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HTC Exec: iPhones are not that cool anymore

Pretty bold words from Martin Fichter, the acting president of HTC America.  In a sit down chat at the Mobile Future Forward conference in downtown Seattle, Fichter unveiled the results of an unofficial poll he had completed on the dorm floor that his daughter lives on at Reed College here in Portland.  He checked with a group of kids who all said they did not own an iPhone because they are no longer cool, and that people like their Dads own them.  Most of them had HTC, Samsung and even random Chinese devices instead of Android’s biggest foe.  

Here is the quote:

“Apple is innovating. Samsung is innovating. We are innovating. Everybody is innovating. And everybody is doing different things for the end consumers. I brought my daughter back to college — she’s down in Portland at Reed — and I talked to a few of the kids on her floor. And none of them has an iPhone because they told me: ‘My dad has an iPhone.’ There’s an interesting thing that’s going on in the market. The iPhone becomes a little less cool than it was. They were carrying HTCs. They were carrying Samsungs. They were even carrying some Chinese manufacture’s devices. If you look at a college campus, Mac Book Airs are cool. iPhones are not that cool anymore. We here are using iPhones, but our kids don’t find them that cool anymore.”

It’s hard not to chuckle at that quote and the fact that it is surely to enrage a certain mobile OS population. Do I think the iPhone is no longer cool?  Wrong person to ask probably, so I will say this.  It may not carry the same cool factor that it once did because of the number of other cool options out there, but that doesn’t mean the device is on the outs.  In fact, depending on who you ask, the device is still very cool. Customers that have been tied to carriers other than AT&T for all these years that are now (VZW) or will be (Sprint) getting the iPhone certainly seem to think it’s pretty damn cool.  Unfortunate as that may be.

With that said though, there is no denying that Android devices have become some of the new it things to have.  The original EVO had a massive chick following (hah, had to), the word “DROID” is still helping to carry the OS even with non-techies, and the buzz that continues to build each time the latest Android superphone leaks has spanned beyond just nerds.  And seriously, people do like having options now and not having to choose between just the iPhone and the LG Voyager. Oh, old people are flocking to iOS too. Watching them figure out how to tip at a restaurant with some $2 app has become quite the running joke in our household.

What do you guys think?  iPhone no longer for the cool kids on the block?

Via:  GeekWire

  • Ne14ne2

    Android stuff costs less. Next question?

    (What a silly, stupid article.)

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so this guy completes an unofficial survey on one floor of one dorm at one college and expects us to take it as indicative of the whole industry? 

    Anyone that believes this “survey” is representative of anything other than a single floor of a college dorm is delusional. 

    I seriously doubt college kids give a flying flip what their parents are using. If this was a survey of High School Freshman…maybe.  

  • If todays youth look down on the iphone then it’s not going to be a bright future for Apple. Maybe more lawsuites will help them. s/

  • iphone not cool anymore? Is that why all phones out there still trying to copy the iphone feel, look, movement, and FAILED.

    Iphone looks, and Os still are way ahead of the game. 

    HTC can’t even built a decent 1 hr battery!! HTC keep on releasing ugly ass phones.

  • Anonymous

    iphones are so boring. its just lists of icons, nothing else on a black screen with 1 button

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  • Anonymous
  • Tanner Matthew49

    Hell my Dad would never buy and iPhone hes full on Blackberry to the heart.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Expect lawsuits from Apple in 3…2…

  • Why do people say the i*hone what is the point of that. Do you just hate the iphone so much you cant say the word iphone.

    • Evileclipse

      No, its so that our droid-loving site doesn’t attract the wrong crowd with random Google searches. The more times that I*hone is mentioned on this site, the more likely it will come up on Google searches for I*hone. Make any sense?

  • I am 57 and I like my Thunderbolt this is my third Android phone still holding onto my OG

  • Anonymous

    anyone else notice this line? “We here are using iPhones, but our kids don’t find them that cool anymore.”…. 
    did he just admit that he,an HTC exec, was the only one on a floor of a building using an iPhone

  • Anonymous

    May not be that cool anymore, but at least they work….properly.

  • Anonymous

    So the HTC rep says that iPhones aren’t that cool yet he goes on to say that they use them? Wtf is that?? Wouldn’t they use their own product that he’s trying to play up in the article?…who cares anyway….get whatever phone suits YOU…not what every android/Apple fanboy tells you is better

  • Anonymous

    Hps not GPS XD and asus not ashes. 🙂 sorry about any other typos, I know there are probably a large amount of them XD

  • buzz271

    Am I the only one hung up on the quote “We here are using iPhones”? Does this not imply that HTC execs use iPhones?

