. The freshman for Oregon fumbled twice on their own 30. LSU should never have won.

    • Hayden Hawk

      Awful!!!  Looks horrible!  Why would you want that on your phone???

      P.S.  Go Huskies!  :)

    • mike

      HAHAHA, we crushed the ducks.  GEAUX TIGERS

  • Frost_Designs
    • http://www.koveleski.com koveleski

      this is a CM7 theme just waiting to pounce on people

  • Anonymous

    My homescreen setup here (hover over a widget to see a description and market link) http://mycolorscreen.com/2011/09/06/simple-green-2/

    • http://www.facebook.com/yerand95 Andrey Feldman

      dude that site is awesome 😀

    • bartledootaco

      way sick, awesome little site

  • http://www.facebook.com/RyanMcCall Ryan McCall


    launcher pro and beautiful widgets via my droid bionic

  • Mr Josh Zombie

    Phone: Thunderbolt running OMFGB 1.3.1 Nightly 8/25

    Lockscreen: Widget Locker and Missed it!


    Homescreen: LauncherPro Plus (with homemade icons), Power Control Widget, Simple Calendar, WP Clock,


    • Paul Needleman

      how did you customize the power control widget?

      • Mr Josh Zombie

        Whoops, seems it’s actually Power Widget, not Power Control. Got the names mixed up a bit. Power Widget is fully customizable. 

        • Bretski

          I actually need help using widgetlocker, how did you get that slider? I specifically trying to make the slider say “Unlock” :(

          • Anonymous

            You can’t make the slider to say “Unlock”.  You need to download a particular slider that has that.  Just go to XDA or google “widget locker themes”

    • Anonymous

      Me likey. :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BYPCAFSDBSPG337WDLEF3TH5GE Matt

        i know your not looking at the Homescreen.

    • Iassacvegas

      This is really sick!!

    • Anonymous

      Any chance you’d share that wallpaper of the tied up chick? 😀

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=620178745 Jeff Bolden

      Do you have a link for the mtpref on the minimalist text clock? I had one very similar at one point and can no longer find it.

  • http://photo.katzmatt.com Matt Katzenberger

    The Setup:
    The phone is a Rooted Droid 3 using a basic metamorph theme to get the stock GB notification bar.
    The launcher is ADW with no icon pack (except I’m using a couple of the icons from the Faenza pack for folders).
    The clock is stock beautiful widgets.
    The wallpaper is this photo I took a couple years ago: 

    The last icon on the dock is actually an ADW quickfolder holding my messaging apps.


    EDIT: I’m not sure why, but at least for me the screenshots seem a bit washed out.

  • http://twitter.com/PhilStout Phil


    P.S. – for a while I was workin on a app to catalog these… lost free time. Someone else should definitely do this.  People could vote up and down different screens. People could share what backgrounds, widgets, clocks, roms , and whatever else the use.

  • http://www.section303.com codeyh

    No download links? for shame. 😉

    • John

      lazyness =P

  • John

    you finally included your setup for the 38948989214 comments you would’ve received inquiring about it!

    • Bretski

      Having trouble using widgetlocker and changing the lock slider to minimal “unlock” does anyone know how or can point me to the right direction. thaaaanks

  • Anonymous

    Yeaa..when is your Bionic review coming out?