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Google Goggles Updated, Brings Even Stronger Photo Recognition


Just released is the newest version of Google’s Goggles, which takes your camera’s photos and cross references them with Google’s servers, pulling information out of the pictures. For example, if you took a picture of the Mona Lisa with Goggles, it would then show you all the information on the painting that is available on the web.

In this newest version, they created an opt-in feature which is even stronger. You snap a pic, then the picture is uploaded to Google’s cloud, if any info is taken, the application then notifies you via the notification bar. Essentially it’s the same service, but a lot stronger.

Market Link

Anyone here a big fan of Goggles?

Via: Google Mobile

  • Anonymous

    I used it to take a picture of my cock.  It recognized it and sent back a horse with a hard on.  Go figure

  • Nowhere

    I try to use it often, but it never knows what I’m searching for…

  • Yiannis

    Except these are the PISA baptistry doors!

  • LionStone

    Yep, I use it often…especially if I’m comparison shopping, I snap the bar code so I can refer back to the item to compare with. Or if I want to find out details/specs on items…very handy!

  • Imns

    While I like the idea of the QR code to download goggles it is a little backwards as I first downloaded goggles to be my QR code scanner.

  • I don’t know how widespread this one is, but here in LA, at the Getty Museum, they area actually promoting Goggles, and have a display int he entrance hall, with the QR code to download Goggles to your smart phone.

    They called it a “Getty branded” add on, but it really was just a link to the android market to download Goggles.

    I wonder if other museums are promoting it….

  • This has to be one of Google’s most incredible apps… and it’s such a sleeper. I forget about it all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I remember when this app first came out, I must be getting old in the Android game lol

  • RonsterWVU

    Praise the lord, the not as strong photo recognition was weak.

  • chad

    People use this?

  • Guest_InsertRandomNumber

    I remember when it did augmented reality. I miss those days 🙁