  • TACHOmanboiiii

    First off let me say that I think Apple has done some amazing things.  However, I am by no means a iFan and buy everything they make.  The only thing I own Apple is an ipod or two.  Do I think macs/ipads/iphones look sleek/cool?  Yeah, for the most part.  Do I have the money to buy them all?  Yes.  I am dumb enough to buy them all knowing there are more powerful and/or more bang for the buck devices?  Nope!

    I’m in college and many of the kids who think they are “cool” own macs, ipads, and of course an iphone.  Some have all three.  I’d say it’s definitely still “cool” as subjective as that term may be, to have an iphone.  ONLY the iphone 4, not 3gs by any means!  However you can still be cool and have any other smartphone, you just have to have the right swag…LOL (sort of kidding ;).  Unless you own a Blackberry, then you might been in risk of being lame.  That is, unless you are just really preppy, then you can get away with it.

    As you see, it’s a whole lot more complicated that just cool or uncool.  I could go on all day.  In my opinion, I am by no means ruling out out iphone5 as my next phone.  Who knows, it could be dope.  Until some more phones come out, I won’t be that closed minded.  Close minded gets you nowhere.  The main thing I had about iphones is the stigma that comes along with owning one haha.  Not be be mean but it does seem that most iFans are stuck up douches!  

    Just my .02 … Peace~!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say it again, iphones are the step up from feature phones.  They give you enough to do to justify having a smartphone, but don’t give you the freedom to do what you’d like with it.  After a couple years with the iphone, I can just imagine being completely bored and wanting to experience something new.  I mean hell, I flash a rom a week just because I need something new on my DX.

  • Cutitoutlou

    Palm Pilot!

  • Anonymous

    why didn’t Kellex * the iphone to say i*hone?

    • HemDROID

      P = Power, and we will not give it, ” The one who shall not be named”, Power.

  • Anonymous

    The question is: Would you look better wearing a suit with an Android or iPhone?

  • Cool or not, they are damn good looking phones. I”m loving my New Bionic though.

    • Anonymous

      lucky buzzard.

  • flame_cadet86

    The iOS devices aren’t cool – it’s the apps that make them cool… not that I’m saying they’re cool…

  • CIFchamp24

    The funny this is that apple doesn’t care if it’s “cool” it’s still (after over a year and with a new version on the horizon) the number one selling smartphone. I think they’re fine with it. Haha

  • Anonymous

    “Unfortunate as that may be” — I don’t get that line… is it unfortunate that customers who have been tied to other  carriers think that the iPhone is still cool or is it unfortunate that the iPhone is going to other carriers?

    Interesting article…

  • They are better than cheap “plastic.”

  • Mimeo Ink

    I think we have to take this with a lot of salt. Fichter clearly has a vested interest in making his product seem more interesting than the opposition, even if he has to support another competitor in the process. 

  • Had a good chuckle at the “choose between just the iPhone and the LG Voyager”.  This was my life 3-4 years ago!

  • It seems like people are confusing Cool and Mainstream.  There is (and always will be) an inherent coolness with something that is cutting edge and new, a la the iPhone a few years ago – fast forward to the present and Android is new and offers a different experience than iOS, which gives it a “coolness”.  The iPhone has become more mainstream now, which doesn’t takeaway from the overall coolness of the device (or any other device for that matter) it takes away some of it’s cache.  I think the iPhone and any Android phone are much “cooler” than any BB out there, so in my book both phones are still cool, just in different ways.

  • emilio

    Imagine apple releases Bootcamp for IOS. Then Android could be ported to the iPhone easily, sort of like what they do with Windows on their Macs. Just a thought. Would be interesting. 

  • Such a scientific study.

  • Brad Rainke

    My grandma sure loves her iphone! She lives in NYC.

  • Anonymous

    … yes. On the one hand i always feel warm seeing older (+60) people using a iphone for their calls. But the dont use it as smartphone. So, is the iphone the new “featurephone”?

  • Jason Lee

    Have I gone crazy or is that iPhone larger than the Thunderbolt?

  • George Moundroukas

    iPhones are cool coming from an android user i hate my droid is sucks major balls once my contracts up I’m going to iPhone and never going back

    • DBK

      Bye bye

    • Warlike1919

      well  have fun with that… dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

  • AndroidorApple

    I never thought the i*hone was ever the “cool” phone to have.  I personally never had one nor will I ever have one.  Not to say Apple didn’t “innovate” a good product back then…but I have noticed more and more of the older generation getting i*hones or Apple products.  Almost without a doubt every time I have my Tbolt or XOOM out…I get asked: “it’s an i*hone or i*ad”, I then say no…I have a better phone or tablet than that.  The older generation wants simplicity…that’s why they choose Apple.  In fact, I manage our Corp VZW account and we have 1 i*hone, about 10 Android phones, about 10 BB’s out of 90 lines.  We are also looking at adding Tablets to our company to expedite some field processes and our Data Specialists told me: If you want to “dummy” the process for your employees who are not “tech savy” then go with the i*ad.  Those who are “tech savy” would have no problem with Android.  This guy use to work at AT&T and from what I can tell…loves Apple and their products.

  • Rich

    Who cares, HTC will be out very soon just like the SI**Phone… If HTC keeps up with their own mobile OS and skins, its sure to go down in a blaze….

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    H’e right as the iphone is the official phone for the ASMAA (American Soccer Mom Association of America) which makes it entirely played out. This fact may or may not have been made up.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell cares?

  • Psparagna

    My last three phones were Android phones(HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Droid &HTC Thunderbolt) I currently have the Thunderbolt. I do like the customization of the Android device but the battery will always be the issue. My wife has the Iphone 4 and the battery lasts a hell of a lot longer than the Thunderbolt. Apple is always innovating and Android tries to out do them, so I don’t know about that statement.

    • Zepius

      dude.. thats the LTE killing your battery. turn it off and youll see better battery life.

      • Nope… I’ve got LTE turned off on my phone and my battery is kinda pathetic. I don’t think I see that much of a difference at all with LTE on vs. off.

    • Anonymous

      It’s what works for each person. Comparing battery life on different screen sizes, OS functions, and radio technologies is pointless. Blackberries outperform iPhones any day on battery life, as well as webOS and Symbian even more so. Flip phones lasts a week, and old phones on 2G like the StarTAC used to last me almost a month.

      When you have an OS that insist on multitasking in real time, as well as data consuming widgets, and in both our cases use a radio technology that is the next step in mobile evolution (I had a ThunderBolt, just switched to the Bionic), you can’t compare… People that have used functional LTE regularly would never go back to EVDO or even HSPA+ / WiMax. Sacrifices have to be made.

      I’m sure if Apple has an iPhone 4 with LTE but battery life is half, people would still choose the LTE version over the HSPA/EVDO one. In the end it’s what you prefer. If you’re the kind that likes to live inside apps, wants something foolproof and simple, WinPhone 7, and iPhones are it. And to a certain extent, blackberries and webos, even symbian maybe. No need to choose, no need to customize. If the opposite, Android.

    • DBK

      Get a Bionic or the Vigor. The improved battery life will blow your mind.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung Galaxy S II. You’re welcome.

    • Anonymous

      Your problem is HTC as far as battery life goes, the Thunderbolt being one of the worst if not the worst devices in that category.  Go look up battery life graphs on Anandtech, the Atrix actually has battery life similar to the iPhone 4 (and even much better in some areas like calls).

  • He’s right.
    How a soccer mom phone of choice could be cool?

  • Anonymous

    Until the iPhone becomes the common butt of a Yo’ Momma joke, this is wishful thinking on HTC’s part.

    However, now that this story is everywhere, he did put the thought out there…interesting subtle concept there buddy.

  • There was also a follow-up in the interview with Fichter where he said that HTC didn’t want to make an “iPhone killer” — that HTC was going after a different slice of the market.  Nice to see him taking a much better attitude where mobile OS choices aren’t a zero-sum game that one has to lose for the other to win.

    Also, Nielsen’s stats show that iPhone usage picks up much more as soon as the age 25-34 group, and it’s highest in the younger group below that.  In other words, it’s not just dad using the iPhone, it’s successful people with full-time jobs and relationships using the iPhone.  A Samsung Galaxy S II or a Sensation 4G is very slick indeed, but the people who most want them are those who have more free time that doesn’t involve real people.

    • Granted

      Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4

    for anyone wondering why apple is successful.

    hopefully the moto/google merger will lead to something like this.

    • Anonymous

      This was the most ridiculous video ever.  Apple does well because most people are morons and follow in line like sheep.  They see famous people using Apple products so they want Apple products.  It’s just like when famous people were using Blackberries, everyone wanted a blackberry. 

      Apple is innovative, their problem is once they create something, they’re unwilling to improve upon it and while they’ve been stuck with the same iphone for years, everyone else has been improving and creating new devices. 

      It’s the same reason Apple was left behind in the PC world.  They refuse to be pliable and dynamic, which doesn’t allow for them to take a larger share of the consumers. 

      Apple is a master of marketing and that’s it.  There isn’t a movie today that doesn’t show an ipod or a laptop with a big apple on the back of it and that’s why the sheep follow in line to buy their products.  Nothing else.

      • first off— watch this—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahtHKCQUD2k

        second, have you owned an iphone 4?  i tried it out for a couple of weeks in between my droidx and thunderbolt.

        i honestly feel like most iphone haters have never used one.  although, i ended up returning it, i understand the love people have for it.

        -it just WORKS
        -the apps don’t seem like an afterthought.  (look at pandora/slacker/etc versus the slacking behind design that we deal with on droid.  or the facebook app?)
        -things are integrated.  (i listen to a lot of music, and the ease of changing tracks and it’s lack of hiccuping is greatly appreciated)

        but, i would rather have 4g.  and less restrictions.  other people would rather have something stable that they don’t have to worry about.  and that looks pretty.

        • DBK

          I am a long time Android user and decided to try the i*hone 4 for shiz and giggles. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that it was absolutely unusable (and I tried several to make sure I didn’t have a dud).

          The Droids that I have had (OG, Inc, 2, 3) and the Bionic I have now have always “just worked”. And the apps that I use (including FB and Pandora) all look great and perform well. And I have had no problems playing music through the built in player.

          I have never had to worry about my Droids but always worried about chucking my i*phone out the window before I got the chance to return it.

          • i really don’t understand your reaction.  if people were, on the whole, as dissatisfied as you… the iphone would not be as popular as it is.

            but as i said earlier, i got rid of mine.  i just try to not be brand loyal.  id rather try something for myself instead of just hearing everyone bash it and avoid it.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure how you can say Pandora looks like an afterthought on android, I’ve seen it on the iPhone and I wouldn’t say it looks any better or worse, just different.  Yeah it can be said of some apps, particularly during the early days of Android’s growth when I got my original Droid but that’s really not the case any longer.  Many apps showing up on the android market are nearly direct ports of iphone apps now, minus the iOS specific UI elements of course.

            I also don’t have any pauses or hiccups when playing music or changing tracks (unless I try to load up a game or other resource heavy app sometimes).  I’m curious, does the iPhone slow down when installing or uninstalling apps?  Or does it not let you do anything else when doing so?  Can you play music at the same time?  If so does it pause or stutter at all?  I’m honestly curious because those are filesystem heavy actions that slows down any system though the OS can still give the illusion of not slowing down when the UI is hardware accelerated but if you try to launch an app it will definitely stall until the system is done with the event that has higher priority.

      • side note.

        because the droid 1, 2, and 3 were so drastically different?
        or the evo and thunderbolt?
        or droid x, droid x2, and arguably atrix/bionic?

        we’ve been plagued with minor adjustments instead of full blown overhauls.  companies would rather slightly change the RAM or go from single to dual core instead of blowing us out of the water with something ridiculous.

        it seems like we need to wait about 3 refreshes for something legit.
        iphone (then 3g, then 3gs)…finally 4g was something new.  perhaps 5 will be too, but doubtful.

        • DBK

          The OG Droid and Droid 3 are very different (hardware and software wise). The Atrix and the Bionic are two different phones. The Thunderbolt is supposed to be Verizon’s EVO, so that’s no surprise. I’ll give you the X and X2 though.

          Thing is, the i*hone doesn’t even change that much hardware/software wise, let alone form factor wise. At least the jumps in tech from Android to Android are significant (how significant is debatable, but that’s more than can be said for the i*hone). In reality, the only changes that the i*hone sees are in the amount of features (which isn’t much) and the occasional change in hardware.

          And FYI, these are phones. How mind blowing can they really get? Out side of improved CPUs, RAM, screens, and interface and 3D integration and improved battery, there is really not much they can do to “blow us out of the water”. If you are waiting for that, then you will never get a new phone.

          • the bittersweet cycle of technology…

            minor continuous refreshes and then seemingly random “revolutions.”

            however, i’m finding most “smartphones” to be more anti-social and anti-productive, than social or productive.

            (this coming from an early adopter who swaps phones every 3-6 months)

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe I used to pimp my LG Voyager at the iPhone people back then. Wow….

  • Anonymous

    I would agree thats where it is heading, old old people come into the store i work for asking for iphones all the time, they don’t know why or what they will do with them, but they want them…

  • Anonymous

    On my team of 11 one person has an iPh*ne, two have dumb phones, the rest of us have Androids. Not a large sample size, but even when I look around, it seems like there are 3 androids to every iPh*ne.

  • You missed something important in this write-up. You make it sound like iOS and Android are the only choices. 

    Blackberry, although they’re quickly declining, is still and option, and WP7 is a very viable option for a lot of people. Personally, I love my Droid 2, and probably will stick with Android for a long time. But one of my friends has a WP7 phone, and he loves it (I don’t know which one he has though.) I would not be completely opposed to trying a WP7 phone, even though I WAS completely opposed to trying a Windows Mobile phone. I haven’t used WP7 yet, but I hear a lot of good things about it.

    I know you write for an Android fan site, but it helps to acknowledge ALL of the competitors out there and not just assume that the iPhone is “not cool” simply because of Android. (I only brought BB and WP7 into the picture, although I’m sure there are still more alternatives that I’m forgetting.)

    • DroidzFX

      Thats true but it has nothing to do with article or what the HTC exec said.

  • Game

    Iphones r good to play games and look important when u have a suit on

  • Anonymous

    Hi, my name’s Robert and I had to choose the LG Voyager. :[

  • Interstellarmind

    young people will always want options, customizations.

    old people will want things laid out for them and made super simple. don’t worry about choices.

    which one sounds like an apple crowd and which one an android?

    • Raven

      I don’t think it is necessarily young and old people, I think it is the different generations of people.  I am pretty sure I am always going to want the most customizable and powerful device I can get, even if I make it to 90 years old.  (I will probably just be using much larger fonts and icons by then.)

      • Granted

        Silly, silly comment. Don’t you know by the time you’re eighty, phones will be surgically implanted in your head? You’ll answer a phone call by pulling on your ear, but by 90 your ear will be so flimsy and long, you’ll constantly drop calls, and crap your diaper.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the idea of an iphone being cool or android device being cool is only for fanboys now days.  Smartphones are just as cool as feature phones were 5 years ago — meaning that every once in a while a phone comes out that can do some really cool things, but for the most part they’re just common place tools now, especially to younger people.

  • i dont understand when people direct hatred toward other manufacturers or products.

    this is ridiculously simple:  speak with your wallet.  buy what you like.

  • uh, not true among my friends and my alma mater.

    but yes, droids are prevalent.

    • John


      • “androids” just sounds weird, primo.

        • John

          true but as long as you understand that it’s a common misconception..

          • word.  unless i was specifically referring to the DROID brand?

          • John

            true. then it would be my misunderstanding & inability to read a comment properly


  • Cwzrd23

    iPhones are played out

  • umm…mac book airs are not cool…

    • John

      actually, they are… & this is from an ios hater 😉

      • DroidzFX

        I guess if overpriced and under powered is cool

        • John


          but they still are pretty nice despite those 2 very important facts

          • Anonymous

            Macs are worth every penny. I don’t have the pro or the air, but they are damn impressive computers  

          • Miguel Angel

            Completely agree. I’ve bought Toshiba laptops, Vaios, Dells, you name it. I finally got a Mac at the beginning of the year. I am never ever going back. I use Windows on it and Lion and dammit, its the best laptop I’ve owned. As anti-iOS man, I can’t take that away from Apple. They make a great laptop. 

          • Anonymous

            If I ever got a Mac laptaop I might finally stop carrying a mouse around with me.  Those touchpads are pretty darn amazing.

          • Miguel Angel

            Oh, you definitely would. And those palm rests? Ahhh…..

          • Anonymous


          • exactly macs are amazing. that is probably the reason why, according to google employees, about 85% of google uses mac. 

    • Zeadaplaya

      Macs period arent “cool” there overpriced pieces of crap.

      • geeyawn

        please name a computer that matches up to the air’s batt life, weight and fun os

        • Jon

          lol.  try playing a 3d game on one.
          have fun with your “fun os”

          • Sp4rxx

            i got one! Super Turbo Breakout!

          • Anonymous

            Most people out there are not going to use it for gaming, so that point is generally moot (unless you’re going to use it for gaming, of course, which makes you outside of its demographic). Different strokes for different folks. I personally use a Chromebook and love it.

          • have fun never having a girlfriend. 

        • How is anyone supposed to quantify a “fun os”?  Does it show up to parties with great stories to tell?

      • Eric V

        Please name a computer that looks as good as a mac, and there not overpriced you just get what you payed for

        • Anonymous

          That’s easy, the new GPS, most dells, ashes and alienwares. All of those look better and from my experience run better. I have the new MacBook pro (15 inch with 4gb ram and the 2.2 ghz i7) and my alienware m11x (4gb ram with only a 1.3 core 2 duo and just to throw it in no security software at the moment) the alienware always runs smoother on everything. Furthermore the MacBook pro no longer even has a dvi port on it and the majority of mini display ports to advice, VGA, HDMI, etc do not work. Also from my experience and reading other peoples if you do get it to work (get it to run a second non apple made monitor) it does not work smoothly. If you use the HDMI option it often is pixely and if you turn off or sleep your computer you have to go through a vigorous process to get it to run using the monitor again. Based off of these things I would take pretty much any computer over a Mac any day (still unfortunately have to use my Mac more because its the computer my school wants me to use (they have a deal with apple))

          • yeah they don’t have dvi they have thunderbolt which is essential a pci cable capable of sending video, audio or any type of data at pci express speeds. hahah go learn what you are talking about. 

          • Anonymous

            XD i need to do research huh? i know what the thunderbolt port is and that it is supposedly able to transfer data at rates up to 10gb per second. I also know a lot about the software and hardware issues that apple has been experienceing with it (ie the problem ive been having where it will not detect a monitor even if it is mac compatible which mine is, and the motherboard problems where it doesnt work at all.) maybe you should go on out and do some research yourself my friend 🙂 (by the way the thunderbolt port was the one of the things i was excited about before getting it so i did look up a lot about it over summer, and unfortunately it has become the one thing i hate about the computer most. give me a good dvi, vga, or hdmi port any day over a thunderbolt/mini dp port XD.  Now have a good day sir, i look forward to your next reply asking for a link to said problems  XD

          • never had any problems. neither have any of the other people who have thunderbolt. nice try though.

          • Anonymous

            You must be the village idiot in your home town.

          • says the guy who claims android has native apps written in objective C

          • Anonymous

            Never made any such claim numbnuts.

          • actually you did.

            “Android most certainly has native C apps, the moron has no clue what he’s talking about.”


          • Anonymous

            C and Obj-C are different languages genius, just like C is different from C++. Android supports C, C++ and Java. Obj-C is an Apple language.

          • no android does not support C. there is a compiler that compiles from C to java but that is by definition not “native”. 

          • Anonymous
          • virtual not native. thanks. learn to understand what you cite before you cite it. haha clown

          • Anonymous

            You’re a dumbass.

      • Anonymous

        I’d have to call bull on that.  My MBP is the best laptop I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned HP, Dell, etc.

  • Anonymous

    haha this is hillariously unprofessional… and true. 

    • Anonymous


  • not worried about cool. i’m worried about the freedom i have with an Android phone. . . plus they just happen to be alot cooler than an i*hone. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I disagree.. walk down the streets of New York and all you’ll see is iPhone’s.. I’m sure most places are the same way. If this HTC Exec wants to call something uncool.. it would be the BlackBerry.

    • Anonymous

      I tend to agree with you, even as pro-Android as I am, heh.

      • Anonymous

        But, that goes to the HTC execs’ point. Who walks the streets of the big cities in New York and can afford iPh*nes? It’s usually the older generation who have steady careers and not necessarily hipsters and college students. I live in San Diego and am surrounded by 20-somethings and it’s very rare that I see someone with an iPhone. And if they have one, it’s usually because they bought a 3G when it was the thing poppin and have simply refused to let it go.

        Just sayin…

        • Jeck7788

          Afford iPhones?  Why because no Android phone costs more than $199 on contract?  Because no Android phones cost $600+ off contract?  What do you mean?  iPhones aren’t any more expensive than many of the top high end Android phones, that’s just a myth.

          • Anonymous

            Are you serious right now??? You do know you can get Android phones on Amazon for a penny right…You do know that there are low to mid range Android phones that cost $50 – $100 right? You are only focusing on the high-end phones that make the headlines (Bionic, Droid 3, Charge) and forget that the thing that makes Android so wonderful is its variety and that there is a phone available for any segment.

            You want a myth, go watch Thor…but understand that there will always be an Android phone cheaper than an iPh*ne…

            Again…I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin…

          • Srt4tl

            Yeah sure there are Android phones that are cheaper than Iphones and yeah itll always be like that.. Just remember you get what you pay for. Thats why people on here focus on the good Android phones not the Droid Eris and junk like that.. Get real.. 
            I am just sayin…

          • Anonymous

            You can get an Atrix for $50 that’ll blow the still $200 iPhone 4 away in features and hardware.

          • HA! i thought i was the only one who said that line…..just sayin’

          • Anonymous

            I thought it was a nice touch =D

          • Anonymous

            +1 for the Thor Comment… never heard that one before, I hope you don’t mind theft.

          • Anonymous

            By all means =)..

          • Sp4rxx

            apparently you haven’t looked at VZW’s site then – the 32GB iphone is $749 w/o contract – the Bionic is $589 …. how can you say their equal?

          • Anonymous

            …That’s a $160 difference and the bionic is brand new with a dual-core processor and LTE radio.

            You just proved my point =D!

          • Jimmy32

            Yeah but how many iPhones can you get for free on contract? How about Android? 

          • Jarekt

            Maybe high end phones costs similar to iP*one. But only on the start of market life cycle. Every month the price drops significantly and one year after market introduction it’s a half or less of a start price. Look at a iP*one price – its rock steady since the first generation. Statistically it is much pricier…

    • Kris Brandt

      Considering those in New York aren’t college kids, but graduated business professionals who grew UP with the iPhone, then yeah, that may be true.  But this is college.  The kids now are growing up in the era where Android is making waves everywhere.

      • true, because nyu, fordham, columbia, etc arent in nyc or anything…

        it also depends on your college demographic…i still see bb’s, ANDROID’S (happy john? haha), and iphones all over the place.

        perfect example— i was trying to convince a friend of mine to get an atrix or inspire, but she was dead set on a white iphone (for no good reason, and not caring that the october i5 release is imminent).

        apple’s marketing is legit.  you gotta give them that.

        • Anonymous

          It’s all about the image and brand for people who get iPhone’s or other iDevices.

          • jb

            Your comment makes about as much sense as saying: It’s all about “sticking it to the man” for everyone who buys an Android based phone.

          • Chad Ramey


            this video sums up why people want an iphone

          • or people who have had both and feel iPhone is simply a better phone to use on a day to day basis. or those who love iTunes. or those who want an easy to use phone. or those who want a phone that doesn’t reboot on a daily basis. or those who like the way iPhone looks more than any android phone. or those who work somewhere and got a free iPhone. or those who like the apps that aren’t available on android. or those who enjoy long battery life. do you see? there are lots of reasons people close iPhones other than the reasons that fill your tiny brain. 

          • Anonymous

            Please. Some of us have Macs because they match better with what we want in a PC. For me its the support for industry standard apps with the benefit of the Bash shell. I got the iPhone because I wanted a phone that integrated well with my Mac. 

            That said I almost switched to an Android phone when upgrading my iPhone 3g, but the Android phones I tried felt sluggish UI wise compared to the iPhone4. I tried real hard to go with an Android but in the end it just wasn’t a good fit for me. It has nothing to do with image or brand for me. If Windows had the Bash Shell builtin I would still be using Windows.

          • Anonymous

            Uh huh. You do know Windows has more available software than any other operating system right? You do know Linux distros also have Bash shells right? You can even get it in Windows:

            Of course your iPhone integrates with other Apple products, they designed it that way so you buy more from them.

            The performance differences between the iPhone and Android are only skin deep as a result of GUI hardware acceleration (which has been added to many new android phones now including the Galaxy S 2 and the Bionic). Btw, how was your 3G after the iOS 4 update? I hear it caused the phone to slow to a crawl. Some slight jittering in scrolling is all I ever hear from Apple fans who claim android is slow when I ask them for examples.

      • Miguel Angel

        I have to agree. Going around Boston (which is really as college-town as you can possibly get) the amount of Android phones really knocked out iPhone. 

        • Trdracer21


          • Anonymous

            Calm down; I know Android news is exciting, but you need to take a deep breath and relax.

      • Anonymous

        Good point

      • I live in NYC and the tides are a changing…as early as last year I see just about the same amount of Iphone users as Droid users now. Droid has so many choices that you can tell from a far what OS they’re using.if it has a keyboard then most likely it’s a blackberry,if it has on button in the center with the squared icons then it’s most likely the Iphone but anything other than that (other than those old clam shell phones) it’s Android.I see either OG Droid or HTC phones mostly. 

      • Who cares what college kids actually have. They are on their parents plan and their parents buy them Android phones because they have buy one get one free. Lets worry about what phones people have when they are the one paying for it. 

    • And that’s exactly why it’s not cool. A way too widespread.

      • joe

        this argument is invalid. android is more widespread. look at those numbers that are released every other week..

        • Anonymous

          But it’s spread out over 50 devices, as opposed to just one. No single Anroid phone competes with the iphone in sheer numbers (and that’s the point of Android, after all).

    • The best part is he admits that he uses an iPhone and not a HTC phone. Hahaha.

      • Granted

        Yeah I noticed that as well, and actually thought it was complete heresy! What kind of moron who owns HTC, would actually admit to not using an HTC phone!? I would at the very least lie about it. Damn, I bet the stock holders are none too pleased with that comment.

      • Ritesh Tripathy

        You’re such a Apple sucker that it hurts to see you comment (troll) everywhere. Any and every article you comment on has a retarded Apple scream attached! Get a life! He was referring to his generation as “we here”.. Go back to school as you need that for more than one reason.. Jeez! 

        • judging my your name your comment you are not a native english speaker. “we here” is never used as a synonym for generation. nice try. as for you not liking my comments :…(

          • Anonymous

            Don’t judge, I’m from England. And “we here” is indeed used in that context.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Fisher-Price My First Smartphone

  • Bill Jenkins

    Iphone was cool until 2009 when the first motorola droid was released. But that was because the Iphone was the only smartphone on the market.

    • D.R.O.I.D

      True^…. Who’s to say the iPhone 5 wont be a beast and worth looking at? Just saying…(be mature people)

      • To make a blanket statement that an iPhone or Android phone sucks is just pure immaturity. Both have merits. I will look the the iPhone 5 just like I will look at the Prime, evaluate both and see if what they offer fits my needs.

  • Dshudson


  • It’s cool for any kid under 18 that does not have a job in that it’s a smart phone and they can watch Beavis and Butthead re-runs.

  • bobthebuilder

    my dad has an iphone

    • Anonymous

      yeah my mom, stepfather, 3 stepbrothers, and sister and brother-in-law have them.  and i have no idea why, i laugh to myself every time i see them “use” it..  they don’t use apps, they don’t check their email, they don’t use it for GPS (they all have another GPS device or built-in to the car), they don’t browse the web, they don’t do anything other than make phone calls.  just about as uncool as it can be.

      i’ll never forget when my sister, with her iphone 4, asked me to youtube something on my og droid and i told her that she can also do it, and she’s like “really?  i can?”

      • Anonymous

        This doesn’t mean it’s an uncool phone.  I’m afraid it just means your family isn’t full of the most aware people the earth has ever seen.

        • Ha, so true.

        • I think his post was meant to point out Apple is becoming so mainstream that everyone has one.  Alot of time they just have one to have one.  As hipsters can tell you when something goes mainstream it starts losing its “cool”. Even further is when people own something but don’t really know its history/advantages/usage then its fan base can be labeled as “followers”. 

          • Anonymous

            I use a customer version of Bada on my phone; you’ve probably never heard of it. Android is too mainstream.

          • Anonymous

            I use a customer version of Bada on my phone; you’ve probably never heard of it. Android is too mainstream.

          • LionStone

            Its true…in the last month or so, I’ve encountered two separate incidents where the ip user asked me how to do something on their phone? One was trying to post a pic to Facebook and the other tried to make a pic his wallpaper. 

      • YouDummy

        moelsen8’s mom, stepfather, 3 stepbrothers, and sister and brother-in-law must be the dumbest family ever. Who spends money on something they don’t use or try to use. Please tell your family to stop populating the earth with dumb ass oxygen thieves.

  • Anonymous